Chatinkha blames Mia on MCP civil war

Rubble-rousing  politician Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma has lashed out at former minister Muhammad Sidik Mia as the one causing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) wrangles,  confirming  what the party’s Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo raised in his letter to president of MCP Lazarus Chakwera.

Chatinkha: Mia should use normal procedures to join MCP or else form his party

Chatinkha: Mia should use normal procedures to join MCP or else form his party

Chidzanja Nkhoma, who is now calling herself as Permanent Member of the MCP , said this during a media briefing she jointly held with some district chairmen of the party to react on the court rulling that has reinstated them Into the party after she was dismissed with other members.

She said Mia, who is tipped to join the MCP, has been causing all problems saying he is bankrolling the rebuilding of party thereby creating parallel structures.

“If he has a lot of money let him form his own party. Others have done that before. If he wants to join MCP then he must follow the rights procedures,” said Chatinkha.

She went further claiming that Mia has been calling MCP leaders to a meeting at his house when he has no power to call for the meeting, advising him to come in open and join the party.

Chatinkha also alleged that Mia is proposing to change MCP symbol of Tambala and slogan of Kwacha.

In a letter to Chakwera, the party’s Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo wondered what relationship the party has with Mia.

Kaliwo said the relationship between Mia and the party was “causing confusion” and described it as “the worst kept secret”.

“You are aware that there are party officials that are working with Hon Sidik Mia. There is talk of parallel structures being established in readiness for his coming to the party.

“I have no problem whatsoever welcoming Hon Sidik Mia and working with him in the party. He just needs to join openly and work with us openly. The current working relationship with him is causing confusion and leaving people wondering as to who is fooling who?” he said.


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Ma ARV amutopetsa uyu

I do not subscribe to the idea of holding early convention on the basis of electing new leadership. It has been said that Chatinkha and friends earlier presented the issue of dictatorship in the party as the sole reason of holding the election of which to me it does not hold water. On the other hand i agree with Chatinkha that if Mia intends to join the party then let him come in the open and join us. He should not start behaving as if he is bigger than the party and trying to be calling shots without officially declaring… Read more »

Mau koma amenewo osati Chatinkha hule


Women of chatinkha’s motives have been dangerous to society even in times of king Ahab, king Herod and upto the time we leaving in. There was Jezebel, Herodias ……… and now we have chatinkha. If women of this calibre are not eradicated in time, the can prove to be like a cancerous tumor.

Its now clear that this lady is not ready to face competition. In the first place a political party is a public institution and no one person should claim ownership. No wonder she called herself an MCP landlord or landlady. This nonsense is what has kept the mighty party in opposition for years now. If you want to MIA to form his own party then why are you not doing the same? You are a shameless woman who still believes in old ways of doing politics. That’s why I still don’t believe your agenda. You must have a bad motive… Read more »
chimzimu Chonyasa

Amuchita mokwana anthu amene akumutumawo galu ameneyu

Fisi Dausi

A Chidzanja musemphana ndi mipando yonona. If you are intelligent, start working with Chakwera immediately. Soon their will be elections. DPP UDF or PP aren’t as strong as they were two years ago. Which leaves MCP in a better position to carry the day. My advice, swallow your pride and apologise to Chakwera.

kodi amai inu olo mutayima pa u president wo angakusankheni ndani? You are useless. Period. How many problems do you have? I thought you were complaining of Chakwera and how come you are worried of MIA. Is MCP your own party as a property? Despite that maybe your father was in MCP doesnt warrant you as the owner of the party….JZU has a son but we dont see or hear about him trying to overpower Chakwera. You will be used and abused as a condom…palibe chanu ami inu. Yambani chipani chanu inuyo …why clinging to MCP if you are not… Read more »

Chatinkha is sleeping with the enemy.

chimzimu Chonyasa

Musiyeni apita nawo pamodzi KKKKKKKKK

Whether you are permanent member or senior party member, your acts are showing that you know nothing about diplomacy….!! Why do you run to the media? Have you diplomatically ever tried to discuss the matters you have with the leadership? Some of us may agree that Chakwera might be a problem, or he is a “problem”, but, and seriously even historical best politicians, the likes of Mandela would have never accepted the route and or approaches you are employing!! Secondly, ndaletu chemwali sizitengela kuyamba kale ayi!! Zikanakhala zimenezo ndiye Dr Chilima sakanakhala Vice President tu!! Kenanso, nditengelepo mwayi, chemwali siyani… Read more »

Mmayi uyu ayenera kudziwa kuti kugwiritsidwa ntchito kuti awononge chipani cha MCP akuzitaisa nthawi, anthu ngati awa ndiomwe akufuna dzikolo libwelere ku ulamuliro wa chipani chimodzi. DPP ikufuna idzidusa mofewa poononga zipani zina, ngati mmayi yu sakuona bwino kapena ndalama ndiyomwe ikumuchitisa adzindikire ichi; Malawi ndi modzi akaonongeka lero ana anthu adzadusa munyengo zowawa.

Jarvis Mbekeani

Welcome Sidik,, but let the symbol and slogan be ,

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