DPP kicks Malawi VP Chilima ouster into motion

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has now rolled out a plan to kick out Vice President Saulos Chilima from his position by bringing up tramped out charges including the cliche  accusation of ‘running parallel structures’ which it used on another of its former Vice President  Joyce Banda who later governed Malawi on constitutional order.

Mind the gap: President Mutharika and vice president Chilima

Mind the gap: President Mutharika and vice president Chilima

Insiders confided in Nyasa Times that the plan is to impeach Chilima and fire several cabinet ministers who are feared to have aligned themselves to the Veep.

The first plan is to discredit Chilima and his cabinet collegues by using the DPP mouthpiece propaganda newspaper and online publication and this was rolled out on Friday through the Globe Newspaper which is owned by DPP gurus which include cabinet ministers Kondwani Nankhumwa, Henry Mussa and DPP MP Noel Masangwi.

In its latest edition, The Globe carried a story with a banner headline; ‘APM Beware’ Forces of darkness wish him dead, DPP top brass join the bandwagon.

The article insinuates that some top DPP officials have been sponsoring the bad publicity of Mutharika and that they are advocating for his death or ouster before February 2017.

It also alleges issues of witchcraft, saying the president has ‘escaped death by a whisker through magical tactics right at State House’.

However, a source privy to the plan revealed that this is a strategy  in motion where they want to start building a case against the Veep and some of his cabinet colleagues who are seen to be aligning to him so that they should be booted out and replaced with their ‘own people’.

“This is part of the plan. After this they will build a case against the Veep and push for his impeachment in parliament and already plans are underway to come through to Speaker of the National assembly Richard Msowoya and some MPs for the move, so its not surprising that their own mouthpiece newspaper would carry that kind of story,” said the source.

The source said at the moment there are deep divisions in the cabinet as some of the ministers are being sidelined in party strategies for aligning themselves to Chilima.

“One of these ministers who has been left in the cold is Patricia Kaliati. If you were attentive at the Press Conference addressed by APM on Friday, she was there but was not recognized,” said the source.

“Very soon there will be a charge of ‘running parallel structures’. This is the same charge they used against Joyce Banda to expel her from the party a few years ago,” revealed the source.

During the news conference, Mutharika said his detractors wanted him dead so that someone takes over and DPP fields a weaker candidate.

Mutharika stressed that  he is in excellent health.

“I am in excellent health. I am not sick,” Mutharika told journalists.

He explained that if he was seriously ill he would not have returned to Malawi because the US – where he was – has excellent health facilities.

“My heart, my kidney, in fact my body is in perfect condition. I only have one small problem – my right hand. I have rheumatism which sometimes makes it go numb as was the case when I arrived at the airport,” said Mutharika.

Waving at the media with his right hand, Mutharika said: “My right shoulder is now 80% fine,” explaining that it will be fully recovered in two weeks.

Challenging that he was far much healthier than journalists who were asking him questions, Mutharika lambasted the media for alleging that he was either incapacitated or dead.

“I am not incapacitated. People should also differentiate between incapacitation and sickness. The president can only step down if he is incapacitated not when he is just sick,” he said.

According to Mutharika, it was a mistake for anyone to hide illness because everyone became ill at one point or another.


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be humane

Nyasa, are you serious with what you are writing? When have you started believing the so called DPP online publications? are you telling us that what these DPP online site is true when all along you have crashed it as rubbish? When have found sense in their writings? Your inside sources needs revisit. they deliberately give you false information to make you foolish journalists but you are not realizing that. Nyasa, its time to review your strategy of inside sources


Rumour mill and its rumour mongers! Malawians behave as if they week has 9 days and their year has 15 months. They kill all their time by rumour mongering. How can someone who does not have a position in the party be accused of creating parallel structures in the party. The VP does not have any position in the party, therefore how can they remove him from the party in which he does he is an ordinary member if any?


10 plus comments on this gossip…1 comment on “48% of Mzimba residents lacking sanitation facilities – study”. Starters,this is how Malawians divide their energies.Please stop donating your hard earned dollars!


Tatopa ndi ma blackout bwanji ku escom nobody is being fired for such poor service. May we need to hire engineers from abroad ma engineer ku escom wa lephera, chaka 20 timamva blackouts will be thing of past but it is only getting worse. how do people sleep in such heat without power, fans.

HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?
HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?

DPP sidzatheka.


This nation should brace for tough ride, much tougher than what is being experienced now. When the blame game and the political underhand issues continue this way one knows that term is coming to an abrupt end.

Kwacha Malawi

Nyasatimes mwatumimwa kuti mupereke chiopsyezo pakati APM ndi VP eti! This is absolutely blue lie and all along VP has been in good relationship with President. This is Nyasatimes propaganda….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………… nenani zina osati zimenezo ai. Let us learn to respect one another, mawa mudzakhala muli inu mukulamula dziko. President amakhala m’modzi nthawi imodzi osati awiri. Nyasatimes wait until appointed time you shall see that running government its a serious business.

Dowa boy

Very true


May be, but the story is difficult to believe.

Handsome Chaponda

YES!!! Another day in Nyasa! A smear which will erupt anytime like a volcano! It was a rumour that the president was ill and the state house vehemently denied it, only to say ‘YES’ before the very same rumour mongers at the press conference, what a stupidity. The whole of Professor and his fellow PHD holders. What a contradiction!!!! Indeed the rumour mill grinds on and those concerned will be crashed when another government takes over!! Sikale.

Thick and creamy

Mmmmmmm nyasa times in this game called politics anything can happen that is why they say there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics….but this article mungofuna kudanitsa anthu


Zoonadi akungofuna kudanitsa anthu.

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