FAM suspends advance ticket selling for Malawi Carlsberg Cup finals

Football Association of Malawi ( FAM) has  suspended its plans for advance tickets selling for the Carlsberg Cup final between Bullets FC and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers on Saturday.

Jabber Alide: No pre-sale tickets

Jabber Alide: No pre-sale tickets

FAM had earlier announced the pre-selling of tickets for the dream cup final pitting Malawi’s most popular and successful top league clubs after a meeting held on Wednesday, the day when the selling was scheduled to start.

“Following a meeting held today at Civo stadium with representatives of the two Carlsberg Cup finalists, Big Bullets FC and Be Forward Wanderers and the Civo Stadium Management, the Carlsberg Cup Organising Committee would like to announce that selling of the tickets for the final match between the two teams on Saturday 29th August 2015 will be done on the day of the match at Civo Stadium from 6 O’clock in the morning,’.

Carlsberg Cup Competition Chairman Jabber Alide, who chaired the meeting said the agreement has been reached after the parties considered a variety of issues during the discussions.

“The Carlsberg Cup Organising Committee noted the various merits and demerits in the foregoing arrangement of pre-selling the tickets and notes that this consensus has been reached in the spirit of mutual respect and in the interest of the game,” he said in a statement.

“The Organising Committee would like to kindly request all supporters and stakeholders to timely proceed to the stadium on the date of the match to avoid congestion.”

The meeting also resolved the early opening of the stadium gates to facilitate a smooth process during the finals.

The organising committee apologised to all supporters and stakeholders for the inconvenience the change may cause.

The Open stands for the game is K2,000, with the Covered Stand going at K5,000 while the VIP charge is fixed at K10,000.

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18 thoughts on “FAM suspends advance ticket selling for Malawi Carlsberg Cup finals”

  1. shoot to kill says:

    ma sapota sangalole coz sanhathyole khobwe ndi pre-selling ya ma ticket. Casper Jangale ake opatsidwa ndi Walter akanalowela pati mukanagulitsilatu ask people who attended Club Licencing mtng n bt.Aliyense akaonetseyse kuti ticket yake wang’amba ukangopeleka yosang’amba siunalipile Casper aiguliysanso mark my words

  2. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Mmati mukhomerere malova apa LLs? Apa mwaitha, fans ikalowa ndi mjavi basi! Vayani guyz mukavenche!! Man City woyeeee!

  3. Wa Maule weniweni says:

    I’s in favour of pre selling of tickets however I realised that the arrangement was discriminatory against the clubs’ supporters from other districts and regions. The arrangement would have worked very well if and only if the selling points were positioned in all those districts because these teams have supporters spread through out the country and to designate only Lilongwe and Blantyre as the selling points was utter disregard for all those deserving fans. So for this one, I say well done the organisers as long as prudence will be exercised on the gates.

    1. Bwande says:

      Amwene ma ticket zimatheka kugulirana. Mwachitsanzo ngati ma supporter akutali akufuna kukawoneradi mpirawo akhoza kupanga arrangements kuti wina awagulire in advance. Zimatheka kutumako wina kuti aise undigulireko ticket pobwera ku Lilongwe ukupitako. This would also indirectly help Malawians learn the spirit of planning

  4. Samva Mgugu says:

    This is very disappointing indeed. The decision to sell the tickets in advance was a nice one made by the cup organizers. I was really in support of that decision because i knew my money would go to the right beneficiaries and was more ready and willing to buy myself a ticket. Now that you have changed the initial arrangement which was rather good, be assured that the stadium will be filled to capacity with only Mk2,000,000.00 realised from gate collections as more people will watch the game after paying MK1000 at the gate of which will not be accounted for since no receipts will be issued out to such people who will be paying mk1000 at the gate. Apa nde mwanyika guyz. You think mwapanga zinthu za mzeru!!!!!mxiewwwww….that is why football in Malawi will not develop if those are the decisions that football administrators will be making. Mwandikwiyitsa heavy!!!!!!

  5. duncan says:

    I think pre -sale of tickets in this Carlsberg competition came up as an afterthought for FAM. Otherwise, if the football fraternity want clubs to benefit from gate takings, and indeed want transparency in gate takings then FAM should plan going forward to have advance ticket sales for all competitions or at least big games like this. Theres need to have credible printer to avoid fake tickets.

  6. SUB WA BULLETS says:

    Am confunsed with this eish,,, ndalama ndi satanadi ndithu eeee

  7. vincent says:

    dats y bullets&noma amat mwawalumpha eti?

  8. josophat says:

    I stopped watching Malawi football over 10 years ago. Everything I paid at the gate was never fully accounted for and they love it that way. The gate keepers are money thirsty with a selfish agenda. I had good thoughts for our local players but they are victims of gategates at the gates. A decade later, our league is still amateur. The fans control the executive. Our players are very poor.

    So I am not surprised that a good decision has been rescinded. It’s I suspect because of fans and some soccer godfather who thrive on this. Without an automated system where each party gets its cut according to the agreed ratios, the way fuel or tobacco is regulated our football will be the biggest scum of southern Africa for generations. With our lucksture organisation in football led by demagogues like Walter who though educated have completely failed to tame the supporters and the Executive godfathers who get cuts on the heads of these poor Malawian players. I resolved to stay away for as long as this biggest entertainment local scum of the century. Good luck to those who still love local football. I still do but not by participating in the theft of our players money who retire without insurance, Medical schemes and any pension. It’s a pain I can not bear. So good luck oh you local sports lovers.

  9. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Organised chaos. Gates opening at 6am by 11am when a multitude of Blantyre fans would be arriving at Civo all 19,000 tickets would have been sold! Nde mukuiyambayo ndi Ndirande.

  10. haward says:

    Amalawi kupusa thats why dziko likukanika kupita patsogolo. Moti simukudziwa kuti ndalama zimabedwa pa gate paja? Tikawonera game imeneyi 1000 osadula ticket ndipo ndalamazo akadya ma gate man. Kodi mumadya nawo kapena akuluakulu eti

  11. UNECA says:

    Mwaonekera poyera mwakhaula.

  12. MBAX says:

    Ibani ndithu ndalamazo,koma tsiku lina ndikuti tsiku lina mlandu umenewu mudzayakha ndithu ife tikugowona popeza mukuti ndinu mashasha chosecho ndinu MAKAPE

  13. mtonga says:

    football will never develop that way. Even well educated people bowing down to anthu okuba ma administrators a bullets ndi noma

  14. myao says:

    Advance selling was the way,the teams proceeds wouldve been deposited on SAT or MON, think titenge injunction against this Nyamilandu move.

  15. stephen says:

    nde mukaonera nokha tu k20000 open stand kuposa vip?

  16. Analyst says:

    wina wake wayiwonera patali kuti sadyapo kanthu. how could you say selling of tickets on a match day is in the interest of football when you know well that there is always going to be congestion and stealing of gate proceeds? will u be able to account for the number of people entering the stadium and the money that u will collect? This meeting involved football administrators from both teams who always get something from the proceeds of gate collections. Ndiye mwati K2000 pa gate. These people will be letting people enter the stadium without tickets and pocket K1000s from them. At the end of the day they share the spoils. Very little for the teams and the players welfare. This is not in the interest of football. Even in developed countries where there is electronic systems, tickets are sold in advance and that is the way to go

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