Court reinstates Chatinkha, Nanthumba as MCP officials

The High Court on Tuesday granted two Malawi Congress Party (MCP)members Chatinkha Chidzanja-Nkhoma and Dennis Nanthumba injunction restraining the party from firing them.

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma

Chidzanja Nkhoma was fired by party president Lazarus Chakwera a few weeks ago over accusations of dissent and  allegedly connected to the botched plot to burn down MCP headquarters.

But she challenged the expulsion, saying she never applied to become an MCP member and Chakwera could not stop her from being one..

Chidzanja Nkhoma confirmed the High Court has granted her and Nanthumba a court injunction restraining the party from firing the vocal and critic senior member of the MCP.

“We are very happy that we are back in the MCP, we will now be operating as MCP members,” said Chidzanja Nkhoma, a daughter of one of the founding members of the MCP and one of the first people in Kamuzu Banda cabinet, Mr Chidzanja Nkhoma.

The party told Miss Chidzanja Nkhoma to stop using party colours and regalia but now she can use the party materials.

This means the case will now be heard interparte, both lawyers of MCP and Chidzanja Nkhoma will battle it out in the court if the MCP lawyers applies to the court.

Chidzanja Nkhoma has openly accused Chakwera of of dictatorship style of leadership and refusal to be criticised constructively.

He is also accused of demolishing all convention elected positions and appointing his own loyalists in such positions, accusations Chakwera and MCP deny.

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40 thoughts on “Court reinstates Chatinkha, Nanthumba as MCP officials”

  1. Mzimu wa Grace says:

    When one chases you and starts swearing, ungodziwa kuti wakulephera. Why swearing at Chatinkha a kangw’ingw’i a MCP inu?

  2. dee Walker says:

    too much ignorance. She isn’t an MCP official

  3. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

    Now that she will be fighting from within Chakwera usamale. We support you madam, m’busa wokugwayu watilephera

  4. nganga says:

    So She can now start insulting Chakwera! Kikikikiki.

  5. Mchewa weniweni says:

    ochakwera musapha chipani, Obaba okhala nacho zaka zonsesi. Kakambiranani zinthu.

    1. Mwenelupemphe says:

      kumpha chipani????????? Dr JZU kept the party well and Dr Laz Chakwera has taken it to greater hights that is why dpp ikugwedezeka kuononga ma million kuti MCP isokonezeke. Tikudikila mumumange Chakwera kuti mumupangire campaign …………………. . Alomwe watizu mweeeeee

  6. Foloko Phiri says:

    Good looks intimidate in politics and so who has them in mw polotiks? why are chaps having diarrhea because of MCP?

  7. Al-Fayeed says:

    Dyela lidzatipha a Malawi ndaona basi. Dziko lathu sitimalikonda olo pang’ono, wina akhala pa mpando ndipomwe ena amayamba zawo kufuna kuti winayo awoneke olephera basi.

  8. Kodi? says:

    I thought she was already fired? Malawian courts and its lawyers.

  9. Bolero says:

    Bravo Chatinkha we need women as strong as you.are. Chakwera is a dictator we do not need people like him given a chance to rule he will be worse than Kamuzu.

    1. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

      Sure!! Chakwera must GO!!!!

  10. Bristone Mabichi says:

    I am delighted that the father to the lady was among Orton Ching’oli Chirwa when the MCP was founded. Kamuzu Banda found the party and was asked to lead.

    1. dee Walker says:

      A Blue lie

  11. kumapeto says:

    Angabeleke????? her legs are strickly for walking ………. very small as if akuyendera manja.

    1. Saswera says:

      Satan will deal with you tonight

      1. dee Walker says:

        And you are that satan? No Fear

    2. Solola says:

      Look at your mama mouth very ugly like you . Stick to facts not chilema Cha munthu..You think chakwera Ali ndi mlomo wabwino?

  12. Mbesuma says:

    I think this woman is a confusionist. Chidzanja nkhoma and your group think MCP belongs to u?. MCP can do better without this woman and her friends. Just form your own party miss, basi. We are tired of your madines, Please please live MCP alone nowwwwwwwwwwwww

  13. Central says:

    To Mis Chatinkha, some of us believe that there are some underlying reasons that motivated Chakwera and MCP NEC to act the way they acted.

    Chatinkha still need not to act as she is doing just because she might be thinking that Chakwera and NEC are being resistant!! To show maturity, she needs to keep cool and diplomatic!!

    Sincerely, going by the means she has been using and is continuing using, some of us strongly believe that Chakwera and NEC think that she is just trying to be difficult with them!!

    Sincerely at her age, I suggest she is aware that under the sun no one likes to be treated as if he/she is stupid/incapable/incompetent. If Chatinkha continues treating Chakwera and NEC with disrespect, it’s not going to be surprising if they too would be treating her the same way as well. As the golden rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    For now, I suggest its time to try to take difficult or negative comments with a grain of salt, and try to work on them systematically herself. To me I believe its now good time not to be afraid but to be the different and mature person!!! That can be shown by extending the olive branch!! Indeed its time to now try to stay levelheaded and distance herrself from the emotion and the “drama” she has been and is using with the media. She needs to remember that some shouting and challenging matches on radios are never pleasant and at the end no one wins. Please it is now time to temperatures of the arguments. If the arguments keep escalating, she needs to be taking short breaks and offer to set up another time to speak when everyone has calmed down.

    At one time Mr Tembo availed himself to mediate….!! Did she try to use him? Mr Tembo might be a supportive colleague and play pivotal role and offer enormous help when navigating tricky NEC members. I for one believes that having a supportive senior member to champion her suggestions and is convinced in your corner, confiding in him could lead to additional support.

    Once again, I for one still believe that there’s a reason why Chakwera and NEC rants are so ubiquitous and Miss Chatinkha need not think she can completely take out all they have against her because working alongside a wide range of personalities in close physical quarters such as the MCP can be enormously challenging, and it’s impossible to like all of her MCP colleagues.

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    She was fired on allegations of planning to burn MCP Headquarters and she is associated with DPP.
    But court reinstates her because she elected. now what will be disciplinary action.

    She may apologize for lying that Dr Chakwera is bad but not planning to destroy their own property. Thus too much.

  15. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

    Obaba o Chakwera mwationongera chipani basi, 2019 zoti nkuzawina ndakaika dala

    1. dee Walker says:

      keep quiet if you are ignorant Cadet

  16. Youna says:

    I admire her courage though its misplaced. She should have used her boldness as a team player in MCP. Hopefully she is not being used by the blue camp coz by the end of the day she will be dumped and reduced to nothing just like the likes of Bundaunda, Kalebe, Kutsaila, Gwengwe just to mention a few. Above all we need your courage in our one MCP and please madam lets work together for a better Malawi which has almost collapsed.

    1. Bong we says:

      The team you are talking about is there unfortunately too afraid to come out in the open for fear of reprisal as obviously you have seen .However. The negative propaganda about any collaboration with DPP is purely aimed at discrediting her message .

  17. Kokani says:

    This woman is completely useless. If she did not apply why going to court after being suspended. I think reasoning and rudeness will not take her any where. Some of these people think they are life positioned no.

  18. be humane says:

    Any DPP hand here MCP Zealots?

  19. Mbava says:

    Usova President is Chakwera

  20. kanchenga says:

    We have been through this road before. Nkhoma should ask Daza. We know how to handle issues of this nature. No true MCP will work with you. All NEC members will avoid you in any meetings. Your only friends will be those of DPP who have vested interests in your foolishness. Mark my word you will fail just like Daza. Membership is only meaningful if other members accept you not otherwise.Very soon Siddic Mia will run things for MCP in the south not as an official but as a strong influential member. Come election he will be home and dry not cheap Nanthumba who can be bought easily. MCP will not even challenge this decision. It will leave this to individual members to decide whether they will work with you or Chakwera.

    1. Bong we says:

      Unfortunately she is not a handclap per .She is not vying for any position so she will be dumped and be useless

      1. dee Walker says:

        she is a hand-clapper but clapping from the back

  21. Bong we says:

    The woman has been vindicated and she said Landlord sachotsedwa ndi Tenant .

    1. dee Walker says:

      and that was the judge not her, but in the end she will have to go. who is tenant and who is landlord? overrating herself, lol! There are many of us with parents who paid the similar price like her parents but we don’t need to be loudmouthed and call ourselves landlords. The party belongs to MCP members not Chonde.

  22. Mwanache says:

    Miss the whole old of her, no wonder no sane man can marry her . She has demonstrated that she is very rude. She said no body could push her away from MCP because she never applied for membership , why did she go to court to obtain an injunction? Search me

    1. Saswera says:

      She went to court to challenge undemocratic illegal decision by our mighty mcp illegal NEC

  23. Becks says:

    This woman needs twins

    1. Mapwevupwevu says:

      Ndipo Chakwera amudziwe Yesu!

    2. Inenso Wa MCP says:

      Unfortunately ndi chumba – satha kunyekhula

    3. Cash Gate says:

      indeed she needs twins, give her pliz.

    4. KKKKKK! By whom? yourself M/S Becks?

    5. nganga says:

      She is expired. She can’t give u twins.

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