Ex-Malawi leader denies ownership of Facebook page: ‘Its fake Bakili Muluzi news’

Former president Bakili Muluzi has said that he does not own any page on Facebook and disowned the page called ‘Bakili Muluzi news’.

Bakili Muluzi: Its fake 

The former President warned whoever was administering the page with his name to desist from it adding that the necessary security agencies had been informed and would fish out the perpetrators.

“The office of the Former President is reminding the public and all Facebook users that His Excellency or his office does not have a Facebook account or page.

“Any Facebook page or account bearing names of the Former President or his pictures is bogus and is run by individuals whose agenda is no way connected to that of Dr. Muluzi,” a statement from Muluzi emailed to Nyasa Times reads.

Muluzi said members of the public are therefore being urged to be on the lookout and “disregard any publication from the page in question.”

The public is further being urged to report such bogus pages to Facebook and other relevant authorities to avoid being defrauded by the criminals.

“The office of the Former President strongly condemns and warns the criminals managing this account that investigating agencies in conjunction with law enforcement agencies are seriously hunting for them and that once apprehended they will face the law,” the statement added.

Muluzi governed Malawi from 1994 to 2004.

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Kodi mwasowa chochita? Mukwaputa anthu dala….. If we catch you! You will regret. The law enforcers are doing each and every thing to apprehend those doing this trush… Tidzakudula machende anuwo keep on doing mabi anu muona polekera..


Who ever is trying to play dirty games with our great man should emediately cease with because if the police or we find out and catches he or she will know how venomous angry people we are with this mabi you are doing.


Commentators dont say this man can not do it. He can do. he wants to make more courtships through facebook. Look at his hands. Wedding rings in every finger. Ha ha ha ha!

Patrick kilpatrick Masiye

Achair alibe problem.Let the ex-leader handle his private affairs freely,pliz pipo respect him.


Asiyeni a chair azipumula bwino….bwanji ngat musowa nkhani muzikamba ya mbava muziwonazi mmbomamuzi….

Kalizgang'oma m'boyi.
Kalizgang'oma m'boyi.

And to be honnest Muluzi at his age now he has nothing to do with facebook or other related medias. This must be somebody else of this gemeration trying to confuse geople out there.

paul Chindamba

Why can’t we respect Muluzi?


leave achair alone former president of the Republic of malawi kuntunda kuchitekete anyamata apa town first president in democratic malawi lyolyolyo

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