Ex-deputy IG Bophani behind Mphwiyo’s statement implicating Kasambara, court learns

Former Malawi Police Inspector General responsible for criminal investigation, Nelson Bophani has been implicated in the ongoing Mphwiyo Shooting Case which involves former minister of Justice and constitutional affairs Ralph Kasambara as the master-minder of gunshot survivor Paul Montfort Mphwiyo’s statements that so Kasambara and others be named as possible suspects of his shooting.

Bophani: Implicated

Bophani: Implicated

One of the witness testifying on behalf if first accused person ex Malawi Defence Force officer Macdonald Kumwembe,  who is former Publicity Secretary of the ruling People’s Party,  Hophmally Makande has made the claim in Lilongwe High Court  during cross examination by third accused person Ralph Kasambara .

Makande was testifying in the ongoing case of attempted murder of Mphwiyo.

He told presiding Judge Michael Mtambo that when he met Mphwiyo in police cell in Area 3, he got the sense during the conversation that it was Bophani who masterminded the shooting.

During cross-examination by former Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Raphael Kasambara on Tuesday, Makande told the court that Mphwiyo narrated to them how he mentioned Kasambara as one of the suspects who might have conspired to kill him for allegedly forcing him to issue payments to him through some companies.

Makande said Mphwiyo in presence of him (Makande), Ishmael Chiwoko and himself (Mphwiyo) in the cell narrated the whole saga without being asked on his own.

He said he was worried and feeling guilty for “lying against Kasambara” as he was being forced to mention him and lie to courts, police and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) statements by then Police IG Nelson Bophani who was the leading officer handling the case

According to Makande, Mphwiyo told them that it was Bophani who was dictating to him what to write and who to mention as he was told it was “a directive from above” to nail down Kasambara.

Mphwiyo told them that he was feeling sorry now that he has been used and Bophani is nowhere to protect him as he was told he will be free and will not be arrested and his job would be safe as Budget Director.

According to Makande no one answered the gun-shot survivor as they were just listening to him narrating the whole saga even though he was not asked.

Makande told the court that Mphwiyo was mentioning other names of police officers and senor officials who were behind his statements and offering hope and assurance that he was safe and free from any arrests.

“Mphwiyo was just saying a lot of things and I know that him being shot was Bophani at work,” he said.

However, when Kasambara asked Makande to read out the disclosures in the Mphwiyo affidavit, the court heard that former minister of information Brown Mpinganjira, was threatening Mphwiyo.

Meanwhile, the state has formally told the court that it is objecting an application from the first suspect Macdonald Kumwembe who named ACB Deputy Director General Reyneck Matemba and Sam Kumbweza as some of the people he wants to appear in court and testify on his behalf.

State top prosecutor, Mary Kachale has told the court that her office is going to make submissions in two days time citing reasons why they are objecting to Matemba and Kumbweza to come and appear in court as Kumwembe witnesses.

Mphwiyo was shot outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe on September 13 2013, a shooting which is believed to have exposed the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill that came to be known as Cashgate.

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29 thoughts on “Ex-deputy IG Bophani behind Mphwiyo’s statement implicating Kasambara, court learns”

  1. Taweni says:

    The case is losing direction and sounds laughable at this stage.
    Do we really have prosecutors who can extract corroborating evidence.
    These are cases which require seasoned prosecutors The task seems too complicated
    to be handled by locals. The problem is people seem already convicted and they must defend themselves.


  2. kunyeziwa zex says:

    kkkkk bt bophani shud also sentenced ndiyemwe waba ndalama zambiri za cashgte pa ma recoveries plz akwizingidwe basi no mercy!

  3. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Malawians kukonda kunama “heavy” ngakhale pa koti (Even prominent Malawians will lie in a court of law, even when know that perjury is a serious crime.) Many of the narrations in this case do not add up. How can people play with the legal system, like they think the court is at the Village Headman, and fine may be one of two live chickens.
    Judge Mtambo has a tough time here; and he has a lot to sort out, what is a likely truth or untruth based on probabilities and the evidence.
    So far the evidence seems to be defining Kasambara and Kumwembe as culpable.

  4. MULOPWANA says:

    Iwe #2 Beast Msonda ndiwe wabodza kunena kuti malawi yose imadziwa kuti makande ndi mzake wa kasambala, ife sitizidziwa

  5. Mlomwe says:

    Bophani bophani si dzina la ufiti limeneli?

  6. kadamanja says:

    Kasambara, i have been praying for you. Basi Bomphani uyo pa ulendo. They hate Raph because he is a Northerner. Tiyeni nayo game.

  7. Mfumu ya Luntha says:

    Game of Chess. Wina adyetsa Queen ndithu apa.

  8. Miko says:

    Makande take care i know u ulibe zeru ukuti ukufuna kupulumutsa raph zikuvuta.

  9. bunaya says:

    Ichi chipako basi tawakwizingani a Ralph nda Mphwiyo wo zoona tizikhalira kumva izi

  10. Mzozo kununkha says:

    The writing is on the wall and only someone like Daniel can read………. why is that she is always on the run? afraid of what? see now most of these implicated dudes were close to her? cant you see something is adding up here? unfortunately ndi bank yoboola yagwera yagwera no way out……. kuphwanhya basi

  11. Njolinjo says:

    Mwatikwana agalu inu but no matter how long it takes, truth will come out. Next time timvaso kuti Njolinjo is the one who pulled the trigger, kkkkkk

  12. Steve says:


  13. koma nde eeeeeeeeeeeeeee zilikoliko!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Pat says:

    Please please please bring in Joyce Banda and all these cases will be concluded within a month. Adzangofotokoza bwino bwino how she crafted the whole thing. Kuyang’ananso mu computer mwake(poti she is not very good with computers and I don’t think she deleted the info) ma draftwo apezeka. Simple and straight forward!!

  15. Truck says:


  16. mercy Nyirongo says:

    Makande is a crook and not honest…the truth is the day of shooting what happened but also connecting makande earlier statement which said Ralph Kasambala did not want Paul Mphwiyo as budget director so Ralph Kasambala had intentions to kill Paul Mphwiyo than the rest as we look as evidence so far the others were just used to effect the shooting I.e McDonald Kumwembe the shooter Pika and Dauda Monondo the locator and look to manage the shooting as they were friends.. Root cause Former President Joyce Banda as she mismanaged the inner circle of Ralph Kasambala and Paul Mphwiyo but divide and rule them which Ralph Kasambala took at another level in organising the shooting of former President Joyce banda favourite Paul Mphwiyo… The case is simple now than ever Judge Mtambo please a part from Brown Mpinganjira please invite former President Joyce Banda to testify in this case as well…the connection to the shooting is there now… I rest my case

  17. SONG says:

    This is true men in uniform to be implicated not good and we can’t trust. I have been following up the whole case surrounding Ralph Kasambara. It is not good persecute people like the way Kasambara is drugged on issues he is innocent, This is very bad leave Kasambara alone. He was a minister then and can not conspire to shoot someone this is completely rubbish.

  18. kwirikwiri says:

    Mphwiyo, as old as you are, you are this stupid? Go die in the cell.

  19. Bob says:

    Thats being unprofessional on the part of the police. Why taking orders from politicians

  20. fedrevolution says:

    SO all this time a well learned counsel decides to call in the most important witness this time having suffered in prison when he had the joker?Sth not adding up.Am reminded of a case involving American Casino and Muli Bros LTD where counsel for MBL brought what he felt were important papers in the appeal court when when he dint do that all along in the lower courts that was thrown out.What man of courage would dare point Kasambara as learned and scarry he is on issues of law when you know he wasnt the one.Lets wait we are watching but this is one interesting movie

  21. Mlomwe says:

    A Bophani munaoneka kujijirika you were the DIG koma umachita kuposa IG kujijirika kwake… You were live wire then pano zikuvuta… Ndale ndi zachabe

  22. Yamikani chizaza says:

    This is what all malawians are look forward to.how these people plundered our funs.arrest them all

  23. juli mchape says:

    Black pa mbalambanda

  24. mbani says:

    planned theft

  25. BWANAMKUBWA says:


  26. Chatsalira says:

    When will Bophani be arrested for obstructing the course of justice or it is normal for the police to do this?

  27. Beast Msonda says:

    Makande is lying. It’s crystal clear Makande is lying. After all he is Kasambara’s best friend. How can Mphwiyo start narrating that story without being asked? Everyone in Malawi knows that Kasambara’s best friend is Makande, how can Mphwiyo decide to narrate this to Kasambara’s best friend? Is Mphwiyo insane? And after narrating it, Makande says nobody commented. Really? As a best friend to Kasambara, how could that happen? How could you not comment? Do you really like your friend, Kasambara? If yes, then how you were not interested in this narrated story? This is a total lie. Nice try dude. But this will not work. We have God, and He is in control.

  28. Wokwiya says:

    It’s a shame to see men in uniform being part of such crimes. Who do we trust now? I’m sorry to read what’s being said about Mr Bophani here

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