Chipiku escape closure: Gets rid of rats, cats

Chipiku Plus Stores at Ginnery Corner in Blantyre has escaped a legal action and a closure over rat invasion and poor sanitation and hygiene after meeting Blantyre City Council (BCC) recommendations.

Rats on shelves in Chipuku have been goten rid of

Rats on shelves in Chipuku have been goten rid of

Chipiku stores

Chipiku stores

The shop was infested with rodents and the owners were using poison and cats to get rid of the rats, an act which might have resulted in food contamination thereby putting lives of consumers at risk.

BCC last month issued out a Statutory Notice warning the shop owners to rectify the situation or face closure and legal action within seven days.

And in an interview, BCC Public Relations Manager, Athony Kasunda said the shop won’t be closed after meeting the  Council’s orders.

”Our officers inspected the shop last week and they found out that they (owners) have managed to rectify the situation,” said Kasunda.

BCC had warned the shop owners of contravening the Public Health and the Council’s By-Laws for, among others, failing to institute proper pest control measures and failing to maintain high sanitation and hygiene standards.

The shop was also accused of failing to provide lockers to its staff in the changing rooms, providing rat poison in the shop thereby causing risk of food contamination and for keeping live animals (cats)
in the food store.

Chipiku Plus Shop was ordered to install self closing door to all access to the bulk store, institute proper packing and shelving of goods in the bulk store and engage professional pest control to de rat
and rat proof the premises.

”The most prominent thing was for them to meet the set health and hygiene standards by getting rid of the rats, cats and the poison; and that has been met,” added Kasunda.

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21 thoughts on “Chipiku escape closure: Gets rid of rats, cats”

  1. johni says:

    If BCC is serious with health issues, how come you allow Frederick Changaya to build so many houses within his so called Changaya Hostels compound in Nkolokosa. The place is too small for all those houses. And he has university students sharing the accommodation with families inside the compound, isn’t that recipe for conflict? But my biggest worry is too many houses within a small compound. I know the planners at BCC anadya kale paja corruption is their second career. Please go and stop that madness

  2. mtochi says:


  3. BRAJOE says:

    Inspect the expiry dates too.

  4. Bololo says:

    LCC should inspect shops in Lilongwe as well including Sanaa at Pacific Mall in Lilongwe.

  5. Willie Chapondera says:

    I wonder if the Mayor for Lilongwe City ever cares about this. Pokha paja Capital City inabetsa u mayor

  6. Lenzo says:

    He he.koma kumeneko

  7. jemu says:

    Dirty store. Won’t go again.

  8. chimwere kumunda says:

    This may not be an isolated case….could the BCC please carry out more inspections into all business premises where foodstaffs are sold.

  9. Jamison Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business bringing insecurity in Malawi. Let this safety and health standard be applied to all shops and supermarkets selling food to the public. I am saying let this standard apply to Game, Shoprite, Sanaa, People’s and all those small kantembas in Ndirande, Kawale, Luwinga, Mpondabwino, Chibanja, and many other places. One country, one standard, one regulation, one law for all. No favors.

  10. APM says:

    No issue here. Rats everywhere around town or even in our houses

  11. Hd says:

    Blantyre city council you are condemning the system of using cats to eleminate rats or rodents, i think you are not regulary monitoring shops because almost ptc shops in the country they use cats to eliminate rats even indians they do the same ndiye munaionerera chipikuyo eti ngati ndikunama mupite lero ku mashop a ptc muyambe ndi blantyre metro kenako blantyre pples or now adays they call spur or ndirande pple you will prove what am saying

  12. Gift Nkhoma says:

    Too bad mbewa mu Town Kkkkkkk mwazitenga kuti

  13. Gas Machinehead says:

    How did the shop owners do differently this time around? The story hasn’t said anything.

  14. KUNO KU MAULA says:



  15. best by malawian says:

    Rats and cats in a food shop???? This disappointing condition is in many shops. BT council, I guess you have been too lenient to these guys. I don’t think the rats have been done complete. I ask you to do regular supervision rather to wait and see a rat running around in a shop. Lilongwe city council can you also check 7/11, chilambula chipiku and food zone just to mention but a few. we love these shops but they need to provide the services they promises. I have seen store rooms of many shops, game, shoprite etc in very bad state. a breeding ground of pests and diseases.

  16. Makamuchiwo says:

    Nice job by the Authorities, but this noble work must continue. Keeping pets in food stores really puts consumers health at risk.

  17. drzeus says:

    Lilongwe City Council do u have an inspection team? There r lots of rats in many food shops in Lilongwe.

  18. Concerned Customer says:

    Nyasatimes at least show a photo of the correct shop

    Chipiku munkapanga makani apa pa ma comments. Mwasinthabe iyaaa!

    Word of advice Maintain the good standards and get’ve got potential of getting to the level of savers choice yakale (not the current one).Let’s love our country and our people (your customers) not just focus on financial gains.

  19. jk says:

    BT city council, u seem to be working!I wish we had such everywhere everytime in Malawi. Kp up Chalamanda and team!

  20. No Retreat No Surrender says:


  21. anadimba says:

    pepa pepa

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