Chakwera at war with MCP establishment and its grass roots:  Judge Kachale sees ‘serious issues’ of disputes

Leader of opposition in parliament, Lazarous Chakwera  is at war with the Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  establishment and its grass roots on two fronts as High Court Judge Chifundo Kachale has said there are “serious disputes” over the party holding a convention to elect its leadership.

Chakwera: Serious issues of disputes in MCP

Chakwera: Serious issues of disputes in MCP

The Judge has since advised that witnesses must be tried orally and be cross examined in the case before the High Court on the bitter divisions in the Chakwera-led MCP.

Some  MCP members wanted to hold a convention to remove the Chakwera from the party leadership. They accuse the opposition leader  of nepotism in his selection of party leaders and inconsistency in implementing the party’s constitution.

However,  Judge Kachale later set aside the application.

Initially, according to the The Nation newspaper report on Wednesday, the case which was held in chambers, was going to hear affidavits of the applicants who would then be cross examnined.

However, after careful consideration, Kachale ruled that all members, who are more than eight, must be heard orally and be cross examined.

Lawyer representing MCP, Wapona Kita, confirmed the development and said the matter has been moved to July 11, and is expected to run up to the 13th.

“On these days, we are going to hear the witnesses testify and we will cross examine them based on what they will say. The judge feels the case has some serious issues of disputes and cannot proceed,” Kita said.

On his part, lawyer representing the applicants, Wesley Namasala, refused to comment when contacted.

The disgruntled members have been holding press conferences telling members of the party have been holding their positions positions unconstitutionally, allegations that MCP has refuted.

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18 thoughts on “Chakwera at war with MCP establishment and its grass roots:  Judge Kachale sees ‘serious issues’ of disputes”

  1. What? says:

    Kodi nkhani ili apa ikugwirizana bwanji ndi DPP? Kodi aliyense akabiba mnyumba mwake azingonamizira DPP? Chipani cha DPP pamene pali chinsinsi chake simungadziwepo, timadziwapo tokha. Inu ngakhale mumtame Chakwera wanuyo, tapitani ku Ntcheu and beyond South mukafunse amene anthu akumudziwa between Chakwera and John Tembo, people will say John Tembo for either good reasons or not. Meaning to say, this Chakwera guy is just a bedroom politician. Musovenge a MCP.

  2. Gabea says:

    My friend Lazarus, just go back and repent at ur church Assemblies of God…apo biii…ur end will come with shame..

  3. member says:

    I don’t support Jumbe, Kabwira nor Kaliwo. I don’t even support any of the guys going to court. The problem I see here is the weakness in leadership Hon Chakwera has displayed since elections in 2014. Because of that people have taken advantage. Since that time Chakwera has done little to inspire confidence and build the party. He has no idea where to start from. If he had shown strong leadership even these so called new appointments would not have infuriated people to this level. But to date Chakwera has been slow, indicisive, unstrategic and has shown a lack of political intelligence. This battle in the courts may be won by Chakwera and his team yes! Most surely BUT know this: MCP will never win the general elections with Chakwera at the helm of MCP. He’s a misfit that does not have fire in his belly to want to win this. He’s disorganised and directionless now and it would be the same if he took government. He’s busy listening to anthu omupopa, he’s being fed those lies of “Chakwera Boma 2019”. Seriously guys, look around you, what has this guy been doing to show that he wants to shake the party north to south since 2014?! If he was an honest gentleman akananena kalekale that he won’t be contesting come 2019 and give way to someone else (NOT JUMBE). Chakwera is a lethargic man, loves to sit at home and relax. Or loves to sit in the office and drink coffee. Anthu ofewa! To go the Magufuli way one has to be prepared to go up and down in the remote villages and sit down with the people! At the same time that person has to come back to the office and make sound strategies and then go back into the villages. Chakwera is just not that person. He seems to be too sophisticated for that. So far he has not disappointed us in reading beautifully prepared speeches. But when it comes to actual leadership he has disappointed many and this is why there’s too much manong’onong’o.

    1. Mwananyanian says:

      Yes. oChakwera thinks he’s sophisticated; more advanced in how he looks at things than the average MCP member, even his MPs. He thinks his (flawed) American accent will carry him over the hurdle, into Sanjika. He should be told that he can’t get there without doing the dirty work: sitting down on the floor, pa khonde (on the patio), and facing villagers in the eye. And not exhibiting fake concerns.
      oChakwera has not demonstrated even the slightest interest in retail politics. He’s used to bossing church members; no questions asked. Too bad, he could have understudies as an MP first, before leading MCP. Hence his down fall … and MCP’s defeat again in 2019.

  4. Honeycomb Chidyaudzu says:

    Chakwera is now the only hope for Malawi otherwise this DPP will bring us to zero. The DPP is devilish, they want to stay in power through witchcraft and crookedness but surely will they not succeed.

    1. Gabea says:

      hahahah…school me, in what sense are u linking this article to DPP?

  5. Makolokoto Mwanapwa says:

    Kungoti MCP yatha ma plan. If the party had several of the likes of Felix Jumbe, this country would have gone very far. Si zoona zimene ma diehard mukunena monga Bwampini uyu akuzitcha Koma Kumeneko kuti God wants Laza judas the Iscariot. Musamayese kuti Mulungu ndi atsibweni anu. Zimenezo mai wa maloko uja adanenapo kuti Mulungutu wasankha ine, lero ali kuti.

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    Koma Kumeneko,do you have real human instincts in you? Are you convinced that the High Priest can rule Malawi under the slogan of the MCP?And which Malawians want the high priest to rule our country? Even God would not lay his right hand on Chakwera’s head for simple reason that he Chakwera betrayed the kingdom of God and joined the kingdom of evil for his personal luxuries.How idiotic he is to think that the people of Malawi have so lately,forgotten all the atrocities committed by the barbaric Young Pioneers? Does he think that the sons and daughters of Dick Matenje,Aaron Gadama,Twaibu Sangara have forgotten about that? Does he think that Malawians have forgotten the enforcement of party cards on people and unborn creatures,Does Chakwera think that the people of Mulanje have forgotten the brutal assassination of their loved son Prof.Dr.Attati Mphakati,the brilliant economist Africa has ever produced in novel history,has he forgotten the mass killings of our Jehova witnesses who were killed in cold blood,how about those massive imprisonments of innocent people under inhuman conditions? And how about the mistreatment of Northerners politically,economically and educationally? As a Malawian and a Northerner at the same time,I urge the people of the North before they join the killer Party,they must remember Dunduzu Chisiza,Yatuta Chisiza,Orton Chirwa,Kanyama Chiume and our brothers from the South Like Harry Jonga,Augustine Bwanausi the mathematics wizard Africa had ever produced,Dr.Harry Bwanausi one of the first Medical Doctors in the country.The 32-year history of the MCP,is full of diabolical and unforgettable miseries that if Malawians will vote for this Party of death and darkness,the souls and spirits of our fallen heroes will curse and haunt us.Let MCP and Chakwera have unending rest.MAY GOD BLESS US!!!!

    1. Mwalonde Ken says:

      Unfortunately MCP does not accept these facts. They believe people have forgiven them for their atrocities. To make matters worse, Chakwera is not making any attempt to reconcile with the north and south to woo support for 2019 while his competitor is doing just that in the north and center. Pa mawa afuna adzanenenso kuti abeledwa, aaaaaaah! poor Chakwera, poor emuCP.

  7. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    DPP fired Kalilani as secretary general, who is in court for this? These MCP district commissioners will regret together with their cooridinators Jessie Kabwira & Gustav Kaliwo. Let them join DPP peacefully not causing problems in MCP. Its a fact that whoever will be presidential candidate for DPP will face Dr Laz with convention or no convention. Malawians wants Dr Laz to rule this country God wants Dr Laz to take out satanic behaviour , evrerybody wants Dr Laz to sort out devil spirit engulfing the nation ranging from floods , hunger and killings of people with albinism.

    1. Tiona maall says:

      Who says Malawi wants dark days of mcp back.? Liar

    2. Mwananyanian says:

      Chakwera achoke baasi.
      oChakwera’s nepotism and dictatorial tendencies are approaching Kamuzu’s at their zenith. And this case may drag on for a while yet, and as time gets closer to the next elections, prospects for MCP will get dimmer.
      Kabwila-Kapasula should stay put in MCP: the Party thought she was a big catch! Zosekesa izi (Kikiest). She should ruffle feathers there; big ruffle. And see if the Party will change, and truly become democratic, like DPP and UDF. She should just endure the big demotion to the back row, and use that as cover for her to champion the much needed reforms. Asa.

  8. Mambala says:

    I think lawyers are just after money. The lawyer for the disgruntled MCP members should have advised his clients that a convention is held every five years. Chakwera was elected at a convention for 5 years. So these memebrs should wait. But the lawyer just wants money. There is not issue here. A good lawyer advises clients and not to rush for money.

    1. GONANI says:

      True, Mambala

  9. Mambala says:

    This is the work of DPP. A convection is held every 5 years not every year.

  10. koma Kumeneko says:

    Chakwera simuthananaye you are just making him more popular

    1. GONANI says:

      Zoona, sangathane naye amenewa. Chakwera is a true leader. Akungotaya naye nthawi yao pachabe. Chakwera ndi boma kuyambira 2019.

    2. patriot says:

      This is Malawi where the devil is even awarded for doing evil things. Who doesn’t know that this the brainchild of DPP to destabilise MCP? Komatu wina samaliza bwino? Ohoo!

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