Chris Chisoni quits CCJP

Governance activist Chris Chisoni who was National Secretary at the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has quit his job.

Chris Chisoni leaves a happy man

Chris Chisoni leaves a happy man

Chisoni quits CCJP

Chisoni quits CCJP

Chisoni  is with the  Higher Education Students Loan and Grants Board as its Executive Director.

He says he leaves the CCJP, which is Catholic arm of Episcopal Conference of Malawi arm, a happy person having fulfilled the mandate of the institution which mainly is a social and justice advocacy.

“I leave CCJP a very happy man and fulfilled man knowing very well that by the time I joined CCJP its profile was not where it is today.

“CCJP is one of the formidable institutions on economic and political governance recognised by the government and more importantly many stakeholders within and outside Malawi,” he said.

He joined CCJP in 2005.

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20 thoughts on “Chris Chisoni quits CCJP”

  1. Madalitso Mwembe says:

    Chisoni had become so grossly fat and arrogant with a $$$ consumption-rate to match that his CCJP has lost all credibility. For CCJP now…. it can only be up. Wake up Malawi.

  2. Ruwaniwa says:

    If you think he hs let you down, just become an activist and do your part. We all have freedom to choose what matters most. You want others to speak on your behalf when you are busy behind tables writing this trash on line? And again, CCJP wasnt his home. Life changes

  3. John says:

    Kuteroko mumayembekeza kuti Chris azafera ku CCJP?Kusintha ntchito ndi tchimo?Get a life!!!!

  4. Lydia Phiri says:

    The profile of CCJP was there. Chisoni should not say he has put it somewhere but he should thank CCJP that it has made him to be where he is. Honestly, he has eaten more money at CCJP, even if the church would investigate some cheques, they will find that no project happen, so Chris should thank CCJP and should just follow his party DPP, the board has done a right thing, cause he wanted to work in two institution.

  5. kunenakunena says:

    Asala ana achisozera Success Sikwese ndi ena achokako ku mpingoko nkuwasiyila Bambo Chimombo ndi m’bale wawo Martin Njolomole poti pano malo amenewa anasanduka awo.Anthu oyipa kwambiriiiii.Kupondeleza ana anzeru

  6. MindReader says:

    Not surprised at all. I don’t stay in Malawi at the moment, but I have been following CCJP and Chris for long time. And honestly, it was becoming obvious that the boy is becoming a DPP sympathiser. All his recent comments on governance, socioeconomic outlook of the country were not in line with the CCJP we have known over the years. But what can I expect from Malawian, who cares too much in this country apart from himself? Nobody cares.

  7. dosalima says:

    The departrue of Chris Chisoni as well as Martha Kwataine is a big blow to the CSOs in Malawi. In one of its technical report, one of the committed donor in democracy wrote and I quote: One of the biggest challenges of multiparty democracy in Malawi is that CSOs are weak thereby are not able to provide strong front to the observations of human right violations in Malawi. These people were a force to recokon, however, their departure at this time ismacks a calculated move by the invisible force to be, I weaklily suspect. Lerts wait and see!!!!!!!!!

  8. George P.Chepoyee says:

    I consider the resignation of Chisoni
    as a board step and emulating democratically
    George P.Chepoyee
    President,Bar_Gborworh Intellectual
    Forum,Tarjuowon District,Sinoe County

  9. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    ndiri ndi chisoni chifukwa cha chison kuchoka ku ccjp

  10. Felix says:

    Musova. Keep wasting your time talking

  11. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Chisoni ndi munthu wa dyela zedi. He was serving the interests of DPP and Mlalko in CCJP.

    No wonder he has been awarded this new non-christian, full-of-money post.
    There is no Chritianity in him. Ask his daily beaten x-wife.

  12. Njolinjo says:

    I won’t miss you Chris. You were slowly drifting into a DPP diehard. Can you dispute this?

  13. dee kay says:

    Happy while Malawi has no governance? What have you fulfilled in this government? Where is the pastoral letter anyway with all the scandals going on. Is pastoral letter meant for other leaders and parties and Bwampini?

  14. guta says:

    Why loose that calibre away from activism

  15. bumbu nchuma says:

    name: chris chisoni
    tribe: Lomwe
    village: Nyezelera
    District: Phalombe

    hobbies: diehard member of mulakho wa alomwe

  16. Bisankoni says:

    Angopita wopanda interviews
    Peace and justice yimeneyo!

  17. chiswa says:

    It appears ku likulu la mpingo ko sikuli bwino,anthu akuthawako heavy.Kenako kusala Fr. Chimombo ndi m’bale wawo Martin Njolomole.Anthu amenewa kuzuza antchito and they are ending up losing professional young guys.Ma Bishop zioneni bwino otherwise anthu athako kumeneko

  18. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Am not surprised. Awa anadyetsedwa chisikono ndi Pitala

  19. vwendenga says:

    go well my dear, we’ll miss you alot

  20. mabulala boyz says:

    Fare thee well

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