Civil servants warned against ‘frustrating’ DPP govt: Minister working on festive period

Some senior cabinet ministers spent Christmas holiday doing official jobs because of messy programmes the government is implementing.

Nankhumwa:  Warns civil servants 'frustrating' DPP

Nankhumwa: Warns civil servants ‘frustrating’ DPP

The government announced Christmas and New Year holiday from December 23 to January 3.

Minister of Local government Kondwani Nankhumwa, one of President Peter Mutharika’s elite inner circle told civil servants in his Mulanje Central Constituency that they would be fired if proved they were deliberately frustrating government programmes so that it fails.

He said he had information that some civil servants were frustrating President Mutharika administration’s programmes.

In the northern region, minister of Information Jappie Mhango asked security officers at Mzimba Admarc depot to treat clients humanely.

He said he received information that the security officers were manhandling women and children who were there to buy maize, saying the government would act if the situation did not improve.

However, management of Admarc said these were isolated cases caused by congestion at the depot.

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20 thoughts on “Civil servants warned against ‘frustrating’ DPP govt: Minister working on festive period”

  1. gober says:

    Nankumwa should tame his tongue. Civil servants in Malawi are employees under specified conditions of service and laid down disciplinary measures are supposed to be followed for any misconduct. It is therefore carelessness of the highest for a minister like you to think that the only immediate available treatment for misconduct is firing. Wakulira kuti kodi iwe? Ukuchititsa manyazi kwambiri.

  2. Joshua beza says:

    Mr nankhumwa don’t talk too much just wait 2019 is not far

  3. Truly Truly Truly, I Persnally Testify Of Directors At Ministry Of Labour Headquarters And Previous Occupiers Of Government Institutions Which Have Been Turned Into Community Technical Colleges, Are Sabotaging Government Efforts. If Minister Of Labour Will Not Make An Overhaul At The Headquarters And Evaluate Stakeholders Role, He Is Bound To Flop. Make An Investigative Journalism Survey And See For Yourself.

  4. zingati zanu says:

    Komanso udzivala ngati olemekezeka. nthawi zambiri umavala ngati vendor. ndikupezera ma shirt ama cafflings abhoo, ma necktie aboo komanso ma pant anyatwa. uli ndi zingati

  5. padoko says:

    Infact it is the DPP govt which is frustrating civil servants. We blindly put you in power but we will let you fall very soon. I still dont have my salary for december.

  6. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    It is expected that civil servants are professionals serving whichever Government is in power. I take it that there are job descriptions for each job and job requirements/qualifications/competences. There are programmes to be implemented and their time-line.

    In which case, supervisors from the Head of the Civil Service down, monitor and evaluate the implementation of set programmes. In a system like this there is no room for politicising civil service job. If there are non performers they have to be dealt with according to the conditions of service. There is no need to demoralise civil servants by injecting political allegiance into job performance evaluations.

  7. Fbi genuine says:

    Nankhumwa izo zonkha leka usaziyambe ayi.Ngati zikukuvutanu musanamizire ogwira ntchito mboma wamva.ok.

  8. Che Katundu says:

    Just try to fire one upita nawe ku mpumulo wa chisitu ,tipanga by -election ku Mulanje central,mumaonjeza iweyo,Jappie ndi Kasaila plz behave mumalamkhula ngati malawi ndi farm yanu

  9. henry Chimbu says:

    Notify me of folow up comments

  10. Maseko says:

    Munya muwona ku escom security manager akudyeratu zake zithu zifika povuta pompano tangodikila uwone nankumwa

  11. The noose is closing……mwanyanya maltreating civil servants by giving them a meager salary fit for school going kids….next thing we are going to hear is civil disobedience……then you will know that you are servants of Malawian not Lhomwes….

  12. Thanduxolo says:

    Just try to fire one civil servant on frivolous or spurious disciplinary charges. Mudzamulipira ndalama zambiri komanso mudzachita manyazi. Osamadalira kuopsezana abale.

  13. choka phiri says:

    Admarc was a good during Kamuzu Banda. It was Admarc which built Malawi agrilture system. The totaly destroyed and introducerar corruption system.

  14. UNKNOWN says:

    Hard work pays but having time with families is also very important especially times like these. My minister don’t you go for a holiday and relax?

  15. chatonda says:

    The two ministers are some of the worst ministers that will drive Muntharika to his down fall. They have careless mouths and they do not see what will happen later. Politics is very temporal and they have very short political life both of them.

  16. Munyalika says:

    Nankhumwa the govt is already frustrated

  17. Tax regime says:

    Kondwani nankhumwa is SDA,,,,,and who doesn’t know that SDAs don’t observe Xmass?

  18. manyi says:

    kkkkkkkkkkk……….nde zitinso izi?

  19. mula says:


  20. mzungumbuli says:

    A Nankhumwa inu mwatani kunali anzanu kunja kuno odziwa kugwira ntchito pano ali kuti? Boma ili si la m’nyumba mwako iwe. This government is not your personal farm and you dont have the mandate to fire any govn. official Try to get one fired and see the concequences. Your position is a political one but the people you are talking about are technocrats who spent a considerable period of time in class when yourself was busy womanising.

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