Emulate Nyasa, Minister urges Malawi companies

Minister of industry and trade Joseph Mwanavekha has urged companies in Malawi to emulate Nyasa manufacturing company for its value addition to local products as it is exporting cigarettes that are made from locally grown tobacco.

Minister of Industry and Trade, Joseph Mwanamvekha  visiting Nyasa Manufacturing Company

Minister of Industry and Trade, Joseph Mwanamvekha visiting Nyasa Manufacturing Company

Nyasa cigaretts

Nyasa cigaretts

Mwanamvekha said Nyasa is doing a commendable job in value addition and pledged government support to the company.

“This is very important. The company is also doing import substitution; they are making cigarettes in the country,” said Mwanamvekha when he visited Nyasa manufacturing company factory located along Kidney Crescent in Blantyre that

“We would want to see the company grow, produce enough for both local and international markets and increase their workforce,” he added.

Nyasa which controls 50 percent of the cigarette market in the country manufactures Nyasa fodya, 20 and Sahara cigarettes .

Mwanavekha said Malawi’s economy can substantially grow if more companies stop exporting unprocessed products and start adding value before exporting.

“It is the government’s policy to support local manufacturing companies,” said Mwanamvekha.

Nyasa has just developed a new brand of cigarette called Super King

The company’s chairperson Konrad Buckle assured the minister that Nyasa will keep on expanding by implementing its new ideas which will benefit Malawi’s economy.

We want to re-invest in Malawi and grow the company in Malawi which is the third biggest tobacco producer in the world. I do not understand why we, as a country are failing to do value addition. Our aim is to add value as much as possible of our tobacco,” he said.

He said Malawi has the potential to be the one of the biggest cigarette manufacturing industries in sub-sahara Africa NMC pays annual tax of K300 million to Malawi Revenue Authority according to Buckle.

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I am a smoker but I say lets ban smoking.We are just creating a problem to to the already under staffed oncology department on the ministry of heaith.

Imraan Sadick

The Company Chairperson is lying by saying Malawi is the third world biggest producer of tobacco. Kuyamba ndi kuyamba ndi maboza, this will end up like Kayelekela mine. Zimbabwe produces more than Malawi yet it is not the third biggest producer. USA, China, India and some European countries produce more than Malawi. Better we start monitoring critically this company before its too late.

Msangaambe Phiri

Where does this annual amount of K300 go?The way MRA operates in Malawi is raising eyebrows among most Malawi ppl.Bcz many companies pay tax but most of the time we hear government has no money.As if companies are not paying tax,MRA must be held accountable plz failing which we are going to demonstrate & set alight MRA offices in all places bcz of their corrupt practises.

chaiwone wawo

This is the way to go. As a country we have produced a lot of tobacco that has ended up enriching other countries simply because we export it raw. With more companies like these all tobacco money would be remaining in Malawi. We goof a lot when we allow external buyers come and shortchange our farmers

Charlie Hebdo and Pegida Supporter

Tell us what happened to BAT.


Congratulations Nyasa…you are a true investor as far as tobacco industry is concerned. More jobs are created in the process of manufacturing the cigars…Not many of these colonialists who want to buy the leaf for a song and export the same to their homeland so as to deny us jobs.


Ownership also matters. Who owns this company?


Big up NMC! Bwana min., koma policy mukunenayo yikuthandizadi? Nanga ma foreigners akugulitssa ma secondhand tyres, ma bale, WA ?


Kusuta kungathe kuwononga moyo wani

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