Falling tree kills two, several injured at Zomba Hospital

Two men have h died after being hit by a falling tree  at Zomba Central Hospital as they were chatting within the hospital yard and  other were severe injured  on Sunday.

Tragic: Cyclist killed by by falling tree

Tragic: Cyclist killed by by falling tree

An eye witness disclosed that there are other people, patients and guardians who are also receiving treatment due to injuries sustained after the tree fell, some of them in critical condition.

The tree reportedly fell off on its own.  One part fell over the patients and guardians while the other part fell in the M1 motor way hitting a cyclist.

The Police and Hospital Officials confirmed the incident and that two people are really dead due to the accident.

Eastern Region Police spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude identified the deceased as Austin Sandikonda (37) of Chiunda Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Mlumbe who was cycling on the Zomba-Blantyre Road at the time of the accident and Kupila Magombo (70) of Somanje Village also in T/A Mlumbe in Zomba.

The seven injured people are Margaret Willy, 20, of Nathikwa Village, AjdaTida, 24, of Masaula Village, Jennifer Pichesi, 36, all from T/A Mlumbe’s area; Agness Adam, 50, from ChilambeVllage, T/A Kuntumanje and MagadaleneMatemba, 44, of Mopiha Village, T/A Mwambo in Zomba, Eliza Matemba, 20, of Makwangwala Village, T/A Kaduya in Phalombe and EbianM,bwana, 37, of Mzinda Village, T/A Bwananyambi in Mangochi.

A Clinical Officer at the Zomba Central Hospital, Anthony Nkata, collaborated the story with a local radio.

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48 thoughts on “Falling tree kills two, several injured at Zomba Hospital”

  1. Nambewe wa ku zomba says:

    a zomba city council anali kale ndi programme yodula mitengo yonse yokalamba including this tree, koma chilima (eni ake a domino ku zomba) pamodzi ndi tiazungu tokalamba omwe amazitcha kuti ma concerned citizens anakatenga court injuction kuletsa ku ti mibawa isadulidwe. anali ndi meeting mu chamber ya city council kukambirana zomwezi koma iwo pamodzi ndi ti azungu tawoto anaopseza kuti amangitsa ma officer ena izi zikapitilira. I wish izi zikanachitika ku banja la achilima mwina imfa akanadziwa kuti ndiyowawa esp. yobwera chifukwa cha matama. nanga history yasungidwanso apa ?

  2. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    May their souls rest in peace> This msut be a lesson to Zomba City Officials

  3. John Mponda says:

    Trees along the roads in Zomba are indeed a health risk and have eventually killed people. I remember a couple of weeks ago driving in Zomba and it was raining and windy that morning. I saw trees branches tearing into the road. It was scaring. I wondered why is the city council keeping the roads covered with trees? It is sad that lives have been lost. I hope this should give lessons to the city council to clear out all trees along the roads that pause death risk. God bless mother Malawi

  4. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    RIP and quick recovery to those injured

  5. kennedy kuntenga says:

    may their souls rest in peace and those in hospital let God heal them

  6. Simeon Nyapala says:

    acn i think you dont think very well. How can equate thse death with DPP? Anyway ure president will rule and we shall see. Anthu amafa pa linthipe aja amawapha ndi mApresident a MCP.

  7. ADE says:


  8. lifa says:

    I know gvt they think those trees are part of tourist attraction

  9. makito says:

    Pofera salambuladi. May their souls rest in peace.

  10. KK says:

    Pliz cut down all the old trees and replant new trees. Mibawa sichedwa kukula, we have more old trees at ZCH

  11. Pata phiri says:

    Zonse DPP chibewerere only calamaties resign all u goons

  12. zanga phee says:

    so sad , may the God lord be with those who were injured on this accident and wishing them a quick recovery, but for those who died,May their souls rest in peace.

  13. Steve Austin Stone Cold says:

    So bad may their souls rest in peace

  14. Murray says:

    So Sad. RIP…….

  15. concerned says:

    Where is LEAD Southern Africa and other so called experts who stopped Mota Engil from cutting down these old trees in Zomba when they were building the road?

  16. gerald says:

    Sad.very important kumayenda okonzaka these days my fellow Malawians.whoever you are death can strike you anytime evn in your sleep.lets have a personal relationship with jesus Christ always and pray always.

  17. Wodzichepetsa says:

    So bad RIP

  18. Very sad indeed. May the souls of the departed ones rest in peace. Quick recovery to the injured ones.

  19. mphwiyo says:

    Mitengo yambili ndiyofunika kuyidula chifukwa inakalamba.

  20. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Lord welcome them to your blossom. Comfort their families.

  21. popapo says:

    The tree should have been there or planted during Welensky, meaning more than 100 years old. Let us look around and remove all old trees that pose a risk mainly in public places. We should not lose life in such a way.

  22. Ngwazi D says:

    Very sad,may his soul rest in internal peace.

  23. palibekanthu says:

    Very bad!

  24. freespch says:

    Shocking news. RIP

  25. Mtumbuka-07 says:

    Wat a bad news!

  26. Ndikutelo says:

    Abale koma ndi Chani chikuchitika Ku dziko lathu? Zikuoneka ngati munthu alive pothawila. Kodi matsoka amenewa bwanji?

  27. Jabulos says:

    Peterson, is Chakwera your god? or you mean if Chakwera rules this country you will not died as long as he is the president. Death will come to you at any time and in any form regardless of whether you living with Obama or someone else.

  28. acn says:

    I think God had not approved Peter’s presidency and therefore doen’t have his blessings. Malawians shall still suffering until this thief is gone. Let Peter, Saulosi, Bowler, Dausi, Malopa confess in the that they rigged elections.

  29. R Zatha says:

    Mitengo yakale yomwenso ndi ikulu ikulu kwambiri imayenera kudulidwa kamba koti mitengoyi yakalamba ngozi ngati zimenezi mu mzinda wa Zomba zachuluka .Nkhani yayikulu ndiyakuti mitengo adule basi

  30. Naphiri says:

    Pepani kwambiri kwa onse okhudzidwa pa imfa ya dzidzidzi. Tipempha Mulungu atonthoze mitima yonse yosweka.

  31. innocent says:

    May their souls RIP, now the death toll is 5 including pregnant women. Unfortunately the medical staff are on strike at Zomba Central, forcing the injured to die due to loss of blood and shock.

  32. nachisale says:

    KUnali mphepo? ukuoneka ngati ndi mbawatu, hardwood trees which can not easily fall. RIP and get well soon

  33. finye says:

    Zomba city assembly to should be sued. Why do they not harvest trees thatg are wayh pastg their maturity age. Do they want more people to die. Remember this is the first time these old trees have killed people. Or shall we demonstrate?

  34. Do not let trees grow old at at such public places.GOVERNMENT!!!

  35. kapito says:

    Very sad ïndeed

  36. Kapeta says:

    Let their souls RIP, vry vry sad story.

  37. opportunist says:


  38. Zachisoni kwambiri,R I P

    Kodi za ndale zikkukhuzana bwanji ndi nkhaniyi?

  39. tsamba says:

    A peterson mulila mpaka liti abale? Mulibe manyazi anthu tikulira ine muikepo ndale basi

  40. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Sorry, very sad news.

  41. mwana wa mulungu says:

    LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!

  42. moyenda maulidi says:

    very sad story

  43. It is th fault of the city authorities. Remove all death traps immeditely especially in built up areas

  44. peterson says:

    This is a very sad development.As a country our Govt and local authorities, district assemblies manucipality,city councils have to be answerable if such things do happen.If we had heath and safety regulations in the country those old trees which are hazardous could have been cut down as risk assessment.Unfortunately nobody knows nobody cares.Tiziti these calamities are coming mulungu wakwiya kamba kobera mavoti and we are being ruled against Gods will.More is yet to come unless abwezere kwa mwini Chakwera before its too late Hear and believe unbelieve

  45. Denkhule says:

    Very sad and shocking deaths. This should teach a lesson to all of us who remaining that we must be preared. Death can come any time and it is never avoided when your time has come because it is set by God himsef. Ecclasiacites chapter 3 verse 1 to 12 tells it all.

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