Expect a shadow first lady

I have never been given any stretch of doubt about the rich heritage of comedy and humour in Malawi.

That notwithstanding, until early last week, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, president of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who currently serves as high priest in the opposition tabernacle, never featured among the list of those I rate as gifted comedians.

Besides being a man who performed tasks for years in the name of God and being a good disciple of the American diction, my idea of Chakwera never came anywhere in the neighbourhood of the jocular society.

MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwela and his wife Monica

MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwela and his wife Monica

That he is endowed with the gift of humour never occurred to me as one of his attributes.

I should have known to keep an open mind and never rule people out based on distant knowledge or inflexible assumptions.

The fellow deserves an Oscar Award for cracking the best thunderous joke using his altar of privilege to appoint a shadow cabinet.

I have been made to understand that Chakwera is an informed person.

Surely, despite my considered view—which I am entitled to hold— there is no content in his articulate ability to massage words when he speaks, I have never doubted his knowledge on anything that is obvious.

That a shadow cabinet is meant to hold the official cabinet to account should be one of the most elementary things to understand for anybody who considers himself material for tenancy at State House.

Obviously, if this matter can be complex to such a person, one has a reason to provide a stool on which his doubts over the individual’s propensities for the high office must sit.

I may have to find out from Chakwera whether he was testing his comical width or he really meant to be taken seriously when he appointed himself shadow commander-in-chief for the Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) and the Malawi Police Service (MPS).

I laughed because this passes for a good political joke to massage our moods, nothing else. I don’t think even a desperate search for the promise that self-delusion provides does not require unrestrained passage to escalate in this manner.

Believe me, I never realised that a commander-in-chief is a cabinet portfolio and, for that matter, it needs someone to shadow it.

By the way, what would it be called if considered on its own? Shadow minister responsible for duties of commander-in- chief?

If Chakwera wants the title of commander-in-chief so badly, probably the route to take was to appoint a shadow government.

Then in that set up, he should have appointed himself shadow president. That done, he should have consulted a Shadow attorney general to find a provision in a shadow constitution under which he could become shadow commander-in-chief.

But all this is ridiculous as it is nonsensical.

For all I know, a commander- in-chief is never appointed. It is a title that one automatically attains at assuming the office of the President of the Republic.

Chakwera needs to be freed from the prison of self delusion to understand that shadow cabinets are limited in their coverage to cabinet portfolios – they don’t include non-cabinet positions.

If he can’t be freed—which seems an urgent task to perform— it is just as well to expect more comical appointments into his shadow cabinet. The most likely ones being shadow first lady, shadow vice-president, shadow second lady, shadow aide de camp (ADC) and shadow guard commander.

In any case, the naming of a shadow State House and a shadow presidential motorcade can never be ruled out.

Someone seems to be in a shadow jocular mode.

  • The article appeared on ‘My Space’ column in NPL
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27 thoughts on “Expect a shadow first lady”

  1. Mtumbuka says:

    Very good article. Lazarus is a delusioned person. He still thinks he is a president and not Peter. Lets wait when he wakes up from his dreams probably in 2020

  2. sekunda says:

    Kasi muli a chizende? Kulemba konse uko ndiganiza mulemba volongosoka. Muzikhara nanzeru wawa.

  3. Modern Malawi says:

    Abusa mutu wawo sukugwira bwino bwino chithawireni ntchito ya u busa,pepani a busa akale
    zikuoneka kuti mpando umenewu simuzakhalapo,mukukumbukira pa 17 May munagundika kupemphera mutakweza manja kaya mmathokoza kaya ku pempha Mulungu? Munaoneka pa front page ya nyuzi pepala ngati zeni zeni, Munaona
    bwanji zomwe Mulungu anakupangani? Mulumgu simungapange nawo zamasanje ayi,kulibwino ku bwelera ku mpingo basi.

  4. Salika says:

    mukufuna kutchuka kuti mmatha kulemba eti? IWE WALEMBAWE UDZAFA IMFA YOWAWA.

  5. yuona says:

    Kodi mumangolembapo zinthu poti mmanja mwanumo mwagwira cholembera, kapena mumayamba kaye mwaginiza bwinobwino nkuchita kafukufuku? Why do you choose to live behind civilization? Inu simukuona kuti Chakwera akupanga ndale zoenerera in a democratic society? Ndakumvetsani, paja enanu munazolowera ndale zonyenyana-nyenyana.

  6. Alungwana says:

    I think having a shadow cabinet shows how responsible the MCP is.

  7. chatonda wa chatonda says:


  8. Zatha says:

    Kikikiki useless article

  9. Overseer says:

    Kkkkk anthu akagona amalota ali m,boma ndiye apange bwanji? Anathawa ntchito ya ambuye kufuna u commander in-chief ndiye kuti 10 years ithe ndiliti? Kungokhala shadow yemweyo kkkk nanenso shadow speaker of parliament kkkk

  10. Checheche Munthali says:




  12. wobeba wanga says:

    KKKKKK Chakwera is crazy. He can be a president because he is zealous, but unfortunately he has to wait until 2029 because thats only when i would vote for him after my favorate APM

  13. Chipapwiche says:

    Gideon, chindere chakufikapo!

  14. moyo says:

    Please stop embarrasing yrself. DONT BE HASTY. nthawi imakwana dekhani upezeni. Gona mkuphe salipatali

  15. masssakeyah says:

    Gedion, what Dr Chakwera did is exceptional, actually l know the dude who wrote this article its not you gud man. While it sounds as if you have a point but you missed a critical one; currently we have at hand borderline issues and what have you which the Commader in Chief could be expected to give his direction at one point which could affect the whole nation negatively, this is the optune time for Chakwera to checkmate that decision in that capacity! Let me also correct you one thing: Commander in Chief is a title constitutionally provided to the president and forwarded to the cabinet as a function. Take note that titles of first lady, ADC, Guard Commander etc are not mentioned in the cabinet set up please get schooled here! The most important thing that Chakwera has done is to appoint himself Commader in Chief bwana Gedion! Decisions of president in that capacity will pass thru parliament, do you now see the connection? Not that of first lady nor ADC will do! You made comparison to totally different issues and you have misled laymen big time a bwana.

  16. rhodia mwambiya says:

    Forget not that fault finders are the dangers serpents in society, know this that when you point someone with one finger the four finger are pointing at you and that shows that you are the worst creature on earth

  17. Munthu wa Mkulu says:

    Iweyo ndiye mbuli yotheratu. Go to school and get educated.

  18. kaswiri says:

    Let us praise God chakwera is a wonder of Gods wisdom and endowment. Sometimes when you criticize you try to call us to balance you and the person you question.i don’t think you any wiser.yamba ndale tiwone nzeru zako.

  19. Nobel says:

    Jealousy eeeeti? You have completely nothing to share to us buddy. Leave these things to people who understand it. Whether he assumes the position of shadow commander in chief or whatever, so what? Time is coming when you’ll open bowels if you dont know. The problem with Malawians is that they want ‘business as usual’ thing. Wake up Chakwera will bring sanity in our politics for sure

  20. Chindere says:

    Chakwera’s Brain Needs To Be Fixed!! What A Hypocrite!!!

  21. Nkhangazaona says:

    When Gedion Munthali throws professionalism to the wind and ventures into politics!

  22. tigawanepodzikoli says:

    Maphunziro a ukachenjede ndi wofunikadi! Munthuyi uyu akuwonetseratu kuti mkalasi sanalowe.

  23. katakwe says:

    Chakwera and his wife Monica will be First Couple of Central Province meaning Chakwera will be Premier(President)of Central Province…His Wife Monica will be First Lady of Central Province,thus we call Fedalism Government….After referendum Peter Mutharika will be National President of Malawi or he will be forced to resign if Malawians will Vote Yes to Fedalism…

  24. zingalume says:

    No objectivity at all! But what do you expect from a reporter on DPP payroll! Awa anayenda ndi a pulezidenti akaonako kunja, chibadwireni samaganiza kuti angaone New York. Mwasova!

  25. Atonga says:

    Stupid article

  26. cash gate says:

    mwasowa nkhani eti, nthawi zonse mumangoganiza zoipa basi, asiyeni bwana chakwera, moti inu simudziwa kuti ndi munthu wofunika mdziko muno?

  27. waliya khale says:

    mwatani odala. kangomwani mtonjani. musiyeni Chakwera

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