Ex-football star proposes legend Lule for Malawi coaching job

Former Malawi national football star Chiza Nyirongo has proposed Football Association of Malawi (Fam) to consider hiring Flames legend Lawrence ‘Lule’ Waya for the job.



Chiza, the former University Football Club (UFC) and MDC United player said Lule had come of age to be handed the national football team coach mantle.

His observation comes after FAM fired coach Young Chimodzi and his assistant Jack Chamangwana after a string of poor results which culminated to the loss 2-1 loss to Zimbabwe  in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

“Why is it that FAM doesn’t want to consider Lawrence Waya aka Teacher for the post of Flames coach?” Chiza said.

He said Waya nicknamed ‘teacher’ had got the experience to turns around the team instead of resorting to recycling the coaches.

“Malawi national team needs new ideas if we are to improve and progress! We have tried all these others and recycled them. Lawrence has B Licence, has tasted professional football, is experienced with Malawian football,  understands local conditions and has contributed to the development of the game through coaching and serving in FAM,”  Chiza said.

Lule, who played for Bullets and Silver Strikers, is regarded as one of the best football players ever, is coach of a football academy in Mzuzu.

He once handled Under-20 national football team while working for FAM as Administration Officer.

But he quit FAM amid controversial circumstances after the executive committee decided to block him from coaching while working for the association.

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52 thoughts on “Ex-football star proposes legend Lule for Malawi coaching job”

  1. MTELEZI says:


  2. Kaka says:

    Nonse mukunena zo pusa …. Lule is the best choice …. Give him a chance ,,, chakula apa Ndi njala nthenda Ndi nsanje …. Pwe pwe pwe pwe ngati munasewerapo footy ….

  3. Sir DG says:

    Believe me!

  4. Mafuta says:

    Malawi needs a great academy that can scout for great players and groom them.Don’t only blame coaches. Coaches have to coach talent not statutes

  5. Malawiana says:

    Griffin Saenda would be an ideal candidate for me if you are looking for a Malawian with good winning record.

  6. Kinna Electric Phiri says:

    Vuto lathu ndi nsanje! Atumbuka amene adzadza ku FAM Nyami…, Nyirenda, Gomezgani…., akufuna mtubuka mzawo Mtawa…akhale coach wa Flames

  7. dzina langa says:

    tasakani sakani mu Thyolo mu kapena mu Mulanje mu zikavuta pitani ku Balaka mumpeza coach akatifikitsa ku World Cup. if i were kinna i would say a big NO.

  8. Kondwani says:

    Patrick Mabedi

  9. "WIN WON SOON" says:

    The Flames wil never go any where 2 make the country proud with the bunch of FAM losers in office. Disband FAM and the take out the whole bunch of losers of the Flames and start afresh just rite from the grassroot. Whether u hire a European, African, Asian or local coach nothing wil be achieved. The only coach is my uncle from Korea by the name of “WIN WON SOON”.

  10. Benson Chirwa says:

    Mourinho is not a good coach, but coaches clubs that are rich and can buy any player he wants on the market.

  11. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Why Kinnah again !i thought he was fired because of poor results !qualifying for AFCON was just a fluke his winning rate statistics was also poor,
    You remember Zambia fired their coach although he made them qualify for the AFCON 2 years ago so just qualifying for AFCON doesn’t make you s good coach,
    So Malawians don’t be obsessed with Kinnah he was tried and tested let’s move on the problem with Flames is not only coaches there is more than what the eye can see ,FAM and football as whole has not be re-organized ,no quick fix in this matter other wise we will go no where.

    1. vwalema says:

      Saint feit bwanji,? apo bii yesani manganya he can do it. zikakanika tengani ma coach onse a super league athandizane. Do u remember. this poem, IF ALL THE TREES. WERE ONE TREE. WHAT AGREAT TREE THAT. WUD B? so if all the coaches were 1 coach. wat agreat coach. that wide b

  12. Achimota says:

    Those who are saying Kinah accomplished more than Young Chimodzi do not follow Malawian football. Malawi has never beaten South Africa before. It is only under Chimodzi and Jack that Malawi beat South Africa. Kinah never won any silverware during his coaching of the flames its only Young who has brought at least a plate and the team was voted as one of the most entertaining during the COSAFA cup. If I was FAM myself, I would consider handing the job to an expatriate coach , a white man for that matter. In Malawi we are full of jealous , we do not want to see a fellow Malawian excelling at work

  13. Blessed Banda says:

    We have dull players who can’t understand English. If we hire a European Coach, then our players must go through intensive English lessons. I doubt if our players think when they are in the ground. I also doubt if they watch other great players and have any ambition to become at least one of graet players in Malawi. I do not believe that our population at 16 million Malawi should be lacking talent while we had impecable talent when we we were only 8 million. Something is terribly wrong.

  14. Brino says:

    We should not put all the blame on these coaches, the government has never had the zeal for the team.it only wants good results without proper funding.give these people enough resources for their work.even if you take coaches like Ferguson or Wenger, they will fail because of the resources. Invest if you want to yield good results. Why hiring if you are not ready.

  15. nyavizwazwa says:

    Kupupuluma a Malawi, mpira ndi ku wina kapena kulephera. As for me Young started very well. What was needed here was to leave him for a while so that he should continue to train/coach the national team for a time. Not training when you know that you will have a competition for a certain cup. No. it should be a formal training for the arranged period of time like to be meeting three times in a month drawing all national soccer stars. They should be entering camp when preparing for the big match like as was with the COSAFA. But abruptly calling the stars for camp, I see it aukward.

  16. This is the best solution I have ever heard. Give a guy a chance we know he can do the job. If you say that Lule has never coached somewhere then where did Mtawali ever coached??????? It all has to have a Genesis of some sort.

  17. MIKE (mchewa weniweni) says:

    coaching and playing are too different things.. jose’ morhino has never been a player but is still a good coach. find coaches based od merit not just beacause he was a good player!
    tingolemba wa kunja basi a munowa achuluka sanje..

  18. wamwayi says:

    FAM is the biggest problem here. They keep on trying coaches as coaches try players. This will not take us anywhere. I do not think any Malawian coach can turn things around. The same Malawian coach will be manipulated by the same FAM. Let us not waste our time with Malawian coaches. To my knowledge all have been tested and proved. Forget about Kinnah. You were all here when everybody saw that the guy ran out of ideas. Why do you pretend to forget? Masanjala, Kaputa, Ng’onamo, Chimodzi, Osman, Ernest, Mabedi, etc were once engaged but nothing came out. STOP this madness of thinking these recycled coaches will do magic to the national team. THEY CAN’T. THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE! Coaching national team is serious business. STOP this nonsense of proposing people like Lawrence Waya, anakochapo team yanji? The problem is that if you propose those useless names a FAM amangoti mwinadi timuyese.
    The only solution is an expatriate coach. Let us accept kuti sitinafikepo tikuyenera tiphunzitsidwe kaye then tidzaime patokha not boasting when in actual fact we know nothing. EXPATRIATE COACH is the solution. Ma coach athu amachuluka owaopa including players themselves.

  19. Kinna should be back and that Lule assistant hope will have a good pair.

  20. Zoonazake says:

    Coach anapita Reuben Malola

  21. Titus German says:

    Chiza, much as I appreciate some of your contributions in football circles now I choose to differ with you on this one. You have really goofed Lule is a primary school team coach not National team

  22. I do suggest to redeploy Kinna

  23. ahoy says:

    Lule amakocha team yanji mpaka akoche national team. We made mistake firing kinnah. He is the only one who can bring dignity. At least Zimbabwe yokha timayenela kuikwapula

  24. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Chiza you’ve disappointed me with your line of thinking ,you were good player but your thinking doesn’t tally with someone who went through the corridors of a University.
    How can Lule just from no where became head coach of a National team ,the guy has no proven track record as coach not even for a small club,if graduates like you who have played football are proposing these funny ideas what do you expect the uneducated to say .Ni wonder our football is going no where .

  25. sir bentby says:


  26. Bibi says:

    Too much noise from Malawians.No present Malawian coach is qualified to coach the national team.Ernest is too feeble and with less credentials,Kinnah was tried but faltered in the end with his tactics,Jack failed at Young Africans Fc in Tanzania and now he has failed together with Chimodzi,Lule is the least qualified,Yassin Osman failed with his tactics,and the list goes on.

    Whay are some people so obsessed with Kinnah that Malawi can’t do without him? We need a good European tactician not these erratic Malawian coaches that command no respect internationally.Malawian football has to be revolutionized.

  27. Sub T/A says:

    Coaching a national team is a very serious job not just because he was a good player but you must also look in experience we can’t every time keeping tying the coach and the same coach on trial must try the players when will our team make us proud?I suggest only the one who did play as a goalkeeper or a defender and have the certificate of coaching can make us proud likes of Patrick Mabed

  28. Apulumutsi says:

    Boza apa zavuta koma Team yagwirana!

  29. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    Koma chamba pa malawi chavuta. Kodi ma coaching badges ali nawo ma coach a malawi wa. Ndiye a Paul Gascoigne nawo akakoche

  30. Matechanga says:

    Tangomutenganiso Kinnah! Muthawi yake anapanga zambiri zokupsa pantchito yokocha FLAMES, kusiyana kwambiri ndianzake mwaachotsawa. Unikani statistics yake! Consider hiring him again.

  31. Gulugufe says:

    Jut disband FAM!

  32. Rodgers Banda says:

    Try and error system will put Malawi nowhere but needs experienced coaches with a name otherwise a billion suggestions from a billion useless brains will emerge.

  33. Bakha Nkhomano says:

    Lule would be a great choice. If not Lule, try Billy Mayaya.

  34. Mlosimailosi says:

    Ma coach a national team grow up mumatenga team kupita nayo kwa ma profeti osiyanasiyana game imodzi.ma pulofeti ena ngati FT Samuel ndi Anthu oyipa mtima amene akamva kuti Timu inapita kwina amailodza kuti iasachite bwino.Ngati iye amalodza opemphera ake akapita kwina ndiye bwanji Timu.

    Mapemphero ndiofunika Koma osati Anthu ngati Samuel. Funsani Kinna,Chiukepo komanso Atusaye .

  35. Kaya usova says:

    hahaha nde chani?inu munaonako coach ovala flash disk mkhosi. Great former player but no, thanks.

  36. shescribes says:

    Lule can not manage the FLAMES. Very childish. Ku FAM anathawa ngongole ya galimoto yomwe anagula through a loan. He was also given a loan for a comprehensive insurance but duped FAM by paying for a third party insurance. Unfortunately anachita nayo ngozi beyond repair ali ndi chibwezi. Popitiliza kumudula malipiro towards ngongole yakeyo anangothawa ku FAM.
    Whilst at FAM and working as an Administrative Officer he was given an opportunity to coach the Under 17 where he was not successful and whilst I Mzuzu with the Under 17 he did instigate ma players to boycott a game against Zimbabwe jus because FAM inamukaniza loan considering kuti anali ndi ma loan ambiri kale omwe ankagozipatsa as AO.
    LULE is not a responsible person kwa anthu omudziwa bwino and taking care of the FLAMES is a serious business.
    Chiza please don’t promote mediocre. You can as well check these facts with FAM secretariat especially Mdolo.

  37. Mlosimailosi says:

    Lule can not just come in as the head.Let him start as an assistant coach then he can graduate as the head basing on how he will perform.Chiza Nyirongo was a good player who used to play with the likes of Philip Madinga,Walter,Grant kankhulungo,N’goma Hannock Alick Tahuna in the University football club.If someone claims not to have known him then he is not a follower of Malawi football.Only that Chiza ndi wakula mtima heavy moti ndi Walter sankagwirizana coz he was not listening.

    Why can’t FAM make Jack head coach with Ernest or Lule as an assistant.I surely think Young has been the problem.PLEASE TRY JACK WE HAVE NEVER GIVEN HIM A CHANCE AS HEAD.Let him this time make decisions.

  38. opportunist says:

    Just bring back Kinnah or continue with Ernest Mtawali

  39. bololo says:

    bring back kinnah who wl then bring chiukepo and he wl himself handle josey.

  40. bololo says:

    the only coach that the flames needs is Kinnah. After all, the dude took us t the african cup of nations in angola after 24 years. With him, hit man Chiukepo will be back.

  41. kanyimbi says:

    How come that the fruits of the academy can not be seen? Kinnah Phiri is the best Malawian coach. Mtawali is still learning and should be given time to have experience.

  42. gadson moyo says:

    ndye naboranxo Leo mpulura2

  43. Zeze says:

    Chiza anali star? Musanyozetse mizimu ya ma star inu! simply because he played for UFC basi akhale star? kunali achina Msiya, Moses Majiga, Patson Nyengo, Peterkins Kayira, Willie Chambwinja, just to mention a few, awa a Chiza azingobwebweta pa FB basi sikuti zampira amazitsata, iwo koma Looserpool yawo yomweyi komanso amatokota mosafuna,kutsutsika nde asatinamizepo apa

  44. Charombanthu says:

    My view is that FAM needs to think outside the box on the national coach. The problem we have is that we are limiting ourselves to former national team players. Don’t we have other people who have never kicked the ball but they have the requisite qualifications for the job? Look at netball where we have/had Griffin Saenda as national coach. Even the English and South Africans could not believe that the Queens were being coached by a man!! I am sure he never payed netball in his hey days (or did he?); but he had what it took to take the queens to greater heights… The Chelsea FC coach (Morinho) in England is another example. He never played at very competitive or high level but is successful. It all boils down to proper selection and management of the squad….period. Food for thought.

  45. Nyerere Kuuna says:


  46. Kadakwiza says:

    FAM should just swallow their pride and bring Kinnah Phiri back.

  47. MANDE KOCHI says:

    Coaching ili ndi talent yake. Player aliyense sangakhale coach. Zimafuna anthu odziwa kulakhula, kulamula ndi kunama. Lule ndi munthu ofatsa zedi. Kaya angathe kumulamula Jahman? Kayatu!! Malemu Willo (Bunny) amayeselako ngakhale sukulu adatulukira pawindo koma amakocha mchizungu chomveka. Mwina atayesa Spy Msisya, Kapena Burnet Gondwe. Kaya alipo kaya? Kapena a Kochi a netball aja. Paja ndani dzina lija mani amene aja?

  48. ujeni says:

    Chiza, just because you drink beer together mwati basi my friend should be coach. Lawrence Waya should prove himself at club level first. Better Lawrence Mpulula.

  49. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    Is Lawrence Waya still around? He was a great player! Humble man indeed.

    Muliuli ku emzuzu?
    Mwatauze a Gondwe, a Chisi, a Mughogho a Mkandwire, a Simcard, na a Facebook ubu.

    Eyaa! yebo chomene.

  50. Shock says:

    Lule can probably be another option but don’t you think he has been inactive is as far as football matters are concerned? I am just thinking aloud.

  51. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Mwati Chiza ankasewera chani? Nkhonya? Ife situkumudziwa bwanji?

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