First Lady gives Thyolo patients New Year treat: Names baby ‘Gertrude’

The First Lady Madam Gertrude Mutharika has called on people in the country including women to be positive minded in order to unleash their full potential and positively change the course of their lives in the new year.

First Lady holds a newly born baby at Chisoka health clinic in Thyolo

First Lady holds a newly born baby at Chisoka health clinic in Thyolo

Baby Gertrude named by First Lady

Baby Gertrude named by First Lady

First Lady speaks to mothers

First Lady speaks to mothers

The President’s spouse was speaking on New Year’s Day at Chisoka Health Center in Thyolo district where she cheered patients, new mothers and pregnant women waiting to deliver at the facility.

Among other things the First Lady said people, especially those in rural areas need to seek professional medical assistance when they fall sick as well as encourage pregnant women to deliver their babies at the hospital to ensure a health life.

She said delivering at home does not only put the life of the mother at risk but also that of the unborn or newly born baby.

“There is no reason that a woman should deliver at home with the help of people who are not trained when we have a hospital at our disposal. Let us utilise the health facilities in our localities like this hospital and the well trained medical personnel in the facilities. Let us make sure that we are attending antenatal clinics to be monitored and when the time for delivery comes, it should be at a hospital and not anywhere else,” said Mutharika.

The First Lady also called on people to adopt good hygiene practices such as keeping their surroundings clean and properly disposing waste to prevent preventable diseases such as malaria, diarrohea among others.

During the visit the First Lady donated drugs and other medical supplies to the hospital as well as cheered patients in the wards where she donated various items including; meal meal, cooking oil, salt, sugar, soap, blankets and basins to patients.

In the postnatal ward Madam Mutharika named Gertrude a baby girl born to Esther Pinifolo of Katundu Village, T/A Chimaliro in the district.

Born on New Year’s Eve, baby Gertrude was the latest baby out of the 13 babies born at Chisoka Health Center this week.

On Christmas day the First Lady also named after herself a baby girl at Mangochi district hospital.

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33 thoughts on “First Lady gives Thyolo patients New Year treat: Names baby ‘Gertrude’”

  1. balakaboys says:

    Mwana mlhomwe ameneyu adzakhala wa mwano ngati Bingu ngati Calista ngati APM ngati Getrude.

  2. Getrude is indeed a wonderful name and madam president did a tremendous job by giving treats at the hospital. But was there a consent of both parents for the baby to deserve that name?

  3. Promise says:

    Mwabatiza mwana wosalakwa ndi matembelero, i see mukhalidwe wa mayiyu kufalikira kwa iyeyu monga kunYoza,ushasha,ugogodi,kuba,kusayeluzika etc etc

  4. Why not in Enchakachakeni?why not Nac or Beam as her name?

  5. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Nyasatimes please can you stop featuring photographs of this woman Gertrude Mutharika. For you bring shame to the woman of Malawi and the country by showing pictures of her and giving her coverage.
    This woman stole from NAC so she should feature a Wanted Person by the ACB poster not otherwise.

  6. MCP MCP MCP says:

    Dzina okane

  7. KALIWAKA says:

    Za nkutu

  8. Wamandasi says:

    Let’s promote malawian names and claiming out Africanness

  9. fkr says:

    At least she is trying. The message i would have sent is. Clean your environment, plant trees, work and stop having so many babies.

  10. Zoona says:

    Your words of advise to pregnant mothers is VERY true. But practically it is not easy for all women to do that. Especially women from rural areas. You ve seen for yourself that some expectant mothers are already there sleeping rough in corridors kudikilira mpaka matenda ayambe. Why? The system in Malawi 50years on is poor. Is our transport system good , no. Do we have proper and /or enough ambulances ,no. Hospital facilities are also poor. The health personnel thats another issue. There are alot of things to be sorted before things get better. Its not good enough visitng Hospitals during festive periods. Try and do un announced visit an thats when you are going to see that in the same country u are living in as Heaven on earth, people are suffering.It shouldnt be happening in the 21st century. Your vision for BEAM is good but I feel as a mother, first Lady, what you ve just told the mothers should be your priority. You are a mother, you went thru pregnancy and birth. You know what it is. Please go back home and tell your hubby to be on the steering wheel and sort out the mess as promised. Tell him to strive to leave a legacy. Please improve our HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. Happy New Year.

  11. Nangantani says:

    Mwana azakhala mbava uyu. Get Rude likhale dzina abale kkk

  12. Aliphee says:

    koma mayi inu mukumvetsa chisoni

  13. Kumakhala ndi ulemu ndi a Mrs President pilizi mwatani kodi? Banjalo ndi contract u president ukatha banjaso latha, nde mukuti pakhale mwana magogoso amabereka,inuyo simukuona kuti ndi magogo awiriwo.

  14. Bubu says:

    Donated drugs, cooking oil etc.

    1. Hopefully its her money she is donating and not … as she and many of her predecessors did

    2. Seriously why first lady donate to a government clinic? This Malawian politics is sickening? Nkugula mankhwala ndithu panokha kukapereka kuchipatala cha Boma (Ndalama izi si za Boma zomwe izi). Chonde tione receipt logulira chonde.

    3. I also hope the drugs have not been diverted.

    4. Mulungu abwezere pamene mwatama mai, kaya ku Medical stores kaya mthumba mwanu, mulungu abwezere ndithu.

    Otherwise a big welcome to the newly born. Welcome to the world.

  15. TISA says:

    nanga dzina lako lakale lija loti Elizabeth Kapasule udzapatsa ndani?

  16. Geofrey says:

    Madam firsta lady keep it up but try to delegate wea u can hardly go like chintheche rural hospital in nkhatabay,poverty at its best madam!lets hear u wea @ chintheche next time u cheer,chat and give to patients.GOD bless u!

  17. pwt says:

    amalawi amenewo kunyoza sinkhani, titukule dziko nje! as if kwanu nkumangalande. die lk dat

  18. Nzeru Zero says:

    Show me mkazi wotchedwa Getrude nkukhala wakhalidwe. Mwanayu mwamulakwira bwanji…..

  19. matchonisa says:

    akudonata ndalama za NAC.

  20. Comment Loading says:

    Dzina la masoka, asazakhale naye arrogant thief please.

  21. tribesmen says:

    Wish chonde chonde amene akudziwa makolo amwanayo awauze kuti dzina lo asalitenge ayi coz adzakhala wa mwano

    1. Nyapapi says:

      Ndi yeah wins a ziti few fwe this is money from my pocket not from NAC. This is offending the young daughter GET ..RUDE is not a good name coz you are making the girl to be rude, arrogant, thin and above all a thief.

  22. Gwenembe says:

    Good show.

  23. Denkhule says:

    Getrude should be a nickname. A name is symbolic and you know in the past it could attract a special naming ceremony. Otherwise mayi Pinifolo i know kuti osauka alibe mau koma mwanayo mpaseni dzina lina osakhala la amayiwo chifukwa nayenso adzaba ndalama za anthu odwala matenda a edzi.

  24. Umbuli says:

    Mwana wa tsoka ameneyu ndithu.

  25. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Mwana dzina Gertrude? Palibe Getu olongosoka ndinamuonapo ine

  26. Ngat peter akukukanika angomuza ben phiri nyamata wamphamvu!

  27. Kenneth duwa says:

    Wosamango yendela pali imodzimodzi yomweyo,kunonso makamaka ku Chingale Health Center

  28. Muhlomwe wankulu says:

    Nanga inuyo Madam Pitala,wanu atulukila liti kodi? Muwauze Bambo ngati akuchepela nditha kuwabweletsera mvunguti kuti azamwe. Koma Anawo sazatithela ndalama ku NAC ndimaina mukuwaninkhawo,kamba koti mwini dzinalo ndi sinzina ntole?

  29. F chibwe says:

    Petwr more fire. Getrude akufunika ku……. Kikikikiki

  30. F chibwe says:

    Kodi iweyo ndiye mimba akupatsa kiti Peter? Utiwuze msanga

  31. Padoko says:

    Getrude maseko all bones basi. Kikikikiki zikomo

  32. waliko says:

    Baby Getrude? Adzakhala mbamva yoba ndalana za Nac.

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