Daughters of Nyasa supports Namulenga Health center

Proudly Malawians women group based in England, called Daughters of Nyasa, have donated several items to patients at Namulenga Health Centre in Mulanje District.

Daughters of Nyasa: Making a donation

Daughters of Nyasa: Making a donation

Daughetrs of Nyasa donate to Namulenga Health centre

Daughetrs of Nyasa donate to Namulenga Health centre

Mtisunge Katemba, a member of the Daughters of Nyasa, presented the donation on Friday which included maize flour, soap, Vaseline and others items worth K240,000.

She said Daughters of Nyasa were concerned with problems that are being faced in Malawi public hospitals and decided to contribute to alleviate some of them.

Katemba said Malawian women in UK who belong to the group, in Midland areas like Coventry, Birmingham, Rugby and Leicester, they raise funds to help fellow women back home.

“We remain proudly Malawians though we stay abroad. Daughters of Nyasa will continue to fundraise  to help our country in one way or the other.The  Bible teaches us to give a helping hand to a brother or sister who is suffering, no matter the little we have, it is satisfying when you fulfil that,” said Katemba.

In-charge of Namulenga Health Centre, Sister Catherine, Chimwaza, commended the group for the gesture, saying at came at the right time as most patients were in need of food.

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13 thoughts on “Daughters of Nyasa supports Namulenga Health center”

  1. zingani Banda says:

    everytime one try to help or give from their pocket there are people back home see as nothing. Is it ok to beg from Muzungus who humilate u? We Malawians abroad dont have much but whatever Little we can must be appriciated. I am glad people who received the Little appreciated. we dont care you criticis it. Read the bible what it says about giving. Even here in Europé they do donate Little. What is wrong with Malawians. How much your leaders take from you? We work arsel of us us here. This is why Malawians abroad dont want to have bank Accounts in Malawi because you are so hypocrites. Lets unite and let those who can help with Little do it. You know the biggest donors are Citizens living abroad. we have been sending Money home which is Forex. Our relatives get in Kwacha but it comes in dollars, Punds Eur etc. Some Africans countries has started dual citizenship which will encopurage their Citizens to invest more and open Forex accounts. In Malawi with jealous will not do. Kondi sanje ichokela kuti? We will never develope with this this kind of mind. we can not all be the same. some people are luck. Even Twins can not be the same. Chooende musiwe manganizo aya. Titukule Chalo. Look now when they punish us of aid, its ondinary Malawians suffering. It is so shameful that every time we are punished of aid because of some indivuals selfishly has stolen Money. Maybe if we could let ourselves help each other it could be better. We should be allowed dual citizenship. many countries have it. Azungu azanthu ali nayo, Amwanje. we did not decent Malawi but some got married. Some want to come back when they are old. They will bring their pensions.

  2. james palapweza says:

    Zamanyazi zedi. or bridal shower masiku ano getting MK240,000 is nothing. Vuto lokhala kunja you miss the reality on the ground.

  3. mlauzi says:

    Let`s not trivialize charity. I as a son of Namulenga, whose ancestors migrated from the Mozambique at the turn of the 20th century, and sojourned at M`gonawambo before selling at Nhlapa village (next to Drahamani village) say thank you. Pachilomwe timati thikomo. Mphatso haichepa iyayi. Blessed is the hand that giveth

  4. kaka says:

    abale K240,000.00 mpaka pa Nyasatimes? hehehehehe, ndiye Nyasatimes idzilemba zaifetu basi. Ndiyenso ochokera ku mangalande kkkkkkkk. Charity ought to be done in silence, hey mwatani azimayi. Komanso dzinalo, mpaka Nyasa. Azimayi a Nyasa kkkkkk. Get a proper name. Thanks for the donation.

  5. we need to appreciate! whatever they spent was from their own hearts not to show off
    May God replace what you have donated to the needy

  6. namayesa says:

    Ku UK kuno tikukhala bwinobwino and we dont have to donate anything to ungrateful people! AS long as we are helping our families which most of us here do, we are okay! Nanga ku Malawiko mukutani? Kadziko kakang’ono ngati ako kukukanikanu? It’s not always how much you give but what you give!

  7. Pierre says:

    No. 2, 3 and 4. This depends. As for me, I am divided within me. On one hand I would like to keep this kind of gesture a secret. On the other hand I have learnt over time that when you give and make it public, you encourage others. They start to think in their mind and say “if this one gave something, then it means I can do it”. In fact, there is nothing like a small amount, when it comes to helping the needy. I am sure the good sisters also came for other things, so giving K 240,000 was just a part of their itinerary. However, I do not see anything wrong if they came only for this and the ticket costs seem not justify the donation. It is the model they chose in order to be impactful. They did not want to send – but to be present and express their love in person – and you cannot value love shown in person. The question we should ask ourselves is can we do the same? Give/donate even if is small. Do not count how much the fuel cost to reach there would be, make someone happy even with a little donation.

  8. kk says:

    K240,000 = R6,000 bwelanikoni azimayi. Iyi ndi amount yomwe amapanga raise azimayi a chi Malawi pa kitchen top up kuno ku JHB with only 11 members.

  9. Guguh says:

    I agree with comment number 2. Let’s learn how to give quietly. Eeish

  10. Viyazi Tembo says:

    why publicising generosity?

  11. Dennis Chamama says:

    It seems that the daughters of nyasa have spent more on their air tickets than what they came here for. Imagine, coming all the way from uk only to donate items worth $380.00

  12. 2016 welcome says:

    If the amount in the article is correct, it doesnt deserve headlines. How many pounds if we convert? Komanso a Malawi tiyeni tiphunzire kupatsa mwakachetechete .

  13. Jakasi says:

    Women from almost four cities they raised £220 only ? Ku u.k ko mukutaniko abale?

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