Dakamau bankrolling squabbles in District Councils

A cloud of uncertainty is hovering above the Director of Local Government Services Kiswell Dakamau, a home boy to the fired minister of Local Government and Rural Development Thom Tarsizio Gowelo as it has emerged that he is the master minder of the confusion rocking local councils in Malawi.



With the movement of Christopher Makileni to the Office of the President and Cabinet, Dakamau had been harbouring the ambition of replacing him as Principal Secretary.

He has been feeding Gowelo with hate filled information against District Commissioners. The dream was dealt a big blow when government deployed Dorothy Banda to become PS II.

Dakamau was used to taking issues to the Minister regarding the operation of the country’s local councils. The minister in-turn was imposing those ambitions to the Principal Secretaries for implementation with full knowledge that the issues were a making of his homeboy.

Nyasa Times understands  Dakamau has waged a war against the 16 District Commissioners who were party to a July, 2012, petition to former president Joyce Banda which among other things requested for his removal from the Ministry.

Further to that, Dakamau is also targeting all DCs whom he suspects or believes benefitted from the Joyce Banda administration through appointments or promotions.

It has been established that Dakamau and the Minister were the ones who have been sponsoring chaos in councils.

The chaos started in Chiradzulu, where the former District Commissioner, James Manyetera had a rude awakening after the Ministry of Local Government sponsored councillors to block his office accusing him of not being dedicated to developing the district.

The ministry sponsored this unholy act because the DC was thought to be stubborn after he obtained a court injunction restraining government from nullifying a promotion he benefited during the previous administration. He was later removed from Chiradzulu and dumped at Capital Hill.

In Karonga, the DC Rosemary Moyo, another DC who obtained an injunction restraining the Ministry from demoting her, is being accused of Cashgate related doings by the Paramount Chief Kyungu controlled Council.

The ministry through Dakamau is using Kyungu to cause misery on the DC. Moyo is facing challenges from government against her duties.

Chitipa District Commissioner, Grace Chirwa is another victim. She was promoted during the same period. Government posted her away to Rumphi to take up a lower position.

She challenged the matter in the High Court in Mzuzu by obtaining an injunction.

Dakamau with the former Minister cooked up another plan by mobilising DPP hooligans to block her office. Government had posted another DC in the name of Rodney Simwaka while with full knowledge that there was a restarting order.

Dowa has not been spared. Market vendors were mobilised by Dakamau with the support of Chief Msakambewa to demonstrate against the DC, one Fanny Msimuku, another lady promoted by the previous administration. Msimuku is currently challenging government over her demotion and is surviving on the court order.

Felix Mkandawire of Nkhotakhota had had a tune to dance as well. His grave sin is being friends to the former ministry’s Principal Secretary, Christopher Makileni. He arrived in the District in March, of this year, and yet is being accused of being party to decisions which were made way before his deployment.

Dakamau and Gowelo have been sponsoring one Father Kayamba, member of the laity who was dethroned by the Anglican Church on very serious criminally suspected activities.

The fallen Priest has made himself chairman of “the concerned group of Nkhotakhota”. Resultant to this, Mkandawire was posted to the Local Government ministry to take up a non-existent position. He has also challenged the decision by the Ministry through the courts.

Another target on the list is Reghard Chavula of Machinga District. She survived her share of embarrassment when the Chairman of Machinga District Council Tayilosi Bakili turned down Dakamau’s clandestine move to do “what his colleagues are dong with DCs believed to have benefitted from the previous regime”.

Chavula is also surviving on a court injunction following nullification of her promotion and subsequent positing to Blantyre District Council as a Human Resource Management officer.

Other casualties of the evil acts include:

  • Atanazio Chibwana who was removed from Blantyre as DC and thrown to Nsanje. Reason is that he signed the July 2012 petition.
  • Bester Mandere has been removed from Mangochi and is now feeling the heat of Chikwawa, he is also a signatory to the petition.
  • Stuart Ngoka was removed from Ntcheu to head Kasungu Municipal Council, he is a signatory to the injunction.
  • Macloud Kadammanja former District Commissioner who became Director of Administration for Blantyre City during the previous regime is now Director of Administration for Nkhotakhota.
  • Richard Hara, who was Lilongwe City Chief Executive, has lost all his benefits and is now DC for Mchinji, his grave mistake taking up an appointment made by Joyce Banda.
  • Rodney Simwaka (another signatory to the injunction) a year after return from post graduate studies has no office. He is sent to districts where Dakamau knows for sure that there are court injunctions. He went to Chitipa where he was greeted by an injunction. He was later sent to Machinga, faced another injunction. Has recently been posted to Nkhotakhota where there is another injunction.

The close relationship between Dakamau and the minister has made him the most feared man in the ministry that he is now being referred to as Principal Secretary 3.

Dakamau declined to comment on the issues when contacted.


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56 thoughts on “Dakamau bankrolling squabbles in District Councils”

  1. mbuya says:

    so for you nyasatumbukas DC kupita ku chikwawa is a punishment….machende anu mwamva…..you are writing this trash just because your fellow mbwenumbwenu are affected….munya muwona simunati

  2. chatonda says:

    Dakamau is a Sena by tribe and therefore he should not damage the Sean name and culture because he wants to go to the top as PS. ZAKUTTHA IZI. DZIKO NDI LAMULUNGU, ZONSE NDI ZOTSALA. HOW DO YOU FEEL WHEN PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU LIKE THIS? God forgive you and change now than later a Bwana

  3. good advisor says:

    those who live by the sword will also die by the same sword .This is the work of disgranted poeple . Anthu amenewa anachita zoyipa kwambiri nthawi ya amayi ndipo anafika pofuna kubera mavoti koma zinalephereka. Musiyeni Dakamau agwire ntchito bwinobwino. Ndani sakudziwa ntchito za Makileni ndi gulu lake la ma Dc omwe atchulidwawa. Anthu sangakuchireni chisoni chifukwa tikakubukira ntchito zanu ndi Amayi misozi imabwera maso mwanthu. bravoo Dakamau keep it up

  4. Omex70 says:

    This wizard must face the music. This stupid man called Dakamau will pay dearly for whatever he is foolishly sowing.

  5. Wiza says:

    Napepe! Looks Muli Zoona In The Message

  6. Nenani Zoona says:

    Mabwana where ever you are, Dakamau should be removed from Local Government, he is a bad man. The DC have been tired of him. At least he was tamed during Joyce Banda administration, today he is back his deeds.

  7. Lizeo Biliyati says:

    Death by food poisoning is the best way or elimination this motherfucker, why should he terrorise innocent people like that. He is lucky he doesnt drink

  8. Sambani Mmanja says:

    Then the new minister, Hon. Nankhumwa should be watchful of this wizard called Kadamau

  9. Phwado says:

    Leave Fanny Msimuku ma hope anga alone.The woman ia a black beauty and very brilliant.Dakamau is not a Malawian.Moyo wake omwewu wa temporary wu?Ask the owner of Cassablanca Manor!Hedeeeee!

  10. Sibongile Mazibuko says:

    Inu mfiti iyi tatopa nayo.

  11. Mutu Wa Mbuzi says:

    There is no truth in the matter. What I want to urge govt is to advertise the positions of Dec’s and directors at the council. The current DCs just handpicked can’t deliver.

  12. GRM says:

    As a researcher i would like to tell everyone that an effective organization has effective systems, structure and culture. Now reading this long allegations against one man i refuse to believe that this system failure can be the work of one man. It shows that the organizations systems, structure and culture has failed. Solutions can be adopt new HR systems and proper grading and rewarding system so that the structure of the organization rewards merit and achievements and is manageable in terms of scope and size. Get out some deadwood so that the organization has positive culture otherwise i can describe the culture of the huge number of DCs compared to districts as grapevine/gossipers worth demoting.

    1. Mwama Du says:

      But all what he has allegated has taken place. This is beyond allegation circle, it must be true. We have seen DCs being victimised in all sorts just because they associated with a former leader.

  13. Bollingers Mowa says:

    Dakamau dziwa kuti masiku ako ozunza anzako atsala pang’ono, galu nzako anachoka kale. 2012 umayenela kuchoka, pano supulumuka. Nyapako

  14. zoona says:

    The first person to be transfered after dpp won was makileni. He is the one who promoted these amateurish dc’s. This article must be the work of makileni himself or any of these dc’s.

  15. zoona says:

    The first person to be transfered after dpp won was makileni. He is the one who promoted these amateurish dc’s. This must be the work makileni himself or any of these dc’s.

  16. myao says:

    Another peace pit being dug out

  17. kubela says:

    Kodi Dakamau diwakuti? Bwanji mayina ambili ndi aku mpoto? M’mabomamu munadzadza a Bwenu mbenu. Tawonani nokha.

  18. Beast Msonda says:

    The effect of the northerners’ hatred for and jealousy of other tribes in Malawi on economic development: The case of a landlocked country.

    Dakamau’s only sin he committed was to be born from the Southern region. This is enough sin to ask for his head. God is his protector.

  19. Namiasi says:

    Koma chi pitalachi nde chimandinyansatu.chinkhope anga Chadzunda.chili KWAMBEEERIIII kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  20. Herbert says:

    Leave mr. dakamau alone don’t be envious with asena anzera.

  21. Tili Chenene says:

    Kiswell Dakamu, why?

  22. Biggest Dick says:

    Koma ndikukayika ngati munthu otchedwa Dakamau mungamukwanitse. Munthu uyu kutamba heavy. Sing’anga wake ali ku Mchinji.

  23. Senzani Chipana says:

    Mutokoka mutokota, koma dziwani kuti ma DC sakumufuna Nsena Dakamau ameneyo. Ma DC akayamba chinthu amachimaliza, very soon Dakamau will be out of Local Government.

  24. John Phinifolo says:

    Inu a Malawi chonde lekani kuyikila kumbuyo anthu oyipa ngati Dakamau.

  25. Kingsley Mwikho says:

    Those of you posting comments in supporting this animal called Dakamau are insane. If he paid you, have to refund him.

  26. sauzande Dombole says:

    Whether the article was done by Makileni or not is no issue. This is a factual presentation.

  27. [email protected] says:

    Zabodza ndawonela ku ku Dowa. Zabodza izi. Makileni wofoyila iwe

  28. Gas Machine Head says:

    Makileni Makileni Makileni, this social media attempt will not work. Unfortunately your beloved mama Jb will never come back again. JB’s attempt to use you in many unprofessional and undeserving promotions, including those of chiefs on a daily basis, have been thwarted. The only hope you should rest on is probably Mr. Makileni to run as an MP in 2019, may be only then, maybe, the party you will run for will get into power, but otherwise these bogus news stories, which cannot even be published by the Daily Times nor the Nation, are are futile. Am sorry.

  29. Dimples Ngonde says:

    I stand by the truth, Dakamau is more evil than what has been published

  30. Gwanda says:

    Stupid dakamau useles fool. Sudzauwona u ps. If ma Dc tili p2 ngati iweyo u are not our boss

  31. Gowelo says:

    Dakamau indeed misdirected me wandithetsera ntchito. A bad man

  32. Mwale says:

    Makileni cant waste time writing about dakamau a faiture in life. Makileni is a ps no time for useless dakamau. Fact is dakamau ndi mfiti basi palibe cha nzeru angaloze adachita kumeneko. Udzafa imfa yowawa

  33. The whole story is useless and fabricated by ill-hearted people. Who on earth does not face the transfers that happen at any work place?

    The author of this article is ill-hearted and inhuman in nature.

  34. agnes wanzeru says:

    Christopher Makileni pepani Peter Mutharika sawerenga nyasatimes musavutike. A Joyce Banda omwewo ankakumvera. APM sangamvere zako za usatanic zakozi.

  35. JB says:

    He is an ugly man am not suprised he behaves this way. Mwana wanjoka

  36. mk says:

    i don’t think Dakamau is Gowelo’s homeboy. Dakamau comes from Nsanje ku Chididi. Gowelo must be from the central region

  37. Alufeyo says:

    Hara has not lost any benefit. He was seconded to LLCC and what he got was applicable to the post at LLCC. Hara was and is a mainstream civil servant and not a council employee so his being moved is in order.

  38. Nyirongo Batwell says:

    This must be Makileni’s work. Makileni was Director of Administration and later PS 2. How come he was making those decisions without consulting PS 1 and controlling officer who at that time was Kester Kaphaizi even bypassing Grace Maseko the then Minister. Everyone knows Makileni had been fucking those ladies achina Memory Kaleso, Fanny Msimuko, Yamikani Chitete etc. How can you promote a human resource management officer at grade Po to DC at P3 bypassing P8, P7, P5 and P4. Some of them were promoted before finishing their two-year probation as is the rules and MPSR in Government. Thats why we have more DCs than number of districts in Malawi. Makileni ndi amakewo destroyed and disabled the whole local govt system. They thought the DCs they were hiring and promoting would help them in elections. Unfortunately they hired kids and immature people but it is our local govt system which suffered. Makileni fought Stuart Ligomeka pano akufuna kulimbana ndi Damakau. That time you said Dakamau and Ligomeka are senas who came from Chikwawa lero mukuti Dakamau comes from Blantyre where Gowelo comes from. Shame on you.

  39. Kambani Zanu says:

    Thumbs up Nyasatimes, this Dakamau is an animal, he should go

  40. Nangondo says:

    Have people lost their God given minds? How can a sane person be friends with Makileni. His reign of terror and madness is over. You need to question anyone who dares call him a friend….. I can not believe this lame attempt of trying to put a halo on his head. This attempt at rewriting reality is pathetic. Lets clean up the system. This system reeks of bias. Let Dakamau be, his job requires him to oversee the District Councils, how do you do that without cleaning up the dregs that are sticking at the bottom of the district development agenda. Why has he not touched the productive and effective DCs such as Lapozo, Kalilombe, Mauwa, Monteiro, etc…. why just the Makileni incompetent appointees? Use your head!!

  41. Hagar the Horrible says:

    Koma ku Local Government kuli office politics yoopsya. I have keenly followed the goings on in that Ministry as reported by the media and come to that conclusion. What I see is that officers in that place play a dangerous game on very slippery ground. No matter how skilled one may be in playing their game, any one of them may find themselves lying flat on the slippery ground. People need to realize this and create a better working environment, otherwise… kaya. Mark my words.

  42. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Agalu inu musatinyase. Zikuchita kuonekeratu kuti walemba zimenezi ndi Makileni kapena zinziri zinzake. Kiswell Dakamau is a progressive young man and a professional civil servant. Leave him alone. Ngakhale mukuwe bwanji, he will not lose focus. Munya muona!

  43. sunderstar says:

    This article is trash there is no truth in it, it has been compiled by regionalistic minded falures to implicate Dakamau based on hearseys and the Government should not take this trash to punish innocent people. Some people are ganging up against DAKAMAU just to get him out and advance their interests, if Government has found no fault in Dakamau then who are you hiding behind Nyastimes to advise Government. If you are honest face the Government and Dakamau to challenge him, you dont have evidence you simply have hatred towards this man from Lower Shire and you want the Local Govt more especially DC’S to be dominated by people from one region FOKOFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. mwana mulopwana says:

    If you try to read this with sober mind, you will understand that this whole issue has been fabricated against Dakamau, It might be that Dakamau is a threat , the decision to demote the DCs was not made by Dakamau but it was done by govt after seeing the a normally that was done, it is high time that Controlling officers should be responsible for making their decision even after retiring because this will make people to be professional in their duties,

  45. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Wel researched story. We need detailed facts like these.

  46. The real ujeni says:

    I think us Malawians act like animals, monkeys. When are we going to be civilised and do things in civilised manner.

  47. SAPITWA says:


  48. Che Nkope says:

    God is watching you Dakamau. Dzenje lowakumbira anzako onsewa nkumavutika la 40 lidzakwana and it is you who will fall into it.

  49. commentator says:

    Rhodney Simwaka is one intellectual whose talents should be put to better use. Renghard is one humble lady whose value based living should not be wasted. Dakamau is one self serving individual whose ego trip cannot be stopped by advice. Therot in the ministry of local government is originating from mixing staff and systems from original district councils (local units of democracy) and DC’s offices that were an extension of OPC (a unit that is used to nothing but directives). Clean up the mess and let local/grassroots democracy thrive. Step 1: take Dakamau out of the way. He is a big pothore on the road.

    1. Mbiyazodooka says:

      Koma ziliko ku Nyasaland. Why are you singling out Simwaka and Chavula for praise? Am not meant to ask where you come from.

  50. Chimunthu Chino says:

    There is rot in Local Government. The only good thing in the Ministry is the PRO. Ndisaname namwali ameneyi amandipatsa nyele, ndipo thako lake limamuyenera. Kaya adzandipatsa mwai liti kaya

  51. mr fair comment says:

    Cant Opc or Dhrm intervene and sort out the mess otherwise the govt is going to loss lots of money compensating these DCs who have sued the govt paja boma siliwina milandu apart from elections and political cases against the opposition

  52. Professor Kamangadazi Chambalo says:

    Dakamau ndi mfiti. Now imagine mfiti mixing ideas from mbuli Gowelo and another stupid clueless mathanyula Bwampini what can come out of it? First grade matudzi. Malawians especially Mbendera and our judicuary why diid you allow these thugs to steal elections and cause so much unprecedented misery to malawians.

  53. Zidura Mtengo Undigwere says:

    Long treatise, but leading to nothing. No proof, just innuendos.
    The stories or claims do not really prove the serious allegations against Mr. Damakau. Hearsay is NOT proof, in life; worse in legal circles.
    Substantive evidence is mandatory in these kind of matters.

  54. musolin says:

    Fire this dog called Dakamau…why should he ill treat others as if they are working for his estate? Peter Muntharika ukuwona zomwe agalu ako akuchita but you don’t want to act….thanks you fired Gowelo but you also need to deal with this envious and naughty Dakamau

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