Christian family life under threat over gays, abortion and polygamy, says Malawi Catholic Bishop

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mangochi, Right Reverend Montfort Stima has said Christian family life is being threatened by three elements of homosexuality, abortion and polygamy which need to be put on the leash.

Stima with members of the church

Stima with members of the church

Stima said the three factors were responsible for most of the challenges Christian families were facing as such there was need for Christians especially the Catholic faithful to stand guard against the vices to protect the family unit.

“These three things, promotion of same sex marriages, abortion which is being championed through the slogan of children by choice not by chance and polygamy, to me are factors contributing to problems in most families,” Siam said.

Stima made the remarks on Sunday in his homily during mass of the feast of Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus Christ which also marked the end of a two day spiritual retreat of the Catholic Family Movement.

“The family is being threatened by donor influence who have put strings to their money to force poor countries allow people practice homosexuality something that is against the church’s teaching,” he said. “The church is not against those people but it is against the immoral practice.”

While commending Lucius Banda for abandoning a music show in Mangochi in protest of some gays who were openly fondling and kissing, Stima called on the faithful to speak out against whatever was contrary to Christian teachings and values.

“They say silence means consent, so if we choose to remain quiet, it means we have accepted this immorality,” he emphasised.

On abortion, he said the global campaign on pregnancy by choice and not by chance encourages people to kill, noting that Jesus Christ was born of Mother Mary who never knew a man but conceived through the Holy Spirit all the same.

He also commended Parliamentary Chairperson of the Health Committee Juliana Lunguzi for standing against the proposal of enacting the abortion law. Both Banda and Lunguzi are staunch Catholics.

Stima further said Christianity does not allow polygamy because God created one man and one woman to become one flesh.

On this note, the prelate observed that there were more conflicts in most families because people stopped to pray together and share the Good News which provides food to the soul.

“Today, we are being invited more than before to witness the beauty of family life and pray. Always we need to preach what we believe in. In fact, government has to stop all the madness happening considering that this country was founded on Christian principles,” Stima said.

Stima, therefore, asked the faithful to pray for the country’s leadership to come up with laws which were pleasing to God and in keeping with Malawian cultural and traditional values alike.

However, Stima encouraged Catholic followers to pray for families which have broken up due to cessation of love, saying children growing up in such environment become despondent.-Mana

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28 thoughts on “Christian family life under threat over gays, abortion and polygamy, says Malawi Catholic Bishop”

  1. Mkupamame says:

    I wished he said Catholics should not practice polygamy coz I know Christians like the Apostolic faith and many others do openly practice polygamy .Your doctrine should not be confused with Christianity . You don’t marry and that’s not Christianity but your doctrine .Are you saying prostitution is okay?? Simunatchuletu .za uhule omwe ukutha a katolika ambiri omwe mumawaloleza kuti kamwani koma musaledzere pamodzi ndi ma hule .A nsembe Ndie awo akuchita vigololo mosabisa tsopano .

  2. Funzo says:

    Uphold the constitution!

  3. Chiphwisi says:

    Ambuye if you are indeed serious with what you are saying why are happy to see some of priests within your diecese getting married.I have in mind father Pege(Italian Priest)of St Ignatio parish at Masuku got married to Elizabeth Tsumba,they have been living together for over ten years now & have a Child- no longer a secret.Anthu a mu mpingo have been complaining about this for yrs but it has been landing on deaf ears.There is also strong evidence that this lady has been bribing you with millions of money so that you should keep mute on the matter…I rest my case

  4. zingati zanu says:

    i would like to agree with those who think muchotse kaye chitsotso mmaso mwanu musanachotse cha nzanu. alipodi ma ansembe ambiri ku Malawi kuno komanso kunja amene ndi ma gay komanso ma lesbian. Malangizo amaperekawa amadziwa za mtimabanja timeneti. Mudzawona kuti athu omwe si ammabanjawa kukonda kukamba za mbanja and sometimes you wonder kuti banja lake liti mwaziwona zimenezi. komanso ambiri a ansembewa, chigololo too much ndi akhristu awo. Zimenezinso muzipanga condemn chifukwa munalumbira. zanu ndi zingati paja?

  5. zingati zanu says:

    Hey you CatholicBishops are you talking the same thing here? The Archbishop says we must embrace these gays and lesbians as or children and help them to get ‘healed’ of their sickness and the other Bishop says we condemn them. am confused at the church for ‘all people’, kpena okhawo omwe akwatira akazi? school me here. kapena zanu ndizingati mudzatenge pompano.

  6. MAMA says:



  7. Thanks Bishop Sitima for free and fair message about abortion, homosexual and polygamy. Of the three evils spare polygamy that is being practiced openly. Most Christians today claim to be holy by pointing fingers at those involved in polygamy and yet there is a lot of underground polygamy that is not known to the public. Please spare polygamy alone. It doesn’t kill like abortion. It’s clean unlike homosexuality.

  8. Wapamtima says:

    Ife Akhristu tiyeni tipewe mchitidwewu. Aloleni amene akutayika apitilize. Koma ndi chifukwa chiyani munthawi ya Bambo Muluzi ndi A mayi aku nyumba kwa a Banda, Mchitidwe wonyasawu kunalibe? Aunt Tiwo muthawi ya a Bingu lero a Peter. plz gays musamuzuze peter yu

  9. Jang'ala says:

    I’m encouraging my fellow christians here in Malawi to stand up against this thing called homosexuality. Let’s b united.

  10. Mapuya says:

    Nanga iwe azimai waimanawowo ndi akadxako

  11. Keyboard says:

    I wish the bishop could elaborate how gays and polygamy are dedstroying christian family. It is the catholic itself that does not allow polygammy . If it allowed polygamy, christians would find space within the church.
    And how does gayism destroy life? As for abortion, i guess most of abortions happen outside the family, so how does they destroy the family.
    I wish these bishops were a little bit more philosophical what they utter otherwis I cant make sense of what the bishp was trying to say.
    It is islamic fundamentalism and conversions that is destroying christian family.
    Want proof?

  12. Gobenjani wa Gome says:

    Thanks Bishop Sitima. I believe God created a man and women to satisfy each and meet some frozen needs which is incomplete in the absence of an opposite sex member. For instance, sexual need is ably met when there is a man and woman. Imagine a fellow man/woman requesting a fellow man/woman a number to initiate a sexual relationship shame and mockery.

    Opposite sex attract each i.e a man is carried away with a presence of a woman’s feature such as wide hips, breast, behind, killer smile and a woman is carried away by broad shoulders and well built chest of a man.

    These gays need to know that there is a mental disorder in their activities. Additionally, the so-called human rights activists tend to bend towards the influence of donor dangled money at the expense of moral and their beliefs be it Christian or Islamic that are totally against same sex and these people should not call these marriages and let them call them something else.

  13. balaka says:

    Balaka is the first district in the alphabet. Bishop Stima MAY GOD BLESS YOU and GIVE YOU LONG LIFE. AMEN!!!!!!!!

  14. Mbwiyache says:

    Bravo Malawians we are here to please God not a Man. All those who are christians (real) they will be against this behavior. Remember Sodom & Gomorah was destroyed by God because of this Sin so let’s avoid this. May the good Lord bless those who are against this so called human right!!!!

  15. Malawiboy says:

    Since when is Christianity a traditional value in Malawi? Since it was taken over by the British who imposed Christianity on you.
    Not saying you should disregard all teachings such as, “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, or “Thou shalt not Kill”, these are self evident, common sense.
    Nowhere does it say “thou shall not love a person of the same sex”.
    Just sayin’.

  16. Happy Eduardo says:

    Zikomo Ambuye Sitima for continuing to stand by the church’s teaching. We salute you and please do not relent in fighting this animal called homosexuality until the last Christian in Malawi drops. We would rather die with poverty on our belt than to yield to pressure from mzungu. I am now waiting for my Anglican Bishops to say something on this issue-of course Ambuye Brighton Malasa of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire has condemned homosexuality before but the voice is not coming out strongly from the Anglican church in Malawi.

  17. Goddiea says:

    I believe these Westerners have ears for hearing and not for decorations like those of Obama! Plz let our own culture guide us! Stay away from us! Our God will bless us!

  18. Holy of Holies says:

    A bishop takunyadilani kwambiri. Muli ndi chidwi ndi wellbeing of Malawians. Mwandikumbutsa St James Chiona the Archbishop, a flamboyant charismatic clergy who could speak out his deeper passion to liberate the Malawi Nation at large in contempt of Mikuyu prison or crockdiles of Stera Maris MYP camp. chetechete sautsa nyama koma suyo suyo.

  19. DR.CASHGATE says:

    We have a lot of problems at hand e.g unemployment, floods, insufficient electricity , lack of medicine in hospitals , cash gate and economic down turn , why should we wasting time with homosexuals who are equally the same as prostitute whom we are used to and little by little we will get used with having homosexuals in our communities.

  20. ufulu says:

    next time go deeper please. Iportant fact is that Malawi was founded on Christian principles and let no one overtake this principle. I wish Nicholas Dausi had been an MP. He would have stired the legislation house with this point. Koma omwe adawina mpandowo kaya atithandiza kaya, okaikitsa. osamangopitila mapwefupwefu ku Parliament. We need clever MPs of the caribar of Juliana Lunguzi, Kamlepo Kaluwa chwee mwana chwee, Patricia Kaliati and MWAMNA Nicolasi Dausi.

  21. Okhala says:

    That’s signs of the times

  22. bk phiri says:

    I have always wondered and asked myself this question, where are Christians in all these influences and barbaric impositions on us? Am looking for a day when un infested Christians will confront these rich nations and the UN and tell them that some of these rights are not rightnesses at all in the cultures and religions of most people. The church must unite and remind them to know these boundaries. It is dictatorship to force people to accept things they are against.

  23. ChaweZi Gomes says:

    Hahahaha – another stupid Christian weezle masquerading as the prophet

  24. chatonda says:

    The more we talk about this issue the more it becomes a sensitive issue. The more we ignore it, the better. The church should not judge but guide the flock to God.

  25. FREEMAN says:

    How many children do you have Bishop? Allow all priest and nuns to marry and you will see that family life is not threatened. Welcome to FREE world

  26. Father Stima, I was dating one of the Brothers of catholic church at a certain parish being gay myself, What’s your comment on that being Man of God yourself? Why Malawians they are taking same sex love affair as biggest sin than murder? Just a Man to love another Man, What’s kind of criminality its there?

  27. komkobb says:

    Bravo our Bishop. Life begins in a womb.

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