DPP rejects instructing Lutepo to make cashgate confessions

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has rejected claims by Peoples Party (PP) that  chief Cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo is acting on instructions from President Peter Mutharika after a meeting to drag former president Joyce Banda into the plunder of the public purse.

Kasaila: Lutepo is only casting the net to the big fish

Kasaila: Lutepo is only casting the net to the big fish

Speaking in an interview on Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) on Sunday, PP publicity Secretary Ken Msonda accused DPP of using Lutepo to implicate Banda.

Responding to the allegations DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said: “There has been no time that the President has met Lutepo at Sanjika. The President has been very busy doing penitent business of national importance.

“What Lutepo is saying is not new, because all along Malawians have been well aware of that there is a big fish which has been behind cash gate,” said Kasaila.

In an earlier interview with Nyasa Times, Kasaila said DPP fills vindicated that what the party has been saying was true that Cashgate was a brainchild of Peoples Party (PP).

In an interview on Saturday, Kasaila said “There is nothing new in what Lutepo is saying, we have always waited for this, and we are sure more revelations are coming.”

“We have always been waiting for a big fish so surely Malawi is about to see the big fish which has been swimming in much deeper waters,” said Kasaila.

Kasaila commended Lutepo for coming up clear on what happened to loot government coffers.

The businessperson who was arrested in November 2013 is accused of stealing K2.6 billion of public money stemming from payment he allegedly received, despite his company International Procurement Services not providing any service to government.

He told Zodiak radio last week that he donated some of his money to former president Joyce Banda for political campaign of the PP.

The PP and Banda have dismissed Lutepo’s claims, saying he is “buying freedom” and seeking a plea bargain for accepting the wrong doing and then turning the cashgate case into “political witch-hunt” in the interest of DPP.

He also offered an apology to President Peter Mutharika, saying he will face problems to run government affairs because he looted public money with others.

Lutepo, who is currently on bail, also faces an attempt to murder charge in the shooting of former budget director in the Ministry of Finance Paul Mphwiyo.

He also has another perjury charge after admitting lying in court under oath.

Lutepo has vowed to give details on the whole truth of the Capital Hill looting saga saying as much as he is guilty, he won’t go down alone.

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Malawians wake up!this is time to see what will come next,we know some of you who are against the confession of Lutepo mumadya nawo amai anuwo,mwina abale anu adya nawo kochuluka moti atuluka poyeranso posachedwapa.Koma chomwe mungadziwe nchakuti ndalama sizingatuluke mu account ya boma Presidernt osadziwa,osavomelerza,osasainira kuti zitero.

Ndalama zambiri chonchi kungotuluka boma osadziwa?president osadziwa?ndiye nkumalankhula ngati mwana wamng’ono kuti wakuba akakugaila ndalama zakuba sikuti waba nawo!koma a malawi tawamvenitu atsogoleri anu mumawachemelerawa,eti osadziwa malamulo a dziko lanu iyayi?koma JB ndi akuno ku Malawi kapena ndi wa kunja?sangamanene mopusa chonch.Thanks Mr Lutepo for giving us this info.

Mau Apaseli

Peter Mathanyula Gaylord Mutharika…is only good for screwing fellow men!


kodi a Kasaila maso kufiilaku bwanji?

Mr. Kalaira for your information it is not a crime to accept donations from any one in this country. I would suggest you desist from making statements that DPP has been vindicated and that your party was never involved in swindling of state funds. Not so fast sir. There is the MK 92 Billion issue which is under investigations. There is the housing issue in Lilongwe which again took place under DPP watch so please do not be so eager to dismiss any connection to DPP. in fact the looting of the most of our tax money as done by… Read more »

Lutepo has confessed that he store the cash gate money and that he may cause failure of running the government, why is he not re-arrested and even charged with treason, what more evidence does the Government need? Don’t hoodwink us and think we are so daft and can’t reason!

Ok, so let me get this straight. APM, while on his way from USA where he uselessly blew up our money, referred to the “big fish” to be caught soon. He meant JB? So, all along, is it safe to conclude, that he has been working to achieve that? Let me quote Kasaila. “APM is busy doing pertinent business of national importance.”REALLY? I mean all i hear is strikes everywhere, food prices rocketing while him and his other half are busy milking NAC for purposes that are definately not of petinent national importance, but his ethinic group’s importance. Lastly, did… Read more »
There is nothing new here, much as JB might be involved or not, the issue is that the former dpp government also stole money why are they not named in these reports, JB learn how to steal from dpp, lutepo also started stealing when big kahuma was in power why is he not named? And some stupid people are busy clapping hands that stupid thief lutepo has said this or that, what? When did Lutepo start and company started stealing from account number one 2005, who was in power by then? Why some names like mwanamvekha, mulli, and the like… Read more »

kodi mmangoti cashgate, mawa mukadzuka nkhani cashgate tidya cashgate ife amalawi? this is old story to al malawians please fight for beneficiary of malawians. you will never find solutions on this stupid isue.


Some Malawians that support DPP have empty heads. Lutepo’s confessions are making cashgate cases a mockery to the judiciary. What we should know is he must prove with written documents that JB indeed stole &or received cashgated money not mere donations from him. Peter has NACGATE, is he not a Thief? Bingu stole 62 billion, was he a saint? Muluzi stole 1.7 billion, is he a Boko Haram?


non negotiable anybody involves must be in custody by now

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