Dzuka Malawi: After we hunt all albinos, let us go for Ntaba’s solar panel!

To no on we will sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.” – Magna Carta, 1215

All Malawians are albino hunters. Yes starting with you reading this entry. You can imagine what a foreigner thinks when he hears the name Malawi. Amnesty International has launched campaign to press Malawian authorities to address the growing attacks on albino hunters. What is the reaction of you and me, silent and business as usual.Dzuka Malawi

People across the world can visualise our political leaders dressed in suits, our Bishops, Prophets (the fake and real), Judges in wigs, soldiers and ordinary plebeians like you and me at a market, where some successful Albino hunters come and do an auction. We bid and compete and the biggest winners take these MWK1.1 billion worth of bones and sale wherever the market is.

If you don’t believe this visualisation then you have never been to Malawi, from that “official opening of ….ujeni”  to our small markets right outside mosques, churches and temples, every Malawian is busy indulging in selling of albinos. I see you are about to type an “f” word. Hold on.

There are devils festivals in Europe, celebrating Satan. In Malawi we do it by killing albinos and all of us clap hands. The most superstitious nation is Haiti here voodoo priests are revered and even run for Parliament. They are late, in Malawi all our MPs are albino hunters.

Next time you see any leader, be a politician or a religious or  traditional leader, tell them they look like albino hunters or buyers of bones.

Why? Silence is golden they say, but they also say it is consent. Our actions and reactions sometimes can be said to come from our silence. Our silence when our brothers, sisters and children with albinism are being hunted as kalulu or gwape, killed for their bones, abducted and even by own Uncles means we are all in support of the killings.

Without belittling impact of our social media campaign, a terror group bombs a foreign airport and 35 people die, Malawian Facebookers change their faces, mourn and are angry with terrorists. Over 50 albinos killed, they can’t write a single status to condemn the killings. They are the killers themselves.

All of us come from the areas where reports of killings are being reported. We come from Kasungu, we come from Machinga- interestingly two Presidents have come from these two albino killers. I have wondered why the silence from Kasungu, Mulanje and Machinga gurus. Is it guilt by association or we are the real albino hunters.

Imagine, non of the vocal Civil Society thinks it high time to hold demonstrations in all districts against killing of persons with albinism. Imagine our churches who can call for national prayers against homosexuality pretend nothing is going amiss in Malawi today.

To me, killing an albino is okey than having gay people. The media too is part of this. The way they cover gay peoples stories even staged attacks and the way they have covered the killings of fellow human beings.

I will not apologise to anyone for thinking everyone who has access to social media or is a leader either in politics, church, mosque or civil society, chief or even Rastafarians and all of us are albino killers.

Imagine Chiefs if it was something to do with PAC calling the President to resign, we could have had long broadcasts of condemnation against the poor organisation which looks confused to some of us.

As long as there is no national movement to stop albino killings, we are all complicit to their death and we should not blame gays, whom we condemn loudly when calamities befell us. The God-fearing tag is wearing thin and we are becoming a joke of the world, known as murderers.

The belief that money can come from witchcraft, superstition or some spiritual form is a joke for some foolish and gullible people. Tell your uncles, aunties and all village folks, money is printed at Reserve Bank and each bank note has a serial number.

There is no miracle money, just as there is not money from albino bones. You work hard and you earn your money. Each note serial note is traceable. Even prayers from any  ‘Pastorprenuer’ cannot rain money. If they can, let us meet at a Stadium and let money rain from sky, I will worship them.

Tell your wards, albinism is a skin condition. The bones and body organs are the same. People with albinism have donated hearts, livers and kidneys to people with normal skins. None has turned. They have donated blood, none has changed the recipient into an albino. We are all human.

For our media, it should remind us that we have been on this path as before. We have had womens breasts cut off in Chiradzulo for riches, nobody got rich. We lost nine women. Then someone invented that male organs, especially big ones for those aged 18 to 40 could fetch you a car. Poor gondolisi lovers had their penises and balls cut off, most of them got rotten before any buyer could be found.

We then had selling of children. This too ended in misery for perpetrators.

I am thinking that after we hunt and kill all albinos, killing people with bald heads could also make us rich. Imagine the biggest and brightest solar panels belong to Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba at Kamuzu Palace and Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda. I know many friends who are now in bald head hiding solar panels, but at the rate we get excited by all stupid suggestions of how to get quickly, solar panels could be the next gold mine.

If you are not an albino hunter, raise the awareness, speak to your village folks, organise prayers, rallied and demonstrations. Let there be a pastoral letter in all churches, music concerts and all the noise we do against gays or terrorist to guarantee that all those with such intentions know Malawians are angry with them. If I don’t see a post on your social media, you are an albino hunter period.

Dzuka my Malawi, money only comes from hard work. That’s why is distressing to hear that Boxing Association of Malawi and Basketball Association of Malawi have sent a collective request of MWK76 million to Prophet Bushiri. Which basketball or which boxing these thieves represent, I am yet to see if we have ashamed faces.

In the same vein, let me pay tribute to late Ulemu Teputepu who was a journalist and died on 30thApril in South Africa. I grew up with Ulemu in Zomba and later our careers made us meet again. He might have not gone to the highest levels of journalism but his passion was evident. He was the only journalist to be granted interview by Pastor Hastings Salanje of “embarrassed blessings riches.” Go well young man. Greet our departed leaders and tell them we are now hunting albinos for riches….

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24 thoughts on “Dzuka Malawi: After we hunt all albinos, let us go for Ntaba’s solar panel!”

  1. John says:

    Shame! Shame! Shame! My Malawi!!!!!!!!! 95% of Malawians become Satanic becoz of money. shame!!!!

  2. kk says:

    Zoona Zokhazokha izi, tapenyelela kuphedwa kwa anzathu albinos osachitapo kanthu, shame on us Folks….

  3. Zalimba says:

    Good article! Needs very good understanding before commenting.

  4. Ali fredo says:

    Why did it take you over two years to write on behalf of albinos.You are writing after you have killed and realised that there no riches in albino body parts.. Typical Malawian talk talk no action, you are too late with your mastet piece

  5. funzo says:

    Unfortunately, poorly written but the sentiment is good.

  6. James Wandale says:

    If Malawi will change we need this writer as a President. He is our own Magufuli. He thinks outside the box. What are foreigners thinking when they hear Malawi. Not lake Malawi but albino killings. Let all Malawians work to restore our image. Bravo Rudo, u are always a special voices.

    1. Genghis Khan says:

      Why cant you think of becoming a president yourself?

  7. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    A passionate cry for help; a classic cris de coeur.

    And a PWA (Person With Albinism) could have written this appeal, and still probably make little difference because all our leaders – political, cultural, religious etc. do not seem to have the guts to take this fight to the next level(s). To wit: the personal and even national levels. And this what the writer is after: and power to him/her.
    This country of ours, the so-called God fearing nation, is so lethargic on this moral issue as to make a sloth faster in action.
    This is an issue which, by now should have seen demonstrations in every district, and supported by chiefs (play a significant role for a change), the D.Cs., and all politicians, including the President and Vice President participating in these demos. Then we would get to a tipping point where most people would be talking about the issue. We need this to happen, if we are to stem the tide. Where are all the social policy advisers to the president (Isn’t this an opportunity to defend the PhD’s by showing advanced thinking?)
    Trust the experts: they say a society CANNOT police itself out of this kind of problem. Meaning that the society at large needs to play a bog role; and the issue transcends the police and judiciary. No punishment, no matter how harsh, will put a dent in the belief of riches that supposedly come with the body parts of PWA.
    It is distressing that even bao players are not discussing this – I do pay attention to trends of their discussions!
    It is true: Malawi, is an albino killer nation; and by extension, Malawians are albino killers. Shameful to the core.
    What a legacy to leave for future generations?

  8. Lovey says:

    you’re very right Mr writer ,it really seems all of us are indeed albino hunters as it seems from the top of our authority nothing concrete have been done so far,its just mere rubbish talk from even APM whilst the killings are on increase.Pls aboma, ma church,NGOs,ma activists ,tionelera mpaka liti?komadi zikanakhala zinazi ndiye kunali kumthamanga ndi ma Placards mmiseu balalabalala.

  9. matako says:


  10. Helen says:

    Amateurish writing! Utter nonsense. Killing people with albinism is not a joking matter.

  11. Kapyepye says:

    Zopusa basi . Tonse ndife albino hunters ndiye kuti chani? This has no basis. When did you saw me hunting for albinos or even supporting those hunters. Ndiwe chindere kwambiri

  12. Big Pun says:

    You have lost it this time Rudo Tariro.I strongly condenm the merciless&heartless killing of our albino bro & sistaz,i have wrote to newspapers,radios. So not all malawians are albino killers.

  13. Ze Roberto says:

    I agree with Analyst @5. There is always a limit on how individuals(cocommon person) can contribute. Those that have legal power to effect change should be held responsible if not accountable. In fact we have already seen what the common people can do with albino killers when they are caught. The mob justice we have seen before is a clear demonstration of what the majority would want to see happening to people who do the horrendous act of killing people with albinism.

  14. mkhala says:

    You are talented journalist pal.

  15. Kangamire Zowazowa says:

    SPOT ON RUDO!!! This nation called Malawi is full of shit – failed nation led by a failed “..ujeni”. Machende ake ofota. Really, yesterday he says he had a good meeting with CSOs exchanging notes on albino hunting problem…. Fuck my dirty black ass!! Am tired of this gondolosi embalmed death enacted son of b@#4”

    We have law enforcement or executive branch, lawmakers called legislature or parliament and the judiciary:

    Executive – is unaware of the problem, invited CSOs to exchange notes – has not made public statement condemning the hunting of fellow citizens in a country – business as usual. Police force which works under executive is still asleep

    Parliament – has continued business as usual, no special convention to examine problem, table new legislation and condemn the barbaric acts. Fund special programs to protect albinos, educate our stupid population and ban churches that preach opulence and mass riches from superstitious oils (I understand the anointed oil and water is infused with human salts and bone filtrates)

    Judiciary – mother f@#ing me – they hand out 25 years jail for convicted albino hunters and murderers; drop case against K2.1bn massive fraud that we all know included some strange exchange of gifts –

    I mean what kind of country are we becoming?

  16. Patrick says:

    if you have little brain to accommodate arguments, don’t call all of us murderers. be a civilized journalist.

  17. inayake says:

    wakuva wamva and those who choose not to hear will cook counter-arguments but its all is Malawian to think criticisms are misplaced, it is malawian to be contented with nothing…out here people generalize…they see a picture of a street kid and think every other kid is street…now they see us killing albinos-and see us not concerting efforts to curb the situation-they conclude your albino hunters…am seeing the Analyst’s comment and i am 99.9% sure ur an albino hunter

  18. Jelbin Mk says:

    I feel guilty after reading this article because i could hardly comment on albino killing. The Bible says; if you know that someone is doing wrong and you don’t voice out against it then you are also as guilty as the wrong doer. Am really sorry for not voicing out. I like your point that money is hardly earned and is being printed by the reserve bank not ritually made as other stupid people think.

  19. The Analyst says:

    Rudo Tariro; are you being honest with your thoughts to come here and say that . . .
    . . . all Malawians are albino hunters?
    . . . all of us are doing nothing?
    . . . we are all in support and clap hands when we hear that some albino has been killed?
    I wish you could age-up a bit and stop being sensational in your writing, especially on such serious issues as these.
    . . . Otherwise, you are not being a good master to your pen when you direct it to write that all of us are in support of these killings?
    Only if you had an executive meeting with your mind, would you have realised that . . .
    . . . although each one of us (from those in authority to the plebeians and the hoi polloi); has a role to play, there is a limit to which these groups, especially the commoners; can execute their roles.
    . . . In perspective . . .
    Commoners can express their views, register their grievances, give advice (through demonstrations or social-media posts) But the most important part, is for those with implementation capacity to actually take the advice on board and do it.
    . . . For instance, while a commoner can propose a review of the country’s laws (for stiffer punishment to offenders); the commoner cannot change the laws; but the President, Parliament and the Judisciary, can.
    . . . Now; won’t your ears testify against you on Judgement Day, if you lie that you have never ever heard someone say, or read from somewhere; that the country’s laws need to be reviewed urgently?
    . . . What have you seen the President, Parliament and the Judiciary do, if not nothing? Then do you come and blame everybody? Does this make any logical sense?

    Such sweeping generalisations are not only jejune, inane hence exasperating but also misdirected and misplaced! And, you could do better!
    . . . Otherwise, demonstrations and social-media posts will do nobody any good, if the authorites continue to slumber and display the I-dont-care attitude – by telling us they are doing all they could; when we know that all they are doing is nothing, and not all they could.

  20. Poor patie says:

    The article is well calculated a big hand for the writer of this article we are indeed blind plus foolishness poor malawians kumangowönerera zopusa

  21. Semani says:

    Who can speak and stands for poor people? Poor people are the victims of any action taken by rich people anamadyabwino ,osauka alibe mau but one day poor people will stand and fight for his lost glory mwatipondereza mokwanira

  22. mr ibu says:

    Am not an albino hunter mr jornalist.

  23. Mkulu Zikaoneka says:

    “Poor gondolosi lovers had their penises and balls cut off……….” Malawi’s journalists! Shame! Much as I like reading your articles but inclusion of this sentence is uncalled for!
    I rest my case.

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