Ebola forces Luciano to cancel Malawi show

Ebola outbreak in West Africa has cost Malawi the first ever show of the Jamaican reggae artist Luciano.

According to The Jamaica Observer, Luciano has been forced to cancel plans to travel to Africa for his upcoming tour due to warnings from Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson that entertainers should avoid to travel to Ebola affected countries of West Africa.

Luciuano aka Jah Messanger

Luciuano aka Jah Messanger

It is reported that the artist changed his plans due to his own research on the highly contagious and deadly disease.

Luciano was expected to leave the Island on Saturday for performance in Malawi, South Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

He was supposed to arrive in Malawi on October 15, four days before his concert in Malawi’s capital at Lilongwe Golf Club.

Organisers of the Malawi show said they were yet to get official communication from the Jah Messenger’s camp.

Event coordinator Mphatso Chaluluka said they are looking for “options.”

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18 thoughts on “Ebola forces Luciano to cancel Malawi show”

  1. joshua says:

    Kod anthu mumangowanamizira ma rasta za chamba chifukwa chani…chamba sichoyipa koma kagwiritsidwe ntchito kake ndikumene kumawuza zopusa mukunenenzo…..Luciano waganiza bwino kwambiri kusabwera kumalawi

  2. George Lihoma. says:

    Jamaicans are a laughing stock to Africans. They always preach (singing) about the goodnesses of being African and being in Africa. Nonetheless, they NEVER want to be associated fully with anything to do with Africa or African. Only MUTABARUKA is an exception, I know them. I have followed them closely for over thirty years.
    Health personnel,Missionaries and soldiers are going onto Ebola infested countries to aid. Him cannot come to Ebola-free countries to sing. What a shame to his organisers. Ree-bee-dee, Jah Rastafari.

  3. kamowa says:

    Dread ndi Ebola zimagwilizana kwabasi…

  4. Nelson Kachisi says:

    Luciano could have made arrangements to travel without compromising his health by flying from Jamaica to London then connecting with Ethiopian Airlines in London via ADDIS Ababa to Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa without setting foot in West Africa. If he is serious let him reconsider his itenary. Simple

  5. Afro Jazz says:

    Achina Nkasa omwewa amatikwana

  6. CHISO says:

    muziona zoitana, mapeto ake mubweretsa ebola

  7. wasuta waganiza zopanga cancel trip to malawi koma ma rasta chamba too mach

  8. franco says:

    Luciano to Malawi?

  9. franco says:

    Luciano to malawi? or Malawi to Luciano?

  10. mzimu wambelwa says:

    hahahahahahahaha is Malawi in west africa??? pass me some weeeeee!!!! hahahahahahaha am high again

  11. jobo says:

    Koma ine ndadadaula, show kulephereka chifukwa cha embola.

  12. Fiyabwayson says:

    aaahh!!! akhale! chamba chathuchi basi tikangosutira ku Sanctuary!! demeti!!

  13. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    he got wrong information on ebola…malawi is not infected with ebola

  14. Joomla says:

    These foreign artists are a time waste for Malawians. They raise people’s hopes only to cancel their shows on flimsy reasons. Malawi has no Ebola, in fact, all the countries he was to visit have no known cases of Ebola so what rubbish of an excuse

  15. Tupochere Mwalwanda says:

    Ambuye atithandiza ndithu sangalore kuti anthu ake tivutike

  16. Hahahahahahahaha vuto lomapanga zinthu utabanda ndi zimenezi and who on earth told him that Malawi has Ebola ,,,, munthuyu wasuta chamba eti shupiti zake.

  17. Ebola says:

    Kodi mesa ameneyu ndi the messenger. athawa bwanji anthu ake akufuna kukumana naye

  18. moses selemani says:

    Is malawi affected?let him to intertain malawians.

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