DPP warns against voting for opposition in Mzuzu by-elections

The Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) has warned registered voters in the forth coming Mzuzu city’s Chibanja ward by-elections that they risk losing the plot should they vote for an opposition party come August 25 Local Government polls.

Mhango(L) and Sanga dismiss Aford political gimmick as baseless.

Mhango(L) and Sanga dismiss Aford statements

Deputy Minister of Defense in the DPP led government Jappie Mhango made the statement when he held a political rally at the New Jerusalem School in the ward last Saturday selling the manifesto of the party that plans are on advanced stage to put development structures in the area.

Mhango said government intends to build a public clinic for people to access health services in the area quickly going to Mzuzu Central Hospital which is far.

“ Apart from the clinic, we plan to erect public schools, ADMARC deport ,improve road infrastructure among others,” said Mhango.

But Mhango who is also the DPP national campaign Director emphasized the need to vote for George Manda the party’s torch bearer come the polls, saying he is the one to drive these projects.

He dismissed the Alliance for Democracy’s political gimmick which the party’s president Enock Chakufwa Chihana made last Saturday in the area that Government is planning to impose a K5000 tuition fee in primary Schools to complement its zero budget, those are the kicks of a dying horse since Aford is no longer alive.

On his part, the DPP Governor for the North Kenneth Sanga said the remarks by Chihana are made to brainwash their party’s supporters from rallying behind government.

Meanwhile, Sanga advised the residents of Chibanja ward to get all the gifts these other parties dangle to them but remember to chalk on the DPP’s candidacy come the polling day.

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17 thoughts on “DPP warns against voting for opposition in Mzuzu by-elections”

  1. ANGITAU says:

    action speaks louder than words iwe chamuhango.chindere chomenne chakufikapo.

  2. Daniel Phiri says:

    Development projects should not be politicised. The role of MPs is to make laws, not to drive projects. That’s the role of local government and central government. Do not blackmail illiterate people here! Every constituency deserves development whether in the hands of an opposition MP or not. Mr Mhango is already proving to be more stupid that Nankhumwa with his idiotic utterances!

  3. Katong'ongo says:

    As northerners, we have come a long way making decisions based on what our hearts tell us i.e. issue based, not what DPP is barking around. Jappie, if you are a bonafide northerner, be courageous enough, go back and tell your Mapwevupwevu masters the following: –
    1. Remove the cattle grazing ranch across Chibanja fakely termed Mzuzu airport to where it is supposed to be. It is hindering the growth of the city.
    2. Desolve the nepotistic grouping working as a secret employment bureau for Lhomwes(Is it Mlakho wa aLhomwe or Malikhu ya wa Lhomwe?).
    3. Even if DPP will not bring any development to the north, northerners are immuned to suffering, they are survivors and go-getters and will vote for Aford, MCP, PP or any other entity.
    4. Politics in the north is predominantly issue based. Go somewhere where hands are already stretched in readiness for handouts.
    5. Nyengo yose iyi mukaba kochi ba Hango?? Ise vyauguruguru takana. Soni zimukolani!!!!
    6. Stop using the north as a scapegoat for everything.
    7. From now own, even if DPP speaks the truth, we will always do otherwise i.e. vote for any other contrary to the Destroyer of People’s Progress (DPP). We will vote for any party or independents in any election while for presidence, we have Lazarus Chakwera.

  4. Tuyuni says:

    Don’t take northerners like southerners who are iliterate and easily to be cheated.Take your QUOTA system to vote for yourselves.

  5. Kennedy says:

    Rubbish Mhango and rubbish DPP. Go to hell with your plans and empty promises, do you think malawians are dumb to know how failure you are? Stupit mhango.

  6. jimbo says:

    Plans to do this, plans to do that. All the DPP have is plans for future development. What people want to hear is what has the DPP actually done. ‘Show us what you have done to develop Malawi since you came into power in 2014’. Actions speak louder than words. Anyone who votes for the DPP candidate needs his/her head examining. The DPP is a metaphor for stagnation. Nothing has been achieved and the country is going backwards since the DPP came to power. How anyone can campaign on behalf of the DPP amazes me. The slogan should be ‘Anyone but the DPP’.

  7. Patrick Phiri says:

    If you want development, vote for a DPP Counsellor. Mukangolakwitsa kuvotera nyansi zotsutsa, mudzalira nokha.

  8. ANALYST says:

    Mxiii, koma zinazi??? Akuti ‘We will build a clinic when you vote for a DPP councillor???” You mean the whole project of a clinic should wait for the voting of a councillor??? I thought DPP is always a governing party??? What the hell is this nonsense????

  9. Nyachisi says:

    DPP inakupherani abale anu 20 pa 20 July, 2011 ndiye mukufuna kuivoteranso. Anthu inu ndinu otani?

  10. Bristol says:

    I don’t like comments made by Hon J. Mhango. He is a learned person but it is sad to say that development in Chibanja will not be done if the people vote for another party rather than DPP. All of us pay taxes hence development should not be politicised.

  11. lesta says:

    So which means,without voting for dpp,that clinic will not be built right? This is what we call stupid politics,am sick of politics of backwardness,mzuzu needs not only a health centre,but a district hospital,imagine mzuzu has only one health centre,with a population of over 200 thousand people,who is the Mp for mzuzu now,he must be docile aswel,

  12. Patriot says:

    People of Chibanja don’t heed to thieves.They only need you when it comes to voting.It is the responsibility of Dpp govt to build those clinics whatever in northern region.I thought Pitala is president of Malawi.

  13. Chatty Man says:

    Vote wisely Mzuzu voters!The power is in your hands!

  14. mungongo says:

    zya dpp ndie mukutchimbira kulemba kweni zya jb in cashgate u dont write

  15. Aubrey Norman says:

    A Malawi tiyeni tisabwerere mboyo mwai opita chitsogolo ulipo Dpp ndi Chipani chachitukuko ngati mukufuna Umphawi votereni zinazi.

  16. Limbikani Eneya says:

    DPP inali kale kuli Malemu Bingu pano yalowa China

  17. Patriot says:

    Mungoyerekeza kuvotera DPP and miliri yonse ikuchitika ku mwera ikupezani.
    DPP has completely failed malawians.
    Malata subsidy is fake.
    Mzipatala akulipilitsa.
    Mzipatala anthu akufa ndi njala.
    Dollar yapenga.
    Mafuta ayamba kale kusowa.
    SMS akulipiritsa msonkho.
    Kugula 100 kwacha osakwana 2 minutes.
    Paquet ya sugar K750.
    Solvani. Voterani chipani china chiri chonse like MCP koma osati ma sataniki wa.

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