Declare your assets by Dec 31, Malawi  public officers told

The Assets Director Christopher Tukula has called on public officers to declare their assets in accordance with the law, saying December 31, 2014 is the deadline.

Tukula stressed that the Assets Directorate would not compromise in maintaining a high standard of public morality in the conduct of government business. He warned against failure to declare assets by public officers.

He said all public offices holders have been given up to December 31, to declare their assets to the Directorate of Assets Declaration, saying he directorate finally has office space from where all its formal operations are expected to be conducted.

Tukula:  Declares yassets by Dec 31

Tukula: Declares yassets by Dec 31

“The Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Declarations is located within the Episcopal Conference of Malawi Catholic Secretariat Office Complex, Area 11, Off Chimutu Road, City Centre, Lilongwe. It is at this Office where all the completed declaration forms shall be deposited with the Director, until the Director advises otherwise,” said Tukula.

“Every Listed Public Officer is further advised that upon submission of the Initial Declaration Form, he or she shall retain a copy of certified and signed declaration for his or her records,” he added.

He said the Initial Declaration Form can also be obtained through all Controlling Officers in the Public Service, Parliament Offices, District Council Offices, City Council Offices, Town Council Offices or the Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Declarations.

Tukula said they have given public officers  the 90 days grace period to declare assets “to thoroughly establish the present value of their property as any misrepresentation is likely to land them into trouble. It is a document of about 20 something pages and a person needs to be careful when filling it to avoid any mistakes.”

The Assets Director called on all public officers to ensure compliance.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe, announced that government had set aside K150 million for the office to start its operations.

Justice Link Director Justin Dzonzi proposed that the office should adopt a phased approach to ensure that the officers occupying offices where corruption is so rampant declare their assets as early as possible.

“In the narrower sense, it is easy to say the officers need to declare their assets now. But in the broader sense, we need to look at the details. The devil is not in the period, it is in the details. If we look at the period, that may not help us understand the details in the declaration process.

“I would propose they do in phases by categorising the public officers and then those offices where corruption happens most should be targeted first and thereafter graduate to other small offices,” Dzonzi said.

However, Tukula said the extension will enable public officers to have enough time to assess their assets and present clear information about their property.

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The Patriot
Lessons from other countries will be in order here! In one country assets declaration by Public officers includes the following: 1. Assets: money in the bank, houses, businesses etc 2. Liabilities: loans etc 3.Net worth: Value of assets minus liabilities People may wish to know that the spouse, children and close relatives of a public officer are also required to submit their assets declarations. This is done so that the public officer should not be tempted to hide his or her wealth in her close relatives accounts. Business interests of close relatives are also declared, so that they do not… Read more »
mr khalani
Mk150,000,000 was allocated to this Department, for what? a waste of resources. I dont see any one declaring their assets, have they stopped stealing? blatant liers all of you! who do you think you are deceiving? just go ahead with your looting and plundering of public resources until you are satisfied, we dont care! I am a civil servant and work like a slave, am not even considered for promotion, let alone field trips, my children sometimes ask if am still employed because they dont see the difference between a civil servant like myself and a vendor. I am surviving… Read more »

Kanundu chichi? If I declare today tomorrow all my corrupt deals will be in the names of my relatives and not me. Even those being persecuted today due to cashgate have assets not in their names and government has failed to reach out or seize. Bingu registered his empire in BINETH Trust…..simungangodzuka lero kuti chuma ichi anaba Bingu, you will be told it belongs to all those named in BINETH. Every problem has its solution.


Declaring assets my Ass!!! Bingu entered office worth 100 something millions but left ( well read that as died) in office worth about 62 billion. Thats billion with a “B”, WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO? He acquired real estates like crazy, got offshore accounts, did you do anything to ask any questions? Surely that was not from his president’s salary. Zachamba basi. Kumangopanga malamulo without following them through. Or should I say malamulo with selected justice!!


Are Traditional Chiefs Public officers?

If yes they must declare their mbuzi which they got!
Hot debate what you think?


Mr Tukula gwirani ntchito yanu wina asakupingeni…

This Office will help Malawi minimise corruption and promote good governance!!!

Also Assets of Government must be declared to avoid any abuse!

Other National Places must be declared National Heritage Sites to avoid tresspassers and abuse!

Eg Lake Malawi,Mulanje Mountain etc must be part of the assets of Malawi,they bring income to Malawi through Tourism!

Traditional Chiefs must also declare their assets to avoid abuse of power!

titus Scoti

Who is a “public officer”? Kodi ndi wosesa yemwe?

The Truthful One from the West
The Truthful One from the West

Mr Tukula has also to declare his assets. He needs to be transparent by informing the public when he is going to declare his assets or has he declared already?

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