Ex-Gwanda’s PA claims she was ‘second wife’ to fallen veteran politician

Grace Mhango, former Persoanal Assistant to Gwanda Chakuamba, has claimed that he was officially a second wife to the fallen veteran politician  despite the 46  years age difference they had.

'MG 2': Mhango was PA-cum-second wife

‘MG 2’: Mhango was PA-cum-second wife

Chakuamba died at 82 while Mango is 36.

She disclosed about the relationship with Chakuamba when she called a news conference  at her Manja residence in Blantyre a day after her husband’s burial.

Mhango complained that relations of Chakuamba’s first wife treated her badly and wanted her arrested.

But she claimed Chakuamba loved her most since the time he knew her “because of late Chakufwa Chihana who was keeping me.”

Mango said Chakuamba took her to Blantyre from Mzuzu in 2001 and made it open that she was his second wife.

“Our relationship continued until I got pregnant for him,” Mango told the reporters.

“But unfortunately, I miscarried at three months. In the process, he gave me a job as his personal assistant,” she said.

Mhango said she looked after Chakuamba throughout his illness.

Chakuamba’s wife. Raima Fatch, confirmed knowning Mhango but said she could not comment on her remarks.

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16 thoughts on “Ex-Gwanda’s PA claims she was ‘second wife’ to fallen veteran politician”

  1. Dennis says:

    a Grace mutengwengweso yai mwananga mbiri yinu mama.Ngamwangukhala chete awoli wanyinu mbanthu balala bate bamuyanayanileninge. apa mwafika apa mwang”ong”wa jipani ntchindi.

  2. Machaka says:

    please stop criticizing your friend leave Grace alone

  3. Sylvester Machaka says:

    Grace you are very right utsi sufuka popanda moto


    Nanuso asisi palibe zoitanisa press conference apa. Akazi oyambawotu mngakukulu ndipo mngaulemu wawo onanu palibe chipongwe chomwe akuyankhani. You are still young you can find someone your size.

  5. Douglas Ndindi says:

    With all due respect madam Grace, what is the motive behind this revelation? Is it a confession of wrong doing? Is it the first step in lodging a claim for a share in the deceased’s estate? Is it a ploy to discredit the late Gwanda (and discrediting yourself in the process)? Is it an addition to the list of the deceased’s achievements in life? Is it…….what is it really? Please come out in the open, there are many people out there who can help you if they know what you want out of this.

  6. plenty says:

    Koma this lady…. kkkkkkk amafuna ndalama kapena? Paja masiku ano, wina ndi Fyaupi ku beehive kukonda amuna a eni. shame!

  7. All this times Grace? Did you ever think of letting the Church I mean SDA Church) which graced your Gwanda’s funeral know that he was groping you? It is your fault and please stop complaining now. Gwanda is gone and just wait for your turn in silence! Satan anakuyimitsani pasteji nthawi yayitali mayi bwererani kwa Yesu

  8. uneneskonguwemi says:

    Panopa banja latha kwaitiwani kwina,mwamuna wamwalira,Zikomo.Mukati muchenjere pakamwa muyalukapo apa.Munasiyila panjira sukulu

  9. Sikusinja says:

    The fact that you Grace Mhango is a prostitute is beyond argument. Just doing simple arithmetic, in 2001 you were around 21 years old when Gwanda Chakuamba was around 67 years old. Phenotypically, Gwanda already had grey hair when you were calling him “darling, sweet, honey, my only one, hubby…etc”. Young ladies please learn to respect yourself.

  10. alukosyo says:

    Uchidya makanda at its best. Atsikana amasiku ano kutengeka

  11. Nom de plume says:

    You realy looked after CHAKWAMBA. We all know that you were always at his side. We hold you in very high esteem.

  12. Godeah says:

    Really poverty is bad!
    This woman wants zachipepeso!
    Where was she all this time??

  13. BONGOLOLO says:


  14. nancy says:

    Stupid woman why did you allow yourself to be a second wife?some women are helpless what is wrong with some women?idiot

  15. Kucikweza says:

    Go to hello. Why telling us that when you know Chakuwamba cannot defend himself.
    I strongly advise you to go where Chakuwamba has gone so that you continue your relationship with him there
    I advise Nyansa times that be professional don’t publish such useless things .
    Grace dont make me say something wrong to YOU
    It shows kuti mai ndine hule and go find other men of your hule profession

    1. ndadabwa says:

      paja atumbuka akagwira uhule alibe pepani

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