DPP says Speaker’s impeachment manoeuvres cannot be ruled out

After Nyasa Times first reported about the alleged plans by the ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) with the support of its parliamentary coalition partners United Democratic Front ( UDF) to impeach Speaker of National Assembly, Richard Msowoya, Leader of Government in the House Francis Kasaila has warned that the impeachment couldn’t be ruled out.

Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya with President Mutharika

Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya with President Mutharika

Msowoya faces impeachment over his alleged bias in the handling of the petition by a civil society leader to declare vacant seats of 11 UDF members of Parliament (MPs) who moved to the government benches in Parliament.

Kasaila, who is also DPP spokesman and was defeated by Msowoya in the election of the Speaker, has cautioned that impeachment could not be ruled out “if the Speaker steps on people’s toes”.

He issued a stern warning to the Speaker on his decisions.

“The Speaker should tread carefully in coming up with decisions or rulings on matters pertaining to the National Assembly,” said Kasaila as quoted by Weekend Nation.

Msowoya has said is aware of the plot to impeach him but downplayed it as “just a rumour”.

The impeachment issue is said to have been discussed at the two caucuses DPP held jointly UDF in Lilongwe this month.

MP Lucius Banda (Balaka North) was the only UDF member who declined to move to the government side.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has strongly condemned efforts being made to try and impeach the Speaker.

MCP lawmaker Joseph Njobvuyalema said the scheme will not succeed as DPP/UDF parliamentary alliance “does not have the numerical strength” to move an impeachment motion.

According to the procedures in the Standing Orders, the mover of an impeachment motion must ascertain that about one third of all 193 members should endorse, or sign, that petition which will be given to the concerned Speaker.

In addition, the concerned Speaker shall be entitled to be heard in his defence, within 14 days when the House is sitting either by himself or through a legal representative.

The petition must also state in clear terms the specific charges which the Speaker is allegedly to have violated and, according to the Standing Orders, the motion must be adopted within 14 days after the notice.

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75 thoughts on “DPP says Speaker’s impeachment manoeuvres cannot be ruled out”

  1. zeni_zeni says:

    Dont impeach Him because whatever he is doing is constitutional. The UDF mps who have crossed the floors their seats should be declared vacant according to sexion 65.

  2. Nana says:

    UDF check it out the DPP z masterminding all the planS to hv yo seats declared vacant so that in rerun yo seats will b taken by them dont forget maxon mbendera will just cry then announce that all the seats hv bn won by mbwiye I salute Sir Lucius Banda!!!

  3. UDF is the mother of DPP, therefore they are all thieves

  4. mulopwana says:

    why don’t you impeach pitala?zopusa basi……………..

  5. Dan says:

    These monrels must go and be declared as they have already pronounced by their decision to quit

  6. ackson Ziba says:

    Kusowa kwa chitema mchalo chakwithu

  7. Omex70 says:

    Stupid DDP. Your stupid plan will not take you anywhere.

  8. Nonsense m’malo moona mavuto adzokomo mumalimbana ndi zopusa,koma mavuto Ali thooooo eshhhhh y always u pipo

  9. clement says:

    Chitukuko cha DPP. 1. Kukweza misonkho ya ku Road Traffic ndi 1000%. 2. Kukweza passport from k15000 to k45000. 3. Kuthesa mowa wa ma sacheti. 4. Kupereka ma envelopi kwa atolankhani. 5. Wina apitilize…

  10. pasipanadya says:

    Impeach nde kuti chain. Usawi , chichi?

  11. Ndatero ine says:

    Dpp a bunch of lossers .afraid of their own shadow.
    Digging their own grave

  12. Mbukavu says:

    We do not need this We have better things to attend to than fighting to impeach the speaker

  13. Chafamwale says:

    Dpp maloto achumba amenewo, wathu wathu Richard Msowoya!

  14. makwinjaishmael says:

    UDF, Why ?. Atupele so soon you will suffocate to this doss of your own priscription.Your father regreted of having helped THE LATE IRON BAR, the only second intsrumental leader Malawi had. Issues of my beloved Chilima- timadziwatu ife.DPP its ndiolotse ndikakutafune.
    Remember,the bridge you want to destroy to day, you might wish to xross thru it some day.

  15. UZIMVE says:

    it will be very sad to throw away the 11 udf mps because it will be a waste of money to conduct bye elections as we all know that the mps will bounce back. mcp can not win any seat in udf territory. so why loose the much needed money. I would opt for whoever wants to make that ruling to go first. mcp please wait for 2019 and there and then come back with your hatred government only chewas will enjoy then not any other nationals.

  16. DPP zanu mukuziyamba dala izi bola ossmvrtsa chisoni in the end

  17. msendaluzi says:

    I think its unfortunate when parties cannot do things for their personal gains instead of the mass.

  18. makwasa says:

    stupid fools you don’t have the numbers.

  19. Tayesani tikuwoneni

  20. Chimani. Game says:

    Politics ya mbuli

  21. bwangazi says:

    Stupid dpp!!!! Stupid anthu akumwera!!!9

  22. musolin says:

    Mbwengu zawaka ntcheni iz…..that’s is why Malawi is not developing because of politics…Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique are developing so extensively yet Malawi Presidents are wooing for self enrichment….Nkhumba izi,mweeee

  23. Zexe says:

    Whack them fast, Mr Speaker. Why such lenience?

  24. Paul Vida says:

    Agaru a DPP, zoona driving licence kuikweza kufika pa 60 000 kwacha. Chonde tonse tili ndima driving licence come 2019 osazavotera agaru a DPP.

  25. Kenkkk says:

    So it is true that you want to impeach the speaker. I know you dpp thugs your plan now is to bribe and buy all independents so that you have the numbers to implement your evil scheme. You will fail.

    So it is clear you dpp party of thugs need udf more than they need you.

  26. gregua says:

    what wrong has Msowoya done. DPP tell us pliz

  27. Early Warning ⚠ says:

    DPP.Don’t start something you can’t be able to finish. Currently morale for your supporters is very low and hence most would not have the energy and zeal to assist the party in its unnecessary battle while your opponents and their supporters are fully charged to take you head on. My bet is that you will come out badly bruised in this battle

  28. Zymology says:

    dpp and its leader hav run out of ideas and they hav temporariry stopped thinking meaning that they are temporariry dead.so, someone shd come in and talk of ways of ending cashgate issues instead of impeachment,uyu ndi profesa wa dublicate ndaonadi lero! kkkkkkk

  29. Msowoya must go ASAP!

  30. Iwe Msowoya , penapake you have to be wise…don’t be empty like a fool. Don’t you kno kuti malamulo amaposa mphamvu ? Inexo ndiwa MCP koma I can’t be on your dirty toes ….Malawi si wako …; ndiwanthu.

  31. Mwagwa nayo section 65 igwire ntchito asakuopyeze Mr speaker

  32. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Anyway, the speaker need not to be biased. Otherwise he is likely to lose credibility.

  33. clement says:

    Just wait and see this guy msowoya will be kicked out very soon. He take us for granted and he must know that DPP is not a failed party. You must very stupid with your bullshit thinking. Mapwara ako wamva msowoya plus those pushing you.

  34. william says:

    Let him go we don’t need him he’s tataly not representing the malawiam he’s there to serve the dpp party. We trusted him and now he’s acting very strange we need him to go!

  35. Matao says:

    I dare the corrupt DPP administration to try this. We are watching you and the outside world is doing the same. You can not continue to put people in place that will condone the rampant abuse of state resources. Malawi is for all of us not just the lomwe. One of these days you will see suicide bombers in this country. APM is the most corrupt leader this country has ever seen.

  36. Figo says:

    He must go.

  37. James mkoko says:

    Palibe kunyengelelana achoke basi. Akuona ngati Ali nyumba mwake m Parliament no.

  38. Professor Seyani says:

    Kasaila f….k. Mbuzi and Zoba. Shupit

  39. OBSERVER says:


  40. Edwin says:

    Mpaka impeachment ?

  41. mzatonse says:

    DPP ndi UDF pamodzi ndi Nyapapi wanuyo nonse mapwala anu. The speaker should indeed declare vacant all the seats of the UDF MPs who have crossed the floor. Ngati ali ndi chodandaula azapite ku court. Mr speaker sir, musaope, athamangitseni onse amene aphwanya malamulo.

  42. Honde says:

    Tikuonerani 2019 sitidzakuvoteraninso mwakhala ndi zaka 4 muli ku Parliamentiko tidzaikamo ena mmenemo osapanga ma plan okweza dziko lathu bwanji?konzani chuma chomwe chaonongekacho.

  43. palichina says:

    speaker must be impeached

  44. Steven says:

    DPP HAS GOOFED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. mikongoni says:

    What is the conclusion of this story? Anyasatu apa zikukuvutani!!

  46. Cash Gate says:

    if udf mps joined dpp, section 65 is necessary, i see know reason to impeach mr speaker.

  47. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Nonsense!! Ishosheni Nyasaland muone.

    Just go and continue the looting since the budget is passed.

  48. captain says:

    Hahahaha DPP , can u manage? Kasaila is too emotional and rude even the deputy speaker told him last week that the minister is abit too harsh un responding to the questions asked. Get an example from Goodall he knows hw to cool the tempers when responding

  49. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    This is a useless move. Tackle issues of national importance.

  50. Peter Benga says:

    A hyena will remain hyena.There is no way it can change.I strong doubt if something good/ constructive will come from the so called dpp.All what they think is evil

  51. Sweet Boy says:

    If the speaker infringes on certain legal aspects the numbers cannot work. Amati wosaona akamati ndikugenda ndiye kiting waponda mwala. Definitely a speaker of parliament has to execute his responsibility impartially, otherwise if he tends to side with parties/groups to advance personal interests then he ceases to be a speaker of parliament; the same law other people are basing their arguments on will come to haunt him. Things are not supposed to be carried out wrongly because one side believes will win everything due to numerical superiority because if that was the case then there wouldn’t be policies, procedures, standard operating procedures, rules, regulations, codes of conduct etc. For how long will Malawians concentrate on building as opposed to destruction. Everyday we are busy dealing with petty issues just because each one wants to rule. Have we forgotten that there is always one head of state who has to cover a period of 5 years? Matenda, Njala, Nsanje is rampant in Malawians.

  52. JCM says:

    Mufuna nkhondo tsopano why do you need all goodes to with u DDP pipo ife si anthu? God is watching take care

  53. If you stole the votes and you’re ruling from the back door, this is what happens. Dpp is fearing the unknown. Mbuzi za anthu.

  54. Maloto a shumba kulota atabala ana amapasa

  55. john says:

    If DPP/UDF wants us to play the game of impeachment, let them do so. We will allow you to move your motion and as opposition, we will defeat it in Parliament. Thereafter, we will then indict your Mathanyula. In fact, its your Mathanyula who has been violating the constitution.

  56. MAFUMU says:

    Zoonadi munthu ukamafa umayamba kugontha mnkhutu

    Vote munatibera ndalama mwatibera Report mwatibera tsano mulufuna kutibera parliament speaker eeeti ???

  57. mona says:

    Dpp chipani cha a satana, dikirani mulungu akukanthani

  58. Karonga Boys says:

    Msowoya should brace himself for tougher times in parliament….ahead…He is only sending MCP legislators on outside duties..even parliament clerks are not happy with him he need to go

  59. Duma says:

    Waste of time. Richard Msowoya is here to stay up to 2019. It Is a scheme hatched by the misérable DPP horse in the Name of UDF to intimidate Speaker Msowoya so That he should not declare vacant udf seats in Parliament. Mwauponda !!!

  60. para100 says:

    He can not be a speaker and vp of MCP at the same time he should choose one like his predede§ors

  61. mwafulirwa says:

    Msowoya must go…He is not fit to be a speaker he loves politics than his Job

  62. vendort says:

    Impeach the president please. He is the one who deserves to be impeached

  63. Gondwe says:

    This speaker of parliament is a disgrace …He is very impartial ..He need to be booted …chimunthu was neutral he needs to go

  64. Tili Chenene says:

    DPP should never try the waters. It will shoot itself

  65. Hitler says:

    So now we are ready to go for civil war.

  66. joelmoses says:

    Kodi inu a DPP anthu azikuopani?

  67. Kennedy says:

    Dpp once a crook always crook. I wish msowoya could remove the UDF then will see who will support the move buy DPP, if they fail to succed then move will turn on to impeach peter.

  68. The north supports thugs from the south. Please change this and fight for a federal system of government with the central region.

  69. Atcheya says:

    This is one of those stupid blunders DPP is fond of making. If it is meant to intimidate, it is a huge mistake as this will surely backfire on you. You are forgetting that MCP has been eyeing the presidency and they can retaliate by impeaching your president: he has already committed enough impeachable offences. Just shut up you dunderheads, for your own sake!!

  70. Alungwana says:

    Just try it and see if your government will not fall off!

  71. haward says:

    Dpp and Udf samalani zochita zanu ulendo uno sizachibwana zosewera ngati munkachita nthawi ya Udf ija ayi

  72. Karonga says:

    He can go. Afta o he is not educated.

  73. Changers says:

    I think I like the reasoning of the DPP: They are not happy with the Speaker, because he is not serving their interests, they want him impeached. But the opposition, despite loud calls from the people they represent, have not even thought of using their numerical advantage to bring sanity to the executive. Our opposition therefore is just sitting phwiiiii

  74. Chipeyero says:

    Greedy people of Nyasaland, viva Malawi

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