DPP’s move of cancer centre from Lilongwe to Blantyre irks Malawi opposition

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) has said it has decided to have the National Cancer Centre built in Blantyre rather than Lilongwe as earlier communicated  because the ‘principles’ of the loan, Opec Fund for International Development, felt the centre be constructed adjacent to a medical school.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe  justified the decision on Wednesday in parliament as the  relocation did not go down well with the MPs.

Gondwe was forced to refer the Loan Authorisation Bill for $13.1 million (about K5.3 billion) to the Health Committee of Parliament.

Mkandawire: Why snatching cancer centre from Lilongwe to Blantyre

Mkandawire: Why snatching cancer centre from Lilongwe to Blantyre

Chairperson of the Health Committee, Juliana Lunguzi, read out Standing Order 125 (3) which requires a committee to scrutinise a bill first before tabling it in Parliament.

“Our standing orders are clear that before any bill is brought before the House it is first sent to a relevant committee. As chairperson of committee on health, I’m hearing of the technical changes for the first time,” said Lunguzi who is Dedza East MP from Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Mzimba West MP Harry Mkandawire  (Peoples Party) also noted that the bill Gondwe brought to the House was not the original one as gazetted in July 2014 because the location was different.

Mangochi Monkey Bay MP Ralph Jooma  (People’s Party) said following the change in location for the cancer centre, there was need for the MPs to consult their constituents first.

Said Jooma: “The bill gazetted on 4th July [2014] is different from the one presented today. We cannot go into debate because the bill has capitally changed.”

Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo, brandishing a copy of the bill, said: “This bill is talking about Lilongwe [cancer centre location], but the one presented is talking about Blantyre.”

Tabling the bill, Gondwe told the House that government would save K480 million a year which is spent on cancer patients’ referrals outside the country.

.Gondwe told the House that once the centre is constructed it will adversely reduce the amount money government spends on cancer patients.

“I would like to inform this house that on average we spend US $30,000 per patient receiving radiotherapy treatment. On average Malawi sends over 40 cancer patients abroad for treatment which translate to K480 million per year. This amount does not include patients who pay for themselves or those supported by insurance companies. These figures also exclude airfares and accommodation costs,” said Gondwe.

The bill was referred to the health committee.

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83 thoughts on “DPP’s move of cancer centre from Lilongwe to Blantyre irks Malawi opposition”

  1. chekambewa says:

    peter njata tinthu tiwiri ititakumpoto tikunga phokoso tikungo oneka kandi tiakaidi nanga akakunjatani chete north

  2. allanyakhuwa says:

    mo fire goliyati

  3. Bonface Phiri says:

    Kenako azanena kuti ipite ku Ndata

  4. Atate with Kamphongo wa kwa Masikini says:

    Let the MPs debate and come up with good ideas.

  5. Isaac Lyton AKA Drogba is back. says:

    Mutchuke ndinu alomwe.fedralisim woye!!!!! Odi uko achewa adutse,atumbuka adutse!!!!!

  6. wokwiya says:

    This one will be in Lilongwe period. You mean to say that all this time we have been talking about CC simumadziwa kuti iyenera kukhala close to COM.

  7. bongololo says:

    Amalawi musalire, chifukwa nkhondo atimenyera ndi Mulungu. Kumbukirani ataba University kukamanga ku Ndata, anafuna kuba stadium kukamanga ku bt. Koma Mulungu anakana anngochotsapo mkuluyo. JB ndi kuyibwezeretsa ku Lilongwe. Lero, che Pitala akufuna kuba chipatala cha Cancer chipite ku bt. Mulungu salora achita zotheka kuti chipatala chimangidwebe ku Lilongwe.

    1. Nyondo says:

      But you ( no. 57 Bongololo you) need to be doing something to stop this nosense. We need to rise up as Malawians.

      1. Yobe boo says:

        Fwasekiiiiiii!!! What ‘Malawians’ if favouritism is so rampant in this divided country. wait and You will see we will fight this.

  8. Munthu ndamudziwa says:

    I dont know why these pple are complaining about the location. We just need the cancer center in Malawi no-matter where, Northern, Central,Eastern or Southern region stop your political differences.

    1. Mu Lhomwe wapa Phata says:


  9. CASH GATER 2 says:

    Thats DPP, they tried to snatch the New Stadium from Lilongwe to Blantyre. Now they want the cancer centre to moved to Blantyre for NO reason.

    I prefer if the centre could still be in Lilongwe because patients from other parts of the country like North, Nkhotakota, Mchinji, Zomba and Blantyre could save in Transport costs and time than if the centre is in Blantyre. It could be costly for some one to drive all the way from Mzuzu, Nkhotakota Chitipa or any other parts rather than those from South.

  10. Hu Jintao says:

    Is this a loan or a grant. If it is a grant I see no reason of why we can not respect the grantors decision to change the cancer centre to south because its just a donation. If it is a loan, the the burden is on all Malawians and DPP holds no authority to relocate the centre.

    If that is the work of Mathanyula, then I am warning him to stop.

    WARNING TO MATHANYULA: If you think Malawi is your estate, then you and your lomwe who came from Mozambique will be repatriated before the end of this year. We are ready to do that.

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Those of you who think the cancer center should be built in Lilongwe or elsewhere, you first have to move the COM from Blantyre to the new place.
    A cancer (research & treatment) center has to be close to the COM; no two ways about this. The oncologists and researchers will demand this. So maybe blame that dictator, HKB, for building the COM in Blantyre in the first place. FYI: he did that mainly for proximity to QEH. Why didn’t you challenge your patron, HKB, then? Why did you not challenge him also for opening the first university campus at Chichiri, and moved it later to in Zomba, and not Lilongwe? It’s because the thinking heads that were going to teach there were concentrated in Blantyre!
    Get this through your thick skulls!
    Osangotukwana APM, ndi DPP, mwa chabe (this is high level and strategic thinking, you would not expect from PP, or people who are only pre-occupied with matter tribal).

    1. Mu Lhomwe wapa Phata says:

      Iwenso nde first class nyero. Kkkkkk

  12. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The cancer center must be located close to the main campus of the med school. Period. Why do some people fail to understand that?
    You would want the oncologists to also do research, and be able to consult other faculty. Where else is that possible, if not in Blantyre? This is a good decision, every which way you look at it.

  13. TSAMBA says:

    ofcourse the issue of specialised cancer treatment is well suited if it can be in blantyre,i hate dpp and its leadership but cancer treatment is done in blantyre even right now,this is due to not only equipment,but also experts,all the children from chitipa to nsanje with cancers are sent to QECH,ITS not a good thing though,but please i urge the specialist doctors to be evenly spread throughout malawi,plblem is most of them follow proximity to college of medicine in blantyre for continous medical knowldge development,which is difficult to achieve if they are say at KCH or mzuzu central,so sad,

  14. Matata says:

    This is another stupid option Peter and Goodall go to hell your father had gone to NDATA. Bcse you’re playing with Malawans. Even bingiza bingu diverts Ll stadium.but Mzafa infa yowawa

  15. mr nasson says:

    Day light robbery of development, anayamba ndi University kukayika pa munda kaya manda, then stadium inapulumukira imfa, pano abweranso akubwa chpatala

  16. shatap says:

    peter angofa basi .shatap peter.

  17. Mack Banda says:

    It happened with the national stadium. Snatched from Lilongwe to Blantyre. Thanks to the previous parliament, the stadium came back to Lilongwe. Old habits die hard. Mhhhh!

  18. Mbanangwa says:

    This is why federal government will be a better solution. Lilongwe has a school of medicine just to concur with the other contributors on the topic. What is Goodall talking about? NEPOTISM

  19. Zeze says:

    This is the most nepotistic government Malawi has experienced time in memorial! Why the change. After all Lilongwe has KCH, KCN, Malawi College of Health Sciences and a branch of College of Medicine. What is this old man Gondwe talking about? Chipani cha DPP chinaola ndi tsankho. To them Malawi is the South!

  20. Chudikuliku matongu says:

    Lilongwe has now got a medical school next to KCH please tell the old man gondwe to wake up, he must not always follow our ugly president’s instructions. Gondwe cannot make a decision for the north for he is a coward and self centered old papa! Best thing he must retire now. Borrowing for toilets does not worry him because he will be borns by the time loan is repaid! Gondwe go and rest please…..

  21. vilinde says:

    Ndi choncho basi

  22. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    The Cancer Centre is supposed to be, primarily, a National specialised treatment centre. The centralised location,therefore, makes a strong economic sense. The Teaching side cannot override its prime national objective and the funders should not be used as an escape goat. Decisions influenced by political as well as Regionalistic considerations are increasingly diverting people’s attention from the task of nation building. We can do better!

  23. Mccarthy says:

    This government is a joke!

  24. Gwamula says:

    Malawi is in a sorry state.
    I am failing to understand why issues of National Importance are being politicized.
    Here are a number of things i want you to understand.
    1. Has anyone of you ever left the country for outside Europe and America in particular??? It is not the stupidity of the people giving the loan to Malawi to say that it should be built next to a medical school, not nursing school, medical school. The reason is simple, the oncologists that we already do have in Blantyre will be working at that particular Cancer centre and in the process, teaching alot of students first hand on how to tackle the cancer issue once they go to the field. In America and Europe, it is the University Hospitals or the Hospitals that are situated close to learning institutions that gives you the best medical treatment, because they also incorporate alot of reserach. Where do we have the MRI scans in Malawi??? I thought the only public one we have is in Blantyre at COM??? So you would expect a person to go for scanning at COM and then come and get treatment in Lilongwe???
    2. Blantyre is not Thyolo or Mulanje. There are actually a whole lot of people living in Blantyre from all over Malawi, so please do not bring nepotisim into it. I personally do live in Lilongwe and dont even plan of going to Blantyre to live, not at least within the forseable future, but I totally do understand that it is the right thing to unless if you want to kill of COM and bring it to Lilongwe so that we can maximise the training of more oncologists in our country.

    But I guess it will not go to the brains of many people on this page, as they are pretty sure that everything revolves around Politics. Dont even see why and how having the centre next to a medical school and I repeat medical school not a nursing school will help to train more cancer experts for the better of Malawi. But hey, lets teach students carpentry but have the woodshop in the next town right??? Pathetic Malawians, I mean there is not even a point in arguing with you, because you are thinking Politics and not development.
    Central region people, you are now being used by Mkandawire and co again, just like we were before. Shame!!!

    1. Bodza says:

      Mukunamatu nkulu. You must be one of the doctors at QECH who are misleading ministry of health and the donors on this issue. College of medicine is also available in Lilongwe. Lilongwe also has cancer specialists and treats cancer patients. The MRI in Blantyre is not a public facility. It is a research facility which charges fees to all patients (about K90,000 per MRI? For government patients, the government pays this amount!)

      At college of medicine in Blantyre, even after all these years, even courses for general medical specialists can not be done fully. They have to go outside Malawi to complete the training. The idea that COM in Blantyre can train oncologists is FALSE. So this leaves undergraduate students who currently all rotate to Lilongwe at some point in their training and are taught oncology. Currently undergraduate medical students are trained both in Lilongwe and Blantyre.

      Lilongwe, as we speak, is training specialist surgeons and specialist doctors for women (obstetricians and gynaecologists). Don’t think that everybody is so stupid that they will accept all your lies.

      Also the idea that the centre must be located in Blantyre because Blantyre has better cancer facilities at the moment should only fool those with low thinking capacity. If there are currently facilities in Blantyre to treat cancer then that is the more reason the centre should be located in Lilongwe. In that way, the country will be multiplying capacity for cancer care. We can’t have only one MRI in the whole country. The cancer centre will have a radiotherapy machine so what is an MRI? It can be installed in Lilongwe. Blantyre has a cancer ward for children built by a private company (Southern Bottlers). The cancer centre will have a bigger and better children’s cancer ward.

      Parliament should do its JOB and not allow the change. This centre will best serve the nation when located in Lilongwe. If the centre will be built in Blantyre, it will be just to please regionalistic sentiments and the ambitions of a certain doctor in Blantyre.

      You wondered why issues of national importance are being politicized. Well, sir, please learn something today. POLITICS IS ABOUT SHARING NATIONAL RESOURCES.

  25. namkungwi. says:

    Koma a APM alimba asamapange zokwiyitsa anthu a nyaufe. This president has no manners like his late brother. Lilongwe is on the centre and that makes cheaper for all regions to travel to the hospital than Blantyre which more expensive for the people of the northern region and part of central region. Inu a DPP muthandizeni president wanu chifukwa angathe msanga

  26. Dadaboma says:

    Stupid DPP. Stupid Lomwes. Stupid all supporters of these barbaric groupings.

  27. mbani says:

    I blame Mbendela

  28. Taweni says:

    The capital of this country should take first priority over other locations for national projects.


  29. vanikani NJASKO says:


  30. Ma says:

    you said Atumbuka ndiozikonda ….NOW?????

  31. clement says:

    So what? Hang yourself if boring but that is that the cancer centre has moved to Blantyre.The problem you always talk shit yet you want the same DPP to give development in your regions. This is just the beggining alot to come if you want war lets it be.We are tired of your barbaric speeches, bullshit.

  32. kawonga says:

    Northerners should now start mapping the way forward.Northern Chiefs ,if you support government against feudalism or cessation because of sikono then you doing a bad thing to us, you should not behave like we are your properties. You don’t own us neither do you control us.We northerners have persevered for sometime.Our kids have been denied the opportunity to access boarding secondary & tertiary education at the expense of southerners for our own territorial secondary schools.We’ve been denied top positions in government despite our good academic credentials.Then why, should we cling to the same govt that denies us?Its time we ceded ,its time we left them.We’ve got the land,the abandunt natural resources,the worth of any kind than those that oppress us.The why should we keep on clinging to them. If you fail,our legistrators, our religious leaders and all the the northerners who matters ,to address this thing ,we know, its now in our blood ,sworn like a millet seed which will still grow.Our kids shall pursue this until we are a state of our own.This government has appalled us in the way they are treating us.Those pocketing money and speak as if they are not northerners are doing this at their own peril.One day it shall come to pass.OUR OWN TERRITORY IS REQUIRED.NOT THROUGH WAR BUT PEACEFUL CESSATION WHICH COMES THROUGH REFERENDUM

  33. chanza says:

    Zonsezi ndi MBENDERA ndi MEC but God is watching let us wait and see.

  34. big thought says:

    Ndikuganiza kuti project yachipatala cha cancer ikuthawira ku Blantyre chifukwa cha ma demo amene ali ku Lilongwe ndi Ochewa paja musaiwale akuti sakumufuna CEO wawo.

  35. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    First it was the University, then the national stadium now you are talking of a cancer hospital. The irony of it is that ndi anthu a ku mpoto amapanga advance zinthu zoterezi, okha okhawo nkumati tikufuna Democratic Republic of North Malawi. These things do not just add up if you consider kuti northers are the most intelligent as it is alleged! U northeners blame people of the calibre of goodall, symon, late aleke and others for the under development in your region, not ruling parties- ilo ndiye ndi bodza!!! How can goodall present to parliament kuti cancer hospital ku BT? Has he considered patients from Luwenya, Chitipa? This thing is morally wrong, inhuman and satanic!

  36. Dr Phiri says:

    This is shit. College of Medicine has a campus in Lilongwe. The reasoning is naive and smacks on a well preached gospel of nepotism, regionalism and tribalism. The same shit of stadium is repeating itself and people seem not to learn.

    When people start pushing for secession and/or federalism, these are driving factors.

    DPP AND YOUR PITARA, what wrong do non southerners commit to you? Let GOD BE GOD and judge you accordingly.

  37. Mlomwe wa ku kaya says:

    Chakwera is sleeping while things are going in the wrong direction.

  38. joe bwande says:

    DPP and mr Peter wa muthalika are not serious. God please take this man and the party also.

  39. chikoya says:

    Koma achewafe ndiye Peter watitola moyipa.

    1. Ziwoneninso says:

      Enafe timakuwuzani kuti DPPikukutangwanisani ndi kutukwana a Tumbuka daily, kuseli ali bize kupakula ndi chita divert zitukuko zotele. Ndizinezotu

  40. chikoya says:

    Koma DPP ndiye yafikapo. Central region MPs, pliz wake up. Cancer centre can be in LILONGWE bcoz its not a school but a heath facility. COM can c how to benefit if they need it for their lessons. A Chakwera, pliz protect the interests of the central region. Do YOU KNOW THAT OUR friends from the south want all major development to go south so that when the federalism issue takes root in ten yrs from now, the south must have all everything tha a region would need?Check this!!!!!!!

  41. Redeemed says:

    It is said, “if you can’t beat them, join them. here in RSA the ANC introduced social child grant to the single mothers, with intent to eradicate poverty and hunger amongst destitute families, without considering the impact of social dependency economically, socially and intellectually, however this is not the primary reason behind this provision because since the introduction of this dispansation, RSA has seen an alarming growth in child birth, particulary amongs the Black or African families which the majority favours ANC, no wonder they arrogantly claim to rule RSA until Jesus come. Therefore my sebtle advise to other manority ethinic groups in Malawi, since you yearn to rule the democratic Malawi, where the majority rule applies, you have no alternative but to join the club by making child bearing a priority inorder to increase your shrinked population. Good lucky.

  42. apm says:

    imeneyo nde DPP. i feel sorry for goodal. why act outside your conscious man? with all what is going on about nepotistic traits, you still have the guts to make it more vissible in that way? i tell you God will not watch this to continue. He will intervene and you will be surprised. go in the bible and read about Saul. a goodal, chonde, u already have enough money for yourself, why waste your time affiliating with people you do not support their agenda? inu kumapanga fulfill ma agenda a anthu oipa awa zona? mulangidwila limodzi. it is better to put things that are of national importance at the centre than the far end of the country. spare this country please.

  43. Chisaù says:

    The reason given is sound but not valid. MOC has its campus in Lilongwe, does it mean that campus is just ghost. Mpake people from the want Independence. People from the central region Wake Up! Peter is using as Tenants to develop the South. A Chakwera osagona apa! Tell Peter in the face that is nepotistic. Paja this country is practising Tribalcracy & not democracy. This is a govament of the Lomwe by the Lomwe & for Lomwe.

  44. Mupalesitina says:

    Who are these patients who are being sent abroad for treatment? My relation was told to prepare a passport which was eventually handed over to the hospital many months ago and nothing is happening.

  45. Bakha mzake wa Joisi says:

    Timanga chipatala cha Ebola ku Lilongwe.

  46. GULEKWAWO says:

    Every Development Activity Taking Place In The South Because PETER Comes From There And His Ministers Plus Advisers ???,


  47. Nobel says:

    This is just the begining of it all. Will i be wrong to say that the gazetted bill became law? Please correct me on thuis otherwise the DPP i know has started is main business of flouting laid down procedures of govt business. Blantyre of course need a cancer centre but not the gazetted one which is located in capital Lilongwe. Imagine a patient from Karonga or Rumphi to Blantyre? Lilongwe us ideal for r
    this project. This party anyway is characterised by favouring the south, again beckoning the same feaudalism system of govt. Shame to u Goodal, dont u have morals?

  48. kafanikhale says:

    Tingogawanapo dziko ili kukadali mmawa. Later on muzidzayankhula mokunya kuti kumpoto kapena central ndiyotsalira ngati kuti ndalama zachoka mthumba mwanu. Mwasinthiranji pano? Zifukwa zomwe mapereka sizokwanila

  49. Alex says:

    Rememer the university was relocated to the south. Zingayambe kuiwalika

  50. Malawian Woman says:

    1. Mangochi Diststrict Hospital is a satellite centre for the college of Medicine (for first degree and MPH)
    2. Lilongwe is also a satellite training centre for the Colege of Medicne. KCN nearby is the major nursing school in Malawi. An adjacent College of Health Sciences produces clinical officers.

    Adada Gondwe, did you perhaps overlook these facts?

  51. Mbuzi says:

    have u seen when we say that these lomwe bastards are selfish, mumakana anthu aku central region look at what is happening, these lomwez will kill you,be vocal like northerners they dont give a dem when angry, they speak their mind, this DPP is very nepotistic, its a shame for this country to continue just like that, thats is why they snatched that university from u and u were very dormant!!!!!! mwandibowa anthu kugona chnoncho and u will aprove that bill choncho!!!!!!! seccesion is the way to go basi!!!!

  52. Doctor opuma Ntchito says:

    Situated next to a Medical school, young doctors will be better trained and equipped to manage cancer patients once they graduate as they will have easy access. This is a good reason for moving the cancer center to Blantyre. Plus most of the needed staff, oncologists, pathologists, radiologist are based at COM in Blantyre. The logistics of getting them to LL regurarly to teach are overwhelming This is the problems of select idiots and tribalists to parliament, they only see things through tribal eyes. If the center is in LL, then junior doctors and other staff will have to be moved to LL for training in oncology, not cost effective at all believe you me. Train better the doctors at COM then deploy them around the country to save patients with Cancer, wanva Nkandawire and and other tribal bafoons?

    1. Mbuzi says:

      what is this idiot saying ?????????????? why didnt u raise the same facts when it was initially arranged to be deployed in lilongwe?????????? ok what was the reason of shifting chinese stadium to BTfrom LL????? because south has best footballers????????? yet we know that best footballers are from north?????? accept here that DPP is nepotistic, it is the one that sees everything from the tribal front, College of medicine has built a campus in lilongwe what are u saying idiot?????????? shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      1. Mmihavani says:

        Mbuzi you are a fool. College of Medicine in LL is used for practicals and not lecturing. It is the same as College of Medicine in Mangochi. Why are you so greedy as to want to have everything? Lilongwe has seen several developments since Bingu’s time and none went to South. Can you point out what Bingu did to South and not in the central. LL has Parliament, International Conference Centre, Stadium, new roads in the city etc but nobody from Blantyre complained. Be fair in your criticism.

        1. Mbuzi says:

          so malawi is lilongwe and BT????????????? and what did bingu do in MZUZU????????? stupid lomwe bandits!!!!!!!! very good at plucking tea, anyway those who will be working in that cancer hospital will be from center and north since most lomwez are tea pluckers and tobbaco tenants!!!!!

        2. Man of the Match says:

          Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi let history not repeat itself MUST kani munaichotsa ku LIlongwe nkukayiponya kutchire kuja uet the majority of staff are resident in BT watch out

        3. chikoya says:

          Will the cancer centre be for lecturing? If anything , it will be for practicals. As such, it can be built even in Lilongwe bcoz examples are already there where COM students do practicals in Lilongwe

          1. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

            Inu simudziwa chiri chonse cha uphunzitsi wa mankhala et?

        4. Change GOLO! says:

          Stupid! I am a product of COM. Medical students infact do relocate to Lilongwe for Dental, cardithoracic surgery,and other practical training modules and they do relocate to Mangochi for Community Health medicine training module. The Cancer centre can be in Lilongwe and students will relocate to LL for cancer training module. Infact electing the cancer centre in Lilongwe is only fair and justified as all other malawians will have equal access in terms of its proximity to the community. You expect a patient from Chitipa to travel all the way to BT tfor cancer services??? We dont need the cancer centre to be close to the College. Its not necessary. Wake up guys. This is pure greed and nepotism. Pliz say NOOOO! to this Mlako business. Federal state is the weay to go indeed!!! Dzuka mpoto dzuka!!! Dzuka central region dzuka!!!

      2. Observer says:

        College of Medicine campus in Lilongwe is more of a satelite campus. Cancer management is multi-disciplinary and most of these disciplines are more developed in Blantyre owing to the presence of the medical college for the past 23 years. We can only benefit maximally from the investment if it is close to a medical college. I wish the College of Medicine was in Mzuzu, let alone Lilongwe. Unfortunately, in his wise and dynamic wisdom, our fore-father settled for Blantyre to house the College of Medicine.

        1. mbonga says:

          Agalu inu! Poti simukugwirizana the cancer centre will be built in Nthalire Chitipa so that after the North secedes all lomwes and nyau’z will be charged exhorbitantly when accessing the cancer centre!.

    2. Israel Difense Force says:

      This bafoon called Doctor opuma ntchito does not what he is talking, why cant he learn a lesson or two from stadium saga!!!!

    3. Disappointed self-appointed DPP supporter says:

      Lilongwe has a college of Medicine Campus. Lilongwe has pathologists, radiologists, oncologists similar to Blantyre. If Blantyre can train oncologists, so can LILONGWE!

      A cancer centre does not only depend on oncologists. It will need nurses and clinical officers. Lilongwe has the main campuses of KCN and the school for health sciences.

      But most importantly, the centre will not be built “to teach doctors”. It will be built to treat Malawians! Asking a patient from Chitipa to travel to Blantyre for cancer care is MADNESS of the highest order! Lilongwe is still far from Chitipa but much better than Blantyre.

  53. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    this party eishh very known for shifting development to the south…i mean whats so special about blantyre..??????????kapena mkuluyu akudadwalatu

  54. kambwali says:

    mwayambaso zanu zija zija

  55. crispen kandido says:

    wawa mlakho. they were just short of saying it should be constructed in Thyolo or Mulanje

  56. Shepherrd says:

    Wrong move! What a toothless parliamentarians who can not even boycott such an overnight change. This is the ‘all for me(us) spirit’ on the display. Count how many development programs are going south. Should we expect a cancer patient from chitipa to be catered for in this deal? Central & north, you are sleeping. Now understand where federalism notion is originating from. But i understand secession much better. Greed, selfishness, presumptiousness, self assuming……etc!!

  57. vindere says:

    There goes DPP again.When something good comes about, it is always Blantyre or the South. If u don’t want to build the Cancer centre in Lilongwe, then build it in Mzuzu for once. No wonder the North is campaigning for federalism or sessesion.

  58. VYOTO says:



    1. Mneneli Wonyenga says:

      That’s RHLOMWE Party I know. They want us Chitipanz to travel all the way to near Goliati.

  59. chiperoni2 says:

    A Gondwe mwachitika uli? Wanyinu wadabwa kusintha kwa malo ghakuzenga centre. Pala mwazenga ku Blantyre, Muluwali wakuchitipa na Karonga Mwamovwira? University ya Science nayo ndimo mkachitira Ku kamanga ku Thyolo. Mmalo mwakumanga ku Lilongwe apo mphakati mwati koma kuThyolo. Muwenge kuti muli nazonazo mphanyi ipo mwamanga vigawa vyose vitatu. Mukwananga charu chifukwa ckamaghanaghano ghakuwerera kumanyuma. U yesi bwana nguwemi chara.

    1. Njokaluzi says:

      Apa wasuzga ndi uyesi bwana and pressure from above.

  60. Nyamugemezulu says:

    Zidali chomwechi malemu atasintha kuti stadium ipite ku Thyolo, kenako anatisiya basi stadium inabweleranso ku Lilongwe. kaya zanu izo, God is watching.

    1. Malawiana says:

      And possibly they wanted to move the stadium to Thyolo to be next to football spectators! kikiki

  61. The voice says:

    He snatched the stadium but now there are after the cancer center these bastards

  62. OKAMBANJE says:


  63. Philip Chonde says:

    apa basi nafe ochewa tifuna dziko lathu lathu why removing it from LL because we dint vote for you?nanga tinakavotera bwambini Peter?

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