Couple murder own daughter: ‘She was source of family wrangles’

Police in Dedza is keeping in custody wife and husband for murdering own daughter, saying the child was source of endless family wrangles.

This incident occurs at a time when cases of murder, child dumping and abortion are at the increase in the country which infringes on the right to life as stipulated in chapter four of the Constitution.

In an interview with Dedza Police Public Relations Officer Sergeant Edward Kabango said the couple, Jossam Benard husband and Eunice Freya wife had agreed to terminate the life of child as condition of living a happy marriage life.

“The couple murdered Eunice Jossam who was born before they married. Police established that the two married after realising that Eunice was impregnated which the husband Jossam accepted responsibility” said Kabango.

He added, “but soon after the child was born the husband doubted on the child’s father, saying she did resemble neither him nor his relatives. This made the husband believe that the wife was going about with other men during their relationship.”

Kabango further said the two on June 20, 2015 agreed to cheat on their relatives that the child had developed a cough over night and were going to seek medical treatment at Dedza District Hospital.

But midway to the hospital they agreed to stop at a thicket where they jointly killed her by gagging deceased’s mouth and stifling her throat respectively that instantly died of suffocation.

After completing their mission they took the dead body home mourning in disguise but, the figure prints on the neck raised eye brows of the elderly in the village at the time they wanted to perform funeral bathing rituals.

“Upon rising suspicions from the figure marks on the neck the cleaning ritual was halted by the village head and immediately called police to the scene.

“We arrested the two and it transpired during interrogations that they killed the daughter so that they bear a new child and continue with a new and happy life, saying the child was a stumbling block” he said.

Medical reports from Dedza District Hospital confirmed that she died of suffocation.

The two will appear before court soon to answer murder charges according to section 209 0f the penal code.–MANA

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30 thoughts on “Couple murder own daughter: ‘She was source of family wrangles’”

  1. Noxy says:

    A Cursed Couple,zoonz osathandizanapo nzeru apa!

  2. chiipiraachaje says:

    When northerners work hard in school they try to avoid illiteracy of highest order like this one. Pleeeeeaase ntchito “okulu-okulu odapita eeee ayeee sinkaona pofikira ineee” nyau lekani go to school and get education. A child if does not resemble any one of his/her parents, she could mayb resemble one of your old old relatives or doesnt resemble anyone at all, it does not matter!!!!. Mubereka wina??? May God make you barren for you don’t deserve parenthood.

  3. bombshell says:

    we say eye 4 an eye. God z wonderful, luk the way He revealed a secreat sin to float. An innocent child z crying. thus a wrong turn it’s a sacred blood they have shade, u ‘ll b hunted 4eva

  4. Ajija says:

    Although God Can’t Happy With This Immoral Punish Them

  5. wamwaka says:

    Forgive them “for they don’t know what they are doing”. Show them love and counsill them. It seems they love each other so much.

  6. Namisako. says:

    anthu ena amafunna mavuto dala,
    zopsa za zii

  7. Nkhedu says:

    Wasted family

  8. muthu muoneke says:

    It will be a cell marriage

  9. Agibo says:


    1.onse akatseketse,asadzabelekenso chifukwa adzachitanso nsanje

    2.akaikidwe ndende imodzi cifujwa ndi akambuku angakadye anzawo

    3.anthuwa ngofunika theological training + mental treatment

    4. Though God says You shall not judge but it also says that How can you know that someone is wrong without judging? The couple need a punishment with no mercy

  10. ankhoma says:

    eish. up to that extent.

  11. DiversonMkhori says:

    Alandile chilango chokhwima amewo

  12. DiversonMkhori says:

    Ufiti weniweni uwu

  13. Zoopsya says:


  14. Kamuna says:

    Genetics matters ladys $ gents in this case.

  15. Yahudah says:

    Isaiah 3:12
    “My people! Youths exert pressure on them, and women rule over them. O My people! Your leaders lead you astray , and swallow the way of your paths.”

    Isaiah 9:16
    For the leaders of this people lead them astray , and those who are guided by them are swallowed up.

    Mathew 15:14
    “Leave them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both shall fall into a ditch 
    (The Lake Of Fire).”

    Galatians 6

    7. Do not be led astray: Yah is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he shall also reap.

    8. Because he who sows to his own flesh shall reap corruption from the flesh,

  16. Yahudah says:

    The devil is loose in this wicked nation. You choose democracy (demonic) (rule) and these are the fruits of this wicked system full pledge lawlessness because the savages from europe who are truely pulling the strings with the aid ofthe devil only care about money and crimes pay. These murderers need to be put to death it is wickedness if the statement is true. You need YAH lost sheep of israyl. The corrupt dog hearted politician and his Jezebel wife who is truly ruling malawi and all politician need to be send to the cemetery for decieving and leading the people astray because of greed.

  17. Issa Kabudula says:

    A lesson to other couples’s is that we the remaining innocent couple’s, think twice when comfronted with any problem in particular the killing of people for any reason – mwini kupha ndiye Namalenga, we just take sins in and blood in our hands for no proper reason. If they felt she was a danger to the happiness of the family, why then not surrender the baby to the relatives or any home where she can be cared for?
    With democracy – within 24-48hrs they willl be given bell and after few weeks we are losing the case docket, and then they are back in the same village, and some sick individuals will copy the same thing – where because she/he is not similar to my face then she deserve death – shame, and its painful – this small girl went trough pain before she died, killed by your own loved ones.

  18. People can be cruel

  19. Big Man says:

    Atumbuka kuchoka kwanu kumpoto kumadzapherana ku Dedza
    Mtumbuka sadzatheka basi


    mkaziyu nchitsiru. 9 month and labour sanayimve? nde pamenepa kusangalalanso kutheka?

  21. wavisanga says:

    this couple should spend the rest of their life time in prison. more especially this useless woman, how can she sacrifice her own baby for marriage. mwana ameneyu anangosanza kapena she went through labour pain? useless idiot!

  22. mwana mulopwana says:

    useless couple

  23. This is the problem when people marry because of pregnancy. Marriege should be out of love.

  24. make chikomukomu says:

    ana oipa kobasi aphedwe mxiiiiiew

  25. Chimangenimapiko says:

    They have to be charged life imprisonment, they are very stupid.

  26. PIMBILTON says:

    Umfiti upose pamenepa?? Kodi dnt thz guys know that it is very possibbo for a child NOT to resemble either of the parents……thats GENETICS. Koma umbulinso nde ukutipweteka a Malawi bwanji. These ppo SHOULD rot in jail, mxiii!!!!!

  27. shaaaa! says:


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