CSOs to report Malawi govt to UN, international bodies over ‘undemocratic events’

Civil society leaders have threatened to report the Malawi government to the UN and other international human rights bodies because of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) resort to violence against its critics and other of undemocratic events.

Timothy Mtambo of CHRR, Trapence and Rev Macdonald Sembereka: Alert, Malawi is slidding towards autocracy!

Gift Trapence, executive director of Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP p confirmed the civil society orgaisations are putting together their case against the government.

Just this week, Lilongwe City deputy mayor Cecelia Kaduya was attacked  during a presidential function in Lilongwe allegedly because she switched her political affiliation from DPP to Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

The DPP also beat up MCP supporters and stripped them of their party clothes during John Chilembwe Day commemoration in Chiradzulu and beat up a member of the MCP at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe.

Trapence said the situation is expected to worsen when the elections come closer.

He therefore said there was need to end the culture of impunity in the country.

But DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila said this will not be the first time that CSOs have reported the government to international human rights bodies.

“We are not a violent party and it is not true we beat up and harass people. What the CSOs are doing is to destroy the country where they come from,” he said.

He said some issues can be dealt with within the country.

DPP’S youth cadets  are infamous for beating up the government critics  as well as responsible for  abductions and killings.

Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR) joined  CEDEP to  say it is regrettable that the country  keeps “flip-flopping” on its commitments in protecting and upholding human rights and freedoms in the country, and following a myriad of recent spate of undemocratic events.

In a joint statement signed by CHRR’s Timothy Mtambo and CEDEP’s Trapence the two bodies cite a four-hour drive from Blantyre to Lilongwe of Cecilia Kampukwe –sister to former president Joyce Banda – just for questioning for her alleged connection to a letter purporting the resignation of the country’s vice president Saulos Chilima and the attempt to block opposition  MCP supporters to welcome their leader Lazarus Chakwera by DPP political hoodlums at the funeral of late Helen Singh – both events on Tuesday – as some of such anti-human rights tendencies.

They further cite the chasing of Lilongwe City mayor Juliana Kaduya at a State function on Wednesday by DPP cadets simply because they think she is an MCP sympathiser and the searching of Rumphi East parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua ostensibly to get incriminating evidence in relation to Kalua’s alleged tax evasion crime as not being on.

CEDEP and CHRR’s also highlight that they are worried that government, especially President Mutharika is casting a blind eye on the happenings.

“It is also important to underscore the point that [the] President’s silence in all these human rights concerns bespeaks his tacit decree of reign of terror in the democratic Malawi.

“Actually, the President’s silence could prove a breeding ground for dictatorship,” reads part of the statement.

In their recommendations, they, among others, call upon government to immediately stop using the Police and DPP cadets as apparatus for shutting down civil space in the country.

They add: “The government, let alone the ruling DPP, must be the first to guard against heavy-handedness among the Police in this era of multiparty democracy supported by a progressive Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.

“Government must [also] swiftly investigate and bring to book all those behind acts of terror and barbarism against government critics so that they have their day in a competent court of law.”

According to CHRR and CEDEP, government must also formulate a specific legislation that “guarantees the protection” of the rights of activists and human rights defenders or Malawi could slowly be turning into a police state.

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I don’t see any wise comments from,mbiyache, Raul, ajasi,,,.Truth should prevail if the DDP government is acting undemocratically….. How can you say you are going to expose your stupidity by reporting to the UN while in reality, you are already stupid by harassing your opponents, or citizens. That’s being insane and unvisionary…..By the way who told you that abuse of human rights is a Malawi government policy ,not wealthy to seek Direct UN intervention… Malawi is a member state of UN,,and any kind of abuse of human rights is prohibited In the UN charter… It unfortunate that a professor to… Read more »

We will just show our stupidity as a country. UN doesnt directly get involved in policy matters of its member states.


What benefit will accrue to the common man if you report Government to UN?? You want to get more funding for your NGOs? Granted, there have been some undemocratic events but what you have proposed is not a good solution. As if to display your lack of patriotism, you have also included the issue of MRA searching Kamlepo Kalua’s house for evidence on tax evasion, are you serious? Actually Malawians should be worried about you more than the Government.


When PP arrested Peter on treason charges and drove him from BT to LL it was Ok, When Kumpukwe is arrested in BT and driven to LL it is wrong , really? When Peter was charged with treason it was justified when Kumpukwe was charged on being suspected to have played a role in the resignation letter it is wrong, hypocrisy!


Stop this nonsense because you will just show how stupid Malawians are. If you want to see and know undemocratic conduct then go to the USA or better put United States of America and the rest of countries ruled by pink noses. So why don’t you shut up and spare us the nonsense.

Richard Soko

Malawi is in the global village and a signitory to many international protocols. Our president as a constitutional lawyer should have not been condoning this. In that regard the CSO are taking the right action


If someone was beaten, if someone was chased at a meeting… yes, those r issues worthy complained. but the issue of criminals,,, like someone stealing tax, authoring fake VP letter… its nonsense for someone so called human rights defender to complain about this to anywhere, unless he/she is a politician who has hide in a human rights organization. Please on this leave respective organs do their job as it is supposed to be done. Don’t put criminals on back, don’t advocate for lawless community you so called human rights defenders.

The Partriot

Mr Kasaila, mukakhalapa msana pa njobvu musamati kunja kulibe mame! How can you say DPP is not a violent party when the cadets are causing terror to fellow Malawians including the deputy mayor of Lilongwe?
Palibe chosatha pa dziko l pansi….tsiku lina nanunso muzaziona ndiye musazatibowe ndi kudandaula…..mukuona ngati DPP idzalamulira mpaka liti?
Onse akutumbwa lero chidzaona ndi chipande powomola! Ambuyanu adzakhala atabwelera ku America inuyo mukusowela kolowera!!!

self centred

Malawian are really stupid and premature in decision making, today we can’t blame the gvt neither the party, for being violent while we were the same pole who voted for this monster and evil party stupid malawian fast to forget and quick to regret I can’t sympathise with any malawian crying for undemocratic act of this party


Hahahaaa the CSO lazy men are crying foul now. It’s high time you lazy men looked for real jobs than spending time at hotel lounges writing proposals soliciting donations. Real men are working in farms, garages, factories, shops and not on streets marching. America’s Donald Trump has vowed not to spend a penny on you lazy men. The UN is too busy to look into big issues such as the impending Korean war, Syria crisis, Afghanstan etc not petty issues concerning lazy men in Malawi.


You just knocked them down with the truth. Lazy bones must start working now.

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