DPP retains Zomba Chisi seat: MCP complaint to Malawi Electoral Comission dismissed

Main opposition political party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of flouting electoral rules by campaigning beyond allowed time during the Tuesday’s Parliamentary by-elections in Zomba Chisi constituency.

Botoman of DPP is now MP for Zomba Chisi

Botoman of DPP is now MP for Zomba Chisi

MCP outclassed DPP in by winning two of the three contested seats in the Parliamentary and Local Government By-elections held in Mchinji, Lilongwe and Zomba districts and whose results were officially confirmed by Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) on Wednesday.

Mec’s Chairperson, Maxon Mbendera disclosed on Wednesday afternoon that MCP officials on Tuesday filed a formal complaint about DPP officials’ conduct in Zomba Chisi constituency were they are alleged to have used a relief maize to campaign for their candidate who eventually won the elections.

Mbendera, however, dismissed MCP complaint, arguing it lacked substantiated evidence that DPP officials indeed used the maize distributed by World Food Programme (WFP) to campaign for the party’s candidate, Mark Botomani.

The complaint, according to Mbendera, alleged that DPP officials claimed that the maize distributed to masses at St. Paul polling centre on Sunday were from government which deserved a vote during the preceding elections on Tuesday.

“The Commission launched investigations, and our findings confirmed that there was indeed maize distribution, however, it was an exercise by WFP and not DPP. We even examined the picture submitted which did not show any evidence of the party campaigning,” explained Mbendera.

Mbendera said it was not clear if the maize distribution was beyond the St. Paul’s envelope and urged the concerned parties not to rush to court as the election’s results proved that DPP candidate did not perform well in the said area.

“Results at St. Paul did not go in DPP’s favour; it was beaten. This clearly shows that despite the party flouting electoral rules, maize hand-out had no effect on Malawians who know their rights,” he said.

“Malawians are mature now and can’t be easily taken up by gifts”.

He has since promised to take up the issue with DPP for flouting electoral rules by campaigning beyond the 48-hour-before-elections-date rule.

MEC held by-elections in Zomba Chisi Constituency, Ngala Ward in Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency, and Mtope Ward in Mchinji West Constituency.

The elections faced low voter turn-out with only 16,126 voters casting their vote although about 67,557 people had registered.

Official results show that MCP won in both Local Government seats in central region while the ruling DPP scoped the Parliamentary seat in eastern region.

MCP and former ruling People’s Party (PP) performed miserably in eastern region.

In Ngala ward in Lilongwe, MCP candidate, Master Rodgers Chazama won 1,381 votes with DPP candidate, Regina Sululu on second with 717 votes.

A total of 2,128 votes were casted in all polling stations out of 15,330 registered voters representing 13. 88 percent; 30 votes were null and void representing 1.41 percent.

In Mchinji’s Mtope Ward, MCP’s candidate Aureliano Kalemba won with 2,444 votes while DPP’s Benedicto Tsele got 2,071 votes.

There were a total of 26,433 registered voters and only 4,569 casted their votes, representing 17.29 percent voter turn-out. 54 votes were null and void, representing 1.18 percent.

And in Zomba Chisi Constituency, a DPP Parliamentary candidate, Mark Botomani has been declared a winner with 3,019 votes followed by independent candidate, Dyson Chimwala who got 2,792 votes.

Independent candidate, Felistas Mpando Sumani got 2,218 votes, PP’s candidate Asma Mponda got 950 votes and MCP’s Brazio Namakhuwa got 208 votes while Stephen Alexious Chikwapula (independent) got 107 votes.

Zomba Chisi had a total of 25,794 registered voters and only 9,429 turned out for polling, representing 36.56 percent voter turnout. 135 votes were null and void, representing 1.43 percent.

Mbendera has since admitted the by-elections experienced low voter turn-out and described the situation as less satisfactory.

”The situation is less satisfactory comparing to the by-elections we had on 25th August in five wards. The low turnout is of concern to the Commission,” said Mbendera.

The Tuesday’s by-elections recorded an average voter turnout of 23.6 percent comparing to the 25.57 percent in previous elections.

Meanwhile, Mbendera has called for a thorough research to find out the ‘structural causes’ of voter apathy.

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30 thoughts on “DPP retains Zomba Chisi seat: MCP complaint to Malawi Electoral Comission dismissed”

  1. mqiee says:

    Abale ati a chakwera nkupambana ku east.over my dead body

  2. Andy says:

    It appears you have a point here- People wanted an independent but the independent Candidates thought that the fight was only amongst themselves and that party candidates were not material. Come 2019 the same shall happen because Malawians though are peaceful are less brainy.

  3. Chigawaneni says:

    That people from central region are tribalistic as aleged by 24 is unsubstitiated. If we go by statistics of votes in all elections, central region has given more votes to UDF, PP and DPP than eastern & southern regions have given to MCP. Check with MEC. The opposite of what you have said is true.

  4. ANALYST says:

    look at how DPP performed in the central region……always second best behind MCP and then look at MCP performed in Zomba?what does it tell you? DPP is SO STRONG THAT NO PARTY IS LIKELY TO DEFEAT IT COME 2019.

  5. nc says:

    Nobody cares what politicians are up to.

  6. Dreaming of a United & Prosperous Malawi says:

    Zomba you will regret voting for MCP , they really dont care about any apart from people from Central region , if you thought UDF , PP, of DPP were a problem , then you need to work with MCP, they are diehard tribalist…

  7. chikhadzula says:

    Mcp kulila basiiii, eastern region s no go zone for mcp, leave Udf,n dpp. Mcp kudandaula pa chisankho chilichonse.. Mayoooooooooooooooooooo

  8. chikhadzula says:

    Koma na congeles party kudandaula eeeeeeeeeeeeh, paliponse kumangodandaula basii, mpaka 2019 azadandaulanso kuti abeledwa chisankho, mcp in the eastern region. Forget chakwela ku east. Dpp yawina basi lets move on.

  9. weniweni balakasa says:

    mbendela sazatheka kose. Choncho mudzifunsa kuti why voter apathy pomwe anthu akudziwiratu kuti mbendera ngwa dpp. Kuyankha amayankha mbendera kuja amaonetseratu kuti dpp national campaign director. Kkkkkk…..

  10. Limwado says:

    From my personal analysis, I think MCP has alot of homework if at all their dreams of winning 2019 Presidential elections are still there. They should never be contented with the winning of most of the seats but rather they should consider the numbers here. It appears to me that DPP is strong in almost every region. Despite losing in Central Region Local elections, the numbers speak volume on how strong the party is in the Region. While MCP though making noise of Elections rigging in Zomba, as it was the case in 2014 Presidential elections, they have performed miserably and are not anywhere near a winning candidate. They need to do alot of homework especially to the most populous southern Region. Otherwise they will be in opposition forever.

  11. Wapamtima says:

    i think its good time nyumba ya malamulo shourd change malamulo oyendetsela mec komaso osakhila anthu oyendetsa mec. MPS should vote munthu amene aziyendetsa MEC. A Mbendela ndi a DPP. Adzatizuzitsaso 2019 to 2023. Wake up MCP

  12. Hehehede says:

    Congratulations my DPP keep it up.

  13. Berson says:

    why is it that d black cock always cries fowl in elections like a baby??????????am afraid;we dont want civil strife here by inciting violence.

  14. mtumbuka1 says:

    Why is it that this mbendera idiot stays put at the electoral commission with his competence and favour for the dpp even in the previous general elections? Right now he sounds like a dpp spokesperson than a leader of an organization that runs on taxpayers money. If a ruling party is beaten outright to the polls by opposition today do you think it will win only in 2019? I doubt….in mzuzu they also took a nice beating I can recall.

  15. The Most Concerned says:

    Ken Msonda keeps on fooling Amayi JB that the Party is stil strong on the Ground. Look how miserably it has performed in the Eastern Region, which was once claimed to be the Master Bedroom of PP. I agree with Mzomera Ngwira, he has a point. Amayi bwerani ku Mudzi, mudzasanze zomwe munatidyera ife Amphawi..

  16. Bob says:

    This Mbendera thing does not impress anyone at all.

  17. Mafulufute says:

    Mark Botomani anali wa PP heavy!! Walowa liti DPP?

  18. Nditani ine says:

    Ma independent muziyiwerenga voti ya pa Malawi. Mmodzi akanasiya ndi kusapota wina. Can u see mwapindulanji. Papani abale mwataya. People wanted ind, candidate.

  19. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    We can now say, without fear of contradiction, that MCP will always complain, officially, after each election. This is childish. And apparently, the party doesn’t mind being known as a frivolous complainer.

  20. Chopwichopwi says:

    MCP yaposedwa ndi ma independents in Zomba they were nowhere close to the winning dpp candidate. See how close dpp was to mcp in their stronghold. Is it any wonder chakwera lost the presidency.

  21. dzambo says:

    the fact that distribution took place where DPP failed does not invalidate the fact that they didnt want to buy votes! Are we reasoning koma? They could have distributed as part of trying to buy the people whom they perceived to be on the other side. Lets use other evidence pls!

  22. Midfielder says:

    Congratulations Mark! I hope and pray you will continue to be the passionate and hardworking but most importantly upright and answerable to God as you serve his people. I wish you well

  23. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    Sleepy southerners, sleepy people in the eastern region.What has DPP brought to you worth voting for its candidate? It has brought more poverty that you are enjoying, wants you to enjoy same sex marriages that it is imposing on you? Foolish people kikikikiki.

  24. CHILD O GOD says:


  25. Dr.prof.nyada says:

    Very disappointing results. But all udf members casted their votes for dpp

  26. Patriots says:

    Contrast :Tribalism is killing Malawi voting on regional lines living out issue based campaigns where handouts are distorting clean politics. The poor will remain poorer and the rich will remain richer depraving the destiny of future generations. Servant leadership is the answer not a big bwana syndrome.

  27. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    Sleepy southerners, sleepy people in the eastern region. What has DPP brought to you worth voting for its candidate? It has brought more poverty that you are enjoying, wants you to enjoy sex marriages that it is imposing on you? Foolish people.

  28. ANTI-GAY says:


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