Chinese ‘Mapwevupwevu’ for Mutharika: Malawi leader lauds China support

Chinese buffet for Malawi President Peter Mutharika on official visit in China is not only about food on his table, but he is also getting support for the social progress in fields like agriculture, health and education.

Mutharika on Chinese buffet

Mutharika on Chinese buffet

Mutharika holding bilateral meeting with Chen

Mutharika holding bilateral meeting with Chen

Speaking at one of the luncheons [Mapwevupwevu] hosted in his honour by China’s Liaoning Provincial governor, Chen Qiufa, Mutharika said the China-Malawi relations have been developing quite well in a relatively short time since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 2007.

Qiufa pledged to support Mutharika led government in its quest to eradicate hunger and improve education standards in Malawi.

In his remarks, Mutharika said his government intends to embark on massive scale irrigation as one way averting hunger that comes as a result of either too much rains or drought.

“We are now embarking on large scale irrigation farming as one way of reducing hunger that comes as a result of either too much rains or insufficient rains. On education, I know of Anhui as one of the best Universities in the world where we can also benefit through areas of exchange programs, research and scholarships.

“As a nation we will ensure that this bilateral relationship grows to higher levels as it will benefit the people of the two countries,” said Mutharika who is currently on a five-day tour of duty in the People’s Republic of China.

Malawi, which depends on mostly Western donors to bankroll most of its development programs, has benefitted a lot of infrastructure development with support of the Chinese – of course most on long term loans.

Notable projects that China has helped Malawi include the New Parliament building in Lilongwe, Karonga-Chitipa –Road and Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) at Ndata in Thyolo with a 80 million U.S. dollars loan. The university has been operating since 2014.

Mutharika said China in last October provided his government a credit line of 25 million U.S. dollars in aid for which Lilongwe officials will propose a number of social projects, particularly the building of schools to tap the fund.

China recently pledged more support for Malawi in several areas including education, Health, Agriculture, Transport, Business and Telecommunication.

Other Chinese development projects in the country arethe Presidential Villas in Lilongwe,  a five-star hotel and the Bingu International Conference Centre (Bicc) and the Bingu Stadium, currently in the final phases of construction in Lilongwe.

Mutharika will also attend the global economic forum.

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31 thoughts on “Chinese ‘Mapwevupwevu’ for Mutharika: Malawi leader lauds China support”

  1. Akatswiri says:

    Ku Chinaku abwana osaiwala zopepha kuti atimangire High Court ya bwino ku Lilongwe which is the capital city of Malawi.

  2. Phiri says:

    Our country, our president respect to you bwana. Koma chitetezo chavuta. Kuno ku Area 43 sitikugona A police athandizeni bwana kapenatu ndi sabotage, Asa

  3. Kawonga says:

    Ndithu a petulo kuwasiila gavanala, ndikumati ma concerns amveka, aaaaaa so sad malawi

  4. mwenecho says:

    Zoona apm kumusiyila gavanala? Chitsanzo ngati mmene alili gavanala wa ku nsanje, ma chinese zoona mwatienjeza

  5. Spectator 40 says:

    Chinese are very cunning people if u don’t know.Ask the Russian neighbours they will tell you.They are very smart for failed African presidents and its lazy people.At the end of the day,You will find that it will be Chinese who will benefit more than the sleepy Malawians.So Malawians you should be careful with every mapwevupwevu dangled to you.Tikafuna kupha nkwali timaikila chimanga or mtedza ku mbedza yopusa imangofokira kumeza chonse yochenjera imaphwanya ndi mapazi kaye kuchotsa kumbedza ndi kenako ndikuchidya.

  6. Phiri says:

    Isn’t this a sign if desparation? coz I remember late Bingu denying audience a high profile foreign degnatory citing he was not his level..

  7. Fashion says:

    Mathanyula unbutton your jacket when you are sitted pleeeeeeease!

  8. chijinu says:

    Koma president wanthu mpaka kumusiyila ndi gavanala waku mwera zoona, nde mphwandolo wakoza ndi gavanalayotu, nanga ndiku state house uku? Eish!!! Mafilika.

  9. mtumbuka1 says:

    Why meeting just a councillor for Christ’s sake? Can’t you meet the president? And you get a so called Malawian policeman standing next to you the whole night while you are being treated to a snake soup in Beijing that’s old school. The whole china/ Malawi relationship is a load of crap. The west never said they have stopped helping Malawi, they said stop stealing donors money meant for development, seal up all the loopholes that are deliberately let loose by politicians to loot government money then persecute all dpp thieves that stole billions simple as that and the aid taps will re-open, it’s not rocket science it’s just about having that political will and do the needful but you choose to send your dpp thugs to go steal cashgate documents and burn them to destroy evidence as if that is not enough, you went on to kill njauju to instill fear into the would be cashgate investigators and now you are off to china because you know pretty well that china loves African presidents who oppresses his own people( ie bingu, Mugabe and albashir). To hell with you peter China is simply as useless as you yourself and you want to leave a huge debt for our children to pay when you are gone which is bullshit just do the country a favour and step down you thieving and killing president.

  10. Charter says:

    In bed with China? You will be stripped clean! Ask Trump! Chibwana ichi!!!

  11. Gambino says:

    We face neither east nor west. We face forward.
    Kwame Nkrumah

  12. Chizeleza Ngwira says:

    Ma tractor mukalandila suja mumaika ku ma personal farm anu shupiti

  13. Dead End says:

    So the Chinese premier couldn’t meet our president and he only managed to deal with a provincial governor? Seriously the Chinese do not think APM is a guy to be taken seriously. APM should leave meetings with governors to his ministers if it country is to be respected!

  14. Beaton Taombe says:

    Zachipongwe basi mapwevupwevu ndiye kuti chani shupiti!!!

  15. Max B says:

    Speak the truth azungu did their part with Dr Banda.Vuto ndi enawa kusagwiritsa ntchito bwino,even though we are funded from east but how ye gona use matters most.

  16. Dango do not worry, Your president will develop this country with money from China if he stops kusolora like what his brother did by stealing MK577bn. Mbava zachabechabe.

  17. Mvithe says:

    Bwana tifuna zintchito kuno, mubweretseko mafakitale. Koma chonde osadzagulitsanso mafakitalewo kwa amwenye ai, ife tidzakwiya nazo. Chitani vinthu vokomera ife eni dziko lino.

  18. Soniso says:

    Big mistake APM. This is China and you are only looking at short term gains. Go back to the West for long term gains.

  19. ... says:

    Useles lomwe mbendera/Nyirenda leader

  20. Masoambeta says:

    China will never help you in a long run aim of reducing poverty. Chinese are very cruel and sly foxes.
    Even the railways they’re building has different gauges compared to the standards railways gauge. This is with the aim of making you their indefinite dependants.
    Perhaps it is high time we should be honest with each other. The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know about. You can’t develop through bypassing the colonial masters. We are cheating ourselves. Stick to what the western world is saying. It is their economy and we are their slaves basi. China will just screw us up more than ever.

  21. Kwali says:

    Mlomwe kudya nsato ndi achule sinkhani. Kwathu zimenezi ndi ndio basi. In fact anything except mwala is idyable (meaning edible). Nanji those animals you meet and start running away. If they run away they are idyable. If they are not, why do they run away? Bravo mapwiya ku Chinako.

  22. Mlauzi says:

    We seem to forget that the new stadium in Lilongwe is being sponsored by the Chinese. Rarely does it get mentioned when we are citing contributions from China

  23. Brazilian wax says:

    At 2 your comment smacks little knowledge on global issues and what is key to a country’s economic prosperity. You think China is the ultimate solution to Malawi problems. No any country has ever meaningfully developed relying on handouts from other countries. You will wake from your slumber too late to find out all what was meant for Malawi is gone. China or indeed any other foreign country would play a loosing game. Malawi can only develop if we put our house in order. That’s stop all mediocrity we as a nation seems to glorify. The BRICS you tout to be the better way to go will automatically come to us if we become ambitious nation to shape our destiny.

  24. truth says:

    China economy is going down yet malawi cringing to China. More trouble

  25. Truck says:

    Good move keep it up Mr Pressident!

  26. davido says:

    Thanks to Chinese luncheons commonly known as mapwevupwevu in malawi language is good for Malawians. Malawians like dinning than working. Thats the way to go. Bravo China. Bravo Malawi.

  27. Kanyimbi says:

    Bwino mungadye mphaka owotcha.

  28. Maximum Prison says:

    Kiri konse kiri ndi miyendo kamatodibwa isa! Ma china amadya njoka alomwenso amadya njoka. Palibe chachilendo apa. Malawi China woyeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Otsutsa boma m’mimba kuti juuuu.

  29. Therere says:

    let us respect the president, he is doing all this for the nation

  30. Dango says:

    Bola asamudyetse achule mtsogoleri wathuyu.I for one do support this idea of going the BRICS way, East is better than the West nowadez.50 years with Mzungu koma palibe choti mkulozapo.

  31. Stanley Kayange says:

    Maidya-idya anuwo mudyako nsato ndi achule kumeneko………….

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