Ex-Flames star condemns Malawi players for publicly criticising coach Mtawali

Former Silver Strikers and Flames international midfielder Heillings Mwakasungula has condemened the behaviour of some current Flames senior players for publicly criticising the national team caretaker coach Ernest Mtawali.

Mtawali: Malawi caretaker coach

Mtawali: Malawi caretaker coach

This follows reports aired on MIJ FM radio that about five players have openly said Mtawali is not the right candidate to take over the coaching job at Flames.

“It is very disappointing to hear such reports and you don’t expect a national team player openly complaining about the coach,” said Mwakasungula.

“Always as senior players, you are always behind the coach and if there are issues, you can sit down and talk to the coach directly rather than complaining through the media,” he added.

The former midfield workhorse who once played in South Africa before he was roped into Silver Strikers technical panel after retiring believes those players complaining are being coaxed by some overzealous people.

Among the reasons the alleged players are against Mtawali because he gives them little time for ball work than physical training and that he talks to players in a bad manner.

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) is expected to appoint a new coach by 1st August, 2015.

This follows the firing of head coach Young Chimodzi and his assistant Jack Chamangwana last month after the Flames lost the opening match of 2017 African Cup of Nations and 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign against Zimbabwe 1-0 at the Kamuzu Stadium.

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21 thoughts on “Ex-Flames star condemns Malawi players for publicly criticising coach Mtawali”

  1. wils says:


  2. BANYAMULENGE.....!!!!! says:


  3. Mr double says:

    what do u mean by “senior players?” no senior players at all here in Malawi,,,, the problem is that coaches make some players regulars for the national team even if they aren’t delivering ,, that’s y these niggaz feel that they are senior players and have guts to complain . mind you we do not have a god player, no one should think that he alone is flames, on the part, coaches need full time ,give him enough time to employ his tactics

  4. wakwithu says:

    number 13 you are Menzies rreal mbuzi football without wakwithu heeee tiyeni tipange ma first eleven amuzigawo tione .. who is Malawi.. north centre south makes Malawi.. so u r talking bull shit kazingopipa agalu azungu kumeneko

  5. Tonse says:


  6. Mzimba Solola says:

    @ No 13 just talk facts here osati kunena za Atumbuka. In football you can not run away from Tumbuka tribe. Check with Bulltes top goal scorer wawo is Chiukepo Msowoya from the north, Saviour wa NOMA panopa ndi Mapopa Kaunda from the North, TNM super league top goal scorer for 2014 season was Gastin Simkonda from the north, the previous year was Ishmael Thindwa from the north, what do you want to say? Kusankhana mitundu ingosiyani lets build the national team together as a nation. Gaba was BBs favourite he was from the north, now kuli Enea Banda. Mecium has landed into gold in the rainbow counrty, he is from the north the list is endless not forgeting Mwawi Kumwenda akuchita kumulilira pano ma queens.

  7. Manyasa says:

    Players need to be fit kumene, timachinyisa zigoli nthawi itatha kale because of these STUPID so called Senior Players – if you cant stand the training osangosiya Camp bwanji? sitifuna azigogo mu national team ife

  8. Ameneyo says:

    hehehede! Malawian football players!!! Earnest achieved something with the under 20 players because they listened to him and followed his instructions. No wonder when young players such as Isaac Kaliyati was given the chance to play foe the senior team on 6 July, he has a good game unlike the so called senior players who think they know everything and fail to follow the coach’s instructions. Shame on you!! You will never be anywhere near Mtawali in terms of performance as a football player. I admire the likes of Peter Mponda, James Sangala and Robert Ng’ambi who have never publically complained about any coach’s tactics.

    I rest my case.

  9. mr gama says:

    A Malawi like suffering in silence. iwe Hellings umafuna kuti ma Player asalankhule zoipa zomwe anawona pa coaching tactics ya Mtawaliyo? ukumuyikira kumbuyo just because ndi wakumpoto mzako. After all What did Mtawali achieved when he was playing for the Malawi national team in his days? The team did not even qualify for Afcon in his playing days. A Tumbuka ntchito kuyikirana kumbuyo basi, ambwenumbwenu inu musatinyase. The guy has never coached any football club ndiye akangoyambira national team? zopusa basi. iweyo mpira wake uti umene wamenya kuti utivute pa Malawi pano? Moroka Swallows and Santos chased you and you even failed to make a grade in a non football country like Vietenam and Bruneli. Kagwere uko ndi Ntawali wakoyo. amangokahliraso kusuta chamba ndi kupemphetsa tima rands KU jONI KUNO AMENEYO and he was declared bankrupt inu mwati akhale coach wa Malawi Shame!!!!!!

  10. kanyimbi says:

    These players have never achieved anything in their career. Ernest Mtawali has played football at high level as compared to these foolish players. So they want the coach to be bowing down to them? Please we are tired with these stupid players. If they can not respect the coach can we say they have discipline? Ernest is right Flames players lack fitness. Ernest, next time take them to College of Medicine for real physical fitness if they fail show them an exit door. We want a team that will be delivering.

  11. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Zodabwitsa,,ma Senior players kuopa physia hahaha,akuyenela kukhala fit kuti asamachinyitse m’ma 89 minutes,mungadzatiphetse ndi Bp ife.

  12. Issa says:

    Mtawali not right man?? What have the so called senior players achieved with the so called right coaches who have been there before? Mtawali slap these players if you can, if not feed the tameki dzife dzimati bowa nthawi ya game. Too rude for nothing.

  13. Honourable Chanamuna says:

    Hunger disease & envy kkkkkkk nsanje Malawians mxiiiiii

  14. kamfana sikusinja says:

    time to change the so called senior players of flames are not delivering.we have changed coaches for a while now but its still the same results.what do you make out of it.time to let go these senior players. we have watched them play in our leagues but whats happening even failing to control the ball .kkkkk shame senior players.you game is over.my advise to the coaches is clear the mess.

  15. pho says:

    Congratulations to all players for airing your views against Mtawali, the coach.That is a typical behaviour of Malawians in this democratic era . If Mtawali was talking ill of the players, thus how Mtumbukas talk. Remember how Mr. Mapwevupwevu talk to the Mathanyula in September House. Almost every Mtumbuka always express himself or herself in emotional way. Even those who are complaining are likely to be Tumbukas.These guys fight for their rights anywhere and at any time. Read on the wall about the Tumbukas their national arrogance behind human rights defendence.

  16. gwizima says:

    Malawi cant win games with such players, who are used to being given special treatment by coaches like Young Chimodzi. Those of us who have watched Malawi of late can agree with me that Malawi players lack fitness that’s why we fail to defend a goal even if there is only one minute left, So Ernest should not be blamed for concentrating on the players fitness.

  17. ZZ Junior says:

    Mtawali, Mwakasungura is this the wakwithu backing wakwithu syndrome? why isn’t these comments coming from say a Mpinganjira?

  18. MTONGA WA PA KANDE says:

    Ma players athu sali fit that’s why amadana ndi ma exercise. Anzawo amajima ku Jozi pomwe iwo akungofuna kumenya mpira

  19. Izi ndinaziona zikuchitika the same day mtawali apointed,,,,,,wakwithu sangalimbe ku kudambweee!

  20. Afanaze says:

    Get with it Mwakasungula…yes they can criticize him. Honestly, its not about the coaches its FAM that needs more criticism on the issue of football development. Stop using coaching as a scapegoat

  21. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Komadi ma player afunika ulemu kwa coach they have rights to complain agaibst the coach but must follow the right channels osati kumuyalutsa coach yo pa radio

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