DPP youth form Blue League: APM calls for patriotism, hard work

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has called on youths in the country to adopt and stick to values of high integrity, patriotism and hard work for them to utilize their numbers in transforming Malawi.

Mutharika meets DPP Blue League

Mutharika meets DPP Blue League

He made the call at Sanjika Palace when he hosted youths from his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) branded as the DPP Blue League.

The President said with the many pro-poor initiatives being championed by his government, party youth are a crucial element in facilitating outreach and awareness.

“It is therefore my wish that our youth are not only empowered, but also challenged to take a leading role in spearheading the national development agenda. Government is a complex system, and I need several eyes and ears to be able to reach out to as many critical areas as possible. To me, the Blue League presents itself as the opportune mechanism for continuation and delivery of our party. So I rely on you for our footprint,” he said.

He added, “But we need mindset change: be patriotic to your party and country, be of high integrity and please work hard to develop Malawi”.

He commended the DPP youth for standing by him and the party during trying moments when Bingu died, forcing the party into opposition for two years.

During the event, the president also accepted to be the patron of the Blue League and urged these youths to open the door for any groups that may still not be incorporated because in unity there’s strength.

During the 2004 campaign, the DPP youths played a great role in campaigning for APM both in towns and villages across the country.

Having made it back into government, Mutharika said, DPP youths must remain united at all times not creating factions amongst themselves.

DPP Blue League is a group comprising of youths of all professions, vocations, creeds and social background who come together with a common drive to champion the party’s ideologies and programs.

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25 thoughts on “DPP youth form Blue League: APM calls for patriotism, hard work”

  1. mapuya says:

    so this group is comprised of males only. alas the future of DPP

  2. Apokwiche says:

    Does the group include the zikwanje wielding savanges? If that is the case, then we need to continue taking cover because whatever atrocities they commit will have a strong shield in the name of Peter Muthalika. If I may ask at what age does one stop to be a youth in Malawi? From the time of the MCP up to now those who include themselves in the group of the youth are even those who are grandfathers and grandmothers. Is it the youth the Malawian scenario.

  3. tsetsefly says:

    We will see things as we approach 2019. This I guess is the genesis of zikwanje mobilisation. By the way I am itching to see the pick-ups that used to carry maize silos during campaign. Where are they?

  4. Bb woyeeee says:

    When living in fear, always u do such things. This group will bring him down than he think. Politicians always use them to win there mileage.

  5. WA NOMA says:


  6. mjomba welewo says:

    Blue league…kkkkkkk…dziko la Ambuye…

  7. wawa says:

    youth amaoneka chonch koma chipani ichi chazuza anthu ndi njala bwanji ?

  8. Chambochokoma says:

    Leave our mighty party you idiots.y wasting your time working against us? DPP MORE FIRE

  9. 2016 welcome says:

    With this high level of mediocrity glorification I begin to understand why some corners of Malawi are are agitating for federalism if not secession. This behavior is complete eye sore.

  10. Willie Chimseu says:

    Ifenso amene tinaimira chipani chathu cha DPP masankho a 2014 pa mipando ya MP & Councillors tikusowa mwai owonana nanu bwana. More especially those of us who goofed the elections. We feel being sidelined.

  11. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Awa ndi anyamata a zikwanje omwe aja coming out in another form. Their agenda is not to develop Malawi, but to terrorise opponents and critics to Peter’s leadership style.

  12. KaDausi And His Bluemovie League says:

    This party is so outdated and just like Java software needs uninstalling from the system.

    And Chilima being number two in command you are able to see that osatsutsako! You are a strange young looking man!

    I would propose to our honourable parliament, to move another private member’s motion that seeks to disband any party that is founded on tribalism, utter stupidity and emotional intimidation and fanaticisms like DPP. That’s the root cause of our backwardness.

    A country that was first to be independent in the entire region, zoona kumachitabe practice very primitive politics mpakana liti?

  13. wamwano says:

    achinyamata oyalukawa ndiye ati? tawonereni kusekerela mpaka usinini kuwonekera? opanda class ndipo owonekeratu kuti opanda nzeru, they cant stand on their own they just registered to be parasites of the Mk577 billion. alibe agenda oloooo. mmene chikununkhilla fungo loyipa chipani cha dpp wa youth wina wopanda vision mkumati ndukajoina chipanichi kapena kumapanga declare zitsakano kuno kuti ndife a blue league tikufuna tipange advance phylosophy ya dpp itiyo abale. ma philosophy kaya ma agenda okuba mk577 billion ndi njala kuba mankhwala mdzipatala ndizomwe mwapangila league zo hehehehe aziwonereni zanyamata zopanda agenda in life.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    Thugs coming out in the open. Just don’t start war.

  15. Bololo says:

    I have a good stock of zikwanje which blue league (manoma supporters) can buy and issue as stationery to its esteemed members.

  16. chikadya kuwani says:

    MYP and YL is back in Malawi woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee za pa Malawi

  17. John says:

    Come on writers! ! You mentioned of 2004 and that time DPP kunalibe. Maybe you meant 2014??

  18. Lets take our country back says:


  19. Optics says:

    The optics of this picture leave much to be desire – are we in Afghanistan or Yemen — Youth movement without a single FEMALE. Koma yes! mwati ku Americako amapangako chani a Professor! mtima uli ziiiiii!! As a woman good luck ever getting my vote again!

  20. Ibu Muthax says:

    Terrorists disguised as “blue league”. Timve kuti mwapha wina wa opposition or ACB. Moyo uyaka kuti buuuuuuuuuuu

  21. Musandifunse says:

    You know what? This is another Lhomwe group. We should erase it. All Lhomwe elements must be targeted for cleansing to develop Malawi. These pests are pushing Malawi into danger and need immediate obliteration to save this country.

  22. Sindinena Dzina says:

    This is another Lhomwe group. We should erase it. All Lhomwe elements must be targeted for cleansing to develop Malawi. These pests are pushing Malawi into danger and need immediate obliteration to save this country.

  23. kamberembere says:

    good.chipani chathu cha fuko

  24. DPP Bluemovie League says:

    Izo ndiye ndale za Dausi. He only thinks intimidation and assassination. All those youth recruits are aimed at instilling fear in those who have dissenting views.

  25. Fabiano says:


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