Chief Kyungu to get married again, this time to young female cop

One of Malawi’s most influential traditional leaders,  Paramount Chief Kyungu-Mwakabanga  of Karonga has fallen in love with Karonga police woman Rhoda Banda and revealed his plans to marry her next month.

The new couple

The new couple

Kyungu has popped the question to the young female cop and the two will exchange their matrimonial vows with the blessings of Rev Mvaro at Kasoba CCAP Church .

The couple will then cerebrate their blessed wedding on Saturday 3 September, 2016 at AB Mwakasungula village in Karonga district.

Reception will be held at Dumila in the same area of AB Mwakasungula village  to be spiced up with varieties of traditional dancers which include Amapalo Ya Kyangonde and Ndelelite.

Kyungu, who was installed on 26th May 2012 as Paramount Chief, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from La Trobe University Melbourne Australia and a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Monash University, Victoria in Australia.

Rhoda Banda is the third born daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C Banda from Rumphi and she is holds Diploma in Marketing from Nashville Business College in Mzuzu. She is working as a Police Child Protection Officer at Karonga Police Station.

The historical wedding ceremony is expected to be attended by some bigwigs, according to the chairperson for the organizer Undule Mwakasungula.

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37 thoughts on “Chief Kyungu to get married again, this time to young female cop”

  1. observer says:

    story is incomplete…anakwatira kangati komanso ali ndi ana angati from previous marriage??

  2. MARY says:


  3. Mwinachikaya says:

    “This time young Female Cop” so u wanted male cop may be last time male cop utolankhani winawu

  4. Moses Makoko says:

    Kali maso ngweeee! Ready kukamuonera munthu wamkulu! Koma atsikanawa ndi chani kwenikweni! Am not sure age ya amfumuwo koma assuming mwana wakabadwa mu 2017 pozati amalize xul ndi zaka Ali ndi zaka 22 and that will in in 2039 kodi big man adzakhala alipobe? Umasiye ochita kukonzekeratu uwu!

    1. namulangeni says:

      hahahaahahahahahaah akaonerana nao afunakatsikana ka nthete

  5. mosh says:

    Mmm koma akuziwa mfumuyo zakuti new generation ndiyahule, akafa NDI BP ameneyo, atamupeza mkazi NDI mamuna wina, too old for the lady

  6. The Patriot says:

    Koma mfumu yophunzira iyi, mpaka Masters? Ayaya koma anthu aku KA ndife odala!!! Proud of you my chief, very proud to be your subject! You are such a model chief…..Karonga youth please emulate your chief…go to school and earn degrees anywhere in the world.

  7. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ha! Mfumu yoti imatota kamodzi pachaka! Ndiye kubetsatu!

    1. Moses Makoko says:


  8. Winston Msowoya says:

    Congratulation Clem.I strongly believe that this must not lower your political beliefs which led you live in exile for 30 years.Note,the struggle for equality and democracy continues and again,I must warn you to refrain from Muthalika’s wicked endeavours to contaminate our Lake,the blood-life of our existence exploring dirty oil from the cleanest waters of our Lake in the world for the exclusively interests of Muthalika and his gang of mafias while the overwhelming suffering people will continue to live in exasperation for the rest of their lives.Once again,wish you all the best and do not forget to fight for the rights of the CAMPESINOS!!!!

  9. Mumalizeni says:

    The chief should not talk again about child marriage, because he is a bad example to Malawians

  10. Uncle K says:

    Iiii the lady is a police woman! no wonder these uniform ladies are ungrateful they can jump into bed with anyone as long as there is talk of money, no matter whatever you did to them…ask me

  11. Mbwiye says:

    I totally agree with Gogodasi. This story lacks the necessary substance. Surely, the reporter didn’t do his homework thoroughly.

  12. kinyepe says:

    Amfumu muwapemphe amfumu anzanu a Ngogoliwa akugaileni nthubulo muziika muphala,chifukwa mkazi ameneyi ali mu ligi yaikulu (La LIGAE)Mukamuchinde zenizeni osangoti round imodzi basi tulo akakuthaninso nanu.

  13. mfumu ikudya gondolosi heavy iyi no wonder ikufuna tiwana mthetsa nyere opezekeratu

  14. James Phiri says:

    This is the most highly educated Traditional Chief in the whole of this country and probably continent – even the world! I am impressed with his credentials. Koma nkhani iyi aaaaaaa!

  15. James Phiri says:

    How can the ccap church bless this marriage? Is the paramount chief’s first wife dead, alive or divorced? How can the church bless the marriage of a woman who dumped her first husband? I am a member of the ccap church bt these are things that our church ought to avoid. I am not impressed. Things are not adding up for the church, the chief as well as the woman. And this young woman can’t she find her age-mate? As others have predicted, this is an accident waiting to happen – cardiac arrest!

  16. manof principles says:

    ndekuti alibe mkazi coz apapa simunanene2…kapena mkazi wachiwiri?….uwe UNDULE umukulu wako okwegha inyegha yachibiri pamo atanayo mwanakasi tubuleko we!

  17. SUGAR DADDY says:

    Koma mwayesa kale zida? mwinatu mkaziyu ndi chumba kkkkkkk, nde tisaveso kuti mwamutaya

  18. CHINSINSI says:

    Wow…. Masters Degree! Australia and Monash-South Africa! ine kusilira heavy! mafumu ambili akwathu kuno amalekezela standard 6, then ukapalamula kumangokuuza ulipile mbuzi aaaaah

    1. konja says:

      Me I thought he hold a Law degree, the white wig which he is wearing

  19. Stewart says:

    This chief should be careful, if his kingdom have its “Hyenas”, they will help him sort out the libido gaps which will eventually crop up in the marriage.

    1. GADDAFI says:

      tikamdyera ameneyo

  20. Gogodasi says:

    The story has not addressed the pertinent questions most of the readers have, especially those that do not know much about the marital status of Chief Kyungu. Is this woman going to be his first wife? If he married before what happened to his first wife – did they divorce, died or the woman is going to be a junior wife. The story needed to bring out this kind of information to avoid speculations. As it is, the story is incomplete.

  21. Three Angels message says:

    Mfumu yophunzira iyi, i doubt if we have one from the southern region oti ali ndi just a diploma from one of these colleges in town

    1. Drakest says:


    2. Church says:

      So you call yourself “Three Angels message” and preach that message while your heart is full of regionalism, tribalism and nepotism? What a fool you are. Choose one side and do not waste time with preaching that gospel message because you belong to the devil. In God’s eyes there is no southerner or northerner.

  22. BIGGIE says:

    Don’t die because the lady is very sexy in bed, i foresee Cardiac arrest in the family.

  23. Sho says:

    Amfumu akakwate tsopano

    1. KKKKKKK. Kodi sadakadye kale kameneka? Kakuoneka kuti kali hot ndiye amfumu asamaledi

  24. chimbomgomdo says:

    Our Chiefs, hailed be thy ancestors to teach us moral. By marrying a young lady whats does he expects his young and energetic subordinates men will do if they want to get married? Will he surprised if they 50year old man goes for a teenager?

    1. chigwex says:

      Just to add on that; this lady dumped her husband Suzgo Yangairo for this old man; his presence in her life made life hard for the couple to reconcile their differences. since the Kyungu comes from polygamy family,,it doesnt surprise us

      1. chilombo says:

        Really! I know Yangairo, he taught me at Viphya Pvt Secondary and i knew this lady. Too bad

  25. Kokani says:

    I think this is encouraging

    1. Running away from another man just to get a blessing of CCAP church into another marriage! Was the chief widowed?

  26. kings says:

    Pangani zomwezo a paramount honourarium yanu ndiyambiri to entertain such libido to the young cop, watch out b4 it is too late period.

    1. Bangula says:

      Nyere yavuta Kyungu

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