DPP officials in fatal road accident, one dead

Some members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have been involved in a fatal road accident in Phalombe district where one official died on the spot, police have confirmed.

DPP vehicle Toyota Hilux Registration number BP8671 with 10 party officials on board overturned at Nalingula along Phalombe-Migowi after the driver failed to negotiate a corner.

One of the officials, Victor Mwenda aged between 25 and 30 from HHI in Blantyre died on the spot; another victim has been referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) for treatment while others are currently being treated at Phalombe health centre and Holy Family Mission hospital.

The officials, according to Phalombe Police were on their way to  funeral in Mitekete which is in Parliamentarian Anna Kachikho’s constituency.

“The accident happened at around 2am today (Thursday September 25th). Some of the officials are said to be from Blantyre while others are from here in Phalombe,” explained Phalombe police publicist, Augustus Nkhwazi.

One of the victims is the party’s Phalombe district governor, Lawrence Makata. There is no immediate statement from the party at meantime.

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46 thoughts on “DPP officials in fatal road accident, one dead”

  1. Mr Nkhawa njee says:

    DPP send your drivers to driving school so that they really be drivers otherwise you will all perish with these road accidents

  2. Big Audience says:

    May his soul RIP and i wish a quick recovery for de injured

  3. Emanuell thembachako says:

    Kuchepesa ziwanda thank u lord

  4. Andrew Gracious Phiri says:

    May His soul rest in peace. Those in hospitals,i wish u quick recovery so that u come and see how the Malawi government will be governed by Rev Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in 2019.
    Condolence to the DPP

  5. Andrew Gracious Phiri says:

    May His soul rest in peace. Those in hospitals,i wish u quick recovery so that u come and see how the Malawi government will be governed by Rev Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in 2019.

  6. Chalu Chamala says:

    Police Should Rei nvestiget The In Professional Way N Produce Satsifactory Report On Fatal Road Accident. 2 Am? Dd Thy Realy Go To Funel May Be Somewhere Else? Wy Cameraman Only? Dpp Officiolz Shuld Clearly Tell Th Truth About This Accident, 2 Am ??????????????Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! Wy Not Setng @ 6 Am? May Soul Rip.

  7. Harris says:

    Get Well Soon To Those Injured & R I P To De One Who Died.

  8. Smart namwali says:

    Very sad may his soul rest in peace,and get well soon to those injured

  9. Dk says:

    you make fun over the dead yet you do not know how and when you will die.May God forgive you before it is your time. To the affected,may God be with you

  10. mpopoma says:

    Alomwe NDE ombwambwana. Chamba eti?

  11. Ngoni10 says:

    Akholophethe kodi omwe ali kwa anzawo ndindani atumbukanu ndi alomwewo komatu mukuonetseratu kuti ndinu anthu odzikonda komanso abale anu omwe ali mma region ena akukudandaulani

    1. kholophethe says:

      Iwe Ngoni moti siukudziwa kuti tsankho la DPP ndi Alomwe likuti wawa. In case you do not know there is poverty per head among Lomwes than northerners. This is why in BT there is plenty of cheap labour eg housemaids.. go to Mzuzu and you will have to order cheap labour from the south. Inuyo Alomwe mukulimbana ndi munthu woti mulungu wamudalitsa. tiyeni nazo tiwone m’mene zithere.

  12. Muzga Wacharo says:

    Kwasala mbuye wawo akamachoka kunjaku

  13. Yoram says:

    Ngozi kuchuluka kwambi.

  14. shaibu wanemanema says:

    the vehicle used is the same that was used way back to carry panga knives pipo who were moving around blantyre threatning pipo on 19 July

  15. shaibu wanemanema says:

    May his soul rest in peace. But why 2am? This is raising eyebrows

  16. nadezdha says:

    mavuto saona nkhope!

  17. Nthawi 2:00am tell the truth

  18. Jose' says:

    It is the most unwise thing on earth to make fun of a death. The deceased, Mwenda, should be one of you maTutsi. If you had any drops of brains remaining in your persons, you would feel sorry for the deceased. Has politics overtaken us so much that we can no longer feel for our own death. Atumbuka ombwambwana inu

  19. Alungwana says:

    From Bt to Phalombe at 2am? So sorry for that.

  20. 5524 says:

    Kufa. Kulipo kaya.

  21. Nkhondomukaya says:

    Imfa ndi yowawa ngati qourter system.

  22. wee asene mesi pp oyeee says:

    slowly by slowly zilango za yamba kukwapula for the evil of stealing three million chakuti of our vote lets wait and see wat God will do to this axis of evil one by one wil go

  23. Kabwiro says:

    Atumbuka ndikhalidwe lawo, anakulodzani. RIP

  24. real phalombe resident says:

    anafika kale ku maliro ko amenewa kwa ana kachikho masana ndiye amakayenda kaye usikuwo muziwa anthu amalawa pang’ono akudikila kut kuche ndiye corner ili pamenepo sakuidziwa bwino bwino . . . . . . . . . .

  25. zellia Manda says:

    May the soul of this man rest in peace. For those who dont know, Victor was a video camera man. He used to cover various functions including weddings, funerals etc and on this trip he was assigned by to shoot a video and take still photos at a funeral ceremony in Phalombe(Ana Kachikho). He wasnt anywhere close to being a DPP supporter or whatever. He went there simply to do his Job.

    1. Mtumbuka says:

      RIP Victor, we shall miss you.

    2. Ma says:

      No 16 mmayesa akuti Mwenda was DPP official iwe nde ukuzitenga kuti zoti anali camera man? Tikhulupilire zakhutu zakozo or official police report..

      RIP all dead if you were God fearing otherwise you wont rest in peace in hell if you were sinners…..

  26. jimbo says:

    Travelling to a funeral at 2.00am!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sounds fishy to me. Can the DPP ever be trusted to tell the truth?

  27. Nabetha says:

    Anakuchenjezani kale kuti mzafa imfa yowawa.

  28. wavisanga says:

    pple from Bt and Phalombe kumapita kumaliro amuphalombe mommo 2am?????????????????????????????????????????? kambani zomveka bwino!!!!!

  29. Israel Difense Force says:

    Kufa while on the line of duty ya chipani ndikowopsa zediiiiiiiiiiiii

  30. Hapuwani says:

    Sorry my beloved fellow memebers of DPP, may his soul rest in Peace

  31. Simon says:

    R.I.P. Victor you were always such a happy and friendly person.

  32. 2mbwe says:

    Sorry may the good Lord heal the injured people and for the dead RIP

  33. brick force 9“ says:


  34. Makito says:


  35. kholophethe says:

    Sorry DPP. Koma tsankho lanu mukuti nalo bwa? You tribalists, muli thoo in our tobacco estates. Muzikhala kwanu konko.

  36. Chiphwisi Mtibule says:

    May the souls of the departed rest in peace! May the injured get well soon tithandizane kutukula dziko lotembeleredwali.

  37. chekambewa says:

    Sorry sorry may his soul rest in peace

  38. Don Chigwe says:

    That is the beginning of God’s punishment for stealing the election on 20th May.

  39. wobeba wanga says:


    1. kholophethe says:

      Imfa ndi chinthu chowawa kwambiri. Komanso tsankho lanu inu a DPP nalonso ndilowawa.

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