Contributions towards jet purchase for Malawi President

Sydney Ndembe, a self-professed well-wishing Malawian, has launched a fundraising campaign whose aim is to buy Pres Peter Mutharika an official presidential jet.

Travelling commercial: President Mutharika  on Malawian Airlines

Travelling commercial: President Mutharika on Malawian Airlines

Ndembe who has pegged the price of purchasing the jet at an approximate K12 billion (US$20 million), has himself made a contribution of K200 000 towards the campaign.

Advertising in local press , Ndembe said it was shameful that “our president” was using public transport when on official errands like a nonentity.

“Have we no conscious at all? Are we not ashamed?” queried Ndembe, probably referring to Mutharika’s trip to the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government to which he used public transport and had to queue like others when switching planes at airports.

He argued that since the country was sailing in turbulent economic times, it was necessary for the citizenry to contribute towards the purchase of the jet.

“Why can we not contribute to the purchase of our own plane which no one will point our fingers at us for? Suppose we could contribute an amount of K120 000 each and assuming there are 100 000 people willing to contribute, this would cover the full amount,” wrote Ndembe in the advert.

He added: “Some well-wishers would be willing to offer more than this and in no time the twenty million dollars would be realized.”

Ndembe said he was “willing to put forward two hundred thousand kwacha as a starter pack.”

He would be setting up a committee and opening an account so that people could easily contribute.

Ndembe emphasized that there was “no politics involved in this and I don’t want politicians to hijack it.”

Former president late Bingu wa Mutharika’s government purchased a presidential jet which was sold during the Joyce Banda’s administration on grounds that it was too costly to manage.

Banda’s government sold the jet but government says there is no trace to where the proceeds of from the sale went.

A recent photo showing Mutharika stranded at an airport en route to the UK for a Commonwealth Summit has reinvigorated calls from some quarters that he needs an official jet.

But others argue still it is unnecessary to buy the president the jet, citing economic challenges.

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104 thoughts on “Contributions towards jet purchase for Malawi President”

  1. freedom of expression is the birthright of all, i stand with ndembe

  2. Kambolo Kadyanji says:

    This Ndembe man is a total failure in life.He has his own problems which he want people to divert from.A very bad administrator full of cashgate in his mind.He wants to sell company houses for his personal gains thats why he is introducing this silly jet topic so that at the end the government will sympathise with him.Workers at his place are staying several months without pay so how can he offer to contribute 200000 while workers at his work place are suffering.So Mr Ndembe Man you have rooted your company to please APM

  3. Sailota says:

    Ambuye akukhulukileni.

  4. Chaferamthengo says:

    Ndembe, you are one of those stupid people who are contributing to the downfall of Malawi. Your President is equally unreasonable. You are the worst more than all the evils. Are you not feeling bad for the people who are dying due to shortage of drugs, sleeping on the floor in hospitals, children failing to get into university due to lack of fees. But you want to buy a jet for someone who insults Malawians that he is a millionaire and doesn’t need money from the pockets of Malawians. Who are you to go to the same Malawians and ask for the their money to give it to some one who doesn’t want it because he has it all? Stupid people. Ufa infa yowawa wamva. Zimatiwawatu

  5. Tina says:

    MK200,000 start campaign. Mabodzatuu awaa

  6. batii says:

    another Lutepo for Peter mutharika

  7. Balamanthu says:

    Ndembe is basically stupid.Once we have paid for the plane, who is going to finance the fuel and maintenance of the plane.If you have too much money,why dont we buy medicine for our hospitals to alleviate the poverty of our poor people rather than help an already rich man travel comfortably.?SILLY THINKING!ISNT IT?

  8. Ajawa says:

    Uyuyu aziyenda pa ndege zamatola zomwezi. Aziziwa that life is hard and its his fault

  9. we knew it. they started with showing pictures of the so called president queuing for a flight and that some bags for the president have been lost due to the commercial flight travels. all that was leading to the stupid thing of jet purchasing. kuba basi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. yandula says:

    Ndembe ndiwabodza… APM ali ndi chuma choti atha kuthandiza aliyense mdziko muno

  11. callen says:

    Ndembe akagwere uko! Contribute towards food supplies to Hospitals

  12. Nyenyezi says:

    A Ndembe ndinu munthu womvetsa chisono kwambiri, ndipo ndakaika ngati mumakhala mdziko lomwe lino nkumaona m’mene anthu akuvutikira mzipatalamu kapenanso kumvera wailesi. Ngati mukufuna udindo, ingomuuzani Pitala wanuyo sizoti a Malawi mavuto ali tho akupangireni kampeni ayi. That’s total rubbish. Who is Pitala to all Malawians suffering out there? Why are you so concerned with Pitala only? Akutuma eti? If so ndiye akupweteketsa chifukwa Malawi walero ndiwina anachangamuka. Ngati mukufuna kugula jet gulani ndindalama zanu pajanso Pitala anati iye ndiwolemera ndiye zikanika bwanji kuzigulira ndege moreover it will be his personal property. Billionaire sangatume anthu kuti amusonkhere, are you serious.

  13. kaluga says:

    Koma A Malawi!!!!

  14. alhomwe atilaula says:

    Ndembe ndi ndale izi ndani sakuziwa, kodi president iye simunthu? chalakwika nchani akakwera ndege ya Malawi? Anthu mdziko muno ali pa umphwawi wa zaoneni, go to Ndirande, Chinsapo, Manje you will understand what i am talking about. Ndalama ngati zakuchulukirani kapatseni anthu omwe akuzisowa. Imagine kuchita supply katundu munthu mu March ku government hospital up to now osalandira ndalama, bwanji mungotipatsa ife amene tinapereka katundu osalandira kanthu up to now ngati zakuchulukirani!

  15. twaniche says:

    I’ve never made a comment on nyasatimes. But today I’ve to. Munthu iwe u r not serious. If you want a position from president just go and request. Or find another way of getting through to him not what u r telling pole to do.

  16. CHINGOLOPIYO says:

    it is sad for some one to be concerned with a JET at a time where people are sleeping with an empty stomach in various quarters of Malawi. To prove that this person is mad, selfish, there is news that in some government hospitals patients are not given food. Why cant this man be concerned with lives in the hospital? My advice to my fellow Malawians is that DON’T PILE UP WORTHY FOR YOURSELVES WHERE TERMINES AND THIEVES CAN ACCESS. Read the bible you will be guided by the wisdom of the Almighty God. Learn to love one another God will bless us as a Nation. One thing leaders forget is that Money, or luxury does not buy life. Life is for God. Jesus will ask you ndinali wamaliseche sumunandiveke, ndinali wanjala simunandidyetse. My fellow Malawians fear God in truth. Amen

  17. MAYE says:

    I don’t think we can prioritize making contributions towards purchase of the presidential jet at this time that many Malawians are starving of hunger. Those who know what Abraham Maslow said in a hierrhachy of human needs stressed that we people move in almost five stages with the starting point of having the basic needs such as Food and water. After having food and water including security then we can move on to other needs like self esteem and self actualization. Looking at the state of affairs of Malawi as a country, we are struggling to find the basic needs, look at how the hospitals are operating, how about security issues as such I am not supporting the issue of contributing towards purchase of the jet. We have money in our country but the way we manage it needs alot to be desired. Mr. Ndembe, donate that money to Rumphi District hospital for the management to use it for patients food.

  18. Antoni apaphata says:

    Kamutengeni lutepo. Za u well wisher amazitha kwabasi…. mwayambapo. Mulibe azibale anu kumudzi osauka oti mungawapatse makobili?

  19. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Aren’t you ashamed of Malawians who are dying in our hospitals due to lack of medicines? Why can’t you raise funds for such good course? The president of Malawi does not need a private jet during this time when Malawians are struggling. When will Malawians stop hero worshiping their leaders and concentrate building the nation? Building the nation is the responsibility of the president and the president should be exemplary by doing so. Its not up to the nation to buy the presidential jet.

  20. Kanyimbi says:

    Mwayamba kumafuta ma comments? Ndiye mumalembelanji? Zopusa ife ayi. Buy the jet using money from your pocket. Zisatikhuze zopusa zanuzo.

  21. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Ndembe, don’t take Malawians for fools. This well wishers gimmick is cheap and stinks. It’s a very obvious sign and symptom of mafia like corruption style.

  22. Naliyela says:

    Sydney are you ok upstairs?

  23. Funzo says:

    This is a drop in the ocean even without considering running costs.

  24. Modicai Longwe says:

    President wamatamayu. Amanena padza paja kuti ndiolemera kale ndalama ali nazo. Bwanji osadzigulira ndege. Kapena osapempha nzeru kwa Mega 1 Prophet Shephard Bushiri. Ali ndi ndege ziwiri mwina imodziyo akhoza kupereka

  25. alex says:

    No medicine in hospitals that’s bullshit why can’t we contribute money for medicine

  26. Robin Hood says:

    Dearest Ndembe,
    Your goodwill and gesture has been misdirected. Is it just me or are we morally shallow thinkers with time?
    “Rise and Rise again Until Lambs become Lions”

  27. Mtondoli Jionazi says:

    Bwana Ndembe, that is really a patriotic move. I only have once issue with it – it is grossly mis-directed. Ngati ndinu oganiza bwino you could actually have picked up any of the following important areas as your campaign target:
    1. Mankhwala mzipatala. Imagine how much $20,000,000.00 would buy
    2. Kumanga masukulu angapo ndithu kuti ana asamaphunzire pansi pe mitengo
    3. Kuthandiza anthu akuvutika ndi ma floods

    …. Please add any other here…..

    Bwanji osayamba ndi zithu zofunika kaye? What you are actually implying is that anthu akhoza kumapanga contribute ndalama then kumagwiritsa ntchito yotukula dziko…not so? You really want kugula ndege ndithu kuti president aziyenda kukapemphetsera??? Kundidabwitsa a Malawi!!!

  28. Lawiz says:

    Contribute and buy medicine in hospitals and everyone will appreciate and people will be saved. You will be re as wise Malawians

  29. johnM says:

    uku nde ku tenga madzi amundowa ndikuthira mu nyanja. Peter declared that he is amillionare, if anything he canbuy his own jet. Why should I sacrifice the little I have to benefit millionaire.

  30. vavlov says:

    Mr. Ndembe I would have been very impressed if you fund raised to purchase medicine for the patients in hospitals, improvement of terrible roads throughout the country, rehabilitation of schools, tuition for students, etc. Shame on you for your populist agenda. Your contribution is a mere window dressing, and insignificant. Malawi needs development and not a plane for an individual, regardless of status.

  31. gober says:

    kanundu eti?

  32. Kanyimbi says:

    Well wishers for what? My parents are suffering in the village and my kids have no food. Do you think we just pick money like tomatoes? By the way don’t you know the one who sold the presidential jet? Why can’t you ask that person to return the jet?

  33. wakummawa mario says:

    Good idea broz, am behind u and i’ll try my best to contribute a little that can manage.

  34. kambindingu "hard & low" says:

    Foolish !!!!!

  35. Bingo Muntharika says:

    Help the hospitals,donate school materials and even build modern schools. Teachers houses, and the police too.

    Otherwise shut up with your nosense.

  36. atros says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk, ndiye contribution yake k200, 000 wasuta chingambwe eti?

  37. Kenkkk says:

    What about contributions towards food, medicines, roads, education, etc ? These are better causes that Malawians can willingly agree than the stupid jet. Why are some of you stupid people so obsessed with the jet? You will start stealing the same contributions That you are begging people to pay.

  38. ESTERY CHIBAMBO ,U.K says:

    NOT IN MY NAME THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Munthu says:

    Chitsiru Cha munthu! Iweyo ulibe manyazi atall kuti anthu akufa muzipatsla kusowa mankhwala ndi chakudya koma iwe ukukamba za ndege?

  40. Olo says:

    Don’t forget to buy fire trucks too.

  41. Othana says:

    choka iwe. Ngati wakhuta gaga, pita ku toilet. Ndizomwe mwagwirizana?

  42. Tintin says:

    i believe their`s far more pressing issue`s in country than a presidential jet Mr fact the president hitching a ride with Malawian Airlines is way to boost the company,helping it grow which is something good for malawi as country don`t you think…? want to help send your monies to either ESCOM or Water Board they need the monies which your very own idiot of a president is busy syphoning from these companies..mxiiii

  43. konndwani says:

    Sizimasowa munthu akatumidwa, We have seen that before. Kindly finish the amount on your own and enjoy the foreign travel with the President.

  44. guguh says:

    For those saying zochititsa manyazi for a president to not have a jet.. Akachita manyazi and then what? What is the impact of that to each and every Malawian? Infact i believe they would commend him for putting the lives of Malawians first than himself. Manyaziwo mukupanga ndiinu ndi APM wanuyo…this country can never develop with such shallow thinking.

    Think about this…assuming you purchase the jet.. How many times does he travel outside of the country? How many of those trips can be delegate to Malawi representatives already in those countries that are qualified to do the same job ie represent Malawi? That’s why it’s important to have people that can be tasked with such high sensitive issues when sending people to embassies…

    Chonde amalawi give this jet issue a rest and let’s focus on saving OUR Malawi in education, health, economy, science and technology and development and not waste time with this nonsense

  45. guguh says:

    Why should we be so worried about one person when hundreds are dying in hospitals because of negligence and this one person is at the helm of it??? Why not fundraise for the hospitals? No matter how many ways you spin the need for the jet the fact remains WE DONT NEED IT AS A COUNTRY NOW!

    President’s office please plan your boss’ trip in good time and have plan b’s dont take the long route to justify your foolishness and incompetence iyaaaaa!

  46. crazy stuff says:

    Now a days well wishers are extinct. We only have cash wishers.

  47. Jimbo says:

    Mr. Ndembe I have not read a single comment that supports your idea. Are you seriously a Malawi citizen? Are you unaware of the suffering of your fellow countrymen? Clearly you are totally lacking intelligence or you are a boot-licker who is looking to feather his own nest with favours from the President. Your suggestion is an insult to your fellow Malawians who are in need of the basic necessities of life. You are a disgrace to your country!! Shame on you.

  48. Uchindami says:

    Mukadati anthu tisonkhe ndalama zothandizira kugula chimanga kuti omwe akuvutika ndi njala athandizike zikadamveka. Inu a DPP muli mboma ndipo nkosavuta kusonkha ndamala zomwe mukufunazo nkugula ndege yoti bwana Pulezidenti adzikwera. Ngati zavuta kwambiri, tapitani mukatapeko MK12 billion pa MK61 billion paja! Mwayiwala kodi? KKKKKK. Osamayiwala inu!

  49. Myao says:


  50. FootSoldier says:

    Khaya MBA yake munakaba kuti yolephera nayo kuzindikira kuti “the cost of purchasing a jet goes beyond the purchase (and delivery) cost. It includes: operating and maintenance costs that are likely to include costs for training pilots or maintenance engineers (or hiring them for some period) for a high-value purchase like this (a state-of -the art jet), ownership costs etc”, A lot of Malawians have exposed their ignorance while attempting to defend the indefensible–that Mutharika is a FAILURE and can never perform in whatever position you may put him because the guy can not THINK in addition to not being able to TALK!

  51. Piper says:

    This is silly. The plane will be grounded anyway as there are no fire fighting trucks at airports and also who will be responsible for maintainance and other running costs ?? Will you be contributing for those then ???

  52. choka phiri says:

    This man Ndembe is The most stupid headless
    man in Malawi. I dont know If. he is educated. Because If he was educated he could see Malawi and millions of Malawians life. What Malawians should learn is a leader is not God. He is elected to serve His People not to live His lunxil life. Leader have already god life compared to the rest of citizens. Also a president is not on life time. Most leaders in Europé traven in public planer firat classes. Stays in VIP lodge. This man wants to please Peter. I wonder which nation is he living in? He should be ashamed of living in a poor country like Malawi rather than ashamed of one person travelling in a public plane which millions or billipns of rich and busiessess People travel. There are many president arsel linking people in Malawi. What is he going to win out of this??? Iam sure he has something to gain out of it. They say there is nothing for FREE .t

  53. Gladson says:

    This is interesting. Has the initiator considered maintaenance coswts in his budget? How sure are we that his cautious statement as regards to delinking the whole execise from politics is a true stand. You remember some people contributing towards reimbursement of funds NAC gave to BEAM TRUST? It was speculated that some politics took centre stage. In this economy, where are we going to get the money to pay the jet’s crew and parking fees? What about levies in foreign airports? Have those and other related costs being included in the MK12b? I think well meaning Malawians should initiate projects that would make Malawi a producing country so that we reduce our imports before we think of bringinging in other ‘white elephants’into an already ailing economy. If, without the jet the State House over spent on their allocated budget within three months, what would it be like with the presence of a presidential jet? Is it only a Malawian president that does not have a presidential jet in the world? Is it only a Malawian president that is using commercial jets when travelling on official duties? Fellow Malawians, let us be sorry and ashamed of the so many poor people in this nation before we feel sorry for someone who is waiting to board another plane on an international airport. If we were to raise MK12b to fund programmes that would alleviate poverty we could do justice. I cry for Malawi.

  54. Benson Chirwa says:

    I know it’ll be our money disguised as well wishers. Who doesn’t know the lomwe crooks? ? Sakwera imeneyo kapena kumanda.

  55. Bbambo says:

    This is silly in the least. Why not contribute money to buy drugs for our hospitals, or hire the young doctors? This will benefit the millions of poor Malawians and not an individual’s ego.

    It is a ploy by DPP to steal govt money, buy a plane and say it was from well wishers. Mwauponda nkhanga zaona mwatchera kumwezi.

    I urge well meaning Malawians not to support this silly cause. Let the DPP buy a jet for its party president but not with our money.

  56. Done Already says:

    Maintenance and operation for the plane is a huge cost. Kugula sivuto

  57. anthu akuba inu, there is noting wrong for the president to use public transport. Zuma does not have a presidential jet, but has all what it takes to purchase one.

  58. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Mzako Chris Chizone wa CJJP amapanga choncho pano ndi uyo amupatsa chiudindo chonona. Limbikira mbale.

  59. Sikusinja says:

    Cum on NDEMBE 200,000 pin only? For your president? No u can do better add MK10 million to that aa aa a NDEMBE mwatani kodi? 200,000 is for my daughter’s pocket money ndiye muziti contribution imeneyo? Be serious dude.

  60. Khwekhwerere says:

    Mugulireni alomwe anzake if you say citizenry let it be minus northerners zamkutu zamanyi ife ayi. Anachita kulilira asova ameneyo.

  61. Kandapako says:

    Kodi a Sidney Ndembe mukufuna mpando kapena udindo? So sad that you can buy such cheap publicity showing a State President queuing to board a plane! No state will allow a head of state to queue for a plane unless it is a publicity stunt!

  62. Patrick Phiri says:

    Its simple, use that money to get a new electricity generating machine. Malawians have suffered enough with these long blackouts which has further brought down the already deteriorating economy.

  63. George Ngalawa says:

    A Ndembe mutenge MWK200,000.00 imeneyo mupereke ku MAP kuntchito kwanu. A Chamba inu eti?

  64. Laphwa says:

    Ndembe,you forgot to include the running costs plus maintenance of your president’s plane you would like to purchase. When you are mobilizing your colleagues to purchase the jet what I have indicated above should be taken into account.

  65. Khanyuwanu says:

    Kkkkkkkkk iii bambo Ndembe ndakomoka nkuseka. You can finish the contributions you and your family and those from goliyati or sell Ndata. Which citizenry do you want to contribute funds? Fotseki kwanu konko asonkhe yekha because he blatantly said he does not need tax payers money and boasted he has monies in foreign accounts. Asakugula jet bwa? Ndembe you can be stoned for this madness nonsense!

  66. jojo says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm kodi munthu ungasokhe ndalama yandege abale ako ana akuvutika kumusangalatsa Peter sichamba chimenecho mupange inuyo. Zowapusisa anthu basi mukuziwana gulani

  67. L khetem says:

    Mr Ndembe is not of sound mind, I am blue as anyone can be from DPP, NOMAD ans chelsea but such madness is untorelable; may be he has been sent by our ditractors. Shame on you.


    They are better ways to use such a huge a mount,other than on useless project of the presidential jet. People are suffering,and the only thing you thought was a presidential jet? How about buying maize and feed those who were affected by drought and floods in the past season? Tembe! You can do better than that

  69. Wachikulile says:

    Koma ndi zamanyazidi kuti a Pre tidzikwela nawo pamodzi ndege za public. Zonsezi koma aJoyce Banda mai wachabe chabe, anzathu amatiseka maiko akunjawa kuti taonani a pre anu awa aima apawa. Nabola zikhale zoona kuti ndalama zomwe zipezekezo zigwiladi ntchito imenezo, ndiponso ku boma kusachoke ndalama iliyonse.

  70. Nabiyeni says:

    Mr Ndembe lets start by contributing towards cancer clinic that will save miyoyo ya anthu ambiri then we move to the Presidential jet. Musangoona zogula ndege what about servicing it? Mudzidzasonkhensanso? Nanga ya fuel ikamakayenda?

  71. elder wamkulu says:

    This is rubbish how can a wise and upright thinking malawian contribute for purchase of jet to be used by somebody who has openly told the nation that he is not a poor man? If the president had openly declared that he is a rich person let him finance for the purchase of that jet period.

  72. Kalekeni Kanene says:

    Mr Ndembe. Your proposal is very constructive. The jet is needed for our leader. It is not going to be for Prof. Muthalika but for the nation. Our president must travel smoothly. Lets support this plan. Remember the money is not coming from gvt coffers. Its coming from the citizens who love their country with all their heart. Chonde aMalawi. Tisazuze mtsogoleri wathu pomuyendetsa mobvutika ayi. I remember it took 2 days for Muluzi to reach Kuwait but his return took only few hours to reach Lilongwe because Kuwait govt felt sorry for him hence offered their plane. Pasakhale ndale apa abale. Tiyeni tisonkhe. If Bushiri own a private jet what more with a govt of Malawi?

  73. nyamazi says:

    Stupid the so called Ndembe. How can we donate money towards the buying of a presidential Jet when the economy is so bad that we are failing to make end meet? If you are rich go ahead yourself and buy a jet that will be taken to Ndata after 5 years. It seems you are confused.

  74. Chimwemwe says:

    Why was the president “queuing like everyone else”? I have done a fair share of travelling and all I know there is NO AIRPORT in the world where a president can queue regardless of whether he is travelling business class or economy. Mere diplomatic staffers do not queue – they just show their diplomatic papers. There is a VIP section in airports and special transport ready to move the VIPs from their lounge to the aircraft. So would someone please tell me at which airports did the president queue and why?

  75. michael says:

    Seriously? How about raising 20 million dollars for helping out some of the poorest people in the world resident in malawi!!

  76. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Buying a jet for a president who made a confession that he is a multi-millionaire ?? There is more to this than what meets the eye.



  78. Suwande says:

    Why can’t Malawi show that we can and shame these “saviours from the west”. it is not a secret that most Malawians can not afford the proposed figure but am pretty sure more than a million people can afford! Now if you are in the category that you can not afford its better not to discourage those who can. if the plane is bought its not for APM. It will be an asset of Malawi. Please if you can not afford and you have bad intentions the honourable thing to do is to “shut your mandibles”.

    Malawi Can!

  79. timoteo says:

    i really support that. sizikupereka ulemu kuti a president aziyenda pa hired jet or using public means.

  80. Mac Hende says:

    Have you forgotten about APM said he had a lot of money even before he become a president? how are we malawians going to believe him that he was rich? let him buy for himself if he is ashamed of using public transport.

  81. Limani says:


    This is a brilliant idea. we are indeed ashamed of this, however it reflects the status quo of the economy and perhaps, on the ground, the mismanagement aspect of personal priorities at the expense of development. I strongly believe there are more severe needy areas that we can contribute to save lives in Malawi other than saving a servants reputation that may even send a wrong message to donors. Why prioritize a selfie fly when many cant even afford a packet of flour. God forbid

    Only if I were so selfish, I would aim to be a party loyalist at the expense of a soul.


  82. Akatswiri says:

    k200,000 basi, bwanji osayamba ndi k1billion?

  83. humuza says:

    Mr Ndembe, remember the president said he has a lot of money that he can afford any thing. He is not occupying the seat for money (When he was banging tables during press conference from USA. Ali ndi kwacha adzigulire bac. Not this nosence, we have a lot of problems in Malawi than this. Feeling sorry for the people who are reaping Malawians and taking them granted.

  84. Gadabwali says:

    NDEMBE munthu wogwa khunyu iwe, Pitala ayende pandege osabwereakonso nkanthu komwe akupitako, pamene abale anga ku Thyolo akufa ndi njala wopusa iwe…

  85. Che Sipindulo says:

    Stupidity of the highest order. What is wrong with the President using public transport.
    We have numerous problems in this country and the Presidential jet is the least of those problems. Why can’t you talk of finding solutions to these frequent black outs which are crippling our country economically . Zachamba basi.

  86. Emmatuwa says:

    Zitsiru ndithu mbamba ichi ndi Chamba cheni cheni cha ku Nkhota-kotadi

  87. Ineyo says:

    why cant we use those billions to buy MRI machines and CT scanners for our troubled X-ray departments for better diagnoses in our hospitals. Zauchitisiru basi…zankutu

  88. molande says:

    This is the same guy who was asking government to help Malawi Against Polio, did the govt help you by the way. You ask for money to start a peoples bank.

  89. Malawi @ my heart says:

    Foolishness!!!!! Think before u go public

  90. Ozitsata says:

    No wonder people voted for DPP. No wonder Mbendera cried before announcing the results. No wonder the country is the same after 51 years of self rule.

  91. Malawi @ my heart says:

    Funny and soul irritating…. out of 12 billion you being the initiator can only contribute 200 thou? What the F!!!! If u had the balls at least u should have cont 1.5 billion. Your cont mr simply shows ur one of the pathetic poor malawian living a miserable life.think before u go public

  92. The Analyst says:

    Now you want to steal money, sichomcho? Who has already forgotten that well-wishers are nothing but people who steal money from government? So despite all voice of reason regarding the current status of our economy hence the need to pause the jet purchase thought, you still feel its taking long? You people are not patriotic at all. You are enemies of progress!
    And you say its shameful for the president to be flying commercial on official duties? What a reason! To whom is this shameful? The poor Malawi? You are a joke!

    “Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it; is.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Now after buying the jet, what with the running and maintenance costs? Or you think that the jet wont need running or maintenance? Ngati munakhalapo ndi chibwenzi cha mu ghetto, you would realise that buying her a phone is not enough coz you also need to keep buying her airtime, and the cost of the airtime far surpasses the cost of the phone. The jet shall need to run, so shall it need maintenance. Will you keep contributing for the running and maintenance costs also? You people are strange and inane dunderheads?
    Make sure also that you are making your contributions in US$ otherwise to purchase US$20 from our forex-crippled economy for a jet, is not healthy for our already worthless currency.

  93. Dalitso says:

    Mr Ndembe, check your facts, prime minister of UK Cameron sometime back had to travel and Que on line. I guess the travels of our president matters most to you than patients who are dying in hospitals without medications. Prisoners going to bed without food. Doctors not being hired because government has got no money. Are you blind that you don’t know for sure that Bingu left Peter a huge estate? Peter knows he inherited a lot of money that he can manage to buy a personal Jet. The struggle he might have is how is he going to do that when everyone knows what Bingu had before he became a president. Let the President humble himself and do priorities that matters most.

  94. Wakwathu says:

    Chambatu ichi… cha Nkhotakota chenicheni

  95. Dennis says:

    Why not contributing money for hospitals where your mother and relarative are dieing because there is no drugs in the hospitals no food yet you are planning to buy jet for one person clazy man

  96. Richman says:

    If you have resources to share, please donate to the poor; we have millions of poor Malawians starving with no clue if and when they will get their next meal. If you contribute towards purchasing costs of the Jet what about running and parking costs; for how long will you do this? If you are a political parasite, spare the mockery on innocent and dignified Malawians. If you have innovative ideas, better be agents of development for our miserable country.

  97. master says:

    this is stupididty at its best, how can i contribute all that money 120 grand yet my family needs such money, politicians are already stealing from the citizenry why should i be busy with them? go to hell with your nonsense!!!!

  98. yakumbuyo says:

    waste of time .YOU mean you can not see that people die of hunger because of shortage of food/ why not ask for food contributions and buy for the poor.Waga nayo.Kawafune.We the president who can sacrifice not the other type.If he feels I he can not .let him deligete.

  99. Alomwee kutumana kufuna kuutinamiza….. Mmene nkhusa yavutila pa Malawi sono wina asitike 2hans yaulesi……waitenga kuti…..zamaboza basi… Apatu aPita anapita kumaiko akunja kukaona ndege paja ananena kale kuti akufuna kugula kandeege….A pita akamakana chinthu muziwe kuti apanga kale….kumbukilani za Flag…. Za Post office bank……athu oipa awa

  100. Pete Nyandoro says:

    Ndembe sichabe, but is looking for rewards, he should not fool us. Why not use that money to buy medicines or food for the poor. How often is the president travelling that we Malawians should be under pressure to make contributions to buy him a plane? This is politics already. Ngati mukufuna ku Embassy satero, paja ku MACOHA mudachokako, mulibe chochita tsopano, koma mudzaathandize kampeni in 2019.

  101. becks says:

    Make contributions towards feeding patients in hospitals. With that money you can many real people other just one big belly. I hope this is not another jetgate by DPP to buy the Jet under the guise of contributions from well wishers

  102. Chalula says:

    So stupid to think you can buy your way into becoming a politician with this senseless campaign. Why not run a rational campaign to buy hospital drugs than buying pointless luxury jet for your fellow Lomwe.

  103. Toshi says:

    zayambika tinanena kuti ndi deal linali bodza latho president saima pa line and VIP bags singasowe nkhani yake inali yimeneyi DPP woyeeeee

  104. mapwevupwevu says:


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