Chilima’s punctuality puzzles Goodal: Finance Minister hails Malawi VP

Finance Minister GoodalL Gondwe on Thursday was visibly puzzled by Vice President  Saulos Chilima’s punctuality to meetings, prompting the Minister to publicly commend the Vice President.

Goodall Gondwe with Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima

Goodall Gondwe with Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima

The Minister then apologised for coming 25 minutes late at the launch of the Malawi Institute of Procurement and Supply (MIPS) Act at BICC in Lilongwe where Dr.Chilima was Guest of Honour and arrived seven minutes earlier of his scheduled arrival time of 9 am.

“But I think I wasn’t late. It is the VP who was too early. Your Honour, when they tell you to arrive at 9 am please come 15 minutes late,” said Gondwe referring to the VP’s trademark punctuality.

“But on a serious note, my apologies for coming late, Your Honour,” said the Minister.

Chilima, a workaholic, is well known for time management and on several occasions organisers of functions have had to call his staff to tell him to delay so that they complete preparations.

“Tell them I have already started off and they will find me seated once they are ready. I thought we agreed on time,” this has been the VPs response according to those close to him.

At one occasion, the Vice President locked out Principal Secretaries and Directors who had come to a meeting where he was briefing top government officials on the need to reform the way the country conducts its business.

The MIPS Act which the VP launched is meant to tighten the grip on procurement processes in the country so that workers follow laid down rules and procedures.

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29 thoughts on “Chilima’s punctuality puzzles Goodal: Finance Minister hails Malawi VP”

  1. Headteacher says:

    Hahaha, those people who arrive early have no busy schedules. In fact it shows that these are people who lead easy lives. Geyser in the house; no hustling to find water from a borehole or well; fully stocked refrigerator, no running around to purchase mbatata or stale bread; a fleet of cars, no need to walk 15minutes to a bus stage hahahaha

  2. kkilembe says:

    These people have all been to school where they should have learnt time management. If these educated fools cant keep time, what will you expect from god fearing poverty striken god fearing happiest smiling hewe povos?

  3. koma Kumeneko says:

    Malawians we are way behind interms of time management. When you go to football stadium if match starting time is 14:30 just know its 15hrs or 15:30. We really need to improve.

  4. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    I don’t know any country on this god forsaken earth, without a sense of humor like Malawi.

    Anything that is said is politicized.

    Those of you that use face book, there is a Malawi humor group, read their humor, you will be disappointed.

    Everything posted are words of wisdom, not humor. Such is Malawian humor.

    Gondwe was being humorous, not that Malawians with their lack of humor would understand

  5. true patriot says:

    That’s the way to go my VP

  6. Francisco says:

    Teach them Honorable I adore you sir

  7. dada says:

    One to be commended, alas, ONLY IF!!!

  8. Khumutcha says:

    Mr VP keep it up. I may not personally agree with you on Party lines, but your time discipline is trully remarkable. Please keep it up, and continue to show those in the Public Sector how time should be respected and managed.

  9. wisdom says:

    Malawi is indeed a very strange country. What makes news amazes me. As a country, we are where we are in terms of development for a reason, and one of the reasons is focusing on silly things.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      I thought I was the only one thinking that. Real issues will have one comment. Showing how dull we Malawians are.

  10. That is what we need. Young leaders who knows what they want. Time is crucial in any activity.

  11. Hello! says:

    It is good that the VP is setting an example on time management. This is what we need. It is unfortunate that we Malawians have a feeling of the so called “Malawian Time” which is a scapegoat for failure to manage our time. It baffles me that this malpractice is existent even when our officials are meeting the donor community.

    I remember going to a meeting where some donors (development partners) were participating and the meeting started approximately 20 minutes later than the agreed time. I overhead one of the development partners express this concern with the late start. Let us keep time.

    Our forefathers and mothers were unable to keep time because they depended on the position of the sun. These days we have clocks which show us what time it is hence no need to depend on the position of the sun since doing so is prone to error in terms of judgement on what time it is since the position of the sun may be viewed differently by different people in different locations and things become tricky when it is a cloudy day.

  12. Steve says:

    good example our vp

  13. Vyamtonda says:

    he has nothing to do coz most of his duties were taken away.Alibe chochita that what Goodal was trying to say

  14. ANALYST says:

    This Goodall man is sick, old and tired! Let him go and rest – how can you say “It is the VP who was too early. Your Honour, when they tell you to arrive at 9 am please come 15 minutes late”??? Really??? And we say this government is doing “business unusual???” Mxiiii, badada ba Gondwe, kapumuleni, ntchito yamuvuskani!

  15. Nsanjelekani says:

    The only youthful govt official worth his salt not Atupele who has never worked anywhere else and thinks life is sweets, not Kumpalume a boot-licker, not Goodall wachekula, not the Mulanje-Thyolo-Chiladzulu Limited only there to steal

  16. kankwalala says:

    The VP deserves to be the VP. whether one likes it or not, he is fine, young and energetic. Congrats

  17. Mpini Walezala says:

    I thought it is common sense that people actually show up at an appointment on time. I am not sure what our veteran politician Mr. Gondwe was expecting. His reaction reveals a chronic problem in people’s attitudes towards work and productivity.

  18. Billy Chilewani says:

    Bravo VP. That is doing business unusual and that is the only way we can talk of meaningful development. Malawians we do not value time hence our perpetual poverty trap. Time for change is now!!!! Keep it up VP. Please install Time management devices at Capital hill.

  19. concerned citizen says:

    Bravo VP. These are the kind of leaders that Malawi needs . leaders who take government business seriuosly, starting with time keeping. Azungu amati, TIME IS MONEY

  20. Samuel Matchaya says:

    That’s what I am talking about! A senior govt official who cares about the importance of being on time. That is setting an excellent example and not just talking about it. Looks like this is the man we should be grooming for the leadership of Malawi. Chilima, we are watching you.

  21. chileka boys says:

    Well done Chilima!! That’s why you are a big threat to the Your boss the clue less leaders of the republic of Malawi. Remember, they are just using you for now!! come 2019 elections you will be accused of treason… or something like that… lets wait and see!!

  22. Mvula J. Mvula says:

    Congratulation the VP for such a good record. The example you set is what will change the attitude of many and effect change in the way they perform their work. True reformation of public servants!

  23. Foolish says:

    There is no fool like an old fool.

  24. Chandamale says:

    DPP if you don’t put Chilima on the seat 2019 and opt for Mwana wa Tcheya Atupele then you are gone. You won’t win because no body will compete Lazarus Chakwera 2019. Be careful, you are lucky I have warned you.

  25. Tili Chenene says:

    Actually, Dr. Chilima is an asset to the nation. Thanks Peter for choosing Chilima otherwise APM is a liability offset by Chilima’s presence

  26. Watching says:

    Well, he is doing what he is meant to do- his job. It’s these small things that are getting him noticed as an ideal leader. Shedding some much-needed light on the laziness and mediocrity in the civil service. Good.

  27. wawo says:

    Way to go VP, i am not DPP but you make us proud as a nation.

  28. Sasani says:

    Time management serious note

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