Commission set on death crimes in Karonga – Kyungu

Paramount Chief Kyungu, the most senior traditional leader in the districts of Karonga and Chitipa, has expressed discontentment with the rise of death crimes in Karonga – a development that has made him establish a ‘peace and security commission.’

Kyungu in black suit at the middle  and chiefs uring the news conference

Kyungu in black suit at the middle and chiefs uring the news conference

The commission will among others be responsible in settling down chieftaincy wrangles as well as witchcraft allegations.

Karonga registered a proliferation in death crimes this year, some being carried out through mob justice. Victims of such murderers include foreigners, traditional leaders and the elderly accused of practising witchcraft

Kyungu said during a news conference that the commission was composed of 13 people from all five traditional leaders who “would work hand in hand with law enforcers and the courts.”

He expressed concern over the rising cases of murder in Karonga District, saying such incidents scare away investors and tourists.

Kyungu urged police to tighten security and arrest the perpetrators. He also called on the community to avoid taking the law into their own hands, saying killing each other is not a solution to disputes.

“I want to condemn this continued killing of innocent people in the district.”

Traditional Authority Kilupula, whose area is the most hit of such problems, accused law enforcers for fuelling violence in the district especially in the manner such cases were handled.

“Most of the times it is the police who influence conflicts in our areas. They, for instance, release the culprits on bail when the communities hand them over. This has led to mistrust on the law enforcers forcing members of the community to resort to mob justice,” said Kilupula.

Other senior chiefs who attended the meeting included Wasambo, Kalonga, Traditional Authority Mwilang’ombe and Mwakawoko.

Northern Region Police spokesperson Maurice Chapola said police are investigating the murders and culprits will be brought to book.

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I think these young boys called ” BATUWA , ZIDZUKULU ” grave diggers have been given more powers to an extent of not even respecting elderly people not even respecting the paramount chief himself. They challenge the government and they take the law in their own hands. The paramount chief should abolish these people to be digging graves and to be given that much respect as if they are more Sinior than chiefs just because the smoke too much mbanje. As long as the paramount chief keeps entertaining these young chamba smokers boys to be addressing elderly people during funerals… Read more »



i dont understand does it mean that police in KA are incompetent? the chief shud be the one handling these cases my fooot!!!!!! arrest the muderers please


Mungoti A Police, apolice, Ma court athu samapereka receipt munthu akalipila mlandu woyendayenda popanda chifukwa chonveka bwino. K10,000.00 amangothyolera mthumba maka milandu yokamba Saturdays. Tisangonyazitsa a police. Enawa bwa?

guys let us be commenting with facts. Alleging that people from KA are illiterate and primitive is an insult to the sons and daughters of KA. However, I do agree with the fact that some obvious cases of murder, the culprits are out on bail. For instance, the recent killing of Principal GVH Alford Mwantende; the murderers were found around the body and they challenged the police not to bother with investigations because they were the ones who killed the GVH. Please give me a break even if I am not a lawywer, such brutal killers should not have been… Read more »

We all know that pipo from Karonga are some of the most difficult pipo in Malawi to deal with. They are mostly controversial even here in UK. Yes we know the law says that the suspects shud not be kept in custody for a specified period of time but we shud also be aware that these pipo in Karonga are illiterate and primitive. They will keep on killing mercilessly like that woman who got killed last wk coz of allegations of cheating with someones wife. Police shud keep the suspects in custody to protect them from these marauding animals.

There the job is cut out for the Ministry of Information and Civic Organizations. Mobilize public education on the criminal justice system and the constitutional guarantees on suspects of criminal acts. The job is also cut for the Police prosecutors and other players in the criminal justice administration. Some cases are not bail able. Justice is a public good. It needs to be done; it needs to be seen to have been done. Police Station Officers or police spokespersons must engage the communities giving them vital information on important cases which are of wide public concern through the traditional leadership… Read more »
Cheyo the real northener
Cheyo the real northener

You hand over suspects to police for them to be duly tried in court within a specified period. Police cells are not meant to punish suspects. Mind you also that evidence is what speaks volume in court and not your mere allegations. Yes I understand that police work is a thankless job, but it is bad to criticize where criticismal is not supposed to be there.

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