Demos set for Lilongwe City CEO ouster

Hundreds of workers at the Metropolitan council of Lilongwe are set to down their tools this week in protest of return by former Chief Executive Officer Richard Hara, Nyasa Times has been informed.

Hara who was given a posting orders to head the Blantyre District Council returned to office in the capital after seeking a court relief.

Hara: To face demos

Hara: To face demos

But his return is set to open up a tear gas cannister in a sealed room as workers felt relieved when he was posted away.

“We have discussed with the Local Government ministry that this man is an embarrasment, doesnt know how to treat workers with dignity and has no plan to set good standards for the City,” said one employee.

The former city chief was appointed into the office from Mzuzu by former President Joyce Banda to replace what others describe as industrious and successful city chief ever, Kelvin Mmangisa who is now CEO for the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA).

Hara a Public Adminstration graduate from Chancellor College, has failed to spearhead the council into high performance by turning around the lives of city rates payers through good service delivery such as better roads and improved sanitation.

The hundreds of workers want government vacate what they call “silly injunction” which they alleged to have enabled him return into office and clean up shady deals in procurement of materials like celamic electricity poles and installations.

Meanwhile, the interviews for new Lilongwe City Chief Executive Officer are slated for next week. An advert was floated in the media last month, the shortlisting has been concluded and the interviews will take place on 22nd September, 2014.

These will be overseen by the Ministry of Local Government’s appointments board, LASCOM.

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55 thoughts on “Demos set for Lilongwe City CEO ouster”

  1. Achoke Chidazi and let Kelvin Mmangisa come back if possible. He totally failed to develop mzuzu.

  2. Achoke mtumbuka ameneyu nepotism too much. Boma la JB linadzadza ndi otumbuka mbava. Why LL City headed by a northerner when mzuzu z alwayz headed by a northener. We need creative and industrious CEOs lyk Kervin Mmangisa. Atumbuka odayamba utumbwa nthawi ya JB.

  3. Kanyimbi says:

    Kodi anthu akuzolowela bwanji? Mwapangidwa transfer ndiye mukutenga Injunction mukuopa chiyani? Kalipo kalipo wa mkota sakandira pachabe.

  4. Tiko says:

    Eeh kwa amake nkudowa poti bambo ake a Hara sadaloole, ndiye ife tidampititsa kudabwe. Musewere naye muona chilembwe chadazi.

  5. stanicious says:

    achoke mtumbuka ameneyi

  6. you says:

    Kodi ma employees akangoti bwana sakumfuna nde kuti basi zichitikedi? Iwowo amawafuna ndani? what is wrong with this guy abale? Takutopelani tsopano it seems alipo amene akumafuna maudindowa nde akumatuma anthu to start protesting. What we musnt forget is that anthuwa anapanga apply, were interviewed and selected. Ngati uyu was posted somewhere and got injinction, musiyeni a court adziwa chopanga koma why ma demo? kusowa chochita eti!

    Bwanji osapanga ma demo za cash gate apa!

  7. Naganza says:

    Is there anytime someone appointed and is not connected to region and tribe. The problem with all Malawians is these two things, Tribalism and regionalism. People should be appointed without connecting them to where they come from and what tribe they are. When Malawi or Malawians stop this nosense then we will have a better democratic Malawi. As long as we think like this we are far behind the civilization. It is leaders fault. When leaders ar Nepotism and tribalism then the whole society is affected. Kamuzu Banda was a dictator but he never appointed people on high rack on ground of region or tribe. If he had done that the whole Malawi was going to be ruled by Chewa. And all the Chewas could have got education without passing. The only leader who brought tribalism and regionalism to Malawi is Bingu Wa Muntharika and his brother Peter who has continued to do so. These people dont even know how Malawians lived while they were abroad. But Malawians are to blame for their choice of leaders. Malawians who have lived here all the time dont trust each other or they are jealous of each other. How can one elect a stranger for leader? aS A ZAMBIAN i DONT UNDERSTAND.

  8. big thought says:

    Anthu inu mukundisokonyeza kwambiri. Kodi kwawo kwa Mr R Hara ndikuti. Munthu sakhala ndi kwawo kumaboma atatu ena akuti ku Ntchisi ena ku Dowa komanso ku Mpoto, ndiye timve ziti. Musiyeni komweko ndi m Malawi ameneyo ndipo ntchitoyo akugwirira ku Malawi osati ku RSA.

  9. Zolokere says:

    It is high time our politicians shud not have too much powers in these appointments. Each president who comes transfers top civil servants or demotes them. Richard was a CEO for Mzuzu city and just got transfered to LL whilst already holding CEO title ndiye tinganene kuti ndi wa amai? Look now president wina aliyense amafuna kuti senior positions shud be occupied by his sympathisers. This is victimising innocent people. The man has his good qualifications and has worked for several years but this is what he gets in return. If there is a problem, it shud be solved internally because nobody is an angel and we all make mistakes. By planning to go to streets, it just shows how uncivilised LL city workers are. Kodi mukufuna mukhale a CEO ndinuyo? Any CEO to you is bad ndiye wabwino adzakhala ndani? Somebody is behind this devilish act and for sure 40days yake izakwana. Leave Hara alone and please let us work and cooperate as Malawians regardless of tribe.

  10. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The Metro Council of LL is in turmoil, and this is not the first time in recent years. Appears that tribalism has been entrenched in that governing body. What to do? I propose asking the President, APM, the no nonsense one, to appoint a new CEO. APM appoints based on merit, nothing else! He seriously studies a case before acting. Osati zakale zija (unlike Joisi Banda’s haste appointments, always based on the person’s tribe or origin).

  11. aMuhamun'na o'Kambona says:

    Many tribalists on this forum are insinuating that this “mini-revolt” by the workers is led by aLhomwe. Just to perpetuate the vitriol against APM, and his tribe by inference. So it turns out the leaders of this insurrection are mostly aChewa. Now, which major tribe is NOT tribalistic, in this country?

  12. mulhima says:

    The problem is with the Local Government PS himself, he is being used like a condom by Dakamau, Dakamau is very corrupt and behaves like a good boy to the PS in order to fulfill his selfish motives, he got money from Financial analysts to be given the position of Chief accountants without following Government procedures. He has picked his brother inlaw Kamba and a home comrade from the lower states Mtiza to the position of principal accountant, he was behind the mess of demoting some competent and qualified District Commissioners.It is high time the Government hired a competent PS, expect more troubles from this ministry.

  13. mbwenu-mbwenu says:

    Nkhani ili apa sichifukwa cha mtundu mwava inu ampoto, koma khalidwe lakuluwa, si achewa kapena alomwe okha akhuzidwa kuliso atumbuka ambirimbiri amene analowa ntchito chifukwa cha emweyo Pano amutembenukila. Osadzivera chisoni kuti chintumbuka chizanu chikupitiliza kuononga chimbiri chanu chonyasa.

  14. Gringo says:

    Mufuna kubwere DC Karonga, Rose?

  15. Mungulu says:

    Malawi is rotten with tribalism, regionalism and ukape. Simutuka mudya mbewa zambweya ache mpaka na liti?

  16. nkhedu says:

    angopasa zake basi. paja zianthuzi zikunamizira transfers kuti ziyikepo zisiru zinzawo

  17. Patricia Kaliati says:

    Kaya zanu izo.

  18. Quota system says:

    Nepotism just like the stupid muhlakhos. Ndiye anthu akamati federation muzinena kuti ayi. Mukugawa anthu ndinuyo. Stupid zanu nonsense. APM azayikako mulomwe kumeneko.

  19. rational says:

    i can see some hatred against lomwes here. so it should be ok if it were either chewa or tumbuka but not lomwe! hahahahaha!

  20. Ineyo says:

    Do the City Council workers have the power to determine the CEO’s tenure and/or terms of employment?

    I think that boycotting duties is not a solution. After, the council workers do not employ the CEO. If the CEO is that bad, it is the government’s system of staff monitoring and evaluation (appraisal) that is at fault. That just calls for Public Service Reforms to ensure that good CEOs are appropriately rewarded and the bad ones similarly punished.

  21. Dadaboma says:

    The tribalistic chewas did not know that Hara is one of them. They thought, by looking at his name, he is from the north, like Donton was and thought of chasing him like they did with late Donton on grounds of coming from the north. Shame.

  22. Ma says:

    Mwangodana naye nalungana ndi mfunda X wakewo who do you want to fool? What did Mmangisa do to LL? Stupid employees. There was Donton there too you rejected while in his time lots of things changed.

    Just wait APM will bring Mlahko there and you will cry even more.

  23. za nosense ayi says:

    Ngati simukudziwa zinthu muzifusa.Mr. Rechard Hara amachokera ku Madisi ku Dowa osati kum’poto mukunenako.Iknow him very well,he iz my primary and secondary school classmate.Ndipo ndikunena pano bambo ake ndi a group villageman.So sindikuziwa ngati kwanuko munthu obwera amakhala mfumu.Ngati walakwitsa tangodzudzulani zomwe walakwitsazo,osati kumukumba mtundu,taonani mwakumba zabodza.Bwanji manyazeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  24. chikoya says:

    Woyipa ameneyu, anatichitira divert mijigo kwathu kwa T/A Mzikubola, mswaphira village, in Mzimba in 2007 ali DC that time, polemba fake borehole drillers omangonamizira kuti madzi sakupezeka and yet we already paid the necessary local contribution to the mzimba/m’mbelwa assembly. Up to now, pple drink from wells in the area , 50 yrs after independence. He is a big crook, indeed.

  25. Ohiya says:

    Numer 10 Henga ngati ukunena zoona wandigwira mtima zedi. A Malawi kukumbirana maenje kuti ena agweremo monga mmene anchitira ena ku NAC ndi menenso akuchitira amai kukolezera moto kuti a ku Mpoto aziti afuna boma lawokaha. ati iwo adzakhale pulezidenti wa Nyika Republic. Nanga si olowoledwa komweko. Chonsecho kuno ku BT anzathu a kumpoto ali thoo. Ena adabwera kale akhazikika anachira retire ndipo tikukhala nawo bwinobwino mwantendere popanda vuto. Amai kufuna kupweteketsa anzathu a ku Mpoto thru Rev Nzomera Ngwira. DPP and APM mukulimbana nawaonatu adzapita koma alawi wdzakhalapobe. Kutereko ati anthu ayambe kuyenda ayambenso kuba ndikuotcha zinthu achitetezo akawathira teargas aziti DPP ikupha anthu. Amalawi tikanachepetsa nsanje ndikulimbikitsa chikondi. Koma dziwani kuti maenje amene mukukumbira anzanu ndithu mudzagweramo nokha Mulungu si munthu kuti anganame.

  26. Papa says:

    Indeed its a stupid injunction, why does he want to cling, he is a Joice Banda plant and sympathiser. This is APMs government, achoke basi. Dont accept him akalembedwe ndi Mr Injunction. Thief, thief go away.

  27. Economist says:

    mutewaka Hara! Hara! Hara! wakahara a nyinamwe?

  28. Chitselekwete says:

    OChewafe kupusa!! Why do we allow obwela to be our CEO? Tell me if this would happen in Mzuzu or Blantyre? Zimandisanzitsa izi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kanthu Ako! says:

      This man is Chewa from DOWA. So if you are chasing him because you think he is Tumbuka, you will kill your own. BUZI

    2. JJB says:

      I agree with you Ochewa ndinu opusadi.

    3. Mungulu says:

      Sindiwe mchewa iwe. Ochewa sasankha ndiye chifukwa chache O’ Hara ukuwanenawa ndi a ku Dowa, mchewa weni weni.

    4. Mbolo says:

      u mean DOWA is not a chewa district????????? u mean dowa is not in central region???????????????? u seem how stupid malawians can be just looking at the surname then hate comes in without asking where he comes come, this idiot comes from dowa not northern region sad his surname will make him blacklisted shammeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    5. Mungulu says:

      Iwe galu! hara safunika koma Biznawati? Bvuto lako ndichani?

    6. Daniel Phiri says:

      Believe it or not, Hara is actually not a northerner, he is from Ntchisi (Vusi Jere area?). He certainly is not Tumbuka…

  29. Mr Nice says:

    Ku Mzuzu tinamthamangisa ameneyo khalidwe alibe. Post him to head one of the Trading Centres in the south akamve Khwawa

    1. Gab Mwale says:

      He is from Dowa tu osayiwara- Mukumudziwa inu ameneyo??

  30. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Azipita, akapange federal state ku mpoto

    1. PM says:

      Richard Hara is from DOWA and not from the NORTH

    2. Paulos Banda says:

      Anthu inu Richard ndi waku Ntchisi siwa ku mpoto. Muzifufuza kaye musanapange comment pazinthu.

  31. Henga says:

    Ku City ko kuli Milanzi ndia amene ali poison amafuna mpando wa Chief Executive amakanena mabodza ku Local government ameneyo ndi amene amaononga ndalma ali ndi nkhani ya ma gost workers ameneyo nda amenenso anampangira chiwembu mmangisa Demoyo he is the one who is behind kuchotsedwa kwa anzake. Ochotsanu find out more before you act. Milanzi Dzenje limene wkhala ukukumbira anzako udzagwamo wekha. Kodi MMangisa samatha ntchito Haranso Sakutha ntchito Nanga bwanji Mmangisa lero wapatsidwa mpando wina. Ask the workers they are still crying for MMangisa he was a good CEO. ever after DONTON WONZUNA MALEMU UJA. Once again find out who is behind kuchotsedwa kwa wanthuwa.

  32. Sakala Francisco says:

    Kaphaizi is useless

  33. Gerald says:

    A Milazi mukuvutana ndi Hara? Munya muwona

  34. pearson sadala says:

    Good things dont last

  35. Gerald says:

    Hara is not transferable. He is on appointment. Kaphaizi is very dull Ps

  36. Twabwi says:

    Kaphaizi sakutifunsa ife. Sakumva sadziwa chilichonse. Mbuzi ya Ps

  37. patricia says:

    Leave Hara alone. Kaphaizi is foolish Ps. He appointed HaraCEO. And now he transfers him. You transfer sosomeone nsf is on appoappointment. This Ps is very dull indeed. He has messed up local government big time. Why is government keeping this idiot of Ps?

  38. SOTHINI says:


  39. Wodandaula says:

    Koma ma CEO ali mmadzi bwanji. It was Thawe of BWB and now is Hara

  40. Mbolo says:

    sadly they think he is a tumbuka but this hara is from dowa, we just share the same tumbuka surname!!!!!

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

      That’s not the point. If he’s full of shit, achoke basi.

    2. Peter Nthalika says:

      Atumbuka mwayamba kukanana! Hara aliyense ndi mtumbuka basi.

      1. Tchaka Zulu! says:

        Ayi ,Hara uyu ngwkudambwe!Ndi kavimasanza .Ngwa Nyau,gule ndithu!Mudzamuone akadzavula nsapato vikang’a!

        1. Malawiana says:

          Nzoona Ohara ngakuDowa pa Madisi apa. Koma mainawa atipweteketsa zedi. Dala kuyambira lero muziti ndinu Ohara apo bii okuchitani feduleshoni.

        2. wanyabuvi kate says:

          ki ki ki ki ki. wachita bwino Hara yu ndi wa Nyau. Akana khala Mtumbuka ma comments akanakhala 3000 kumunana koma kungomva kuti ndiwa gule ena angoti ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! tribalism at the best. Anthu a gulenu, UUUUUUUH.

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