ECG’s pastor Israel prophesized on Malawi rain disaster

A  prophecy about the Malawi rain disaster by the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Israel Major 1 Jnr has come to pass,  it has been claimed.

Pastor Israel Major 1

Pastor Israel Major 1

The prophecy delivered at ECG Church in Lilongwe on April 10 was about a vision of a mountain sliding, heavy rains that will destroy people’s property and lives, leaving some of them homeless and making a head of state declare a nation of disaster.

According to a prophecy clip, which Nyasa Times has seen, Prophet Israel told the congregation that he had a vision of an natural disaster that will affect part of Malawi very soon and it will be declared a national disaster although it will not be national wide.

“To be precise what I saw was a mountain sliding. God told me that these come to pass very soon. As a servant of God, a son of God, I executed the message to people as Isaiah in the Bible who was being told by God to tell the people that this is what going to happen. I even told the people that when this thing happen, they will say it’s a natural disaster but it’ not a natural disaster but God’s anger upon the nation,” said the Prophet in an interview with Nyasa Times.

He said Malawi should pray for the protection of the people and to know why God is angry with the country.

“Naturally Malawi is a blessed nation, for it to be called  The warm heart of Africa is by God’s grace,” he said.

Put to him that recently President Peter Mutharika led Malawians to a night of prayer for God’s assistance on the problems facing the country, Prophet Israel said: “As a man of God, and what Major 1 Prophet Bushiri taught me is that people should come together in prayer, not one because the Bible says when two gather together in prayer God listen to them.”

There are floods in the northern part of Malawi as a result of the 10 day persistent rains in the northern region city leading to six deaths, injuring 10, destroying over 1000 houses and affecting about 17,000 families.

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26 thoughts on “ECG’s pastor Israel prophesized on Malawi rain disaster”

  1. zoona zokhazokha says:

    Good prophecy sir. Bt try to pray against the outcome. Not just kudziwika

  2. Taps says:

    Stop lying young man. you are not a Prophet l was in the service when you were ministering. Stop lying to people these were not you words l actually have got a recording. Fame is earned not bought. Come I out of blood money and God will redeem you. Stop this prophecy thing you are not one focus on preaching not prophesy. Stop coping Eubert Angle preaching. Stop lying please. Get a life young man. You not a Prophet please. When l saw l was disgusted by everything you were doing. Please Stop. Nyasa times you have a good news paper but putting these lies. I am no longer with you.

  3. Tt says:

    A wise person once said: If you talk to god , its called praying and if He answers back, and you can hear his voice, it much be schizophrenia (a mental disorder)! Pastor why should the creator of the universe whisper to individuals? why is he so shy? Why cant he just come on TV and tell us all in a universal language that a japanese, chinese, chewa, tumbuka can hear at once (i am sure he must be capable of pulling such a thing)


  4. Mbwiyache says:

    Let me give the author and those commenting a free English lesson here.
    Prophecy = noun
    prophesy = verb ( prophesied – past tense)

  5. I believe God is not a killer but a savior.lets be realistic

  6. DOBO says:

    Any country whose leaders are ex-students of Yale University in USA are facing various problems.To understand what am trying to say; go on to internet and click on SKULLS AND BONES,

  7. dpp_sapota says:

    after hearing this miracle about floods at ECG, i have decided to join the church, to hear even more miracles. i saw one miracle about people finding money in there purses, maybe it will be my turn if i join

  8. Ze Roberto says:

    This prophecy thing is disgusting. Only for people with brainwashed minds.

  9. Akungolonje says:

    God is merciful. He knows that there is hunger in Malawi as a results He has given us more rains where He knows rice is commonly grown. With that rain maize can not do but rice. No wonder we have that rain in Karonga. Osati zamisalazo ayi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. koma 1 says:

    why northeners only,

  11. James Mhango says:

    Why do these guys called prophets always prophesise doom. Why has southern Africa suddenly given a listening ear to these archaic forces. Why this so called god only talks about catastrophies.

    When politics fails these archaic forces creep in to explain the situation. All over southern Africa, Climatic conditions have not been normal. This has now invited rats to try and explain the phenomenon.

  12. Guanta says:

    Aza Nyengo ku Chileka Airport anatiuza kale kuti kuzakhala chimvula chambiri way b4 this dreamer. He better dream better things

  13. VEGETERIAN says:

    Its true ……The prophecy come after the event ……this is not new in these days ……..Nyasatimes you could have told us earlier before the event …….why God angly with the people of the north only? are they worst sinners? GOD Is merciful and he cannot do that ……but We suffer the consquences ….this is as a result of climate change …..we have destroyed the environment……

  14. petermustfall says:

    Ah anthu inu…..El Nino has hit The whole of southern Africa, even in Europe, prophecy………Tell us something different….

  15. santana says:

    So God did not tell this pastor which people will be affected and the way to prevent the disaster? So what was the reason for this dream? I thought God wanted to use you to warn people to do something before the disaster so that death is prevented? The disaster happened in the north and you were busy talking to people of Lilongwe? Is it what the merciful God told you? Isaiah was quick to warn people so that they do something to prevent disasters or calamities unless they ignore the message. You better call these things dreams unless you don’t know what a prophecy is. On this one I think the Metriology guys have outwitted you.

  16. Kanyimbi says:

    chonde anthu inu dzalani mpunga. Amenewa ndi madalitso athu ndithu.

  17. Kanyimbi says:

    We were already warned by the weather department long last year.

  18. ndondwa says:

    Total lie why do they come with the clip now after the floods & not soon after the prophesy on that 10th April, like what TB Joshua does, he delivers the prophesy for all to hear and when confirmed he repeats the prophesy sizachamba zanuzo, you want to buy fame when you do not deserve it, only God knows the cause of these floods sizomanamiza anthu apa, majo1 1 ndiye kuti chani?

  19. pido says:

    As for me The rains in Mzuzu are normal. It has followed a natural pattern according to climate existing there. It is only that people forgot the Mzuzu climate which is partly East African that has two rainy seasons in a year. They started settling in swampy prone areas. Osamangoti I saw the Vision after peeping into weather forecusts. Zopusa Zinazi.

  20. Aniho says:

    Mudakatiwuza zisanachitike kuti tizidika ngati zingachitike

  21. Aniho says:

    you could have informed us before

  22. Major 5 says:

    This is quite interesting. The prophecy was on the 10th of April and no one knew about it until after the event. I would have thought being a supposedly Christian prophecy, the nation would have been told so that they go down on their knees and prayer over it. I also seem lost on where it is claimed that one prayed for Malawi. My understanding was that the President joined other faithful who had organized Night of Prayer. Was this not enough or they needed to include ECG in the officiating clergy so that it is effective? Outside of that, when will we sit Malawian prophets prophesying positive things for Malawi?

  23. Muammar says:

    zasiyana pati opanda prophecy yi zachitika basi. cholinga tinena kuti it has come to pass. Bola prophecy ya a zanyengo yalondola koma inu tikumva zitachitika aaah komaaa

  24. penelop says:

    1.1 Kkkkkk ndipo inu help me ask them. Why are we hearing about this now? T.B Joshua’s prophecies are done months before the events koma enawa they only claim they prophesied about it after it has already happened kkkkkkkk

  25. Advisory committee says:

    I also dreamed about this but I cant stand on an anthill that it was a prophesy

  26. Mapwevupwevu says:


    Why do these ‘prophecies’ always come out after the event?

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