Chakwera’s K650 million mansion raises questions: Chidzanja- Nkhoma alleges party funds abuse

There is tension in the main opposition party Malawi Congress Party (MCP) following  accusations that party leader Lazarus Chakwera has been diverting party funds to fund the construction of his personal mansion in Lilongwe.

Chakwera Palace

Chakwera Palace

Chakwera mansion under construction

Chakwera mansion under construction

The said mansion sits on a 5-acre land in an exclusive suburb of Area 6 in Lilongwe and ha so far consumed MK600 million of  what  the anti-Chakwera faction—led by Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, claim is  MCP money from Parliament and private donations.

According to sources who took pictures from all angles, the mansion has close to 15 rooms excluding spaces for kitchens, bathrooms and storerooms. It also has got 6 staff houses.

“It is huge and one wonders why Chakwera has only managed a house now after failing to do so for the many years he was church pastor as Assemblies of Gof church. This vindicates what we have said all along that party finances are being abused here,” laments Chidzanja Nkhoma.

The politician-cum-pastor has managed to construct the mansion all in a space of one year which raises more eyebrows on his dealings.

Just last year Chakwera accused people who were involved in Cashgate of constructing huge mansions in few months, a thing he argued is not possible when one is using honest funds.

Chakwera’s wealth has come under scrutiny over the past months with reports that he has diverted close to K80 million of money meant for the party to his personal account.

He is also being accused by disgruntled party members of enjoying dodgy funding from Asians and other crooked financers.

There revelations that Chakwera is failed to account for millions of kwachas he was given by MCP lovers in diaspora in United States, Germany and South Africa among other places during the last campaign.

Also under question is a fleet of 15 cars that Chakwera has registered in his name right now from a background of owning only two cars when he became MCP leader.

All this comes at a time when the party has only K5032. 50 in its Standard Bank account and is struggling to finance party functions across the board.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila could not comment on personal assets of Chakwera.

But party administrative secretary Portipher Chidaya said MCP detractors “are all out fishing on anything that could dent Chakwera’s image,” saying “unfortunately they will not succeed.”

Some disgruntled members of the party, among them ex-district and regional committee leaders who lost recent elections, called upon Chakwera to resign or call for a convention. They accused him of mismanaging affairs of the party, including breaking its constitution.

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, a former close aide of Chakwera who fell out with the party leader just after the 2014 elections—also accused him of appointing officials into the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) without the backing of the law.

But the party’s Central Region branches , dismissed Chidzanja-Nkhoma’s allegations as a ploy by some power-hungry officials fighting for Chakwera’s downfall.

Lilongwe South West Constituency chairperson Hardwell Kachibekete said “Those who claim to demand a convention have been sent to destabilise the party, but they will not succeed.”

He said  MCP is intact and not divided.

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51 thoughts on “Chakwera’s K650 million mansion raises questions: Chidzanja- Nkhoma alleges party funds abuse”

  1. Mwaonatu says:

    A Rhodamnso nanu ndi ochititsa manyazi. Chakwera 2019 boma lake liti? Do you have eyes? Muzidzalira kuti mwabeledwanso mukadzagwira nyansi zanuzo popanda madzi!

  2. Chambe says:

    If Chakwera keeps quiet, then we will believe that he is another “Cash Gater”
    The onus remains with him to reveal his source of income for his house. and prove his critics wring.Unfortunately thus what happens when you occupy a high political position; your every step is under scrutiny. It all started like this with Zuma’s Inkandla Home. Many of his boot lickers rubbished the allegation but the issue refused to go until Zuma was disgraced at the Constitutional court.

  3. Winston Msowoya says:

    To some of us,this is what we expected when we learned that the man of God had now joined the evil game (POLITICS).To those who defend Chakwera,are all MCP former Banda’s serviles with like mentality,they are the people whose paths have been indoctrinated to their last drop of blood.Chakwera first and foremost,joined politics to amass wealth and live a different life from common Malawians.Learn from Banda,he was a Church Elder and you saw what he did to Malawians in 32 years of his barbaric rule.When he came to Nyasaland,he was a poor man,he had been fed,clothed and accommodated by the richer then,Orton Chirwa and Vera Chirwa and also David Rubadili and his wife.The wealth he had acquired,belonged to the MCP that he immensely and brutally controlled for 32 years.Right now the high Priest is trying to follow suit he is not a career Politician,but a novice political opportunist.

  4. Bolero says:

    Ife tamangapo ma mansion mu Lilongwe we know how much it cost to reach the level of Chakwera’s house. It is not even half the figure mentioned

  5. chalo says:

    How on earth could this raw structure have cost K600 million?’. This is pure jelousy and politiking by failed people like Chatinkha. Leave Chakwera alone and concentrate on drinking this famous miracle healing juice from Malangalanga.

  6. samson mkaka says:

    Team chakwera also is accusing Chatinkha kuti she got money from dpp, lets be balanced and also demand evidence of this. From my vivid recollection Chakwera did not complain when Chatinkha wasted her hard earned money on his campaign for mcp presidency. Chatinkha’s house was our campaign headquarters and why is it that every time someone in mcp expresses concern of what is going on we jump to accuse them of being used by its rival…. it childish and doesnt solve the problems at hand… ie violation of constitution, lack respect for the party code of conduct.

  7. tony kanyenda says:

    rubbish, this plot of land is not even 1/2 an acre, where in area 6 can one get 5 acres of land, that’s equivalent to 25-35 area six plots, and how can a standard double story house cost 650 million, bodza leni leni, stupid journalism at its best

  8. Chakwera ndi wa jajing’í. Anaona kuti kwaphweka ku mcp with jzu too old. Ndipite ndikawaombe achewa! Ndiye waomba’tu. Even if he retired today, waomba, man.

  9. Uku ndiye kuba poyera. Seize the thief! get the backslider out of our beloved Mussolin-Hitler party!

  10. Commonsense says:

    A den of a loud-mouthed pseudo-American accent backslidden and renegade mon-of-god oh!

  11. Tamanenani says:

    I dont see any issue here! you should come with evidence that he has used party funds. Amalawi kuzolowela being used.

    1. temisoni says:

      If you don’t see anything here, you really are a special needs person. Ask for help.

  12. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    Mbuzi yamunthu CHATINKHA kodi mukuti wamwa mwankhwala kwa nthawi yayitali? Are these side effects?

    1. Chatinkha si mbuzi, nkutheka kuti mbuzi ndi iweyo.

      1. Wise one from the East says:

        Mbuzi ndiweyo Malisoni Thiwu. Why are you accepting to be paid simply to sell a lie that can never be bought? Who on Earth could believe that this house can cost a whooping MK600 million? May be yourself and your fellow fools whose job description has one line “to assassinate character of all strong opponents”. Wake up from your sleep. Dont be used!

  13. [email protected] says:

    I appeal to journalists to NOT to be used by people. One of the tenets of journalism is to act independently. Do no be used. Question people who volunteer information. And use your judgement whether there is a story or not. Otherwise journalists will lose credibility

    1. Oooh! now it is the journalist who is n=being used? Do not attach the journalist, attach the vice.

    2. Nonsense says:

      Because the journalist is exposing Chakwera’s sudden wealth now you claim he is being used. Why don’t you say the same when its about APM? or Bingu. Chakwera is a hypocrite. He also loves opulence like the others.

  14. [email protected] says:

    There is no problem here. Chakwera is earning a good salary. He can build a house. The house cannot cost K650 million as alleged in the article. There is no house in Malawi that can cost K650 million. Even myself I can build it. Such a house is between K15 -K20 miliion. Mind you, Chakwera is building pang’ono pang’ono. It is unlike the cashgate housed
    It is clear that Chidzanja Khoma is using unsuspecting journalists to destroy Chakwera. Common sense tells you that this house cannot cost the millions being spoken. Also Chakwera earns a good salary as leader of opposition. He can easily build this house.

    1. Nonsense says:

      If Chakwera earns a good salary why not the president like Bingu? APM? Why could these not afford mansions over a period of 8 years when your Chakwera can afford (so you claim) the same in less than 3 yrs? Blind allegiance!

  15. Marium Kuyer says:

    The money from parliament doesn’t go into personal account, rather it goes into party account. Any donations to the party goes to the party account. Any donation to the president goes into his personal account. Many from party account does not go out without the knowledge of the treasure general. One thing you dont know about Chakwera is that he has favor amongst people a thing that God given and can not be removed by smear campaign. The house you are talking about is not even worthy 100 Million.

  16. Khau says:

    Where is the House for K600 million? Not he one on the photo obviously

  17. thunguwire says:

    this is just jealousy from party members who wants to dent his name, Chakwera is a member of parliament in addition he is a leader of opposition, he receives more money and can afford that house

  18. Parallel Market says:

    My fellow countrymen,
    It is good that Hon. Chakwera is constructing his house. I dont see any problem with that unless someone proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is using party funds, otherwise, this claim is baseless and malicious. The structure in the picture is not extra-ordinary that Mr. Chakwera cannot afford to aspire to construct. Pali chiani pamenepo!!! The MWK600m being mentioned here is not a colossal sum of money considering how devalued our currency has been now. If that amount is converted to US dollars you will agree with me. Lets not tarnish each others image. Lets love one another. We are all malawians. I love Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ngongoliwa says:

    The house in the picture is incomplete. In that state, what might gone there must be less than K40 million considering that the construction started long time ago. The K650 million being mention is a joke. A big joke. Chidzanja-Nkhoma is being used. MCP cannot afford to that much money. But ofcouse we know what this lady is up to. She will fail miserably.

    1. Lame defence. be careful; you may end up defending Lucifer. Let Chakwera himself do the needful.

  20. Hyenaness says:

    These are not taxpayers funds. I want the 7 ministers who embezzled my taxes. Kodi amene akumanga nyumba mu Lilongwe ndi Chakwera yekha? Can Chatinkha tell me how MCP raised that money other than from well wishers?

  21. Billy says:

    Please let Hon Chakwera respond .This is about issues .Dont indulge DPP

    1. Ngongoliwa says:

      Hon Chakwera is not a fool to respond to a fool.

      1. KTMAN says:

        I just wish Chakwera to sleep in a very good house.He knows he will not have the time for state house luxury,its over.Sleep well in your new house,and forget about state presidency.Chakwera is just too satisfied to be leader of opposition in the house.Keep it up man of God.The presidency is for the south ONLY,KKKKK,ANYIMA INU.

  22. Phwisa says:

    I had been wondering as to why Chakwera and his MCP never supported the Cashgate fight by the DPP Government. He knew he has done the same. No. MCP should sort out this mess now. And if Chakwera is really a man of God and that he really wanted to help MCP then this is the time he should be exemplary by resigning. He should set pace for others to follow.

    1. Buyelekhaya says:

      He should resign? What wrong has he committed? Has any law enforcement agency arrested or leveled criminal accusations against Chakwera for him to resign? Are you Ok upstairs. Are you operating on a rat brain? Ingqondo yakho akasebenzi! Uyimgundwane wena! I’m baffled.

  23. The Analyst says:

    . . . Is it not possible that Chakwera has, all along; been making savings and investments? is the question of why he is constructing the house now, relevant?
    . . . And can we lie to ourselves that Chakwera is become so powerful in MCP that he can just dip his hand into MCP’s cash-pot, nolenz-volenz? No!, the Kabwira’s and Jumbe’s of this world would speak, unless they are friends in crime. But can they be friends and at war simultaneously? Not possible!
    . . . Inu, if Chakwera uses K650 mn for a house to this level, it means he must have stolen more than K650 and this is no small sum (by common benchmarks). Now, couldnt anyone or auditors in MCP notice that something is out-of-kilter? Or we want to lie to ourselves that MCP has so much money that anyone can steal and no one would notice? Ha! Not true!
    . . . Chakwera may have accumulated his wealth through unco means but stealing from MCP is not one of them.
    People may wish to know that . . .
    . . . being a pastor for so many years (hence tithe-money), plus the connections he made with his “well-wishers” in America (hence donations); in addition to being an MP and leader of opposition (hence deals); can possibly make Chakwera a multimillionaire.
    . . . The only mind-boggling thing is the opulence displayed by Chakwera’s house-taste. And opulence is expensive yet someone will have to fund it. Sadly, since anyone can become anything in life; it is a tax payer who might have to fund and maintain Chakwera’s opulence. And this should worry every well-meaning Malawian!

    1. Nonsense says:

      A analisiti nanu ndinu ochititsa manyazi. Bwanji simumachita ma arguments omwewo for people who have worked at World Bank/IMF and several international Universities for more than 30 years. Couldnt they also not have saved money. After all they declared in millions of dollars. You still ignored that because you are always blinded by your partisan analyses. It can be perceived in your analysis you are defending Chakwera. Do you have to? Shame.

    2. NYANI says:

      where there is smoke there is fire. even if it was his own money why would a Reverend love this kind of opulence. this is a sign of things to come. Kamuzu started small and then went crazy building palaces all over. this a very bad character trait and does his image no good.

  24. Well Wisher says:

    MCP does not even have that kind of cash being mentioned here. Who is this Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma? what is her motive? Anthu aku Central region sadzamva ndithu. While rebulding of the MCP was on the right track, somebody just come and destroy all the efforts………shame. Nsanje simanga mudzi.

    I wanted to help the party win 2019 elections, but with this infighting…ummh, i have to think twice. I might just waste my resources and energy. May be i should do other things.

    1. Yakobo says:

      And I am also conteplating to leave this party and let them fight each other. Ife kuyesela kuti mwina tikuthandizeni Aaaaaa ndazisiya. Menyanani

  25. Cash Gate says:

    Achidzanja mukunama, chakwera sanayambe lero kugwira ntchito, anayamba kale komanso zowona inuyo mwalimba mtima kutenga nawo mbali pofuna kusokokoneza chipani chathu cha mcp, chitani manyazi. ngati mwadya zambiri za chipani cha dpp mwalakwitsa kwabasi. dziwani kuti anthu panopa ndiozindikira. chakwera yomweyo basi, chidzanja simupambana.

  26. OMEX70 says:

    This is jealous at its best. Who is Chatinkha after all?

  27. Vyaluta says:

    there is a big issue of 577 and u stupid Malawians are busy with this

  28. AAlex says:

    Watumidwa eti? Mupita nazo kuti zofuna kusokoneza..mufuna mukhale inu president wa chipani? mmmm…lekani mayi zopusazo..Anthu akugwilisani ntchito kenako akutayani mayi…

  29. prof. Odiyayo says:

    I am not interested in intra- Nazi (MCP) politics but I want Rt. Hon. Chakwera or MCP cadres to answer the questions on allegations made against him in this article, particularly on the wealth he has accumulated within a short period. What are his sources? Every Malawian knows that Rt. Hon. Chakwera declared his assets in 2014 and did go beyond MK 200 million. How come that he has managed to accumulated over 200 percent in less than two years? As much as I do not agree with Mr Chidzanja whose father was a great confusionist and tribalist, Malawians need answers to issues raised. Otherwise, it will not be wise to vote for Chakwera into power in 2019, because he will be the worst dictator and cashgater, the world never had and a betrayer to the name of Christian pastor.

    1. Zuze says:

      So you are such a fool that you believe that the house in the picture is worth K650 million? Kikikiki

      1. Buyelekhaya says:

        I thought you would be demanding hard and concrete evidence from Chakwera’s detractors. You equate MCP to Nazi? Your shallow knowledge and severely deficient understanding of things is dangerous!

  30. Buyelekhaya says:

    I would like to make some observations based on this story. One, the by-line has been hidden. Why? That, to me, creates suspicion. Two, who did the evaluation of costs incurred on the so-called mansion? Three, What concrete evidence of misappropriation of party funds and donations have Chkwera’s detractors brought before to establish the accused wrongdoing? This could be the continuation of smear campaign against Chakwera from outside forces in collusion with party traitors. As for some district chairpersons calling for the convention, that is out of frustration and vengeance. Some of them had been in their positions for over 24 years without seeking re-election. And they wanted to continue in their positions until death, incapacitation or resignation! Nkosi yami!
    As for the lady whose name is being quoted in the story, I’m sorry to say her political shelf life in MCP is cruising towards disastrous end. Mukafunse anzanu!

  31. Rhoda says:

    Chakwera 2019 Boma… wina aphulika.

  32. Mbebe says:

    Indeed, those who want to distabilise MCP will not succeed. Chakwera is our beloved leader. He has never been MCP Treasurer General. If friends like me give him something as our leader, it should not be Chatinkha’s problem. We want our president to go into office in 2019 without worrying about where to sleep. Chakwera 2019 Boma!!!

    1. Nonsense says:

      Akanakhala wamanga ndi Peter Mutharika bwenzi mukulankhula choncho?

      1. triple c says:

        Chatikha you are useless stupid woman!! you can not even be a leader at local level!!

  33. opportunist says:

    Mmmm jealousy

    1. Nonsense says:

      Akanakhala wamanga ndi Peter Mutharika bwenzi mukulankhula choncho?

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