Court discharge cashgate suspect Roosevelt Ndovi

The Lilongwe Magistrate Court has ordered the State to return the money and assets belonging to Principal Accountant in government, Roosevelt Ndovi, who has been discharged from charges of money laundering and unlawful possession of foreign currency.

Ndovi (right) acquitted

Ndovi (right) discharged

Ndovi was arrested on September 30 2013 after being found with K3 million in the boot of a car at Capital Hill and $25,400 at his house.

But the court decided to discharge the suspect following the State’s unwillingness to prosecute him.

However, Chief Resident Magistrate Ruth Chinangwa, who made the determination on Monday, said the state is at liberty to restore the matter as discharge is not a bar to subsequent proceedings.

“The call was made on 10th July 2014 for the state to come to court and put on record their position as regards their prosecution. At this stage, the court was mindful the accused had taken plea and his assets had been seized. The state remained silent for about 16 months.

“The court is aware that this case has been branded ‘cashgate’. The court still maintains the view that the rights of accused to fair trial stand in the midst of cashgate woes.

“It is on the above score that the court finds that the state has been unwilling to prosecute and discharge the accused under Section 247 (2) of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act. The state is at liberty to restore the matter as any discharge is not a bar to subsequent proceedings. As regards the seized properties the state is ordered to return the same,” reads Chinangwa’s ruling.

Chinangwa also said any aggrieved party has the right to appeal within 30 dates from the day of the pronouncement.

Meanwhile, State Prosecutor Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda has said they will appeal against the court’s decision and they will apply for a stay order of the decision pending appeal.

The state seized K3 million and $25,400 the accused was found with.

The state also seized Toyota Corolla registration number BR 228, International Cross Border Permits for Trucks KA 4791 and BS 4121, fuel cards for Total and Puma, two laptop bags, and personal cheque books for National Bank of Malawi, Malawi Savings Bank and Standard Bank, Business cheque books for Kaplan General Suppliers for NBS Bank and FDH Bank, personal passport and two folders with sale agreements for parcels of land and architectural drawings.

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46 thoughts on “Court discharge cashgate suspect Roosevelt Ndovi”

  1. s/trkbbbbbbb woyeeee.....kkkk says:

    Hard work pays vuto lili ndi ife amalawi zanthu akachita bwino,timamuganizila zambili,kma mukamuona akukanda ndipamwene mumasangalala kumuona azivutika,,,mpatseni zakezo court lalamula basi,,,,mayi magistrate chinangwa nice work muzigona kutali ndi moto!!! In malawi wi need judges like ur kind…mulungu akuyang’anile o dayz ov ur life u shud nt lack anything..peace pa malawi.

  2. bonjuor says:

    in malawi we need judges like this,magistrate chinangwa,GOD should continue to bless u and give u wat eva u ask from him by not taking sides but truth wich are on the ground,,and matter of fact wat is 3 million kwacha???? Is it a crime to walk with money in cars???malawi wea are wi going?? Nsanje ndikaduka a malawi can’t lead us anywhere….give ndovi zithu zake basi……there are people in different parts of malawi who are dealing wth foreighn currencies apolice bwaji osamakagwila anthu otelelowo mumawaopa chani?????

  3. wakwithu says:

    When th police had first arrested mr ndovi they said they had evidence that he had stolen money from the dapartment of acc general….was tha audit evidence from the department of general? Or was from the central internal audit? If their evidence was not sourced from those two gvt audit departments then what type of evidence do they have that would prove that ndovi had stolen money from department of the acc general. Did the department of the acc general call the national audit office to audit the office of ndovi. Its only the department of auditor general that produce audit ewvidence during court proceedings in a court of law. Therefore finding him with a parcel of land or tha he bought a motor vehicle that can not be evidence of by public servant link the audit findings with what he possesses. If audit evidence andicate from his office then one would relate his possessions to that stolen money from his department

    If not then the police have failed to come up with credible evidence

  4. aaaaaa says:

    The state is holding international cross border permits for mr ndovi for motor vehicles…as it is stated in the affidavit. This is onew of thew items that the magistrate court has ordered the state to release to mr ndovi….now what does that mean to any wise man in my opinion those documents means that ndovi is involved in carrying out international transportation business that means he is likely to possess foreign currency since in international transporters are paid in forex and not in malawi kwacha.besides that it is the gvt which issues oout international cross boarder permits. Through malawi road traffic dept. The thing you should know people out there is that police officers are jealousy people the way the malawi nation knows them…. They do not want those people who are industrious to prosper in other words they want to bring down those hard working people…..being prosperous is not a crime and if so arrest everyone who has 3 million and ……leave mr ndovi alone and there a lot of people with forex in malawi

  5. anzathu says:

    This is justice

  6. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    welcome back mwana wakwithu Ndovi. Kukaya kunu ku Chilumba takukolera vibomu, wakabwiri, bwankha, nda usipa. sima yakhi kondowole

  7. Enanu ndi jelous. Is it acrime to have 3mita because of cashgate? What is 3million?

  8. zaluma says:

    The problem is witch-hunting dominates the cash gate cases. The focus is on Kasambara because he is a reputable lawyer. Even the team of prosecutors are madeya okhaokha. Do they really understand these issues corruption a police ndi tumalawyer ta bomatu?

  9. Olobodoka says:

    Heheheheheeeeeeee kumalawi kwa nunkhaaaaaa uuluuuuuuu muzaona polekela mwamvaaa…….

  10. apundi says says:

    adani ako onse ndovie unawadziwa, usawagawireko zakozo

  11. Black Market says:

    We better go back to colonial era and be administered by the europeans or the chinese, we have failed to run this country successfully after Bingu and Kamuzu. The rest is trash and madness. Its unbelievable to learn that this is happening in the World where judiciary is supposed to bite and protect the future of this country. I am now contemplating to relocate to another country where I can call my nation unlike this useless land. shupiti

  12. andzalu says:

    tinkadziwa tapolice taku malawi phuma munthu amamugwila with no investigations kungoononga ndalama za boma moti mukagwile amai ndigulu lawo ndi anthu aku reserve bank kumalimbana ndi chuma choti munthu wapanga yekha

  13. Boyd Kilembey says:

    To be found with K3m in the boot and $25,000 is not a criminal offense in Malawi. It may have been an offence under MCP govt but not any longer. In fact this man with the international truck clearances has all the reasons to be found with $25000.
    The prosecutor should just bring evidence and restart the case. 16 months is a long time to just stay mum. I think the judge is very right on his ruling. Whether he has been bribed is another matter. Justice must be followed. Just bring the evidence.

  14. mpopoma says:

    The judiciary is ok. But you politicians are stupid

  15. Garu Wa Garu says:

    Judicial is rotten to the teeth in Malawi. It is a waste of time to pay these judges with all these benefits wasting TAX PAYER RESOURCES. This branch of government stinks.

  16. MAJO says:


  17. Kenkkk says:

    Unbelievable, 16 months without charge on a suspect found with such amounts of cashgate money?

    Just stop these cases, it is a waste of time!! It is absolutely not good enough to say the govt can come back and prosecute. This is a potential heavy compensation to ndovi , making him even richer.

  18. Nyamkaka says:

    The judiciary is corrupt. Malawians should not trust it.

  19. Nyamkaka says:

    This is nonsense. How do you discharge someone when evidence is there. Why was this guy keeping K3 million at the back of his car and why was he found with US$25 000 cash at home. Surely, there is a case to answer her.

  20. Wina alila says says:

    Kadddddddziko ka Malawi ssssssshould be wiped off this planet! We need to start again preferably under some colonial rule. Only in Malawi can this shit happen. It certainly would not happen during the Kamuzu era. MALAWI whaat a joke! So where did a mere civil servant get all that money from?

  21. wakuba says:

    Ma Court Alibe Ntchito Ku Malawi

  22. Democrat says:

    Controversial Malawi judiciary is just shit

  23. GRM says:

    Tili mmadzi. Who can protect us if not courts. Basi gawanani munatiberazo

  24. BigMan says:

    Only in Malawi. Shame

  25. Kondwan says:

    The state is targeting Ralph Kasambara or enawo mutamawasiya.

  26. Ma says:

    Ndovi or judge is not to blame here, blame the lemduck government your president is fully just sleeping at Sanjika, he cant even visit Capital Hill heheheeee!

    NDOVI IS FREE MAN AFTER ALL JUDGE HAS SAID IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN REVIVE THE CASE. How would feel enanu mutakhala inuyo ? You are saying chinyengo??? What if it was you just being kept in tye dock and no-one is bringing forth charges against you 16 months???

  27. MULHOPWANA says:

    Thts so professional and equitable of you Ruth Chinangwa……….why should somebody’s freedom and rights be held at ransom when the prosecuter z unwilling to provide evidence (if at all there z any)in court. Set hm free plz. Kasambala naye akuvutani. Useless govt.

  28. MULHOPWANA says:

    Thts so professional and equitable of you Ruth Chinangwa………why should somebody’s freedom and rights be held at ransom when the prosecuter z unwilling to provide evidence (if at all there z any)in court. Set hm free plz. Kasambala naye akuvutani. Useless govt.



  30. Bubu says:

    Selective justice. You delibarately show NO INTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so the court is left with no option but to discharge the case.

    Without labelling Mr. Ndovi anything, its important that the case was taken seriously and he should earn his discharge justly (acquital or charged). But you let him go like that, even without challenging it. SOME CONNECTIONS OR WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Its better you abandon ALL CASHGATE CASES YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. mbani says:

    All Those for a civil servant my foot

  32. mkuluya ndi wachipani cha chiti?mulandu wake ndi wa dr muluzi kukhululukidwa tsiku limodzi dpp woyeee!



  34. Kadonaphani says:

    Kuchita kuwoneka mayendedwe ake pachithunzipo kudziwiratu kuti zake zimuyendera. Ok, bachitani ziphuphuzo koma everything has a lifespan and a dead-end.

  35. Yebo says:

    I know Ndovi to have been an industrious person for a very long time. He has always strived to be well off. He built his business on hard work and not stealing. Its unfortunate this is linked to the so called cash-gate just becuase discovery of his transactional money coincided with the unfortunate event of cash-gating. I do not see anything wrong in the action of the Magistrate as she has given the state the opportunity to restart the case when it is ready. Otherwise, it is unfortunate to expect courts to withhold liberties just becuase the state has decided to take it easy.

  36. Mbanangwa says:

    How can you keep a suspect without coming forth with evidence?

  37. mapasa says:

    The court is right . How can they find somebody guilty when the state is not coming to say their side of the story?

    Case in Court is about facts and not beliefs. Even state itabweretsa umboni lero, where were they in the last 16 months. Mubwezereni munthu zake mulibe umboni kuti anaba.

    Munthu asalemere because there is cashgate in Malawi?

  38. Nkhedu says:

    Next tym vote for MCP to conclude all cashgate cases

  39. Evidence says:

    This should be precedence to other cases outstanding in court. what is so special with Ndovi to have his case discharged. there are people who have had cases pending in courts for many years and no discharge. I saw Chinagwa and Ndovi at Ufulu garden.

  40. Nyekete says:

    Assets declaration should not spare court judges. It is clear this judge Wadyetsedwa ponona uyu. Just upon looking at the work of the offender, and the money found with him in his house and car boot, one cannot doubt that this is cashgate at its best. Then here comes a sick judge to command that the government gives back all what the man stole. This is sick indeed. Judges of this caliber will not assist the Malawi Nation. Nyakwawa Usiwausiwa please take charge.

  41. Nkasai says:

    These are silly tactics !mukagawane ndalamazo eeeeh aboma !

    1. kakaweniweni says:

      Selective Justice. WAKUMUDZI SANGAMANGIDWE.

  42. Kunenekude says:

    zankutu aboma kulephelatu

  43. shaa says:

    koma apolisi mukadaperekeza mbava ndi asizinantole ku court

  44. Alungwana says:

    If you are failing this case then you wont withstand Kasambara

Comments are closed.

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