DPP plot Speaker’s impeachment

Tension is brewing in the country’s political landscape over the alleged plans by the ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) with the support of its parliamentary coalition partners United Democratic Front ( UDF) to impeach Speaker of National Assembly, Richard Msowoya.

Clerk of Parliament Roosevelt Gondwe dresses up the newly Speaker Richard Msowoya-pic by Lisa Vintulla

Clerk of Parliament Roosevelt Gondwe dresses up Speaker Richard Msowoya

The government benches want to oust Msowoya as head of the legislative arm of government on the premise that he is biased – in actual fact he is resolute to follow the law and refused to be a control freak of the Executive.

DPP spokesman and leader of the House, Francis Kasaila declined to comment on the matter.

Deputy government chief whip Grace Chiumia also refused to give her comment.

Msowoya is said to playing tough on implementation of anti-defection law Section 65 as he want to act on UDF MPs who relocated to the government side.

Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale advised him not to apply the section as the UDF MPs had not joined DPP.

But Msowoya has been adamant saying UDF have a case to defend themselves before he makes a ruling.

The UDF sought an injunction from Lilongwe High Court to restrain the Speaker from implementing section 65. The court has since rejected the application.

The DPP are also incensed with Msowoya in his objective way of handling of the K92 billion cashgate reports where the opposition have given government proper grilling.

DPP leadership is hatching a plan to move a motion using an independent MP for a vote of no confidence motion as ground to impeach Msowoya.

The want deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje to be elevated to the post of Speaker and Clement Chiwaya of UDF move to become deputy speaker; while an independent MP will be elected as second deputy speaker.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has strongly condemned efforts being made to try and impeach the Speaker.

MCP lawmaker Joseph Njobvuyalema said the scheme will not succeed.

“Even the opposition side does not have the numerical strength to move an impeachment motion on their own against any public officer,” he said.

Msowoya was elected into office in June 2014 by 101 MPs against DPP’s Kasaila who received 89 votes.

According to the procedures in the Standing Orders, the mover of an impeachment motion must ascertain that about one third of all 193 members should endorse, or sign, that petition which will be given to the concerned Speaker.

In addition, the concerned Speaker shall be entitled to be heard in his defence, within 14 days when the House is sitting either by himself or through a legal representative.

The petition must also state in clear terms the specific charges which the Speaker is allegedly to have violated and, according to the Standing Orders, the motion must be adopted within 14 days after the notice.

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87 thoughts on “DPP plot Speaker’s impeachment”

  1. We need strong pple like Msowoya,when shall we have our Mandela in malawi,a guy who love his nation not money. But they don’t know how to use money.stupid President

  2. Moses Makoko says:

    I am happy, l did not vote for dpp. The guys have nothing to show!

  3. Bamusi says:


  4. Jk says:

    Thats why malawi is still poorest country because of mbuzi za atsogoleri dictators why why but uwil pay back leave msowoya alone

  5. wapankhata says:


  6. tchutchutchu says:

    mmmmmm not now DPP had it been kale tisadachangamuke. Pano ndale zafika pa n nong a.

  7. MMALAWI says:

    DPP, chimkono cha djyabulosi.

  8. stephen nyirenda says:

    DPP kwake nkupha, kuba ndi kuononga

  9. Another fact is that the Lhomwes and Yaos (Dpp and Udf respectively) are not happy because the parliament is headed by two northern gurus,Richard Msowoya as speaker and Roosevelt Gondwe as Clerk of parliament.That is why there is also a plot to remove Gondwe by Mapemba,Kachilika .Parliament secretariat is congested with Yaos and Lhomwes who hate northerners and the Lhomwe and Yao marriage in the chamber has fueled hatred further.But these assholes shall never succeed coz northerners are always brighter and smarter than these filth tribes.Number one boot/asslickers!Hence their slippery accents!

  10. osayamba kupanga impeach mbizi yanu ija bwanji? Kenako achinatidye nawo UDF kumalidzira DPP thugs! U ppo shud never 4get kunali Ken Lipenga n friends where r they? Nonse mupita makape inu! Leave Rich alone after he is a man of integrity than most of u thugs n udf desparados.

  11. wanya nayo says:

    dnt stat a thing dat u cnt finish.MR Richard Msowowa z a big mountain dat u cnt crimb…so pz tisiyeni amalawi tizafe imfa yomveseseka not ngati mmene anafela anzathu pa ulamuliriro wina uja.

  12. mtumbuka1 says:

    Is it not peter who is supposed to be laid on the chopping board?? Impeach peter for christ’s sake or let’s go federalism way.

  13. monica says:

    Mr speaker these are your Mcp PEOPLE they are saying you want to take over Chakwera so be care full they are plotting you dpp has nothing to do with you . Take my words Iwil come to furnish you with information. God knows for got about dpp

  14. Kalanka says:

    Agalu inu..takavineni tchopa osati kulimbana ndi bwana Msowoya!!!sali okha Malawi ili kumbuyo kwa chilungamo osati zomangoti..yes bwana!!

  15. straight Talk says:

    wamukwiyira speaker ndi mfiti yopanda manu mkamwa

  16. ochewa says:

    Inu ndinu atate a Msowoya! Akuchita mantha ni Mk92 billion. Tiyeni awonaso. Mpaka athawa mmodzimmodzi ngati What JB did! Keep it up.

  17. Kenkkk says:

    Udf all you need to do is come out and tell the public where you disagree with dpp on some issues of national importance. Then we will know that you are different, independent and not swallowed by these dpp thugs.

    That is my free advice to you udf to save your skins.

  18. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Agalu awa, why not impeach the pilot who can only the plane (Malawi) on auto pilot? Get rid of these dpp mbavas before they completely hover every single thing in Malawi. Mr speaker sir, zifinya mbavazo. We want to know where the 92 billion kwacha went. But bwana speaker, also watch your back. Bishop Zuza and Ralph Tenthanis deaths remain a mystery.

  19. Bongolol says:

    Don’t hide by mentioning DDP the plot is from MCP who are claiming that Msowoya is working behind DR Chakwera to take over the presidency of MCP. Am an MCP member And members fom our party have been discussing this UNcle Msowoya samalani. Leave the DDP alone. Ndikwathu KUNO.

  20. steven says:

    Mr speaker Sir,go go go!!! Teach them a lesson,they should not take us for granted

  21. wamwaka says:

    When are we impeaching the president? This guy must be impeached for inability and theft. K25 billion si masewera abale anga. This Nganga must vamoose

  22. Ayatollah Khamini says:

    Mr Speaker sir! Get these sons of bitches out of parliament now! What are you waiting for?

  23. we men zu says:

    You all who are willing to start the violes tithanadi apo ndiye mutadziwile kuti Msowoya sali yekha ifeso tili okozeka yambani muwoneso dzikoli silakumwela kokha ayi.

  24. captain says:

    Do u hv numbers to impeach the speaker? Ur Bwampini is impeachable than the speaker. Mwanya angulu inu. Muli mmadzi . He is there to stay. MCP and pp are more than you. Kkkk koma mbulizi

  25. True Patriot says:

    Palibe zomuopsyeza Richard Msowoya.He is a man of integrity.He cant be shaken by the marriage of conviniense of the Dpp thugs and the Udf desperados.We are behind you Mr Speaker.Dont be like Pitala mbyofo mbyofo who is crying for an Olive branch from JB.

  26. Mlauzi says:

    Hon Richard Makowa Msowoya, tili nawe limodzi monga momwe tinalili ku Chanco, ku Kenya and travelling back to Malawi on the same flight that Easter so long ago. Zomwe akufunazo sizitheka zimenezo. They are just wasting their time. Maintain your cool and be the professional you are. Akuchepera kaba amenewa

  27. Youn says:

    UDF and DPP are fast loosing popularity. These are kicks of a dying horse.

  28. kafumba says:

    Let mr msowoya perform his job without fear. Ngati pali nyasi yachipani ndiye dpp,ndinu zitsiru mwamva mukauzane nonse. Mukupanga zimenezi just bcoz mr speaker is not from lomwe belt or yawo belt and not from dpp or udf. Mbava inuuuuuu

  29. Samuel Lwara says:

    I know Mr. Speaker very well. He is too smart and wise in everything he does, that’s why he was elected to the post and not appointed. But who is suggested to replace him? May the almighty God bless HON. RICHARD MSOWOYA MP for the bright future of our parliament and Malawi as a Nation.

  30. Phodophodo says:

    For sure Clement # 11, you are angry. I can imagine the fierce of fight that can break out if you can meet this useless speaker. this speaker wants to bring war in Malawi. He is heartles and can not be compared to the high dignity of the late Munyenyembe, the Chimunthu Banda, the L. Chimango who were there only serving the government of the day. Richard Msowoya is saving the government in waiting. This is very dangerous. +Mr Msowoya think twice on how you conduct business in September House. You are holding a post whereby after five years ,2019, you may not want to keep working. If you will finish your five years then you will need to stand for an MP position , then you will be a foolish speaker with big machende as Clement # 11 says.You are the first speaker for the general public to get angry against since independence in 1964. Ask people who remember late Munyenyembe. He saved a crucial situation and the who country respected him until today thus why I am still remembering him. Not you a foolish homo. Ngini ya mako. galu iwe. Muno mukabwera nkhondo it will be because of you. Even just remind yourself the type of people who are congraturating face by face. The first one to appreciate that is likely to people like: Chakwera, Mnzomera, Mayaya, Juliana, Jesie Kabwila, Ken Msonda, Mkandawire. Whats this? Just know that you are waging total fiercer than that of Alishabab vs Somalia or Bokoharam vs Nigeria. Watch blood shed is coming through you useless speaker Richard Msowoya.

  31. Muthakatika says:

    Mr Speaker Sir, show them you are mwanafyali! Don’t let them scare you.

    Lucius Banda already sang a song about these villains…we will survive …we are survivors ….who are you (meaning Mutharika).

  32. Tapona Beza says:

    These DPP and UDF guys are wasting their time. Its a shame as the Speaker is here to stay until his term expires and I dont know when. Standing orders do not allow MP’s to impeach the speaker, unfortunately this is a plot by UDF legistrators after being rebuffed by the High Court. Kulila simunati ana a Nyapapi inu

  33. Mumaifunaso impeachment a dpp eti?

  34. Rift valley says:

    Sometimes an employee who gets wind that he is likely to be dismissed outsmarts the employer by resigning before the dismissal letter. Likewise Speaker sholud apply Section 65 before the thieiving DPP MPs and their comrades in crime table the Impeachment Motion. Now you see what kind of trash we are dealing with. Fact is that it is wishful thinking on the part pf DPP

  35. mwahana says:

    Richard implement section 65, these crooks should be silenced. I know you act better under pressure. Act now!!!!!!!!!

  36. Says the truth to shame Devil says:


  37. Sebiba says:

    Government just wants to get embarrassed they don’t have the numbers! Mulira kuti ntoooo simunati!

  38. Omex70 says:

    If there is an independent MP who wants to be used by DPP on silly things he or she must think again or she must ask for adviec from former law maker for one of the constituencies in BT, by the name of Jerald Mponda. He was heavily used by the then government but long at last that was the end of his political career. I don’t where he is now and what he is doing if he is around. You better keep your dirty and stupid mouth quite if you want to maintain your political career. Take it or leave it you an independent MP who is geared to be used by on silly things by this corrupt government.

  39. Peter Benga says:

    Go to hell clement because of your nosense comment.If you dont facts to comment you better keep quiet.I regard you to be the most stupid creature I have never seen in this beautiful world

  40. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    The Speaker’s firing will be a “rehearsal” for firing Mr. Ibu whom Malawians say is their President.

  41. Optic Computer says:

    Treading where angels dare not.

  42. Omex70 says:

    That is non starter. My advice to DPP is that you should concentrate on helping the old man to run the affairs of this country because he seems to be clueless. You can’t impeach Richard Msowoya. Be prepared that the K577b scam will be tabled in parliament. I know you want to elevate your puppet, Mcheka Chilenje so that the report on corruption should be swept under the carpet. You must with your stupid idea.

  43. Mathanyuladzikolamulaka says:

    Clement @ 11. Machende ukunena a speaker’wo poti anu achita kuzadza mkabudulamo, abambo anu ndi awo achita makwinya chifukwa cha ukalamba kkkk. Zimachende zako plus nyini ya mako yonunkhayo, shupiti mwana wa hule iwe. Peter Mathanyula, Atupele Muluzi zimachende zawo zikumvazo so what are you saying??? Invoke Section 65 zimachende zawozo zikwinyike shupiti!!!!! Bullshit of a president you have, bullshit Atupele Muluzi. Bullshit UDF, DPP!!!! Try to impeach him and Malawi will be on fire, mbava izi!!! The speaker was democratically elected, he defeated all that means he is there because God wanted him to. So Clement Chiwaya shutuuuuuuuup!!!! We will impeach Peter Mathanyula first, the one-toothed he-goat and his skinny ill wife. Thieves.

  44. Ine2 ine says:

    Please look up the meaning of ‘control freak.’ You will find it is the complete opposite of what I assume you were trying to say. Editor, where are you?

  45. Kupala moto kuda………..! Yesani mudzola chite………! Kuzolowera kuba.

  46. wooooo says:

    Mr speaker Sir osachedwetsa 65 igwire ntchito ma mp a udf munya makutu amanu ndi muluzi wanuyo

  47. Mbava za 577 billion

  48. Mathanyula Peter says:

    Msowoya did not create section 65 democracy did. Those who hate section 65 are greedy people. Malawians voted for multiparty system of gvt. So if someone is not happy with that they better leave the mantle of leadership to those who’re ready to embrace democracy. Ukawina chisankho vuto lake limakhala limenero kulamulira ukuopa.

  49. haward says:

    Muyerekeze kubweretsa mfundo yopusayo, ma demo akewo mudziwanso. Kodi mukuwona ngati timakuwonerani kukondwa mbomamu eti? Thieves

  50. dave says:


    Be objective and civilised. I dont see why ur calling the professional speaker those barbaric words. Be civilised man, this is the 21st centrury. Go back to xul and learn the fundamentals of civilisation and read the bible particularly Proverbs to understand the world. I wish you well as u graduate from barbarism to civility

  51. Mbewa zatha says:

    Koma anguru awa mwazolowera kudya njoka eti? Mpaka kutukwana zomwezi. No. 11 so called Clement ur an idiot uneducated and mbuzi ya mano kusi

  52. chimangenI says:

    Chitsilu”Lucius Banda”waimba ng’oma anzelu avine,shaaaaaaa!

  53. Cymru says:

    I doubt very much if this story is true. Parliament is composed of more than two parties, can one party decide to impeach a speaker and elevate the deputy to become speaker? May be lets wait and see. Time will tell.

  54. mwanamulanje says:

    kkkkk, boma limayendetsedwa ndi olamulira, a opposition are there kuti mwina mwa ngozi anganeneko mfundo yoti boma nkuitenga. boma limatha kungopangako ka questionable thing mwadala cholinga a opposition adzitsutsa zimene zija kwinaku nthawi ikupita, just moking them, kkkk

  55. Prescott says:

    Richard Msowoya,

    Your have the duty to guard our constitution jealously. Do not listen to those who are making noise. Be yourself, as you are there to serve all Malawians. DPP has no mandate whatsoever to silence you. UDF decided to join the government side knowing pretty well that once they do that they will be provoking the wrath of section 65. Do not succumb to the pressure, kick them out.

    Peter Mutharika should stop talking nonsense about Joice Banda as the latter had her own share of shortfalls. If someone fails to run a single Ministry do you expect him to manage over 20 Ministries. Mutharika and his DPP must go, they have failed to rule this country. Malawians are getting poorer and poorer despite his claims of registering economic boom in the country. Your late brother failed to rule Malawi and you have also failed. its high time you called it quits.

  56. Charombanthu says:

    DPP are trying to divert people’s attention from the massive looting of government coffers (cashgate) by bringing in all sorts of petty issues. The main issue at hand now is the report on the plunder of our taxes and we want answers as to who is responsible – UDF, DPP or PP or even MCP – full stop. The culprits should be brought to book. The budget has passed and this clearly shows that the opposition is mature enough to know what is good for the country. Ife anthu sitimadya ndale ndiye don’t step on our nerves. We yearn to move as a nation. This country is bleeding and needs to be patched up as soon as possible – osati za impeachment of the Speaker, zitithandiza chani zimenezo. You guys are running out of time and we haven’t seen anything yet. You are in your second year which means you have 3 more years to the next election. We are waiting and watching…

  57. Ngongoliwa says:


  58. Angozo says:

    Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Msowoya will go only if God wants. If the DPP and wife UDF are doing this in good faith God will respond to your petition otherwise we will see who wins between God and the devil whom you are banking your hopes on. Remember the voice of the Church during the inauguration of the president.

  59. Mandevu Waluza says:

    Mr. Speaker please act according to the law. If UDF MPs really crossed the floor the law should apply. Why should DPP seek for impeachment? Anthu adwera should go.

  60. gaga says:

    Iwe Clement I think ndiwe chitsiru kwambiri ukutukwana zithu zoti iwenso ulinazo ndiye kuti chani iwe being a man ulibe machende . This shows that you’re dtupid and you don’t respect your body. Once again you’re very stupid ngati zithu simkuziziwa khalani chete ndiwe mbuli.

  61. Myao says:


  62. gudubulani says:

    This will be the mile stone which will give sanity in the house. The speaker will be seen as implementing the law. DPP and UDF should stop raping the constitution.If they think it is not an issue to betray the electorates let them defend themselves.

  63. Manyetera says:

    Way to go Mr. Speaker Sir. I am proud of you.

  64. Chipeyero says:

    Good Msowoya, let the law take its course, mbamva kwake ndikundende, until ilape ndikulandira chikhululukiro

  65. Manyetera says:

    Way to Mr speaker sir. I am so proud of you.

  66. Kennedy says:

    This is the time for the speaker to show the UDF the door. Any hestation will see him out of his posdition, DPP is there to destroy any good leadership.

  67. Ambusyeje says:

    Iiiiiii,eti ena akutukwana eti!! Msatero a Malawi anzanga. DPP isaope chili chonse kamba koti a UDF Section 65 isn’t affecting them. They have not crossed the floor but rather switched position in parliament. Section 65 imati if one voluntarily resigns from a party yomwe anayimira pa chisankho and joins a political party represented in parliament. During elections palibe anayimira opposition or government so it is amazing kumamva anthu ophunzira ndi anzeru ngati a Kabwila akumati ati a UDF apanga cross the floor kuchoka ku opposition kupita ku boma… Zoopsa zedi. About K92bn,kaya!!!!

  68. That’s childish & senseless if it’s indeed this is true then DPP is digging it’s own grave.

  69. Machendenguluwe says:

    Bwana Speaker osachedwa. Muvi oyang’anira umalowa m’maso. Strike them first before they do so to you. We don’t need cosmetic laws but laws that can operate effectively.

  70. MASO A GULU says:

    Speakers impeachement or president s impeachement ???


  71. Mashall says:

    Joyce Banda anachedwa kuzikhaulitsa mbalazi nkona wanthu tiluvutika
    Inunso bwana nsowoya msachedwepi apa zikhaulitseni ziwanthu za dyeraz
    Tithane NAZO

  72. George phiri says:

    Get rid of all udf mps. Thats their cup of tea. You dont have to move phydically to support someone. Delete all those defectors from Parliament book. Bunch of fools. Dpp is a stupid government and no sane person will support a government that is *****f********

  73. Akatswiri says:

    Clement mpakana kutukwana zomwezi.

  74. mzimwale says:

    Indeed the plot will not succeed. Ana achepa awa

  75. Jonathan says:

    Osachedwa Mr Speaker! Section 65 igwire ntchito right away! Mukudikira chani bwana? The law is clear on this! Tithane ndi dyera kuno ku Malawi. For once people need to learn about loyalty and integrity! Remember the people that voted for you!

  76. clement says:

    He must go that bullshit speaker. Try to implement the section 65 to our beloved honourables tione ngati ulimbe. Machendeako wamva msowoya. Those pushing for the implementation of the section will be perished.

    1. Abwana anga says:

      Achisiru mumaziwa chani inu

  77. Phanana says:

    Section 65 should apply to UDF Mps and the government should produce genuine report on k577bn because the stealling system of 2005-2014 is still happening in the government.

  78. sir bentby says:

    tufyakwaaa, it will not pass

  79. msozi coole says:

    Bwanji mmuulimbana ndi uyu osacita impi I bububuyu e.muopanji?mukanika kutulutsa ya 92,&577 issue yi bwa. Mungoti vweee mpalamenti mutakupatilapatila zimimba kumangophwisa mukakhuta lunch ya chipisi ndi nkhuku kulephera kulongosola boma. Dikilani ndiusanja ya mwambo we mlakho mmatitengera ana at hu kuti azivula mabere pa ntunda, pali be nzukulu or mwana wa wamwanaveka etc kaliati kasaila gowelo all u call lomwe die hards anavulapo yet these were the gloomers a wanna wathuwa.munya muona muva kununkha zifwenthe pokakamiza ndipo kucotsera ife makolo ulemu monga ine Tate kukaona top ya mwana wanga.bastards

  80. ineyo says:

    clueless government, ntchito kudana ndi chilungamo basi. Kodi u professor wu munakatenga kwa sing’anga kapena ndi wa school di? Shame on this government.

  81. Nyau Isthobwa says:


  82. tsetsefly says:

    DPP has no numbers to carry out such a plan. They will be touching a live wire

  83. The Brother Leader; Ahmad Jamahirya Juma. says:

    Ndale zapanyasaland

  84. mpimpa says:

    asaa thats not pocbo! It can’t be

  85. bwangazi says:

    Richard is a strongman!!!! Dppp munya!!!

  86. Alufeyo chidaya says:

    Why dont u just implement the 65 sec boy sothat there woxt be no noise again aed tighten the 92bn saga with the budget let them feel the warmth during the month of june

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