Chaponda elected chairperson of AU Ministerial Panel

Minister of foreign Affairs and International Cooperation George Chaponda  has been elected Chairperson of Ministerial Panel of African Union, during the on going 28th Ordinary Session of the executive Council  of the African Union AU in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia.

Chaponda:   Representing Malawi

Chaponda: Representing Malawi

Chaponda said his election as chairperson of ministerial panel on AU elections is a symbol that AU have confidence in him as a person as well as the leadership of Malawi.

The African leaders will discuss issues to do with Peace and Security conflict prevention, management  and resolutions and combating terrorism.

Another item on the agenda is political Affairs and Human Rights, democracy and good governance, electoral institutions, civil society organizations, humanitarian affairs, refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons.

The summit will also discuss issues on infrastructures, energy , transport, Communications, tourism, Social Affairs, health , children, drug control, population, migration, labour, employment sports and culture.

However, top on the agenda will be the election of chairperson of African Union to succeed Robert Mugabe whose term of office has expired.

Chaponda is representing Malawi.

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17 thoughts on “Chaponda elected chairperson of AU Ministerial Panel”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Hastings Banda under MCP,led the nation into political devide by introducing the satanic QUATA SYSTEM followed by brutal repartriation of Northerners from South and Central Malawi.The arrival of Bakili Muluzi,seemed to have slowed down the tribalistic momentum.Kudos to Bakili Muluzi for his undaunting partriotism which held our nation together for at least a while.His unthinking judgement to campaign for an evil rogue Bingu Muthalika,has indeed,catapulted our nation into a political quagmire which if left unchallenged,can easily turn our beloved Malawi in to a sea of hell.The leader we are seeing to day,Peter Muthalika,is part of a conspiracy theory.By grooming his Lomwe boot lickers to lead the nation,he is making a hell of a political suicide that he will live to regret for the rest of his life.It is absurd for the Lomwes to ponder that they will rule Malawi forever.The two brothers are imbued with unprecedented lack of political calculation which Malawians must not fall into and mind you,the remaining Muthalika has nothing to loose,but our sufferings and miseries.We have to stand together otherwise,we shall be swallowed by a gigantic wave.

  2. SAVIMBI says:

    Zoonadi,ndatha kumva,kuona komaso to forsee kuti a Dr Chaponda is be GROOMED to be NEXT PRESIDENT in 2019

  3. Lilongwe kumachenga says:

    Chilima,aziwonere yekha pamwambi wakut,ndiwolotsa ndikakutafune

  4. maxwell nsani says:

    Ngati pali mbutuma ya munthu ndiye George chaponda. ….why are you people just benching a capable person like Saulos chilima? Here’s a tried and tested multi million dollar company CEO and all you can do is send him to watch Magufulis inauguration. …the important things you send Honourable Ziphwisi law? Shaa!

  5. The Partriot says:

    In the land of Mulhako utopia, no citizen thinks they will be ruled by other tribes again!
    DPP, please start to think National and not Mulhako all the time!
    Kodi chipani cha DPP ndi cha a Lhomwe okha?

  6. Bandawe says:

    Saulos Chilima should have been the rightful person delegated to this SUMMIT. The writing is on the wall we all can see it.

  7. salador saan says:

    observer@ 3, uzimva chizungu. ‘elected’ ndiye kuti panali chisankho, wina ndikupambana. ‘appointed’ ndiye kuti angokuwuwuza kuti ukhale apa. nyo!

  8. 2016 welcome says:

    Some of the agenda items have hit Malawi hard ndiye inu ngati chair mudziti chiyani zakwanu? Sound leadership?

  9. Nanyoni says:

    A new president a dpp, osatenga bright msaka bwa. Koma iwe uletsa anthu kuphwisawe eti

  10. kang'wing'wi says:

    malawians on the world map. uku omwayi kumwenda otsala pang’ono kuti owine zawo zija, uko obushiri okudya vindalama zedi, kwinako ogolden boy okupanda azungu daily, otay grin ndiye awo okungoyimba vinyimbo vabwino vokha-vokha mpaka kulandila navo ulemu ku mangalande, nanga mkwazi uja documentary yake idawina mpikisano uja bwa?…zikuyendatu ati? osayamika apa ndiodjwala chabe.

  11. Chakana Chakana says:

    Koma mukunama a Dpp

  12. WHALE says:

    Sizoooo Malawi wacha

  13. TUDZI says:

    inde inde inde our next president

  14. chimz says:

    nkhani yabwino

  15. observor says:

    I thought this is done in rotation? It is not a matter of having confidence in Chaponda or the leadership of this country it is done on rotational basis.

  16. Ben chaponda says:

    Sizinja timanena zija.tikukuonani

  17. Team Chaponda says:

    Proud of you Chaponda. Proud of being a Malawian

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