DPP cadets mar glittering Labour Day activities, clash with workers on May Day

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets and overzealous ruling party supporters on Monday marred the Labour Day activities in Blantyre as they clashed with some workers.

Some of the DPP cadets

It all started when the workers, most of whom are Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) members sang songs based on the challenges they are facing.

In one song, the workers lamented high taxes that are making them poorer than ever before.

However, this did not go down well with the notorious DPP cadets and some party supporters who insinuated the workers were insulting President Peter Mutharika.

They then started singing songs in praise of Mutharika and his DPP, drowning the voices of the workers who were commemorating the International Labour Day.

The cadets claimed union leaders mobilised Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members and gave them union t-shirts to sing bad songs about the president and his DPP.

Union leaders who spoke at the function lamented of low pay and poor working conditions.

Mutharika then ordered his Labour, Manpower Development and Sports minister Henry Mussa to institute talks with the MCTU and workers representatives to raise minimum wage which is pegged at K690 per day.

However, Mutharika, Mussa and union officials who spoke did not speak of the clashes between the DPP supporters and the workers.

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11 thoughts on “DPP cadets mar glittering Labour Day activities, clash with workers on May Day”

  1. Tangwena says:

    Thats why I did not participate. I dont even want to see these stools. When did anyone command love through intimidation? Kukhala chikwati, tikanati akugwililira.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    Remember Malawians,ONCE BEATEN TWICE SHY.Literally,cadet simply means: YOUTH IN TRAINING FOR OFFICER STATUS IN ARMED FORCES.In reality,DPP Cadets are in the shoes of the former brute MYP that brutally terrorised our people under the brutal regime of the Malawi Congress Party led by the most vicious dictator Africa had ever produced.Malawians,this is the time to oppose the formation of the brutal gang used by the ruling regime to intimidate and supress peoples’ democratic rights.Right now we are seeing the resemblance of the former barbaric MYP in action.WAKEUP MALAWIANS!!!!!!

  3. Abn says:

    Kkkkk…koma zili Ku Malawi NDE zachilendodi ya!!kkk..zikomo bwana mwationetsa zachilendo Ku Malawi kuno.

  4. Dum Magulajena. says:

    Nonsense DPP and it followers.

  5. ochakwewa says:

    Munthu ukakhala opanda mpamvu kamayenda pa mdima umaopad ngakhale nkuntho wa mphepo,apapa DPP ilindimantha coz ikudziwa kut anthu sakuyifuna komano mdani amene ikuopa is not worthy kumaopedwa coz MCP nde ndomatendanso pawokha apa nde bola kumaopa tchwe mwana tchwetu,

  6. That is just showing umbuli it means they don’t know the meaning of labour day that was not party function it is for the whole world.

  7. Rift Valley says:

    China nchina fisi anakana nsatsi. Blaming every thing on MCP? My foot!! Very scared indeed of MCP

    And DPP does not agree with the findings of the survey which hconcluded most people in Malawi have little trust in the President. How can you put your trust in someone who looks on while hoodlum’s are sabotaging a legitimate demonstration? To the so-called Cadets, I say there is a time and place for everything. Unfortunately this occasion was not one of such place and time.

  8. Sipidy says:


  9. Gifiti Tsoka says:

    Msonkhano wa boma mukuusandutsirnji kukhala msonkhano wa Chipani?
    Tili ndi nkhawa chifukwa chitetezo cha anthu wamba chikumaakhala chochepa ndi mmene
    akumachitira anyamata anuwa……(macadet)

    Chonde isiyeni MCP nkhani sikuwakhudza.

  10. Lit says:

    Azibambo anu akulandira K2.00 inu mukuombera mmanja. Ana opusa inu kwambiri.

  11. PHSYAKULA says:

    kkkkkk koma Dpp mukuiopa MCP.
    Mukalakwitsa chili chonse ndi MCP.
    Aliyense akakulangizani kapena kukudzudzulani ndi MCP. mmmm!!!!!!!

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