Chaponda’s tribalism remarks condemned as desperate attempt to create collateral damage

Disgruntled Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water development George Chaponda has been criticised for his ethnocentric and tribalism comments over the maizegate scandal.

Kayuni: Chaponda’s use of ethnic card is unacceptable

Chaponda speaking on Capital Radio’s DayBreak Malawi program monitored by Nyasa Times Monday morning accused civil society organisations who have been calling for his resignation as being all northerners.

The Minister who has been faulted by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry headed by former Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa for his “suspicious” involvement in the maize saga; hence he must be probed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), claims the matter is now a fight between southern region and northern region.

“It has now become a north-south antagonism,” he said.

Chaponda said though he is being faulted, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe was equally at fault but that he is being shielded because he comes from the north.

“Why that Minister of Finance is not being mentioned. The CSOs are from north,” ranted Chaponda.

Chaponda’s  comments drew sharp reaction from a section of the population that accused him of fanning tribalism and regionalism in order to create a collateral damage.

Happy Kayuni a a political scientist based at Chancellor College in Zomba, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima) accused Chaponda of  issuing tribal statement.

“Normally, those  who use ethnic cards are individuals who are desperate,” said Kayuni.

Kayuni told Capital Radio’s Daybreak Malawi program on Tuesday that using ethnic card  shows “frustration” on the part of Chaponda and urged him to argue with facts.

“It is a very dangerous move for a politician especially at a higher level like that of Chaponda to use tribal or ethnic card,” said Kayuni.

He called on Malawians o desist to engage in anything or making any statements that would be divisive and  be understood as tribal

Kayuni said tribalism is  a vice that should be condemned.

Tribal interests have played a major role in armed conflict and civil unrest across the continent.

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Makape a kumpoto in chase Chaponda and see if you will ever rule Malawi.Stupid noise makers without a specific gain.Kungounjikana mmaofesi ngati Kaunjika.Ana a chemwali anu,zidzukulu,amalume phwi mu ofessi


Being Malawi I knew that this will turn into tribal or regional argument just because of people’s surnames. When some Africans fail to think or win an argument they resort to such stupid things no matter how far they went with education

Chilungamo Chimawawa

You thieves dont hide in the name of tribalism. you wanted to still public money through the procurement of maize that is what people are angry at, period…

Mopho Kaponda

It is the duty of the concerned citizens to stand up and make this whole DPP government accountable for the mess.
Lets not fall in their trap to shift our attention to regionalism tipusa nazo..


CHAPONDA kuipa nkhope ndi mtima womwe uonatu iwe ukanthidwa padziko lapansi pompano. pano wati uwotche office mzako KAMUZU anavutikira kumanga iwe ukungoba palibe wamanga iwe apo. chitsiru chamunthu chizeleza chindere chakufikapo iwe. AKUCHOTSA MAFUPA akumpoto ohooo be careful in wat you are saying ukhala pansi pompano akungokuona ohoo


You’re siding with Chaponda Chimanga you dope! If he sees fault in Atumbuka he is also at fault with Justice Dunstan Mwaungulu of the Supreme Court of Appeal who has saved him from suspension. If he doesn’t he is hypocrite big time.

mtumbuka watsankho

judge john chirwa, commentators kayuni, danwood chirwa, Humphrey mvula, complainant s moses mkandawire, kajoloweka, Court mzuzu high court the accused, chaponda. whoever doesn’t see tribalism here is stupid!! why were these csos quiet during JB obvious stealing because Richard banda and Roy kachale and Ralph kasambara were benefitting


Take out the word Tribalism Mr Kayuni, it has got nothing to do with the issue .The issue is regionalism as Chaponda has openly stated.CSO’s are at fault coz they are bias and I wonder most of them are headed by the northerners.These organizations should also expose their fathers from the north once the wrong is spotted. I strongly believe that most of the ministers are just nothing but corrupt fool,regardless of tribe or region. Don’t be paranoid when you stand a chance of radio interview. We need non partisan political analysts not like you bambo Kayuni.


Chaponda waputa dala mwana wapakaya mutu wako nakuba kwako kwa umbuli uko viwanthu vyambula nzeru ngati vilomwe.Tikukakeninge pamoza na Goodall Gondwe naka Pitala

The Partriot
Facts: 1. Chapondas role in th maize gate is suspicious and has been recommended for ACB investigations. 2. Any minister in a democratic world bèing investigated for fraud either resigns or gets suspended. 3. Chaponda is from the South but he is NOT the South! 4 . CSOs who are based in the North are not the North. 5. The maizegate is an issue of national interest. Now if there is any Malawian who is happy with Chapondas behaviour in the maizegate scandal please stand up. Message to Chaponda: this maizegate issue has nothing to do with regions, just prepare… Read more »

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