Comic Nankhumwa, great Chunga, and flat MSB

Just when we sent another bunch of ass-kicking troops to DRC’s Goma, at such places as Beni when rifle muzzle are still stinking hot lead, Malawi is becoming another circus, and in equal measure of relief, making the goodie headlines.Masinga HA  HA HA

The sorry side is one former journalist, minister Nankhumwa. Yes, he of the ministry of information and tourism dash club.

Nankhumwa looks cool and composed. He does not rush his word, takes some time, so he makes you think, before he connects his thought.

As a journalist, I have been close to his first impressions.

That is why when he sat before an inquiry into late Bingu wa Mutharika’s death enquiry, we wanted to trust what he told that important process.

And when he talked about some CCTV footage with lady Joyce Banda giving the cashgate orders, we also listened ear wide. Am not saying Malawians believed, but that we listened all the same.

And hey, we also just recently listened to how he twisted those figures as to how many Malawians might have lost their lives in Zwelithini’s xenophobic attacks. Umh, he acted blue eyed, concerned, but not quiet on top of things.

Blutantly put, Nankhumwa’s has now proved not to have been in the interest of Malawians from the word go.

His interests, now we can ably claim, is more in the politics for that’s what feeds him, and oils his life.

This realisation comes when, APM’s blue eyed lie-peddler, tried a latest cruise down town claiming late Bingu was murdered.

Maybe he is wrong, perhaps he is right.

First, Nankhumwa claims there is some docket that puts fact that ‘visionary’ Bingu was killed.

A number of stupid theories boggle the mind.

First, that ol’mafioso DPP said Bingu flew out to South Africa a live person. As the one that was dead, soon revealed some official documents, was a Daniel Phiri and not a Mutharika.

And, oh yes, just months before there was great talk of Bingu and the prophetic genius of Africa and beyond, him T.B. Joshua, were secretly bargaining the elder Mutharika’s expiry.

We are told, never made believe, that the prophet saw our copy-cat Ngwazi drained of his life, was it unless he changed? He had it pinned some Southern African leader would kick bucket.

That aside, government also ably said before good peaceful Malawians that Bingu died in South Africa, and not at State House and heck, KCH. Now, now, Nankhumwa says the patriot was not just killed, but murdered.

And I like the part where he shoots a warning into APM’s security detail. That only blue cadets and women folk can come close to younger Mutharika. Assertion, some people, including ministers, could ‘murderate’ Peter.

Am seeing Agness Penemulungu in that advice. Was it perhaps the she-MP that sent poor Bingu off to his maker? What’s Nankhumwa saying?

Whatever the hype, one Nankhumwa, with his lag newspaper, the Eye Witness, is saying, Malawians and the world know there goes one more messenger who is shot himself in the foot.

The master puppeteer, architect of this lousy allegation, APM, is still showing those signs of still not believing he is now His Excellency, the presidency stolen or not.

JB seems his volunteered nightmare.

Case closed.

Malawian wins seat in UK local government

Clement Chunga may be a Malawian, but I guess his winning a seat in the local government in the Queen’s land has somewhat eased the stupid thoughts on the gabbage Nankhumwa is weighing Malawians down with.

Chunga is now a Councillor in the UK, after amassing a good number of votes, definitely. He is ex-chair for Malawi Association UK and also lecturer at the Northampton College .

That gives him more intellectual clout. That sets him apart, and that puts Malawi on a pedestal higher than yesterday.

Whether we all like this or not, Chunga has made Malawi good history. And that’s perhaps what what we should mean by Best Buy Malawian!

Malawi Savings Bank

And lastly, the two edged sword, where government can’t keep Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) abouy, just as it can’t pay its key workforce answering to the professions of teachers and police officers, but quickly and willingly offers billions on behalf of straight faced crooks and thieves.

Good thinking Malawians know government is only trying to steal from Malawians as usual. It wants to give the bank to their thief cronies, Mulli and friends.

Why this govt is doing all this is all our wonder. Questions, how can almost bankrupt people offer to buy a bankrupt bank they themselves bankrupted?

The simple call from the ordinary citizen is press Mulli and friends to simply pay back the mammoth loans to MSB. Squeeze them. Do anything to make these crooks pay us back.

Let’s make sure, Lazarus Chakwera and the all the sane MPs in parliament are asking, MSB is not stolen from us. And woe Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda.


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am getting worried with this judge Kenyatta. he is my schoolmate,but beggining to question his entegrity. dyera mzangayu lachuluka


Wamisala anawona nkhondo.

Yesaya Dziko

May God help us


I don’t see any ministerial potential in this Nankhumwa, he is a useless bunch. This shows that the appointing authority is useless as well. Like father like son.


Mr president, Nankhumwa is deliberately leading you away so that you continue to be more of a puppet and boneless president. I think the president is no doubt a real babysitter. Nankhumwa has blundered since time immemorial, but what he does is smile at him. A pitala andathyoledwadi mano ndi ti a Ben Phiri, he is just a living zombie.


Nankhumwa is young. He is wasting himself away. If a minister can make such a big blunder, it speaks volumes of the master. Time to lay off this Nankhumwa chunk. It is a liability.


All what I had said I have the witness. I also gave nyasatimes the copy of JBF you can verify with rather than be just saying fee fee fee here. Do u hear me?

chaiwone wawo

Nankhumwa is stupid and i do not know why the whole president can pick an idiot for a ministerial position

Nzake wa APM

Chipani chiri chonse cholamula simulephera kukhala chitsiru chimodzi. Anatero Lucius Banda. A Nankhumwa akundikumbutsa malemu Kapito and Kamphulutsa. Mwina ndi chiyambi chogontha nkutu.


Brilliant tongue-in-cheek analysis, Patrick. Every royal court needs a clown. Iraq had Comic Ali. We have Comic Kondwani. This is progress, I’m telling you.

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