Chilima attends Mulli memorial: ‘No lazy bones for Malawi to develop’

Malawi  Vice President Saulos Chilima says it is only through unity, hard work and the respect of others that the country can develop.

VP Chilima:   Unity, respect and hard work is needed

VP Chilima: Unity, respect and hard work is needed

Chilima made the remarks Saturday at Horo in Phalombe at Traditional Authority (T/A) Kaduya during the annual celebrations of the life of the late Lacton Mulli, the founder of Mulli Borthers Limited (MBL).

The vice president cited the Mulli Brothers Family as a good example of a family that has thrived by following the principles of unity, respect and hard work.

He said in the past pupils at school used to be told to respect their parents and regard them as their second God and those who followed this principles flourished as is the case of the Mulli Brothers.

Moreover, quoting the Holy Bible in  2 Thessalonians 3vs 10, the Vice President said God stipulated that a lazy person should not be given any food, hence the success of the Mulli Brothers can only be attributed to hard work since they own one of the largest companies in the country.

He urged Malawians to emulate the works of the Mulli Brothers and desists from dividing the country adding that it is through hard work that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the 2014 Tripartite Elections and not through rigging as other people are claiming.

In his remarks at the ceremony Leston Mulli who is the General Manager of MBL and representative of the Mulli Brother’s family welcomed everyone to the event saying its aim was to celebrate the successes of the late Lacton Mulli who lived from 1944 to 2006.

He said their late father founded the company himself which currently has 17 subsidiaries and employs over 15,000 Malawians.

Mulli urged government to continue supporting the company by giving it contracts saying many Malawians are being assisted through MBL.

Also taking her part at the celebration ceremony, T/A Kaduya commended the Mulli Brothers for continuing the works that their late father started saying the company is assisting a lot of people in the country.

The ceremony which was led by church elders from the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) and Catholic Church included a number of choirs, traditional dances and a sumptuous lunch.

A number of cabinet ministers also graced the occasion including the former first lady Callista Mutharika.-Mana

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26 thoughts on “Chilima attends Mulli memorial: ‘No lazy bones for Malawi to develop’”

  1. Chondidabwitsa Ine nchakuti vaisi pulezidenti akukatani kumaliro a business man? Just politics as usual. President and vice president of Malawi should not be at kulonga ufumu and or kumaliro a businessman. They may as well be at a nurse’s funeral.. at least a nurse saves lives.

  2. jasitasi chilungamo says:

    Zimenezi Saulos muziwuuzana ndi mzako Mbendera who was crying like baby the midst of night for betraying malawians.We r not that gullible to take everything from you.Tamangolilani Maliro a Mulli osati kuchulutsa zoyankhula zopanda pache.

    1. Demo says:

      Nzako zimenezo khala chocho ukudandaula pakana Yesu azakupeza kom amzako akulamula. Kodi chipani chako ndi chiti, cha atumbukachi,kapena cha nyau chi

  3. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    Saulos when are you becoming Paulo? You need conversion osati zotinamiza za DPP CHIEF “WELL WISHER” MULLI.

  4. aphiri says:

    15,000 ake ati mulli bodza. Unachotsa anthu ambili ntchito opanda malipilo. For saulos u rigged elections thru mec guys who were changing figures. We can expose u

  5. meta says:

    mulinso ndikachiyani

  6. Ma dreams a Malawi akakhoza ka MCE/Diploma ndikupeza ntchito M’boma pa Company/NGO/ ndicholinga chakuti adzipanga Cashgate
    Amalawi ndi ntchamba zawanthu-tindalama takubato amangotheraso mowa ndi ma Hule pamene ana kunyumba akusowa ma basic needs
    Amalawi ndi business ndikumanzere_shame!

  7. dada says:

    Initially it was hard work. Then his siblings missed the path and diployed greediness & nastiness strategy.
    Nobody can deny the fact that Mulli was a hard worker. But these ones heaven knows.

  8. Lipukwe says:

    Mwayamba kumuyndikilaso mufuna ayambeso kusokoneza zinthu pa malawi pano? asekese ma business a amwenye, aqmangise anthu mopanda umboni, achosese apolice ntchito popanda nkhani iliyonse? zisilu inu!!!!!!!! ndiyesotu bola JBtu anamukozela mukamwa ameneyi.

  9. chims says:

    i indeed wish this was the spirit. it begins at home and flourish. if people in families were that united together we would have achieved more. koma timanyozana pachibale.bravo the mulli brothers. do u not have sisters?

  10. lilian says:

    My problem with this company is that it does get contracts through political patronage and dominance if other malawian companies get a contract,mulli amadana nawo thus why he is not on talking terms with anzake like Mike Chilewe or Mike Mlombwa.He is greedy.ukakhala lomwe once wayambana ndi Mulli ndekuti wayambana ndi alomwe onse or DPP as a party.verify izi ndizoona

  11. Galu says:

    But if you are quoting Thessalonians 3 V 10 saying ‘no food for a lazy person’,then why did you introduce the quota system if you are awarding lazy people?Isnt this a contradiction to the bible?Please Chilima and your Mbuya,learn to walk the talk,if you go against the bible,just know that your days of life are numbered…and we are watching.

  12. mphatso says:

    it shows that its possible.thanks mr vp for the encouraging words zoonadi a malawi tisiye u PHD pull him down syndrome

  13. hfty says:

    Such is Malawi where the ruthless mulli brothers are held up as role models for all of us to emulate l. It is an open secret that the mulli brothers have grown their wealth through corruption and a reckless disregard for powerless people. and where are the mulli sisters, is it that these boys have made all this wealth without the women in their lives

  14. Nelly says:

    Bravo late father

  15. cristiano says:

    I am an admirer of the mulli bros company and am on my way up there

  16. Koma osaphangiranso ma business onse. Nkhalango Ku chikangawa kabwezeretseni.

  17. muthu otani osasamba? says:

    Mulli brothers, zinapatsidwa kwa inu zizakhala zanu.

    Satana uja tinamuchotsa mano pa may paja,


  18. lemon says:

    The late Mulli was a humble and hardworking man. For those of us who met him it really is an inspiring story.
    May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  19. mtila zomba says:

    malawian owned company employing more than 15000 locals thats an achievement. if we had only 100 campanies like mbl, malawi would be somewhere by now. lets suport them

  20. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    RIP big man!

  21. M'doko says:

    Ndanga bwanji pano mukulimbira ndalama za matenda?

  22. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The founder of the company, the Mulli brothers’ father, was apparently known for his stamina and hard work. People say he started his trading business, by selling maize at Migowi; maize he transported on his Raleigh and Humber bicycles. He was relentless: some of us know how brutal the work is – to peddle a bicycle carrying one hundred or two hundred pounds of maize, on a dirt road is!
    For most of us hard work tramps smarts, in almost everything we do in life. Most of the time. Some luck helps too on the way. The VP is absolutely right in propounding the principle of hard work.

  23. Gilbert says:

    This is what we want in malawi, tisamangoona ma foreigner akulemera,

  24. clement says:

    May the soul of the late Lacton Mulli rest in peace.

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