DPP sends death threats to Karonga activist over stand on ‘Bingu Highway’

Karonga-based socio-political activist, Stevenson Simusokwe, is presently in hiding following a myriad of threats from some members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for opposing that the Karonga-Chitipa Road be named the ‘Bingu Highway.’

Simsokwe: Living dangerously

Simsokwe: Living dangerously

He said it was a “disgrace” that the road be named as such when “Bingu killed northerners” during the infamous July 20 anti-government protests against the Bingu-DPP anti-government protests.

Simusokwe, executive director of the Karonga Youth for Justice and Peace (KYJD), told Nyasa Times Tuesday  from an unknown place that he is being haunted for “standing up for the truth.”

He is one of the revered youth activists the country has now; and, some of his notable initiatives are fighting the Paladin Africa Limited (PAL) for questioning their social corporate responsibilities and for the initiative he is being threatened for now.

“Bingu was responsible for the deaths of tens of people in the northern region and for the quota system whose aim was to frustrate ambitious young men from the region. Why name the road for someone like that,” wondered Simusokwe.

The Karonga-Chitipa Road has been one of the worst roads since Malawi got independence from the Britons in 1964.

Traditional Authority Karonga, of Karonga, a key figure in the Bingu administration for favours has always been in support but the incumbent Paramount Chief Kyungu, a favourite of the former and current government, is against the plan.

Timothy Mtambo, executive director of Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR), has described the situation as “unfortunate.”

Mtambo said that “in this day and age Malawi must be more progressive.”

He said “we have more issues to work on other than working against who’re working for the benefit of this country.”

Peter Mutharika, incumbent Malawi president, is the brother Pres Bingu wa Mutharika who died of heart attack on April 5, 2012.

Bingu’s administration is renowned for a number of negatives including the death of youth 23-year old activist, but also final year engineering student Robert Chasowa. His case is still in Malawi courts.

DPP has a history of abductions and killings.


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8 thoughts on “DPP sends death threats to Karonga activist over stand on ‘Bingu Highway’”

  1. The Patriot says:

    Ndiye mupha aliyensetu! Wina aliyense akangotsutsa basi death threat?
    One day you will pay . Impunity does not last forever, muzapeza posiyila!!

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Actually,what has Bingu accomplished to deserve myriads of structuaral advertisements while brave men and women of our land are shamelessly ignored and tribalistically thrown to the wolves.However,like Banda,Bingu has a number of his names on the country’s national structures such as Bingu Stadium and Bingu Conference Centre for what really? This is the rogue who plunged our nation into economic stoppage when he stole billions of Kwacha from government coffers belonging to the tax-payers.Do we really need to elevate such a heinous monster to a “HEROIC STATUS”? Malawians,for how long are we going to earn such names as “LAUGHING STOCK OF AFRCA”? This man foolishly and lacking sense of patriotism,named one of the roads after the most brutal and corrupt despot senile Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe instead of George Attati Mphakati his fellow Malawian and a Southerner of a Yao clan who laid down his precious life for Malaians.What has Mugabe contributed to the welfare of our people? Just a word to my brother MWAFULIWA,”you have lost your soul and your identity”,always,opportunists end up in shame and forlornness.Mind you,if DPP is done with you,North will never forsake you for you are a lost sheep.Ignorance has no defence!!!

  3. the seal says:

    we have alot to think about and solve osamangoti death threat, what have you even if you can die, no sense.

  4. James Jayson says:

    Attention seekers always sing the same old song “I am receiving death threats from the DPP”. This song lost its taste. Find something else. By now every Malawian knows that failed attention seekers love this song. Find something new and not this old fallacy.

  5. FKSKS says:

    For me no public infrastructure should be named after politicians. Just give the highway a number. When looking at a map, highways running vertically are given odd numbers and those running horizontally even numbers so just by looking at a number you know in which direction your heading. Easy and it solves the need to constantly rename roads depending on who is in power at the time. Kamazu International Airport should be Lilongwe International airport, who in the world would know where Kamuzu airport is so whats the point of naming it that. Look at South Africa, Johannesburg airport has had 3 name changes already (Jan Smuts, Johannesburg International and now OR Tambo) can you imagine the cost of each change and what does it do, only creates polarization in the country.

  6. Mwafulirwa says:

    Archaic tactics and strategy of discrediting the mighty DPP. We have heard this song in the past many times but it has always been a lie. And it does not yield anything at all. DPP does not have time to waste on Tombolombos like you. Some have tried in the past to use that tactic but have failed. Nice try but no, try another one.

  7. Kapako Kuchombe says:

    Attention seeker. Kodi mukufuna kutchuka?

  8. Charombanthu says:

    Archaic tactics in this democratic dispensation. We saw young Robert Chasowa being brutally murdered for holding different views from authorities then. His death is still fresh in our minds and we strongly condemn these useless and barbaric tactics from the ruling DPP. We are watching….

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