Cooperate with Motal Engil, Malawi leader appeals to communities

President Peter Mutharika has called on communities to cooperate with the contractor Mota Engil to finish construction works on Lilongwe Old Airport-Kasiya-Santhe road at Kabudula Trading Centre in Lilongwe .

President working ahead

President working ahead

Mutharika at work in ground breaking

Mutharika at work in ground breaking

Mutharika made the appeal at a ground breaking ceremony to mark the start of the construction works of the road.

He said the road will induce more investments in agriculture thereby creating more employment for them and improving their incomes, hence contributing to the reduction of poverty.

“Employment will be created for many rural Malawians thereby improving their incomes. When the project is finally completed a lot of businesses will mushroom along the road and the communities will be empowered economically.

“We all know how important this road is as it passes through some of the most agricultural productive areas in the country. Good roads improve the welfare of Malawians by providing improved accessibility and mobility and access to socio-economic activities and services,” said Mutharika.

He said his government has placed the development of road infrastructure as one of the priority areas in order to provide improved access and mobility to Malawians, especially those living in rural areas.

Mutharika urged the communities to avoid stealing construction materials such fuel and cement as this will delay the project.

“Your cooperation and ownership of the project should manifest itself in safeguarding construction materials on the project. We have heard of cases of theft of construction materials such as fuel and cement on a number of road construction projects and we do not want that to happen here.

“It is sad that the very same people who are supposed to benefit from use of the road are the ones in the forefront stealing from the contractor. Theft of construction materials will only delay the project. We all know how we have waited for this project and we would not want any delays in the implementation,” advised Mutharika.

He also took trouble to advise the contractor and other construction personnel to be mindful of their contractual obligations and ensure that the road meet the specified standards.

“It is at times disappointing to see contractors that are not mindful of their contractual obligations and go well beyond the stipulated construction period. This should at all cost be avoided in this project.

“My appeal to Mota Engil is to continue maintaining your high standards and let’s work together to develop this country. To the general public living along the road corridor, my appeal is that you should cooperate with the contractor during construction of the road and to take ownership of the road project,” said Mutharika.

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25 thoughts on “Cooperate with Motal Engil, Malawi leader appeals to communities”

  1. John says:

    Nobody is talking about the Monkey Bay hotel construction. what happened?

  2. Nana says:

    Nw mathanyula u r coming up this is the road a was waiting for nw i wanna b comfortably b driving safe home. Bravo DPP but still my vote will remain for Chakwera for it was one of his vision to tarmack the road thanx to chakwera u r indeed feared by DPP!!

  3. captain says:

    Mota is a corrupt company, that’s my biggest problem, u know if u corrupt someone u LL become untrustworthy even if you are a performer

  4. mmm says:

    Anthu sanalandirebe malipiro mpaka pano.
    This is the worst president thst Malawi everhad.
    Lord! Come to our rescue, ka pini code bwanji? mmmm?

  5. Byron says:

    Why are Malawian presidents obsessed with inauguration of every project? Is the minister of works irrelevant?

  6. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    choka mbuzi iwe!! Ndi motal engil mukusamusa athu aku monkey bay kusowaso kowaika iwe bakha 200 hectals yachani umandibowa bwanji sutha kuyakhura buluzi iwe!!

  7. paulos banda says:

    Petulo, appealing Mota to maintain high standards? Koma iwe ndiwe mbuzidi eti. Go and see Phalombe-Chilinga road, would you call that high standard?

    The only company it maintains high standard is Shire Construction. If you call Roads Authority to give you names of preferred contractors without your hand (bribes), these are the company they will give you.

    1. Cilcon
    2. Shire Construction
    3. Mkaka Construction
    4. Dika Construction
    5. Fargo
    6. Plem Construction

    But because these companies do not give bribes like Mota, they can not be given the works.

  8. The real ujeni says:

    Red carpet at construction site hahahahahaha! only in Africa, oops! Only in Malawi, masanje hevi

  9. jack Phalombe says:

    When are you going to start Mzuzu -NBay road?

  10. MTELEZI says:


  11. Truck says:

    Thanks for the good advice Mr President.Keep it up.

  12. nick says:

    Can you believe it! All those policemen standing around whilst an old man makes his white coat dirty by digging the roads! Is this the Warm Heart of Africa? He is asking the local people to “take possession” of this road but when they steal the cement and stones for their own homes he becomes angry. Someone should really give him a break

  13. Zagwa says:

    Malume zinazi tamachitani manyazi! Mpakana wilibala ya golide? Kalapeti ku katondo ngati kumeneko zoona? Sabata latha lomweli President Obama anali mu Africa muno koma samapanga zimenezi olo mwafuli amanyamula yekha. Kodi mutayenda pafumbi maola ochepa musiya kukhala President? Ndizokutha izi akulu! Pangani zoti mutithandize komanso mukondweretse Mulungu. Mukupitiliza kundikhumudwitsa ine mphwanu! Enawa sangakuuzeni zoona angofuna kukudyelani kapena kudya nawo. Sanapihunzile alibe njira zolozeka zopezela chakudya, nkuona akumaombela mmanja mukakankha wilibala. Nanga pali chifukwa choombela mmanja kuona inu mutakankha wilibala? Chonchi sitingatukuke, komanso tikasowa chowilingula kwa mwini moyo. Chifukwa mpweya wagolide kulibe ikakwana.

  14. Analyst says:

    If our governments focused on key developmental and economical areas like this with passion, we should have been somewhere by now as a country. This is something worth cherishing though long overdue. This is an area full of agricultural activities. Sprawling estates and small scale farming hence significantly contributing to the economy. Indeed the government ought to acknowledge this by providing the required infrastructure regardless of politics. From the speech by the president, for once I have seen it showing that he is aware of the main challenges affecting infrastructure development. Kuba anthu. Kuba mafuta ndi zipangizo. This only makes construction projects expensive and in the end we suffer from lack of infrastructure. Those around this area should get involved to safeguard such a precious project rather than sabotaging it. I for one would take a leading role in reporting any fishy business that I may come across. Patriotism is what we need. Otherwise this is a welcome development

  15. vwapalala says:

    Ok, utha liti?

  16. lover of malawi says:

    Good project. Thanks Mr President. But we now need bigger roads for instance that M1 road needs to have 4 lanes. Do something the strategists

  17. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thus a good project and Mota Angil are serious contractors.
    Congratulations APM.

  18. watchfuleyes says:

    How much was your cut of the deal, Mr. President?

  19. MP says:

    Kuba munayambitsa ndinu a DPP kuba zaboma. Kutereku mwadya kale ndalama za msewuwu kudzera ku Mota Engil. Was this tender advertised? ODPP and ACB should investigate this deal.

    We have roads (Liwonde-Naminga, Jali-Chitakale, Mwakwasa- Bangula) that have stagnate for 10 years and yet we are starting new roads. What kind of economic planning is that? Yet people in Neno have have a very pathetic dusty and bumpy road. Do we have consideration for the people or politics?

    This road passes thru Dr Chakwera’s area. So it is to suppress him. You are wasting your time. Achewa satheka. Bingu was able to get their votes because they did not have a credible leader from the Centre and Tembo had expired. This time around you cannot cheat the Chewas. What you have done will work to the advantage of Chakwera. Zako izo.

  20. half trillion says:

    gold wheelbarrow? only in malawi

  21. gabriel Mwale says:

    Koma abale red carpet kolima? Does it imply amalawi tonse ndi mbuzi?

  22. Dr Mbewe says:

    This is good and important, in fact it is overdue. We have seen roads in the past being constructed in non productive and useless areas.

  23. Masoambeta says:

    Mota Engil itself must account for how it gets such projects from the government.
    It is obvious that backhand activities are happening as this company appears to be unaccountable and above laws.

  24. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Is Motal Engil appointed to do all the construction jobs in Malawi or else is a shareholder of APM just like Kayelekela Mine ?

  25. ANALYST says:

    Mmmmxxxxiiii!! WHy should I cooperate with a company that is busy corrupting you the DPP? A company that built Bingu a mansion in Portugal? You also want your own mansion? Mxiiiiiii

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