Dec 19 deadline for street vending in Lilongwe

Lilongwe Mayor, Willy Chapondera said the City Council will on Friday push street vendors  back to the designated places of doing business to ensure security for residents in the city.

Lilongwe city Council Mayor, Willy Chapondela and his deputy Kwame Ngwira, CEO Richard Hara addressing a news conference.-Pic by Solister Mogha

Lilongwe city Council Mayor, Willy Chapondela and his deputy Kwame Ngwira, CEO Richard Hara addressing a news conference.-Pic by Solister Mogha

Speaking at a news conference at Central Office of Information (COI) in Lilongwe Chapondera said the council has developed some mechanisms to reinforce the laws of doing business in the designated places in the city.

“This time when the council cleans up the streets these vendors will not return to do business in the streets.

“We have put in place mechanisms to monitor and secure the city and that by-laws which were enacted will be applied on everyone caught doing business in illegal places,” Chapondera said.

He further said the Lilongwe Council will strike fine on any vendor if caught doing business in undesignated places according to the laws of the city council.

The mayor expressed disappointment with the tendency of street vending which he said put at risk many innocent lives and that it devastates the outlook of the Lilongwe capital city.

“I want to ask the buyers to shun away from buying anything from such vendors. If these vendors did not have a market for their goods they could not be found on the street selling their goods,” the mayor said.

He added that the city council realizes the shortage of market to cater for many vendors however he said the city has found a place in area 22B where the council would establish a market.

“We just need to construct toilets and few blocks at the market and we will relocate them there,” he said.

Chairman for Vendors Association, Mark Namponya conquered with the Mayor that it is difficult for the Police Officers to work properly with the situation on the streets now.

“It is very difficult for police officers to identify thieves from the vendors because it is always clouded.

Street vending put many lives of people at risk especially when accidents occur, and stealing is also rampant in the city which prompts many thieves to hide in the crowd and the police fail to discharge their duties professionally,” Namponya said. –Mana

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27 thoughts on “Dec 19 deadline for street vending in Lilongwe”

  1. chakwera kabwira says:

    Now the city looks very clean and smart. The mayor is Jessie Kabwira’s uncle, so it is MCP chasing vendors.

  2. chipoya LJ. says:

    Timing factor should be put into consideration for I foresee some sabotages in this process for others will try to politicise this exercise for politics is the talk of the day.

    Please I urge the authority to wok professionally and trade it carefully/peacefully. Am not backing the vendors but how I wish it to be after christmas and new year celebrations. I see some people capitalising on this.

    All in all, God Bless Malawi!!!!!!!

  3. brutsha says:

    Inu olemba please can you demonstrate that iyi ndi area yanu of specialty. Mumadziwa kuti anthu ena akamawerenga amatenga ngati kuti zomwe mumalemba is grammatically correct? Chingerezi kungovwinyavwinya chonchi. Ayiayi!!!

  4. Gilbert Safuri says:

    These are signs of the times let’s keep on praying to God

  5. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    Dats gud news,where hav u bn wth dis wonderful dction? achoked mavendawa mu ctrt,cmumawona ma cty azathu m’mene alili? azchita kutposa ndi ma Tanzanian omwe! Zamanyaz malawi

  6. mwika says:

    Thumbs up Mr mayor. Koma mikozo ndi zina pliponse simunena kuti asachite paliponse. Ochitawo, don’t just fine them but whip them, so they will never do it again. Achenjezananso. Put bins also where people can throw in waste instead of scattering everything everywhere, zimaonetsa ngati kuti pamalopo eni ake kulibe, anachokapo. I can go on and on. But have deep reflection on how we can really make our city attractive including mum locations where there are no roads even at age 50!!

  7. chibumuzi says:

    It’s really high time we sent all vendors to their designated areas cos this will reduce crimes and women embarassment due to their dress codes

  8. RoyK says:

    Muoneponso on minibus call-boys

  9. sacred man says:

    the problem market munaika kutali ndi depot ganizanipo a #mayor

    1. brutsha says:

      Which city planning recommends a market to be near the bus terminal ? U mbuli basi ndi kusayenda.

  10. Fwefwe says:

    Ku 22b thats madnes! What about malo akale munawachotsa pa ma tax paja? Pakungowolatu

  11. Gibo says:

    In Lilongwe city the problem some of you top officials, you are the one who sends people to sell items along the road shame on you.

  12. Charles musa says:


  13. opportunist says:

    Where are they going to trade their commodities ?.I hope this is just one of talk shows

  14. john says:

    Remove all of them..don’t leave some. Cause they will come to follow their friends

  15. Mbalambala says:

    Akwame Bandawe sakutithandiza alibenso nzeru koma kumangochinda ana ayini wake mu bed seater ku area 18A/….

  16. mamuna says:

    I choose to blame myself as a buyer. Why do I buy from these vendors if I don’t like their presence in the streets? It’s high time ww, the buyers, play our role responsibly in these issues

  17. Mbalambala says:

    Mayor ndi Deputy wake onse achoke palibe chomwe akupangapo tatopa nawo panyapawonso ndipo

  18. GONANI says:

    Mayor, please facilitate this resolution. It is very, very important to secure people’s safety.
    These thugs called “TWO FINGER” make me sick!

  19. Chindazi says:

    Let it work….. Am just coming from Standard Bank Lilongwe Branch….. As I was passing through going to Shoprite, right at the Conner,,, I was about to step on a woman who is selling bananas in the paveway……. nanga choncho….. achoke basi….

  20. Blantyre looks beautiful. Where were you all this time? The mini buses are also a nuusance at shoprite and opposite toyota Malawi. Let’s love our city.

  21. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Koma mwaona chingerezi cha olemba? Clouded for crowded. Conquered for concurred. Indeed education standards have gone down pa Malawi, zonsezi chifukwa cha DPP and APM. Posachedwa timva ma Frames awina mpira.

  22. B man says:

    Mavondor tamavani mudzafa imfa yowawa machende anu mavendor amulilongwe.

  23. kaundama says:

    good move

  24. Kadakwiza says:

    Good idea,

  25. HILL says:

    Useless mayor. Za manyiiiiiii

  26. Emmatuwa says:

    chonde Amalawi chokani m’mbali mwanseu musagulitsire malonda anu m’mbali mwansuwo.

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